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June 20, 2018, 02:32:29 AM

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Author Topic: RP Requests - ZORAK - BDSM / NC / Extreme Topics (M seeking M or F)  (Read 809 times)

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Offline ZorakTopic starter

Hi !   Just call me 'Z' (and I'm not really an insane, evil, super-villain, I only play one on TV.)

Have been away from Elliquiy for quite some time, a victim of writer "burnout" of sorts.  But I believe my muse has returned, and I'm hoping to find one or two role-plays.  Seeking partners who enjoy character development (and YES, that's possible in role plays that are taboo, involve bondage, and even include torture).  I want to read what we write together, and then be able to close my eyes and imagine it.  Seeking similar minds who enjoy well written and clearly thought-out posts, and an attention to detail.


Please respond via PM if you're interested in any of my plots ideas, or if you have something of your own that you might like to play out with me.  I strictly play humans, and I don't play female characters.  I'm not opposed to freaky or taboo subjects either - try me  >:)

To see my specific plot ideas, just look further down in this thread  If you like something you see, but want to "tweak it", by all means let's talk - they're just starting points.  If you have your own idea, ping me!

Some pairings ideas I'm particularly fond of.  I'm flexible on which of the pair is dominant, so the order isn't important, just the players - I'm partial to a submissive being either non-consenting or reluctant in some way (at least to start) - PM me if you're interested!

  • teacher / student (a favorite of mine)
  • serial killer / victim
  • psychopath / victim (another favorite)
  • uncle / niece or nephew
  • father / mother & daughter
  • brother / sister
  • older student / younger student

My On's and Off's are HERE, in the traditional format.  You can also read them in the database format by clicking the link under my picture at the left.

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Offline ZorakTopic starter

Re: RP Requests - ZORAK - BDSM / NC / Extreme Topics (M seeking M or F)
« Reply #1 on: February 20, 2018, 02:12:51 PM »
Best Friends (No longer available)
M/f/f, Non-consensual, S&M, B&D, Humiliation, torture, forced f/f, extreme

They weren't smart... two teenage girls cutting through the fields in the middle of the night just to save time on a walk home from the movies.  They had no idea he knew they did that... no idea he'd watched them take the same shortcut a number of times... no idea that he was waiting, out of sight...  no idea that he had a very special plan for them.

And in the rural midwest, there weren't a lot of smarts in law enforcement either.  They'd be missed, but they'd never be found...

Looking for a 3 person roleplay - two "best friends" ready to be tormented by my very twisted redneck.

Interested?  Please send me a PM and we can discuss!
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Offline ZorakTopic starter

Re: RP Requests - ZORAK - BDSM / NC / Extreme Topics (M seeking M or F)
« Reply #2 on: February 20, 2018, 10:23:30 PM »
The Market (No longer available)
F/m or M/m, Non-consensual, S&M, B&D, Humiliation, torture, extreme

There wasn't anything very special about Justin - just another high school junior...  He got along with most people, but kept to himself - a bit of a bookworm.  He did well in school, and was beginning to think about colleges and his long term future.  He rode his bike to and from school, and kept reasonably fit - but was never much interested in sports.

He'd caught the eye of someone, though... someone who didn't have his best interests in mind, but saw profit in boys like Justin.  There was an underground market that specialized in abducting boys and girls, breaking them down, training them, and selling them into a lives of slavery in distant countries.

It happened very quickly.  He never saw it coming... neither did anyone else.  There was just his bicycle found by the side of the road a few days later.  He awoke, alone, in a small, dimly lit room - no windows - just cinder bock walls and a metal door with no handle.  Most of his clothes were gone, leaving him barefoot with just undershorts and a t-shirt... and there were sounds - distant - and none too pleasant...

Looking a dominant M or F to capture my Justin, train him, and eventually, bring him to market.

Interested?  Please send me a PM and we can discuss!
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Offline ZorakTopic starter

Re: RP Requests - ZORAK - BDSM / NC / Extreme Topics (M seeking M or F)
« Reply #3 on: February 20, 2018, 11:44:26 PM »
For Just One Weekend (No longer available)
M/f, Consensual and Non-consentual, S&M, B&D, extreme

It was a simple lure, really... Mike would put his keys on the bar while he drank and watched the hockey games.  Holding the keys, a miniature pair of handcuffs.  Most people ignored it, but occasionally it would spark the attention of young women who would ask him about it - often joking at first... but he could tell when underneath there was real curiosity.  Was he "into" handcuffs?  Was he "into" bondage...

Most women he indulged with a little light conversation, and nothing more... but occasionally, he'd find one who was worth a little more time - a little more effort.  Occasionally, he'd find a woman interested in experiencing what he had to offer.  He'd offer then a "weekend" experience, and if they pleased him, he was known to extend that weekend whether they wanted it, or not...

