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Author Topic: A Sexual fantasy for all! TFs, futas, anthros and more!  (Read 3033 times)

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Offline bokotousamuraiTopic starter

A Sexual fantasy for all! TFs, futas, anthros and more!
« on: July 22, 2016, 02:35:29 PM »
1. No scat, Gore or water sports
Everything else like non-con, traps, impregnation, inflation, multicock, multipussy, oviposition, knotting and so are fine

2. Futa and trap friendly

3. If your character is adventurer please specify a class.

4. Other races besides those listed are fine, especially since TF justifies any biology.

5. Have fun and feel free to offer feedback

Top Alchemist:
Top Courtesan:
Stall vendors:




In this world, magic exists because fairies taught it to mortals, who they then breeded with, bringing elves into the world.
With magic mortals were able to infuse crystals with the raw elements of nature, enriching their lives with technology like television through lightning crystals, combustion engines powered by fire crystals, water stones to bring water right to ones home for drinking and bathing, and a system of ducts directing airflow from wind stones to warm and cool that same stone.

Elves brought with them another enrichment; it was discovered by alchemist that the interfertility of the fey and their elven dependents was due to their sperm and eggs being able to adapt to the genes of any creature. Harnessing this knowledge and the
Cum of many elven donors, alchemist created potions that would alter ones biology, thus sparking a sexual revolution of transformation.

Elves celebrate their heritage through a holiday called Fey fest: a three day sexual festival complete with with flee markets selling TF potions and exciting sex wear and sex toys. Activities like measuring contests, cum drinking competitions, orgasm denial tests. Live performance is offered on plays, song and dance, as well as live sex shows, and demonstrations of TFs and courtesans, sometimes both.

Though this is an elven holiday it is popular with other races who are free to partake. Normally potions and magic for transformation are very expensive, but they go on sale for fairy fest, making it the best time for anyone looking to enhance their sexual lives.

Finally, and most importantly, each night ends in a orgy under the light of a blue moon. This orgy celebrates life and it's creation, as well as the devotion to enjoy all pleasures that life offers. Orgies are divided into different sections by sexuality and weather or not a mage is present to cast a sterility or fertility charm over the area. It is common knowledge this holiday is responsible for most annual pregnancies.

This year's Fey Fest is set in the High elven Capitol of Luminosity, given that High elves are hermaphrodites with high sex drives and a lot of cum, this year's supply of TF potions are sure to never run out, and alchemist attending will be sure to make a killing by including fresh, hot loads of the nobles in their concoctions.

The stalls for festival food (some with TF formula baked right in), games and goods will be all along the main street, ending at the  flea market set all around the fountain around the town square.
In the park stages will be set up for all the entertainment, the red light district not a stones throw away will busy as well, hiring and demonstrating all the working girls, men and Futa they have to offer, and even setting up tents for sex. All the hotels and taverns will be offering rooms at hourly rates to allow couples, (or groups) to get some privacy.

I WAS working on a list of races here, but then realised that that's dumb in a TF centered game. So just pick a base race and run wild! go ahead! Be dark elf wolf girl with bunny ears and a horse cock!

Example Base races: human, elf, beastfolk, kemonomimi, fairy, orc, goblin, centaur

Code: [Select]
[b]Base race:[/b]

[b]Sexual details:[/b]

[b]Desired TFs:[/b]


« Last Edit: July 28, 2016, 06:21:34 PM by bokotousamurai »

Offline Chulanowa

Hello, I find your ideas intriguing and would like to sign up for your newsletter.

Ahem. Specifically I'd like to see a little more than a sketched outline. What's this game going to be?

Offline bokotousamuraiTopic starter

You'll be romping around a sexually charged festivals for a few days and attending an orgy.

There'll be a flea market where you can experiment with TFs and sex toys
 a stage for watching live sex shows like acrobats doing it on trapezes, TFed performance like someone growing genticles to plow some people, or prostitues giving live demonstrations, all of which the audience can participate in.

