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October 25, 2016, 02:19:57 PM

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Author Topic: Femboy/Shemale Seeking Monster/Tentacles [Seeking Monsters/Aliens/Tentacles]  (Read 267 times)

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Offline KessariaTopic starter

Thread Introduction!

Now, if the title caught your eye that's already a good start if you read this intro and agree with the points listed below then feel free to continue reading the rest of the thread if not then  I am sorry but you likely aren't after the same things as I am and you can save yourself some time by not reading further.

What I am after overall is for someone who plays a series of sexually ravenous and creative non-human monsters, aliens and beasts who molest, fuck, suck and milk my femboy/shemale character into a sexually exhausted wreck. I'll go into details about possible settings, scenarios and even ideas for monsters further on in the thread but that last part pretty much summed up the core of this thread.

Now you might be wondering, why monsters? For a few simple reasons which will hopefully help you understand a little better. First off they can be made to have very unique and fun physical abilities and traits, tentacles, multiple tongues, aphrodisiacs etc which allows for a lot more creativity and overall enjoyment for both. Blowjobs are awesome but when you are being sucked whilst two tongues lap and massage up and down that quivering erection and torment that sensitive head, well, that's a whole other level of incredible to me.

So if the following list of points meet with your approval or you think "Yes, I think I can do that." Then by all means continue reading the thread and hopefully by the end of it you'll have some ideas of your own to throw my way. If not, then please read no further, I wouldn't want to waste your time if you aren't genuinely interested and enthusiastic about this thread:

  • You love the idea of creating and playing a veritable bestiary of monsters, aliens and beasts that love a femboy/shemale cock and generally want to fuck, suck and molest her into a stupor!
  • You love shemales, femboys, traps and crossdressers!
  • You have a heavy leaning towards performing fellatio! (It is by far the biggest thing I enjoy in a sexual sense.)
  • You generally love giving pleasure, watching anothers character's eyes roll back, their body tense up as you send them helplessly over the edge!
  • You are capable of fluent and detailed posts, ordinarily I don't ask for that but when it comes to writing the kinds of monsters and aliens etc that I am after it would be needed!
  • You love a slow build up when it comes to sexual aspects, now whilst this will be smut heavy I do want a story, motivation, reasons to keep it going and the like!
  • Your initial PM will not be the equivalent of "I play monster 4 u lulz!" Come to me with ideas, thoughts, questions, examples of monsters/aliens. Actually give me some indication you read more than the title!
  • You are in this for the long-term, I don't mind a couple of short term things if you maybe want to see if things work out but I would very much love a long-term, sexy, monster filled adventure!

If you read all those and agree with them, yay! I look forward to a nice PM from you soon! If not, thank you for taking the time to at least read this far but don't feel obliged to read further so as I don't waste too much of your time.

Some General Points (The Boring Bit!)

The following is just a list of general points such as RP methods and other such dull but none the less important information for you:

  • RP Methods: I generally prefer PM's but I am open to threads as well.
  • Posting Rate: For slower methods such as emails, I usually aim for a minimum of 2-3 posts a week where possible. IM's will vary but maybe 2-3 times a week for 2-3 hours at a time may be more may be less.
  • Posting Length: Nothing makes me so excited and motivated as a nice, detailed well thought out post sitting in my inbox whether it's some OOC points or friendly chatter or just the next step in our sexy adventure. I can average about four detailed paragraphs with ease so long as I am given something to work with, I can go a lot higher in emails/PM's. For IM's due to their more quickfire nature, 1-4 paragraphs at most.
  • RL Gender a Non-Issue: This may be an odd one but I think it's important to point out. If you love the ideas, concepts and kinks then I do not mind whether you are male, female, shemale, crossdresser, sentient plant, rogue AI, an alien or some pan-dimensional sex demon. I will love writing with you, period.
  • No Irrelevant Replies to this Thread: Whether it's a PM or a thread reply do not say "Hi I read your thread but here's mind instead." That is a big red flag to me, now if it contains similar ideas and you include it to give us more brainstorming material that's great but I get a lot of people lately who do not read my threads at all.
  • Brainstorming, Discussion, Set-Up: Communication is important, so never be afraid to ask me questions, present new ideas or new fun things, I'd rather we find out during set-up we aren't compatible than ten posts into an RP. Though I will be as thorough as possible with information in this thread to prevent that this is a long-term and multi-faceted request thread and I will inevitably miss something.
  • OOC Banter and Chatting: I don't mind this and a long-term writing partner should also be a friend so don't be afraid to go OOC, even if it's just to show me a picture of a monster you might use and given the nature of the writing. Some familiarity will of course happen naturally over time, so let's be friends, they make the best writing partners!
  • Long-Term versus Short-Term: I will provide scenario ideas for both though the long-term ideas will naturally be more general and I do understand if you prefer short-term so I will provide scenario's for that as well. I would however prefer a genuine long-term partner for this!
  • Smut to Story Ratio: Ah, that age old dilemma faced by erotic writers and role-players for short term we can go 100% hot, sweaty, cum drenched smut. For long term I prefer a healthier 60/40 or 50/50 Ratio. I do expect lengthy, detailed sex scenes but I do want some story to cement it all together.
  • Anything Not In here? Don't be afraid to ask in your initial message.