Looking a submissive F to meet at a bar and explore...

Interested?  Please send me a PM and we can discuss!
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Offline ZorakTopic starter

Re: RP Requests - ZORAK - BDSM / NC / Extreme Topics (M seeking M or F)
« Reply #4 on: February 21, 2018, 07:27:36 AM »
M/f, Non-consentual, S&M, B&D, torture, humiliation, extreme

OK... this one's long, but I need to really set the scene here...   Kind of a Shannara meets Thundarr thing...  Gotta use your imagination on this one - lots of room for negotiation :)

The old ones built their cities in gleaming metal and stone.  Their towers of steel and glass reached into the sky to touch the clouds themselves.  It was said that old ones had even traveled above the sky – to the sun, and beyond.  They cured disease, and traveled the lands in carriages that floated over the ground and moved at unheard of speeds.

But as brilliant as the old ones were, they too, were human, and they fought.  The fought amongst themselves throughout their existence.  As time progressed, they used the knowledge they had gained to build great engines of war, and weapons that killed not one, not a few, but millions at a single stroke.  They built weapons that scorched the earth and lay waste to their gleaming cities – and in time, there was almost no one left who remembered them.

Those that remained were not from the cities.  They lacked the knowledge to rebuild them.  Through some miracle, they survived the apocalyptic fighting and lived to see the land reborn.  The kept to a simpler way of life and farmed the land, fished the streams, hunted the forests.  They stayed away from the ruins of the cities.  They never entered the metal towers that remained – no longer reaching the clouds but cut short by the passage of time and the ferocity of nature.

There were a few though, that became brave or foolish.  They broke with tradition and tribal law to enter the cities and the towers.  They began to discover ancient knowledge and found that it gave them great power.  But power corrupts, and the fighting began again.  This time, the weapons were of arrows, spears, and swords.  The new scientists used their knowledge carefully and sparingly.  They hoarded it and shared it only with their chosen apprentices.  And they were feared above all others.

There were Kings and Queens – Lords and Ladies who ruled their territories and protected their kingdoms.  But behind them, often, were the guiding hands of the scientists who used them to further their own agendas and greed.  And where there was no scientist, that kingdom would fall.

Liliana spent her days studying, or in the gardens with her friends... talking about boys, playing games... everything a young princess would do when times were good.

It was night when the invaders came...  and everything changed.

Father had sent her to the furthest tower with her mother.  From the windows they’d watched as hordes of them overpowered the outer walls… watched the fires burning… and eventually, near dawn, the door to their tower sanctuary was broken down. 

Huge men, their faces hidden behind heavy iron helmets had stepped confidently forward.  Without speaking, and ignoring their protests, she and her mother had been pushed face-forward against the tower wall.  It took only the pressure of a single armored glove at their necks to hold them helpless, while other hands tore their dresses.  Goose pimples covered her bare arms – the simple sleeveless shift offering scant protection from the cool morning air.  When she felt the cold touch of the metal shackles about her wrists, she almost fainted.

With arms secured behind them, they were lead down the steps of the tower to the open courtyard.  What remained of her father’s soldiers knelt on the ground, their weapons and armor gone.  She turned her head to keep from vomiting when she saw her father’s head impaled on the end of a spear, thrust in the ground for all to see.

A huge man came towards them… He shouted to the soldiers in words she didn’t understand.  Turned to her mother… turned to her…  Stepping forward, he took hold of her chin and forced her head to turn up towards his face.  She could feel his breath… smell his stink.  She must have made a face, because he laughed and pushed her away.  Shouting more words, the men holding her had dragged her in one direction, and mother in another.  Down stone stairways.. through dark tunnels…  She could feel the damp on her bare feet as they lead her to a small cell and roughly pushed her inside.  She could almost hear her heart in her ears when the iron door shut with a loud clank and the guards left her alone.

Seeking a Princess Liliana (aged 16-19) to be enslaved by her new Overlord and Master.

Interested?  Please send me a PM and we can discuss!
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Re: RP Requests - ZORAK - BDSM / NC / Extreme Topics (M seeking M or F)
« Reply #5 on: February 21, 2018, 05:31:51 PM »
Live Stream
M/M/F/m, Non-consensual, S&M, B&D, torture, extreme

Ryan was a quiet kid... he worked hard in school - at the top of his sophomore class - and when his homework was done, he'd wait tables at his father's restaurant.  Although fit enough for sports, he'd never really had time for that, preferring to use his free time to read, study, and learn the family business.

Waiting tables was interesting - he got to meet all kinds of people, and engage in interesting conversations.  Most were impressed with how polite and attentive he was for someone his age.  They'd often comment that the university students who worked waiting tables were often much less adept at the job, than him.  It was reassuring, because Ryan did have something of a confidence problem - perhaps that's why he'd never managed more than a few dates, and never yet a relationship.