The red light district will be close by so there will never be a shortage of escorts

It's pretty much a TF nonsense sandbox.

Offline bokotousamuraiTopic starter

Not really sure what kind of positions there should be aside from the entertainers.

But then if someone wants to be the star in a live dragon sex show they just make a character whose a sex performer.

Offline Evalon

   Looks interesting. I'll mark down my interest.
   Some thoughts on a potential character;
      1) Starting Race: Human
      2) Ending Race: Felblood/Demonic, Orc, Fairy, or Elf.
      3) Character type: Adventurer or Gambler
      4) Character class if adventurer:
         a) Rogue arch-type
         b) Hunter arch-type
      5) Arrival style;
         a) If rogue arch-type or a gambler, pilgrimage for fun and profit.
         b) If hunter arch-type, stumble upon the festival after spending months on an expedition.

Offline bokotousamuraiTopic starter

Name: Highmistress Adelle Ataraxia
Position: Resident
Age: 30
Base race: High elf
Gender/sexuality: bisexual hermaphrodite
Occupation: Noble, professor, adventurer; factotum
Hobbies: Sex, good food, sex, fine drink, sex, companion ship, did I mention sex?
Background: An adventurer turned teacher, Adelle is the headmistress of the Luminosity university that educates young adults into being scholars and adventures. High elven politics are centered on education, and a councilschool leaders elect a highmistress amoung them to lead them, making Adelle effectively a queen, although in therms of power she's more of a baroness.

In her younger days Adelle was a jack of all trades, having done a little bit if everything from farming, blacksmithing, alchemy, even prostitution and thievery. She is famous for her exploits such as slaying the orc marauder Horrock Black-tooth, recovering the first dwarves crown from the ruins of the bleak halls, and the many, many children she's sired all over the land.

This is the first time in decades that the fey fest has been hosted in Luminosity. She plans to make it the most successful one yet, and maybe pick a few more lovers along the way.

Sexual details: D cup breasts that she wears clothing to expose easily, wide hips with a fat butt. Some muscle definition but not too much, definitely strong enough to pick a girl up while making love to her. 18 inch long. 2 inch thick cock with auto-peeling foreskin under her natrual bush, smooth and juicy apple sized balls that garuntee insemination, she cums five liters an orgasm and can cum five times in a row. Her jeweled cock ring let's her make her cock softer or harder as she needs it. She can't cum when wearing a condom so she prefers to just pull out or do anal, but she can be convinced into it.

Ons: Big butts! Cute girls, traps, impregnating others, womb fucking, giving and receiving cum inflations, kemonomimi and anthros, fucking her partner's to ahego, fucking her partner's till they can't feel their legs, fucking her partners till they faint.
Offs: monogomy
Desired TFs: dragon parts, multiple cocks,
Other: Has a estate outside the city, staffed by members of her harem, she plans to bring that number to fifty. Willing to be impregnated.
« Last Edit: July 22, 2016, 06:04:44 PM by bokotousamurai »

Offline bokotousamuraiTopic starter

I think a gambler could get into a looooot of fun in this festival, rogue could prolly pull a few scams for profit and poon too.
« Last Edit: July 22, 2016, 06:49:36 PM by bokotousamurai »

Online pdragon

Is there a limit on how many characters one can play?

Offline TotesRider

Im super down with this

Offline bokotousamuraiTopic starter

Is there a limit on how many characters one can play?

For right now, I say you should stick to two, maybe three characters.

Offline Yugishogun

Name: Sakurako Zabi
Position: Stall Vendor
Age: 21
Sexuality/gender: Lesbian/Female
Hobbies: Magic, reading
Background: Sakurako is an aspiring mage that currently runs a travelling crystal shop to keep her livelihood afloat. While her meek nature and natural stutter should have made her a terrible saleswoman, customers usually buy from her either due to pity, finding her cute, or the fact that she actually has some rather expertly crafted crystals despite appearances. The softspoken human clearly isn't much of a sexual person, but her lightning crystals tend to sell like hotcakes every year at the festival due to how many sex toys require them for power.

