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December 11, 2017, 12:08:51 AM

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Author Topic: RP Requests - ZORAK - BDSM / NC / Extreme Topics (M seeking M or F)  (Read 487 times)

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Offline ZorakTopic starter

Hi !   Just call me 'Z' (and I'm not really an insane, evil, super-villain, I only play one on TV.)

I'm looking for some role play partners who enjoy character development (and YES, that's possible in role plays that are taboo, involve bondage, and even include torture).  I want to read what we write together, and then be able to close my eyes and imagine it.  Seeking similar minds who enjoy well written and clearly thought-out posts, and an attention to detail.

Please respond via PM if you're interested in any of my plots ideas, or if you have something of your own that you might like to play out with me.  I strictly play humans, and I don't play female characters.  I'm not opposed to freaky or taboo subjects either - try me  >:)

To see my specific plot ideas, just look further down in this thread  If you like something you see, but want to "tweak it", by all means let's talk - they're just starting points.

Some pairings ideas I'm particularly fond of.  I'm flexible on which of the pair is dominant, so the order isn't important, just the players - I'm partial to a submissive being either non-consenting or reluctant in some way (at least to start) - PM me if you're interested!

  • teacher / student (a favorite of mine)
  • serial killer / victim
  • psychopath / victim (another favorite)
  • father / mother & daughter
  • brother / sister
  • older student / younger student (particularly with me as the younger, in the submissive role)

My On's and Off's are HERE, in the traditional format.  You can also read them in the database format by clicking the link under my picture at the left.

It's been a long time since I've been here, and I'm looking forward to getting back to writing!

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Offline ZorakTopic starter

Re: RP Requests - ZORAK - BDSM / NC / Extreme Topics
« Reply #1 on: July 25, 2016, 11:02:07 AM »
F/m or M/m, Non-consensual, S&M, B&D, Humiliation, torture, extreme

Michael was a high school sophomore, studious, smart, and well spoken.  He wasn't in the "popular" crowd, but not bullied either.  He kept to himself, and did his best not to be noticed.  That wasn't hard when one didn't really stand out.  He was average height, perhaps a bit on the short side, lean, and strong - though not muscular.

He wasn't sure how it happened - he was on his way home, riding his bike as usual.  He remembered an odd sensation - as if falling, but he didn't remember the fall itself.

When he awoke, it was in a completely empty windowless room - light coming from a single dim bulb in a high ceiling.  The walls were covered in old walpaper, most peeled off.  The floor was bare hardwood - also old.  There was one door, but it had no knob.  His clothes had been taken - all but his underpants.  In the corner of the ceiling, he could barely make out a dim, red, blinking light...

That was how it started... how long it went on, he didn't know - there was no change of lighting to signal days or nights.  From time to time, food and water would find their way into a room through a slot at the bottom of the door.

Every so often, he would fall asleep, and awake to find himself in a different rooms... rooms which held all manner of horrors, and in the ceiling corners, those same blinking red lights.  There, a masked man/woman would torment him.  He was beaten, whipped, subject to electric shocks; placed in all manner of restraints and devices: racks, cages, iron maidens, hung from his wrists or ankles, hogtied, bent backwards... He was violated sexually, toyed with, sodomized... humiliated...  At the end of each "session" he'd find himself back in that empty room...

What Michael didn't know, is that he'd been made an unwilling participant in an exclusive pay internet site.  Twisted men and women arround the world make "requests" of what they wanted done to him... and after a pre-set number of "episodes", Michael would be sold to the highest bidder...

Looking for a dominant to torment my Michael.

Interested?  Please send me a PM and we can discuss!

Offline ZorakTopic starter

Re: RP Requests - ZORAK - BDSM / NC / Extreme Topics (M seeking M or F)
« Reply #2 on: July 27, 2016, 05:55:48 PM »
M/f, F/m, Switchy, consensual, reluctant, S&M, B&D, Humiliation, torture, extreme

A little odd for me, but hey, I've always wondered about what the "average" crew members did to entertain themselves when stuck in the middle of nowhere...  A ST Voyager theme, but OC for the most part...

His first assignment out of the academy... an Ensign looking for future... yeah... not much opportunity for promotion on a ship stuck in the delta quadrant, with a trip home that would make him an old man.  Ensign Flynn was one of the many "nobodies" on Voyager, dragging himself through his daily work rerouting power junctions, sweeping the shuttlebay floors, and cleaning toilets (yeah... SOMEBODY had to do that junk work, and it was him.  Unappreciated, unknown, and devoid of a life...

But he DID have holodeck time... everyone did... so at least there was that.  The officers got all the time they wanted - they had "friends" to join with, so that two hour a week "coupon" gave them lots of funtime,... but not Flynn... nope... not Flynn.  He had to make his two hours all his own - and not for nothing - that got BORING too...  so what was a guy to do?


He started writing his own programs.  It started simple enough - a little fantasy here, a little fantasy there... but after a while, he began to realize that a holographic setting would let him experience things he'd only dreamed about - and with relative safety...  He started looking through the ships database on his off time - wandering through some of the darker histories, and creepy stuff... Romulan interrogation techniques, mind control experiments... he started playing out some fantasies on the holodeck. 

Everything would have been fine, if he hadn't been caught... 

Not that what he was doing was "illegal" or "against the rules"... it was his private time after all.  But Lt. Salia wasn't watching the clock and thought the locked holodeck door was a "mistake"... The security officer used her override code and caught him mid-fantasy... hanging from chains in a Kazon interrogation room - a sexy Seska with her hands on his bare chest, flicking a nipple as she whispered in his ear how cooperating would bring pleasure, instead of pain...

He was mortified...  End Program... He ran...  back to his quarters... locked the door...

When Lt. Salia came to see him, he almost didn't open the door... but he heard her on the other side... "It's OK... really... I DO IT TOO..."

So it's a story about how they decide to explore their fantasies together...  as strange as they might be... play different roles... and the sexual situations, bondage, and "toys" become stranger, creepier, and more intense as they get to know each other, and become braver..

Looking for a switchy female Lieutenant to play with my switchy male Ensign.

Interested?  Please send me a PM and we can discuss!

Offline ZorakTopic starter

Re: RP Requests - ZORAK - BDSM / NC / Extreme Topics (M seeking M or F)
« Reply #3 on: August 02, 2016, 11:49:39 AM »
M/f, NC, S&M, B&D, Humiliation, torture, extreme

It's a cold, rainy afternoon in November.  A young woman (student maybe?) misses her bus home and decides to take a short cut through a few miles of woods.  She's done it before, and never had an issue...

The wet leaves hide something... an old bear trap... secured to a nearby tree with a chain and a padlock - its spring strong enough to break someone's ankle - strong enough to prevent it from being opened without tools... and far enough inside the woods as to ensure that whatever sounds resulted from a catch would never make it to the roadways...

Looking for a young woman to get caught in my trap  >:)

Interested?  Please send me a PM and we can discuss!