Some picture based stories. F seeing M (Now with stories set in Gotham)

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The mistake had been thinking that the Cultists intended to use the body of the Princess to house their 'God'. In reality she had been little more than bait to lure her lover and her Champion to the caves. The Cultists knew what their God had desired in a body, his physical form had to be strong, a warrior and the most important thing was they had to come to him willingly. The moment that the Champion entered his cave the man belonged to him, and so did the Princess.

Non-Con, possession, rough sex, and possible bondage

The King's orders had to been bring her back to him alive. She had never escaped before, he had been far to careful for that. He kept her bound with silver, warded the doors and windows, and only his most loyal guards were allowed within fifty feet of the strange door high up in the tower. Somehow she had managed to slip away from the castle and into the nearby woods though.So every last available man was ordered into the woods to hunt down the King's secret treasure. What no one could expect was a traveling sell sword would happen upon her first. No one could expect that a made who was touched with fae blood as well would take pity on the woman and offer her his help.

High fantasy, romance, light to bondage.

''Her." The voice nearly purred from in front of her. If she raised her head and dropped her eyes she could see boots before her from behind the blindfold. What had once been fine clothes did little to shield her from the cold winds coming off the water. She could hear the rattle of coins as payment was offered. Her heart dropped into her stomach and a silent prayer fell from her lips. This could be an opportunity she told herself, perhaps the person purchasing her could be reasoned with more than the Slavers that had taken her Ship. Perhaps the promise of a large ransomwould sway him into letting her go.

Non-con, Master/Slave relationship, Anthro, Bondage(light to heavy).



In War, Victory. In Peace, Vigilance. In Death, Sacrifice.

Joining the Grew Wardens after the Blight had seemed the right thing to do. They needed people, skilled people and Wynne had nothing left but her sword and shield. Seeking a cause to fill the void left by a dead husband she turned to the Wardens. She had never expected to find love again, never thought that she would meet a man who made her heart swell and her breath stop. Never before did she fear the taint in her blood, or dread when she would hear the call.

Dragon Age Universe, tragic romance, Grey Warden, Original Character.

After an altercation that involved her boyfriend and a man at a rest stop Heather is left on edge. Jake could be a little over protective, a little too quick to hurl accusations of being inappropriate. Still he was a good guy, and he made her happy. This trip was supposed to be when he proposed to her, a secret that Heather was not a part of. So when they blew their tire and got stuck on the road in the middle of nowhere and Jack got uncharacteristically angry due to his plans being ruined Heather gave him the cold shoulder as they started to walk in the direction of some lights.

The man from before at the door and the offer of a ride back to their tuck with a spare seemed to smooth over any bad feeling from the prior fight. An offer of some nice cold tea to cool down from the summer heat sealed the deal. The trio headed to the man's car. Heather let her head rest on Jack's shoulder as they started down the dusty road, she was tired. Liky from the long walk to the house, she would just close her eyes for a minute. When she woke she was in a room bound to a chair.

Craving. Extreme, violence, bondage, Non-con.

Her people were warriors, each man and woman knew the blade and bow, all were expected to fight for their King. So imagine the surprise of the Princess when she was offered up to a Price who likely did not know fletching from a hilt. His kingdom was built on trade and gold, and they needed the alliance with a more militaristic kingdom should they wish to survive their enemies. The Princess's father needed, gold and trade alliances so a deal was struck.

Slight Fem dom, historical setting, possible romance.



He had sent this mask to her with the invitation to his party. She was excited beyond words as she had dressed, stockings only no underwear just like every time they met. He was pushing her to a new level each time they met, and it thrilled her. He was handsome, intelligent, and he had no issues with her little 'quirks'. It was a match made in heaven.

Craving Dom/Sub relationship, consensual bondage, public sex.

It was a pretty collar, which made it a the smallest bit better she supposed. She had seen others wearing heavy looking metal ones, or leather that dug so tightly into to the neck that the skin bulged around it. Such pretty things came from belonging to a man like her Master, though to be honest she had liked things better when she had simply worked in the kitchen. She had managed to avoid his attention for years, back by the ovens covered in flour. She still did not know why his attention had fallen on her after the death of his last slave. 

Master/Slave, historic, bondage, dub-con

Valerie had never thought that her art would be anything more than a hobby. She sold a few things, more often then not she would just do something for a gift to a friend. The she is hired to paint a man, she did not know where he had seen her work but the amount of money he offered her was more than she could make working her butt off at her day job for a month. So she took the job, and slowly she began to see there was far more to this man than she had original thought.

Vampire/human, light bloodplay, possible Non-con.




Shades of Grey

Catwoman was all shades of grey. That was the way she saw it at the very least. She was not a hero, far from it. Still there were worse things she could do. She knew the world was not black and white, it was like her. Not many people could see that though. Batman was one of them who still struggled to see that. She still enjoyed being around him though. The chase thrilled her, and from time to time she was willing to admit that she needed his help, even more rare was when he asked for hers.


Even he was not sure what he wanted from his new doctor. He could smell her fear when they met, she hid it well but she could not hide how it made her smell. Her scent made his mouth water and hunger claw at his insides. Did he want to eat her? He had threatened her with that, more than once. She never even visibly flinched, just continued to talk to him. She would tuck that golden hair back behind her ear  and glance at her notes the long locks surrounded her face like she was a  picture in a fine gold frame. Maybe it was another hunger he should use her to sate?

He tried to get a rise out of her often. She had promised to be honest with him if he was honest with her, so he would ask question he thought would embarrass her in front of the guards that were always at her side should he decide to make good on his threat. She would always respond in that calm tone, sometimes she even smiled. It was maddening. He was not human he was a monster and yet she insisted on treating him like he wasn't one. 'The more people treat you like a monster the more you act like one. Trying to prove a point is a rather human behavior.' That was what the Bitch said more than once. Stupid meat Doctor acting like she understood him.

He was going to show her. He snatched the Bitch off the docks when the doctors were trying to flee a riot. Took her to where he was the boss.

Looking for: Someone to play Killer Croc, Violence, Non Con, kidnapping.

Protect and Serve

Being a cop in Gotham was difficult to say the least. Valerie had expected nothing less, she knew the city having lived there her whole life. She worked hard trying to maintain the values that her father had instilled in her. She never flinched away from her duties, even when it put her up against over powered villains. She had sworn to protect the city and even if it meant having to face down men like Bane or the Joker she was going to stand her ground.

Looking for: Someone to play a Gotham Villain or Batman to play along with my cop.

As much as I like the Dark Knight's Bane but where was the Venom? Looking for a more comic like Bane.

The first time Bane heard about her was from the Riddler, Nigma said the officer was a cheater having figure out one of his riddles then decked him and had him dumped back in Arkham. He did not know how to accept defeat at the hands of a worthy opponent it seemed. After another mass break out he was one of the lucky few to be out for more than a week. The Bat caught most of them, the GCPD a few more. She was front and center for a lot of it. Impressive, he could not help but think. Clearly intelligent, a very skilled fighter, a curiosity in this drab and dull place.