Sexual details: While she is rather short at 5'4", she makes up for it with her natural curves. Under her conservative dress is a healthy pair of d-cups and a lithe frame. 

Ons: Sakurako is a complete virgin, though she tends to be attracted to woman with a tall and motherly build. However, girls that appear utterly adorable to her will occasionally slip into those preferences
Offs: Anal, Gore, Mutilation, Snuff
Desired TFs: Go wild (Not that she'll desire it :))

Offline bokotousamuraiTopic starter


Offline TotesRider
Name: Argo Einstrom
Position: Resident and Stall Vendor
Age: 37
Base race: Human
Sexuality/gender: bisexual/male
Hobbies: alchemy, alcohol and testing his "products" on his son
Background: Originally a soldier. After fighting in a great war, he quit the army and took up an interest in alchemy. Over time he began to develop sex themed products (gels, potions, and even candies) and travels around to sell them. Currently his most popular products include Vibrating Gel, Jizz Pops (phallic shaped lollipops that ejaculates sugary semen when sucked on) and Tentacles in a bottle.
During his travels he became the guardian of a young anthro bunny who was being groomed into a prostitute. However when the rabbit came of age, Argo began to use his adoptive son to test new products.
Recently the two have moved to Luminosity for Argo to study transformation. He's also ready to set up his vendor stall for his very first Fey Fest.

Sexual details: Argo is pretty tall, standing at about 6'10". He holds anaturally long and very thick fifteen inch uncut cock and a pair of heavy balls. He also can naturally produce a gallon of cum per orgasm.

Ons: Adorable partners, being rimmed and deepthroated, cum drinking, sex toys and while he's generally dominant, he'll submit to someone with a larger cock than him.
Offs: gore, vore, toilet stuff
Desired TFs: gain an inhuman cock and maybe grow a second cock
Name: Nike Einstrom
Position: Resident but wants to be a courtisan
Age: 18
Base race: Rabbit Anthro
Sexuality/gender: bisexual male
Hobbies: Sex, reading books and drawing
Background: Originally born into a family bred to be sex slaves. Before Nike could be sold off to a brutal orc warlord, with a taste for bunny boypussy, the rabbit was adopted by a wandering alchemist named Argo.
The two shared a happy few years but on Nike's 18th birthday, something changed in him. He became bit of a slut and after a few awkward encounters, His adoptive father gave him the job of testing out his sex themed products. This helped quell the bunny's sexual appetite for awhile.

Recently, the two settled down in Luminosity. After seeing the open sexual nature of the town, Nike had an odd desire to become a prostitute. Something that Argo, despite being understandably concerned, seems to support.

Sexual details: Unlike his tall father, Nike is rather short at only 4'9". However he has wide hips and a bubble butt. Cock wise he has a decent 8 inch penis and regular balls, however his ass is the true prize is. Due to Argo's 'experiments', Nike was gifted with a self lubricating asshole and the ability to take gigantic cocks and tons of cum.

Ons: Being tied up and used, sucking cocks, giving and recieving rimjobs, lots of cum, being filled up and public play
Offs: Gore, vore, toilet stuff
Desired TFs: would love a fully functional vagina. He also wants a much larger cock so he can pleasure women
Other: despite alot of sexual interactions with Argo, they'vethey've never had penetrative sex together outside of toys and gels.
« Last Edit: July 23, 2016, 06:23:54 PM by TotesRider »