Kinks, Sexual Preferences and Other Juicy Fun Stuff!

I have an f-list set-up for this kind of roleplay but I will add some additional ones below it for other things I would love to see included and to give you more options: F-List Link

Now take these as guidelines, don't be afraid to ask questions or for clarification:
  • Receiving Fellatio: My -only- mandatory kink if you monstrous hordes don't have a taste for cock well that will put a damper on things!
  • Edging/Orgasm Control: Taking someone to the very edge of an orgasm over and over again without letting them cum to ensure when they do eventually it's a far more intense climax.
  • Multiple Orgasms/Milking: Self explanatory but often ignored, if you want to include this so much the better. <3
  • Non-Humanoid Monsters/Aliens: I am after utterly non-human encounters which I will detail further in the creatures section below. I am not averse to those kinds of encounters for the purposes of story but -this- is the main type of encounter I am after in the sexual sense.
  • Detailed Posts: How is this a kink you might ask? Nothing gives me goosebumps more than a well written detailed post describing textures, sounds, sights, smells as well as actions and reactions. Paint me a mind picture with your word brushes! ;)
  • Cock/Balls Worship: May not apply to every monster, encounter or situation but take your time with it!
  • Monster Intelligence: Everything from feral/bestial instinct driven creatures, to human style sentience and all the way up to vast and unknowable alien intelligence's!
  • Consensual, Non-Consensual and Pseudo/Dubious Consent: All three are options, consensual needs to explaining. Non-con to me would be the monster in question dragging my character off forcibly and getting what they want from her. Dubious consent would be perhaps something like an intelligent monster guards a doorway, bridge or passageway asks for a tithe. That tithe happens to be my characters cum, my character reluctantly agree's only to find the monster in question almost hideously good at extracting it from her.
  • Sweat, Dirt, Getting Messy: These things just happen on adventures also provides another layer of detail as well as potential bathing scenes!
  • Injuries as Plot Devices: I generally don't find gore or pain to be all that arousing by violence and injury are useful plot devices for any potential monster DM!
  • Human Encounters: I am open to a few of these as plot devices, quest givers or such!
  • Receiving Anal Sex: Be it a rough butt-fucking or a slow and sensual love making it's something I enjoy!
  • Rimming: This to me is almost an extension of oral sex, I'll keep it clean so don't worry!
  • Post-Orgasm Torture/Sexual Exhaustion: A penis only get's more sensitive with an orgasm so why stop at one, your monster could milk her utterly dry and then even keep going until she is dry cumming?
  • Forced Nudity: Not essential but that expensive adventuring gear could be torn from my characters body leaving them to roam a land filled with cock craving monsters could be fun!
  • Urethral Play/Living Insertions/Oviposition: A tentacle working it's way into a cock directly maybe even down to her balls or prostate to feed. Maybe something lays eggs in her balls or pushes into her in ways that leaving her begging for mercy? Laying eggs inside her is a potential plot device to provide motivation for creatures to hunt her down at all.
  • -More to Come soon!-

The Big No's

Under no circumstances ask for these things:
  • Scat, Vomit, Watersports: Just.. Yucky.. No thank you!
  • Me playing a character below 18: Sorry I no Elliquiy has rules for 16 but I don't feel comfortable with that.
  • Death, Multilation, Gore, Hard-Vore: These are all no's but I may be open to soft, non-fatal vore.
  • Transformation of my Character: I will accept minor things such as being made more sensitive, made to cum harder or more often but otherwise transformation of my character is strictly off limits.
  • Asking me to play a futa or herm character: Sorry, this does nothing for me, cock, balls and ass only (And breasts if shemale.)
My Character!

