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Author Topic: The Sinister, the Unusual and just a hint of Vanilla [F for M or M x M]  (Read 574 times)

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I'm a little bit new to this entire making a thread thing, so please bare with the mess. Though to start things off, I'll go ahead and put this on the table:
Now I know not everyone likes to jump into a thread just to be slapped in the face with another, so I'll quickly note the gist of what my Ons and Offs aren't. Or, more specifically, I'll quickly note the things I'm currently looking for in a roleplay.

  • ANYTHING not human or from the standard catalog of human-like races: Aliens, Monsters, Robots, Specters and so forth, humanoid or not, playing as or against.
  • DARK themes revolving around fear, psychological as well as body horror, cruelty, and the high probability of a "bad end".
  • VICTIMIZATION of my characters. Abuse them!
  • Big Male paired to Small Female in the case of heterosexual pursuits. Can range from just a foot of difference to someone of Herculean stature and beyond. I'm not alone in thinking this is cute/sexy, right?
  • Dubious or Non-Consent, or Consent that is for some reason retracted.
  • Alternate Settings (talking outside the typical period of 1200s-1500s) featuring Religious Orders hunting down and persecuting heretics and forcing them to recant.
  • Twisted, unreciprocated love, stalking, kidnapping, feigning love for a monster to prolong one's survival and stockholm syndrome.
  • Long family lines mired in intrigue and too many skeletons to count, consuming their own flesh and blood.
  • Sci-Fi, Derelict Ships/Space Stations, Extradimensional visitors and Machines expressing desires beyond their once thought rigid programming.
  • The friendliness of a stranger in a time of need belying nefarious intent.
  • Medical Play and the treatment of "Female Hysteria".
  • YOUR Ideas, Plots and Suggestions!

  • Overwatch
  • Fallout
  • Warframe
  • (Essentially, if it's a video game, it interests me.)
  • More coming soon..?

I'll round things off by stating that I consider myself a fairly literate roleplayer. I stick to the third person, and will almost exclusively accept roleplays over PM. I'm pretty flexible regarding post length, but so long as you're above two paragraphs most of the time, we should have enough to get a good back and forth between characters going. I like to consider myself relatively active, capable of posting multiple times a day when I've got time off from work; but as with anyone, I am prone to "dry spells" so there may be an occasional lack of posting. I know a lot of people give a rough range of how much plot they prefer to smut, but I'm pretty loosey goosey on the whole thing. 80/20, 40/60, 50/50, it really doesn't matter to me so long as the content of the roleplay is entertaining in and of itself. My behavior, or rather, the behavior of my character(s) varies slightly depending on whether I'm roleplaying a heterosexual or homosexual relationship. For the former, I consider myself most comfortable as a bottom or switch, though I find playing dominant females versus powerful, stubborn, angry men to be immensely satisfying. I enjoy most body types, though hyper-sized breasts aren't really my "thing". With M x M, however, at least in regards to smut I remain pretty strictly in the corner of bottom -- though I've no qualms with playing varying ages, body types and personalities. Nothing quite as sexy as a man who so well-defines masculinity being the one bent over for once, right?

I may eventually list generic pairings or more "quips" as above to get the juices flowing, but for now I'll be relaying to you, dear reader. If you're at all interested, either in a vague idea I've brought up or based purely off kinks, let me know. Shoot me a PM and let me know what you're looking for and I'll do my very best to create a skeleton for us to build on. Or, if you've got a plot of your own, don't hesitate to send it my way -- though I may be prone to adding onto it or recommending changes. ;p

Post done! I might soon reserve space for "inspirational" images, gifs and webms. So watch out.  ;)
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Re: The Sinister, the Unusual and just a hint of Vanilla [F for M or M x M]
« Reply #1 on: August 03, 2016, 08:54:49 PM »

Look into any fantasy epic, and you'll find a very different take on the arcane arts. Unfortunately, at least for anyone bearing the gift, in this particular world, magic is seen unfavorably. A few hundred years of blood rituals, wanton murder and experimentation and even a century under the thumb of a mad wizard will undoubtedly have that effect on a population -- but for a simple girl who one day finds sparks at her fingertips? Well, what is she to do? In a world where she is likely to be tied and burned at the stake for her 'gift', the answer is simple: she must find a coven, a group of women cursed just the same as her, who can help to mold and conceal her abilities. Sure, she'll be bound as a sister to the coven for all of her life, bound to the whims of the magical collective, but it's a much more savory option than death or torture at the hand of religious zealots. A was one such unfortunate soul, a simple girl from a simple town with an equally simple, if not rigorous religious upbringing. It was noted early that the curse of magic had a preference for young women, and so, as all within her homestead were, it was drilled into her pretty head that magic was an affliction bestowed upon little girls who did not do their chores and pray before bed every night.

Not terribly keen on meeting the Headsman's Axe for something she had quickly realized had been out of her control from the very start, A does everything she can to find someone to guide her towards a future that doesn't see her tied to a pyre.