Online pdragon

Sweet, three is all I need
Name: Tywin Far-Rider
Position: Adventurer/Merchant
Age: 25
Sexuality/gender: Pansexual/ Futanari
Hobbies: Adventuring, fighting, training, acts of gallantry, running, poetry
Background: Was born in the eastern land of Umbassa, where she came up as a soldier in the royal army, part of the highly regarded "Mounted Cavalry" unit. However despite having a promising military career ahead of her, she ended up retiring early, her free spirit drawing her towards a life of adventure where the strict, regulated structure of the military could not hold her back. Over her travels she ventured across many distant lands, and in the process recruited two partners to her side, Bellara Reigns and Amnaris. Together they formed the trio known as "The Troubadours", an adventuring party for hire with a small bit of renown in some areas. With the Fey Fest drawing near the group has ventured to Luminosity with the goal of generating money to help fund their next big adventure. With all the jubilance and good will in the air their usual talents are hardly needed, so instead they intend to shake up some extra gold by selling their various "resources" on the markets (as well as a little tasteful whoring should the opportunity arise). Tywin herself is selling her cum, centaur sperm being commonly used as a health supplement, promoting dexterity, vigor, and healthy muscle growth, as well as a skin and hair cream, producing smooth, vibrant skin and thick, luscious hair.

Sexual details: Tywin stands very tall at around 6'6. She has a lithe, slender human torso, with generous D-cup breasts. Her horse half is stocky and well muscled, with an impressive 24 inch horsecock and thick balls. She is capable of extended orgasms, and has low recovery time between ejaculations, allowing her to pump her seed into someone for seemingly hours on end if desired. She also has a virgin
horse pussy
that is still in pristine condition.

Ons: Is very dominant during sex, loves mounting and riding others, cream pies, oral, anal, rim jobs, experienced lovers, thicker women, tit fucks, hot dogging, traps, coating people with her semen, breaking would be dommes, occasionally likes to "punish" evil dooers by fucking them hard and deep, though is usually gentler with actual lovers.
Offs: all the usuals, tends to shy away from virgins due to being worried about hurting them with her cock, doesn't like being penetrated herself.
Desired TFs: perhaps making her cock a bit smaller (it's actually rather bothersome finding people who can accommodate her full size)
Other: Is a skilled swords woman and soldier, trained to fight in tandem with a partner riding on her back.

Only allows those she trusts to ride her, won't hesitate to buck off anyone else.
additional pics

Name: Bellara Reigns
Position: Adventurer/Merchant
Age: 28
Sexuality/gender: Pansexual/Female
Hobbies: Adventuring, fighting, drinking, eating, sex
Background: The daughter of a minotaur and a young maiden he had..."seduced", Bellara grew up as a nomad, hunting and marauding along the frontier planes of the Wilderlands. Having usurped her father's small band of raiders, she originally made her living as a bandit, attacking and extorting frontier villages that would try to start up. Eventually she would be recruited by Tywin to become a legitimate adventurer, putting her life of banditry behind her, though her wild spirit and "pragmatic" approach to life still remains. As part of the groups' efforts to raise money she is selling her breastmilk, Minotaur milk both incredibly refreshing and a light aphrodisiac.

Sexual details: Bellara is the true definition of thickness. Strong muscles and plump, juicy curves combine to give the woman an imposing, yet tantalizing figure. She is strong enough to heft an ox over her shoulders, and has smashed enough watermelons between her thighs to cater a royal banquet. She stands tall at around 6'2. She has large, J-cup breasts, and wide child baring hips, both only barely concealed by her simple silk garments (her loin cloth in particular having no back, meaning her juicy ass is always on display wherever she goes). She also has a fully prehensile tail that she can use like a third arm, and despite being very rigid her horns are one of the most sensitive spots on her body.

