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June 19, 2018, 09:22:07 PM

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Author Topic: Let Transformations and / or Mind Control Commence! (looking for F or M)  (Read 722 times)

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    Hello there, E!

    I've decided to put together all of my story ideas / seeds that involve transformations - mental, physical or both. The descriptions of the ideas will be short, but all of them are meant to be ironed out in cooperation with future writing partners :)

    Basically, I'd like to create some stories involving a woman being transformed into... something :) The list of possible transformations follows. Of course, these are meant to be separate stories, so don't be alarmed if they don't fit together :)

    • The nurse - I admit I love nurses in their traditional uniforms and caps. One of my oldest fantasies involved a woman being mind controlled into becoming the "perfect" nurse: perfectly mannered, perfectly proper, perfectly obedient toward the doctors and the hospital regulations... I'd really love to RP a woman's transformation into this kind of nurse. Pretty please :D
    • The demon - this story could take place in some fantasy setting, in a modern world or even in a future setting like the WH40K universe. In this story, a young woman would be transformed, physically and mentally, into a demoness. She could end up as any kind of demoness my writing partner would be interested in: a classic "wings and horns" fantasy demoness, or something weirder - Silent Hill-esque or Hellraiser-esque, or she could even get turned into a gibbering Chaos Spawn. The possibilities are limitless :)
    • The cyborg - in this story, a young woman would get transformed into a human - machine hybrid. I'm not thinking of cool cyberpunk cyborgs here - more like "mad science" type of creature. Lots of cables, tubes sticking out of her body, connector ports, maybe even a transparent skull... Here's a possible inspiration:
      Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

      Overall, I'm thinking of a kind of creature a mad scientist might come up with. And that would be the best plot for this RP, too: a story of a woman who ends up transformed by a mad scientist, most probably against her will.
    • Brainwashed drone soldier - what I have in mind here is somethng akin to these amazing women from Metal Gear Solid V:
      Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

      I would simply like to tell a story of a woman who gets brainwashed and inducted into a team of such robotic female soldiers...
    • Brainwashed assistant to a mad scientist - this may be a very specific request, but I've long been a fan of old Demon Headmaster show, which told a story of a villain with hypnotic powers who was out to conquer the world :) In some of the show's episodes, the main villain commanded a cadre of brainwashed, emotionless assistants - and one of the assistants was a pretty young woman. I'd want to build a story around her! To tell the tale of how a normal young woman ended up as an obedient follower of a mind-controlling mad scientist... Here are some images of the character:
      Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

    • Robotic minion to a villain, 1960s style - another rather specific request... I'd like to tell a story of a woman transformed into a some villain's mindless minion - a minion that would be similar to these "human robots" from the old Attack of the Robots movie. Don't know what I'm talking about? Check this trailer out:
      Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

      The transformation in this story would be of the combined, physical and mental type. The transformed minions would wear identical hairstyles, identical glasses (which would double as mind control devices), identical clothes and, also, could even have some sort of weird skin colour (they did in the movie). And, of course, there would all be pretty robotic, acting as the villain's assasins, perfectly obedient support staff at the villain's lair etc.
    • Weird Kubrick-esque corporate priestess - puzzled? Just watch this old David Bowie video:
      Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

      I must admit that I find these white-helmeted women quite fascinating... Who are they? What are they doing at this futuristic corporation's screens? I've long wondered about them and one idea I came up with was that they are servants of the corporation, brainwashed into some kind corporate religion. A kind of corporate nuns / priestesses, if that makes any sense... Going with that interpretation, I would want to tell a story of one of these women - of how she ended up like this!
    • The sorcerer's wife - a story in a fantasy setting. It would be an RP about a woman who gets captured by a sorcerer / wizard / necromancer / alchemist and, through magic, is made to become his loyal wife. Some possible inspirations are here:
      Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

      The enspelled wife could simply be very obedient (or even mindless...), or she could become evil, like the princess in the last clip.
    • The opposite self - this story is somewhat inspired by this "princess turned into a witch" clip:
      Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

      In this story (which could take place just in any setting), the female character would somehow be turned into a version of herself that's wildly opposite to her ordinary personality. A princess could be turned into an evil priestess of darkness. In a modern-day setting, a sensitive and vanilla girl could become a cruel dominatrix. In a dystopian setting, a freedom fighter could be turned into a mindless follower of a totalitarian government. In a cyberpunk world, a democratic activist could be turned into a cold corporate businesswoman. The possibilities are endless! It would be fun to try some of them out...
    • Stepford college student - a specific case of the previous idea, this is a story inspired by the Disturbing Behavior movie:
      Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

      In this story, the female character would be rebellous college student that would be forced or coerced to join a small student society on the campus where all of the members are rather conservative, stiff and straight-laced. At first, she would think that it wouldn't change her life too much - but then, it would turn out that the society uses mind control to make its members fit the conservative mentality. Soon, the lead character would become a "Stepford student" herself...
    • The enspelled queen / duchess - this would be a story about a woman who gets put under a spell and made to marry a king or a prince. The story could take place in any setting - from fantasy, through historical (say, the Victorian era?), to a modern-day setting. The lead character would either be a commoner, or a low-ranking noble. The spell in the story would take a way most of her free will and make her lose herself in the world of riches, elegance and polite obedience to her husband.

    So... these are the basic ideas. Now, you may have noticed that I haven't specified whom would I want to play the main female character in any of these stories... It's because I'm somewhat flexible here:

    • I'm definitely interested in playing the main female role in all of this scenarios - meaning, the woman that gets transformed / brainwashed. In this configuration, I'd like my writing partner to play the person / people that conduct the transformation, or some other role to their liking.
    • I'm also interested in playing the person conducting the transformation in the Drone Soldier, Brainwashed Assistant, 1960s Minion, Corporate Priestess, Sorcerer's Wife and Enspelled Queen scenarios. In this case, I'd looking for someone to play the woman who gets transformed / brainwashed.

    As for the story length, I'm also flexible:

    • any of these scenarios could be used for one-shot, short RPs focusing on just the transformation,
    • they could also be extended to tell more of the lead character's life after the transformation,
    • finally, we could also follow the transformation part of the story with another chapter on the character getting turned back into a normal human / freed from her brainwashing. If that parts seems especially interesting to you, we could even skip the previous chapters and make our RP simply a story of the woman's liberation / reverse-transformation.

    Okay then! This is all I've got right now :) As I mentioned earlier, all of this is supposed to serve as a seed for further discussion. So, if any of these concepts piques your interest, just PM me and we'll brainstorm the details!
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08/09/2016: Added some new ideas! :)

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08/18/2016: A new idea added!

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Re: Let Transformations and / or Mind Control Commence! (looking for F or M)
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12/29/2016: Resurrecting the thread! Once again, I invite you to take a look at these ideas :)