I am relatively flexible within this framework so don't be afraid to ask for some tweaks in regards to sizes, hair colours etc:
  • Gender: Shemale or Femboy.
  • Age: 17-30.
  • Hair Colour/Style.: Golden Blonde, usually in shoulder length smooth, straight locks.
  • Physical Build: Fit, Athletic, Minor Muscle tone.
  • Complexion: Pale with freckles for the femboy. Sunkissed/Lightly Tanned if Shemale.
  • Height: Between 152-175cm or 5 foot and 5 foot 5 inches.
  • Personality: Quietly confident, though prone to blushing and stammering when involved in intimacy. Usually well trained in her chosen profession but lacks experience overall.
  • Penis/Testicle Sizes: This varies somewhat depending on your preference for shemale's or femboys but usually anything between 4-8 inches with realistic sizes and proportions.
  • Pubic Hair: Trimmed or None as you prefer.
  • Profession/Occupation: Fantasy- Usually Scouts, Archers, Rangers, Explorers. Science Fiction: Explorers, Technician's, Biologists/Botanists. Modern/Other: Student, Explorer, Park Ranger.
  • Other Physical Traits: Usually fairly fit, fair amount of stamina but are otherwise always human regardless of the setting.
  • Other Sexual Traits: Incredibly sensitive penis especially around the head and the spot just below it on the underside (otherwise known as the frenulum/f-spot.) Capable of several orgasms in a row naturally without aphrodisiacs or other outside influences (Magic, technology, monster abilities.)
  • If you wish to know anything else simply ask or have preferences not listed here for my character, feel free to ask! Worst I can do is say no!

Monster, Alien and Creature Idea's!

Now, this list isn't set in stone, the most important thing to remember when approaching me initially is to provide one or two examples of the monsters you might use. I value creativity in regard to this. I'll list various overall types and some examples of each to give you an idea of what I am after, so go crazy with forms, abilities, traits, behaviours, mix and match etc:

A Note on Anthro: Whilst some of these may be included like classical examples such as Minotaur's and the like but typical anthro types are not what I am after at present. Sorry!

  • Tentacle Monsters: The almost infamous shambling mass of tentacles. Tentacles of various shapes sizes and functions, can also be of various sizes to the size of houses down to the size of an apple that just happens to find itself into an adventurers panties in her pack and makes itself known when she puts them on.
  • Slugs and Snails: Your atypical slimy, slow moving critter, easy to underestimate everything from swarms of thousands to ones the size of cows.
  • Squid and Octopi: Similar to tentacle monsters in a way, though potentially greater variety of abilities and physical traits to play with, mouths and such.
  • Giant Toads, Frogs, Lizards, Snakes and other Reptiles: The tongues alone make them a tempting and fun prospect!
  • Goo's, Slime's, Amorphous Beings: Things have have no pre-defined shape or form be it a mass of slime or latex or even just pure energy.
  • Predatory Plants: Pitcher Plants, venus fly traps or 'hungrier' variants of regular plants.
  • Worm's, Leeches, Invertebrate Insects: Plenty of options for play with these depending on their sizes but I'd say living insertions are the most likely for worms and Leeches are obvious.
  • Invisible, Non-Corporeal Beings, Ghosts, Poltergeists etc: It's hard to concentrate on what that king is saying when something you can't see starts manipulating your cock in a variety of ways. Better not cum!
  • Fungal Plants or Other Darkness Dwelling Fauna: Similar to predatory plants above only focused on plants and beings that aren't known to dwell in the sunlight.
  • Ancient Horrors, Eldritch Beings or Lovecraft Mythos Beings: If that elder god wants you to cum, good luck stopping it!
  • Mind Flayers: The scary tentacle faced beings whom inhabit many a D&D dungeon!
  • Aliens: This category is very broad as it can include almost all of the above with a sci-fi twist. Greys, most inhuman aliens from any TV Show, Movie or Video Game you can think of!
  • The Few Accepted Humanoid Monsters: Minotaurs, Trolls, Ogre's, Goblin's, Imp's, Orcs and any derivatives there of so long as you take my kinks and sexual tastes into account!
  • Have a creature idea that's not here? Present the idea I'll always listen to creative monster ideas and the worst that'll happen is I won't like it!

NSFW Visual Inspirations

Link to Faustie's Gallery

Scenario's, Theme's, Setting Idea's!

As with all other categories take this as being a set of rough idea's to give you a better inclination to what I might like rather than treating it as being set in stone. Hopefully this next section should provide some inspiration for you to come to me with some amazing and fun sounding ideas:


The following is a set of themes, moods and writing approaches I am open to for this particular request thread:

