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Author Topic: New Ideas (M x F, seeking F)  (Read 348 times)

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New Ideas (M x F, seeking F)
« on: July 23, 2016, 11:58:40 AM »
All names are just place holders.
Plots can be twisted and tweaked to better fit my partners desires.
Pairings can also be Interracial where Interracial is not the main theme.

Please PM me if any of these ideas or pairing strike your fancy!

The Cam Girl - Hot, popular, Sarah Oates was the typical teenage girl. She was quite a flirt and a tease, especially towards her younger, geeky brother. Sarah and her friends loved to tease and flirt with him, laughing when his face turned red with embarrassment. But Sarah was not a loose girl, selective in which boys she hooked up with and how far she went with them. Despite popular belief, she had only slept with one boy and it wasn't frequent (or that good, in her opinion). But Sarah loved the attention.

A few pictures of her posted online received good comments so she got herself a webcam. It started off innocently enough, of course, showing off her clothes and poses and chatting with people, but it quickly turned into more risque things. Now, she regularly posed nude online and masturbated for some money. She got a thrill out of being watched but kept it her dirty little secret, often wearing a masquerade mask to hide her full identity. The guys (and some girls) were more interested in her body anyways.

Little does Sarah know that Andrew Oates, her younger brother, has stumbled upon her webcam and knows exactly what she gets up to at night. He's also jerked off to her, watching his hot sister masturbate on webcam. He also knew that she was selling herself short and that he could help her with that. He waited until he knew she was about to get started before storming into her room, blackmailing her into a new deal otherwise he'd tell their parents. He would host her website, and be the camera-man for her shoots, while also coming up with a better payment scheme (from which he would get a cut). Of course, the new site and pictures draw more of a crowd as does the promise of a male (who the viewers assume to be her boyfriend) manually recording her.

Things get out of hand quickly. A decent donation and her own teasing nature quickly lead to her giving her brother a lapdance. However, feeling how big and hard he got makes her curious and his bulge is more than evident to her viewers. They demand for her to free the beast and go to town - not knowing its her brother. Both her own curiosity, her brothers obvious arousal, and the prospect of more money are enough to convince her to do so. Sarah quickly realizes she was certainly going to earn her money - and that her brother had the biggest cock she had ever seen. Was it normal for a sister to get wet looking at her brothers cock? [Further details to be discussed.]

The Webcam Boy - Andrew was a shy guy but very comfortable online. He spent a lot of time online, chatting and playing games and things, and had even started browsing sites where people were looking for sex. He quickly connected with a woman - an older woman, old enough to be his mother by her profile - but due to his inexperience he was quite curious and had always fantasizezd about older women, MILFS, even his mother and mothers of his friends. Like him, she was a bit shy and in a marriage where that spark wasn't there anymore. But she wasn't quite comfortable revealing her identity - which was fine, as he wasn't either. Their relationship quickly progressed and as they both had cameras connected to their computers, they started 'sexting' - watching each other jerk off and play with their bodies. Andrew had a very nice sized cock, according to the MILF, and she wanted to do some very, very dirty things to it.

After some time, both needing to feel each others touch, they arranged to meet somewhere private - a known gloryhole spot. Neither were ready to meet face to face or reveal their identities - the whole taboo of their age difference and her married status easily able to affect their real life. Messaging each other once there, the MILF was soon able to get her first taste of that delicious cock she had been masturbating to. And Andrew got his first blowjob, from an older woman who craved him and his cock and didn't care that he was a geek at school.

Little did Andrew know that this woman, this MILF, was actually his mother. Nor did she know this stud was her own stud. [More details to be discussed with an interested partner, as they cat-and-mouse around revealing their identities while developing their relationship further.]

The Massage Therapist - Andrew was a stud. Handsome and fit, girls flocked to him. Tall, dark and handsome - what more could a girl want? A guy good with his hands. He was also well endowed and knew how to use it.