The last table was about to clear down for the evening, and the restaurant was empty, except for the last couple.  They waved him over as they collected their belongings.  They asked if he'd mind going in back for an extra few pieces of desert.  They asked him to bring it to their car out front.  Ryan didn't think anything of it... it was a bit cold out - they probably wanted to get the car warmed up.

He went in back, and picked up the requested items, then walked them outside.  The couple were seated in a large, black car, with tinted windows in back.  The lady in the passenger seat lowered the window and reached out to take his package.  As she did so, her hand reached out, and he felt a scratch at his neck.  Almost immediately, he felt as if the world was spinning... and a moment later... everything went dark.


Ryan awoke in a large room.  It was mostly empty, except for a small toilet in the corner.  The floor was made of old varnished wood, and garish wallpaper, a lot of it peeling off, adorned all four walls.  The ceilings were high, almost 14 feet or more, covered with old tin.  There was one window - but the glass was frosted, and behind metal bars.  There was a door, but no doorknob on it.
 His clothes were gone too... all but his undershorts, and the room was a bit cool.

He stood up and walked around... looking... calling out for help... but there was no answer.  In each corner of the room, far up where he couldn't reach, was a camera angled down on him - little red blinking lights indicated that he was being watched...

This one might be tough.  Looking for ONE person to take the role of two men, and one woman - all very dominant, who will take turns (sometimes one-on-one, sometimes not) taking my Ryan to different, "special" rooms in the house, where they torment him in various ways.  The idea here, is that everything that happens to Ryan is being live-streamed, 24/7, and the paying customers can make requests on what's done to him...  The customers, and his captors, are rather inventive, and decidedly cruel...

Perhaps, this could even be done in the forums, with other E members making the requests... it's all open for interpertation!

Interested?  Please send me a PM and we can discuss!

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Re: RP Requests - ZORAK - BDSM / NC / Extreme Topics (M seeking M or F)
« Reply #6 on: February 23, 2018, 09:46:07 AM »
Mind Games
M/m or F/m, Romance, Mind games/brainwashing, Consensual (sort of), B&D, possibly extreme, criminal acts

"Precocious" was how his mother had described him when he was little... "Gifted" was the term they used in grade school.  Ethan had never really embraced any of those words.  He didn't want to be those things.  He didn't want to be different from everyone else - but when he was always doing well in class, and getting straight-A grades without trying, it was mostly impossible.

Ethan had graduated high School a year early, and completed his university work in just under 3 years.  He'd never really had time for relationships, and friends were hard to make when everyone around him was always at least 2-3 years older.  Still, he'd made a few friends at his new job - a microprocessor development lab at a prestigious tech company.  At 20, he was the youngest of their tech employees, so he'd looked outside his department when it came to being "social" - something he was very bad at, yet for some reason, kept trying...

One of his new friends had managed to convince him to go to what he called a "rockin' house party" out by the shore.  "Dude, you wouldn't believe this place!  The [dude/chick] who owns it is, like, insanely rich!  You gotta go!"

Reluctantly, Ethan had agreed, and predictably, his shyness and social awkwardness had relegated him to an empty corner, sipping a watered-down drink, and watching everyone else enjoy themselves whilst he wondered how they managed to do exactly what they were doing.

Looking for his "friend" about an hour into the uncomfortable affair, he was surprised (or perhaps not) to learn that he'd left with two girls... in his car... the one that had gotten Ethan to the party.  "Great," he muttered to himself, "now I'm stranded at a party I don't want to be at, with people I don't know, at a house I couldn't find on a map no matter how hard I tried..."

Looking for someone to play the owner of the house, who comes to my Ethan's rescue.  This person could be a man, or a woman.  At first, they would befriend Ethan, perhaps offer him to stay the night... eventually seducing him, and introducing him to bondage and sex (neither of which he's had any experience with before).   

But what seems romantic and exciting to Ethan, is hiding something much darker.  Unknown to him, the owner of the house is also the owner of a rival tech firm... and he/she is slowly using sex, attention, and increasingly more stringent bondage and discipline to control Ethan... the goal is to get him to commit crimes - small ones at first, to test his obedience, and then leading up to the final goal - corporate espionage.

This is likely to play out for quite some time (not a quickie here), and involve a lot of mind games.  Use of drugs is not out of the question, but I'd like it not to be the focus of things.  I would expect some of the B&D scenes to be mild at first, and then becoming more and more intense as the story progresses.

Looking for someone who can embrace this "evil" side, but still manage to cloud things enough for Ethan to "break" before he realizes he's been "broken"...

Interested?  Please send me a PM and we can discuss!