Ons:Prefers her women cute and cuddly, and her men/futas strong and wild. Switches between slow, gentle, nurturing sex (especially loves being cuddled while someone nurses from her breasts), and rough, animalistic breeding depending on the partner. She has a strong fetish for cum, and will happily slurp it up wherever she can get it, even sharing it with others or lapping it out of someone elses well fucked holes. She also enjoys oral, anal, and group sex, though while she's a generous lover she can also be rather greedy at times, often wanting to be the center of gang bangs or roughly pinning down her lovers until she's felt she's gotten her share of pleasure from them.
Offs:all the usuals
Desired TFs: Can't mess with perfection
Other: Has a love of gold and precious gems, and adorns herself with many of the treasures the group has uncovered over their adventures.

additional pics

Name: Amnaris
Position: Adventurer/Merchant
Age: ?? ??
Sexuality/gender: Feminine traits only/ Gender Fluid (literally :P)
Hobbies: Learning new things, sleeping, eating, deep philosophical conversations
Background: The life of a slime is not often a deep or complex one. You slither around, you latch onto things, you attack low level adventurers and try to eat them, and you probably loose. However for a select few they are capable of being something more. "Born" from her slime "mother" and librarian "mother" (i.e. she ate a librarian and duplicated into Amnaris), the little blue slime was gifted with something most slimes don't have...intelligence. Granted, it wasn't a whole lot of it by most people's standards, but compared other slimes she was an absolute genius. At first she was content to merely hunt for food as usual, but she often found herself plagued by a strange sense of curiosity, which caused her to roam far beyond the small grasslands she was born. Eventually she encountered a pair of adventurers, Tywin and Bellara, and instead of slaying her like any other monster the duo actually brought her with them, perhaps sensing she was different from her other kin. Over a few months they managed to teach her to speak, and how to properly act in a civilized world. Though she is still rather slow, and very forgetful, she has come a long way from just a dumb puddle of goo munching on bookworms. For her part in the group's schemes she's selling off, what else, jars of her own slime. Slime Jelly is a very sweet and fruity substance when properly refined, and is considered a rare delicacy amongst the upper class, making hers one of the more valuable commodities on offer.

Sexual details: Being a slime, the only real definitive parts of her anatomy are the red crystal which acts as her heart/brain, and mass of gooey slime that acts as the rest of her body, capable of taking any shape and assuming the functions of any organ/body part she pleases. Due to this anatomy she is free to sculpt her figure however she pleases, whenever she pleases, thus her appearance is usually in a state of constant flux. However her most often used form is that of busty young woman with long flowing "hair". While she usually fills in all the proper proportions of her body, she usually doesn't fill in the details until they're actually needed, and thus most of the time doesn't appear to have nipples or any sort of genitals. Once she's chosen a form, a thin membrane forms on the surface of her body, keeping her new shape held together, though this membrane is rather easy to penetrate. In addition to controlling the shape of her body, she is also able to control it's viscosity, capable of thinning herself out to an almost water like consistency, all the way to becoming almost as thick and solid as human flesh. She eats by absorbing organic material into herself, converting it into more slime to add to her mass. While this allows her to basically eat anything, the process is much faster and more efficient with simpler proteins and fluids (such as sexual fluids).

Ons: feminine features, drinking bodily fluids, cuddling, wrapping/engulfing someone, bukkakkes, being used as a cocksheath/ona hole, oral (giving), multiple penetrations (giving), tentacles (giving)
Offs: all the usuals
Desired TFs: She isn't really affected by transformatives due to the simple, fluctuating nature of her body. Plus since she's already capable of transforming at will there's never really been any appeal to try them.
Other: Is very shy/social awkward, stemming from being seen as a vermin monster by most, and feeling inadequate about her intelligence.

Usually spends most of her time hidden beneath Tywin's armor, acting as both insulation and an added layer of protection (medieval ballistics gel).

additional pic

Offline Ershin

Hmm... I'm very tempted to make an application for a  six inch tall fairy for this.

Also Pdragon, love the centaur and the slime girl :D

Offline Yugishogun

Seconded with Ershin's opinion. I'd love for my crystal vendor to meet them.