  • Darkness, Erotic Horror: Monsters slither from beneath wet rocks, drop down from ceilings or drag you off into the darkness, inflicting pleasures and horrors in equal manner. Their grotesque appearances bely a brutal and primal desire and infinite skill in the arts of pleasure. It's best not to linger in this place, lest you find yourself succumbing to an eternity as a mindless cumslave.
  • Moody: The land is draped in disconcerting darkness, rot and blight plagues the land. The sun never shines for long, and when it does it is swiftly swallowed by blankets of damned clouds. The mountains billow soot and ash, the forests and jungle reek of rot and the monsters dwell in filth, scuttling through the mud and rutting their victims into submission in shadowy caves.
  • Expressionistic, Borderline: Monsters, locations, weather and plot all revolve through a series of moods that suit the encounters. Darkness seems to creep from every bough in the forests where the spider-morphs lurk, waiting to lay their sinister eggs. While the vibrant and jubilant villages of the garishly-adorned, punk-like goblin futas are bright, almost pleasant if they weren't filled with sex-obsessed lunatics.
    When the player character is down and depressed, the world drags them deeper with mournful moors, weeping willows, wind-blasted heaths and rotting husks of trees, they explore windy ruins in rainy valleys, and the skies are bulging with the promise of rain.
    When the character achieves, escapes, prevails and succeeds, the warmth of the sun shines upon them, carefully sculpting the eaves of mysterious, long forgotten ruins. Birds chirp in the moss and flit through the ivy, the sea swells contentedly on the shore, giving the character a repreive from their predicament.
    The world reacts to the characters mood, or veers callously from one extreme to the other. A sunny summers day can become a shadow-pocked, oppressive nightmare within moments, and vice-versa.
  • These are my current main craving for writing mood, I'll add more as I think of them!


The following is a list of settings I am open to, I am not averse to established settings and I'll list a few but I do not want a pure fandom if possible:
  • High Fantasy: Things like World of Warcraft, Lord of the Rings, Dragon Age, Dungeon's and Dragon's, Warhammer fantasy all fall into this category. High magic, wizards, fantastical creatures both good and evil galore.
  • Low Fantasy: Things like Conan, Game of Thrones and the like. Lower magic, creatures are generally rare and terrifying, closer to a medieval type setting with some fantasy trimmings.
  • Science Fiction: This is too broad to really describe but things like Babylon 5, Star Trek, Star Wars, XCOM, Mass Effect, Warhammer 40k.
  • Modern/Historical with a Twist: Modern day character stumbles through a magic portal or there's an alien invasion of Earth, that kind of idea.
  • Anything else? Just ask!

Scenario Ideas (Short-Term/Scenes to Include in Long-term)

These are potential short-term ideas, story hooks to start a long-term or scenes to include in a long-term roleplay:
  • Monstrous Gloryhole: A former adventurer sets up an exotic rest-stop for adventurers heading out to the ruins of the old empire or returning with their loot. One special service he offers is a very special gloryhole with all manner of monstrous (and well trained hopefully) critters who are apparently more than willing to suck a cock. My character has just recently returned with enough money for several go's, what monstrous mouth will end up being her favourite? Can be tweaked for sci-fi or even modern with relative ease.
  • Volunteered: My character arrives in a small town as they celebrate some strange festival, not getting much information she finds herself being handed plates of food and lots of a strong alcohol. She awakes naked, shivering, roped to a crude stone pillar in front of a particularly uninviting cave when it's inhabitant emerges and has it's way with her.
  • Paying the Toll: A creature guards the only pass through the mountains, they don't want gold, gem's or money, they want cum.
  • Monster Under the Bed: It turns out, she was never imagining it after all, now it wants her and it's going to have her.
  • Alien Abduction: Fairly self explanatory way of aliens, tentacles and lots of cum being involved!
  • -More to come soon!-

Long-Term Plot Hooks, Adventure Starts and Similar!

These will be a little more vague as I expect a lot of brain-storming, set-up and idea's to go with these, so they will be small hooks to give an overall idea or such:

  • An Exploration Ship Crash Lands on a Strange Planet/Island, this I feel can work for all settings.
  • My character steps through a magic portal without realising it, this one is more aimed at Modern with a twist or maybe fantasy.
  • An epic quest to retrieve the magical plot McGuffin to save the village/city/kingdom. Generic fantasy idea but it works as a framework!
  • An adventurer is sent to defeat the big bad evil in his fortress/castle/dungeon. Another classic fantasy idea!
  • A scientist/adventurer/explorer falls through an ancient trap door and into a dark dungeon!
  • A student is sent on a dare to the huge derelict manor in the middle of an old forest, only to find it really is haunted and the creatures within are hungry, very hungry.
  • The world is invaded by aliens or monsters from another dimension and they really have a thing for cum! Works as a post apocalypse modern or even fantasy setting.

The End.. At Last!

If you managed to read the whole thing I am duly impressed it took long enough to write it and I know I missed stuff, but I'll do my best to keep this updated where possible! Thanks for reading!
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Re: Femboy/Shemale Seeking Monstrous Hordes! [Seeking Solo GM/DM!]
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Monthly Bump: No updates at present.

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UPDATE BUMP: Changed the title a bit and added several new short term scenario hooks and one long term scenario plot hook.