Andrew was a Massage Therapist. He was a bit cocky and very forward with his clients, targeting the rich, older women, the trophy wives. He knew what they wanted and gave it to them. Strong hands to loosen them up, sensual oils and rubbing on their body. After fucking  his first few clients, the word got out and just what sort of full service he was willing to provide - and how satisfying it left his clients. Of course, hew as not opposed to performing the same treatment on their daughters either. [Seeking MILFS and Girls. Can either be a one-shot, or an arching storyline involving multiple characters]

[Alternative: You play the Female Massage Therapist, and I play her Male Clientele]

The High-School Queen - Details for this are to be discussed with an interested partner. A wide variety of kinks can be covered. What is required is a virginity scene for the girl. I will be playing the multiple males she encounters in her everyday life, and this game can expand beyond just her High School years with the right partner. In a nutshell, its the sexual conquests of a girl. A girl who was perhaps shy and teased when she was younger, but transforms into a beautiful young woman in High School, drawing the attention of Males that normally would never have noticed her. There can be some angst and heartbreak, but its more of a coming-of-age story of sexual liberation for a girl who comes to terms with her new body and how best to use it to her advantage.

His Brothers Wife - Andrew was in love from the very first moment he set eyes on her. She was kind and beautiful and connected on him with so many levels. And now she was married to his asshole brother.

Andrew had always had a crush on his older brothers girlfriend, from the very first day he had met her. She was too good for his brother. He had been saddened when their engagement was announced and even more so when they finally got married. Now, a few years later, he knew that she was unhappy. Rumors of his brother and his long list of affairs had reached her ears. Andrew knew the truth and knew that it would break her heart. He was always working late or working weekends and never had time for her anymore.

The holidays were upon them and the families - Andrews parents, Andrew, and his brother and wife - were all heading to Colorado for some fun in the snow at the families large home in the mountains. Andrew met her at the airport, to drive her to the family home. His brother was missing, of course, claiming work was forcing him to work late and he would fly out a few days later. Andrew knew what the meant - he had heard about the hot new secretary that was working for his brother, Richard.

Picking his sister-in-law up, it was obvious she wasn't happy at the situation at all. She was sad and unhappy and didn't know what to do. The projected storm, a blizzard, arrived earlier than expected - hers was the last flight in before they cancelled the rest - so as they drove up through the mountains to the families secluded home, they got snowed in, driving off the covered road and into a bank. With nothing they could do until the morning, they bunker-ed down in the back of his car. Andrew was glad he was always prepared, with a few blankets and sleeping back in the back. They cuddled together for warmth, but long hidden feelings start to surface and they spend a night of bliss in each others arms in the back of his car.

But what sort of implications will this have in the morning? What about when his brother arrives? Do they keep this a secret, one time thing...or does it continue, stolen kisses behind closed doors...

My Wife is a what?

Paying the Price - Desperate times called for desperate measures. Sarah and her husband were struggling financially. Her husband had not gotten the promised promotion and things were tight. Of course, he was part of the Richmond Dynasty but didn't want to rely on his families name or money. He wanted to be a self made man, like his grandfather had been, and not inherit the money like his father had. He refused to go to his wealthy, powerful father for help. So it was time Sarah did something about it.

A college friend of hers had stripped and been an escort in college to pay her way through. The money was good - depending on the agency, the girl, and the client, she could make $2,500 in a night. Sarah discreetly got in contact with the girl again and was given the name of an agency. She went in for a photo shoot - it was easy, her husband working more hours in a day then he was home, coming home basically to eat dinner and sleep before doing it all over again in the morning.

And then she got her first call, dressing in something sexy despite her nerves. She couldn't tell her husband, of course, what she was doing - he would never approve. She had never cheated on him either, but desperate times called for desperate measures. She was shown into the office building, after hours, to meet with her first client, clearly a wealthy CEO type who would easily net her the money she was seeking. Stepping into his office, though, she was shocked to find it was her father-in-law, the very man who her husband refused to go to for help.

And he had quite the deal for her. [details to be discussed]
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