Offline bokotousamuraiTopic starter

All accepted

I forgot to put occupation in the apps which is where you should list adventurer along with the class

Offline Ershin


Position:Dancer, Adventurer; Arcanist
Base race:Half-Dragon (Serpent)
Sexuality/gender:Bisexual Hermaphrodite
Hobbies:Dancing, sex, mathematics, poetry
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Originally part of the Terpsichore Dance Troupe, Rao-Ji acted as both dancer and accountant during her tenure. She left along with Eleanor Stargazer over a dispute over her mentor and mother figure, Jacqueline Stargazer, the actual mother to her dancing partner Eleanor.  Ellie's mother was officially property of the Troupe Master, and his to do with as he pleased. When Rao-Ji discovered in the accounts that a transaction was made to sell the elf to a noble in a faraway land, she acted to attempt to prevent this, but all too late. She left the Troupe along with Ellie to track down those responsible and take back Jaq.

Rao-Ji is also an accomplished magician, using a combination of dance and mathematical equations as the somatic and verbal components in her spells. This served her well as both a dancer, allowing her to enhance her performances and enchant crowds, and as a travelling companion to the younger Eleanor, getting her out of more than a few tight spots. Often times they have to stop in towns to earn money to allow them to continue their journey, and there's no better earner than the Fey Fest.
Sexual details:4'4" tall, incredibly lithe and flesible body. Has breasts on the small size of a B-cup and a cut cock measuring around 9 inches long. Prefers to wear clothing that can be easily brushed aside or sway out of the way as she moves.
Ons:Size play (prefers to be taller),
Offs:Being shrunk, being impregnated, gore, bathroom stuff
Desired TFs:None desired yet
Other:Likes to add a little of her own magic to any transformation potion she comes across, adding a shrinking aspect to it.

Name:Eleanor Stargazer
Position:Dancer, Adventurer; Brawler
Base race:High Elf
Sexuality/gender:Pansexual Hermaphrodite
Hobbies:Eating fancy pastries, sex, dancing
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Ellie's father was supposedly a beautiful hermaphroditic high elf who had spent but a single night with her mother. She was born into the Terpsichore Dance Troupe and was often partnered with her mother and the walking serpent, Rao-Ji. When her mother was sold by the Troupe Master to a fiend in the west known to collect pretty sex slaves, she learned about this too late. After pummelling her former master, she escapes along with Rao-Ji and headed out in search of her mother.

As a wandering adventurer along with her serpentine friend, she uses dance as a form of attack, her flowing form enhancing her physical prowess.  Often times they have to stop in towns to earn money to allow them to continue their journey, and there's no better earner than the Fey Fest.
Sexual details:5'10" tall with hefty D-cup breasts. Between her legs lies a 15" long, 2" thick cock with balls each the size of a chicken egg. Her clothing is typically skin tight, but improperly secured allowing for slips as she moves.
Ons:Bunny/puppy boys, shorter males, males with small cocks, impregnating others, receiving oral, giving tit-jobs
Offs:Wearing condoms, being impregnated, gore, bathroom stuff
Desired TFs:Multiple cocks, (temporarily becoming little more than a living cock and balls), fairy(?)
Other:Incredibly fertile, can impregnate another with even a drop of precum on (not even in) their pussy.

Offline bokotousamuraiTopic starter

Ooh a snake girl, very nice Ershin

Offline CeruleanSerenity

Posting tentative interest...

Normally I'm not too into futa or TF... but there can be exceptions, and I have been away from roleplaying for too long. A lighthearted sexual thing might be a good way to get back into writing. I'll guess I'll have to see how I feel, about whether I'd enjoy the RP and whether I think I can keep up with it.

Online pdragon

Thanks for the love guys, though Ershin, y u no love Bellara too?  :P

Also I like your characters, with a hearty +1 for being the first person other than myself that I've ever seen use a Menagerie character for their profile. Rao-Ji's so cute.

Offline Ershin

Thanks for the love guys, though Ershin, y u no love Bellara too?  :P

I've got no beef with her, but if I'd complimented all three I think I would have been milking it.

Offline bokotousamuraiTopic starter

Online pdragon

I've got no beef with her, but if I'd complimented all three I think I would have been milking it.

Offline Ershin

Ooh a snake girl, very nice Ershin

By the way, does this count as approval?