PATH 1 or The Way of Light-Hearted Smut and Adventure!: A is driven from home, either from fear of what her discovery will do to her parents, or in light of a terrible 'coming out'. With the church's enforcers at her heels, the girl dives into the forests and wilderness, ill-equipped to fend off the many horrors within. Her clumsy, untrained use of magic keeps her alive, but she's having a terrible time of it.. that is, until she meets B. Not only a hermit, but a magic-wielding man -- either one of the rare men born with the gift among human-kind, or one of the 'wilder' races, pushed to the fringe of obscurity by the expansion of mankind. Their meeting can go any number of ways; he could save her, or, in truly Goldilocks fashion, she happens upon his abode, assuming it abandoned for its 'quaintness' before setting up for the night, only to receive a rather rude awakening. Regardless, once the introductions are made, she grovels at his feet, pleading for his aid in training her abilities as he may be her only means of doing so without pledging her soul to a coven.

PATH 2 or The way of Suffrage and Lost Souls!: A remains at home, finding solace in another village girl, who like her has also been afflicted by 'the curse'. Though both are devoted to the church, however, A finds her friend to be near inconsolable for her curse. No matter the number of assurances she gives, the girl assures her that the magic running through her body is a punishment from God, and it takes all A has to convince her not to turn herself in. Yet word gets around, as it often does in small villages -- but thankfully, to the right sort -- and suddenly A finds herself being beckoned by a representative of a coven. She is offered an apprenticeship, to prove herself worthy, as well as an asset. As A's abilities grow and her natural talents blossom, the coven tentatively reveals the secret of their illusiveness: keystones. The women do not simply meet up in any one place. Instead, they craft magical keys, opening portals to pre-ordained locations, when a meeting in the flesh is required. A's task? To create a keystone of her very own! Abound with excitement, she shares this news with her friend, who fails to share the same enthusiasm. Though the girl has been contented to learn how to hide her curse, she is less than thrilled to hear of A's commitment to such a group -- and so, as A forges her keystone, a mere breath away from full induction into the coven at last, a knock comes at her family's door.

And she is summarily dragged off by religious enforcers.

Betrayed by one who she considered her friend, the girl is dragged off for interrogation. Catching a witch alive is rare, and in order to root out the coven, they'll need her alive, and willing, to open the way with a keystone. She endures torture, and threats against not only herself and her family, wasting away her days suffering at the hands of her captors and her nights locked within an oubliette, her only solace a low, gravely voice that seeps in like cold water from above. It calls to her, cloying, sickeningly sweet, promising her a release from her agony. She is certain it must be death itself come to claim her. Though A is strong of heart, her body is weak, and eventually she calls out to the phantom which has both plagued her and acted as her sole companion.

"What is your price for freedom?"

"Your soul."

(Very open to interpretation. 'The voice; could be a demon, or a phantom, or something else entirely.)

[Fantasy, Human x Something Else, Magic, Anything from light-hearted fun to dark and gritty.]

Blood Bonds
The future of our world is not a kind place. Pollution and war have effected not only the environment, but the human gene. Within two generations, the lifespan of a human organ has plummeted. Everyone is scrambling to find a solution to organ failure on catastrophic levels, and eventually, corporations are pushing out cheap synthetic organs that get the job done, but yet suffer the same pitfalls of the real thing. Two young geneticists, a couple, make outlandish promises. They can undo the ravages of war and pollution -- they can fix the human genome! Financiers fall over themselves to fund the project, not knowing the two are using their own bodies for their work. Not only their bodies, but the bodies of their future children. The first child born, A, displays the ability to regenerate not only the natural degradation within his internal organs, but damage from outside sources. However, his healing rate is too slow, a far cry from the lofty promises that they'd made to their increasingly impatient sponsors. Not only that, but the boy displays troubling personality traits, and they worry for their safety in his presence. The final straw comes as their second child, B, now toddler-aged, emerges as a regenerator, but with a rate of healing superior in all ways to their big brother. When the older boy, jealous for what he perceives as love and attention being stolen from him, injures his young sibling during a fit, the decision is made to get rid of him. The pair never had children out of love, anyways; and so they send the boy off, promising him to an impatient financier, not knowing what will be done to him. B is raised for a short while with the excuse that their brother has been sent off to boarding school for his transgression, gradually forgetting all the issues inherit to their sibling's troubled mind.

Trouble occurs when corporate sponsors have had enough of waiting, and the two geneticists suddenly turn up dead. The killings are ruled a random act of violence; and though their research is scoured, no one can quite replicate their results. The names of their children fall from notoriety, B becoming a ward of the state, knowing not to flaunt their ability to heal any wound. A, meanwhile, has flourished under the guidance of an organ trafficker, a man who buys humans wholesale for cheap and resells them by the piece. A inherits the business, using his own abilities to improve his stock. The issue is, he was never a very quick healer, but he knows someone who is.

B, coming of age and eager to rekindle something familiar after spending so many years with no one, makes the mistake of contacting their brother. Under the guise of a quiet family dinner, the two reunite, A offering to bring wine, even though B is still too young to legally partake. Not wanting to disappoint their entrepreneurial brother, however, B partakes, suddenly feeling a lot less lucid after minutes of sipping at their drink. Thinking the fumes of their freshly painted apartment are to blame, B stands to pull the windows open, mind spinning as they suddenly collapse, mind receding under a blanket of darkness. A, forever the black sheep of the family, forever the perfect one, now has the opportunity to make himself complete. What could be the harm in consuming his own flesh and blood to make himself whole?

(Looking to play B here, this one can also go a lot of different ways.)

[Brother x Sister/Brother, Kidnapping, Twisted Love, Blood 'n Gore, Breeding/Pregnancy?]

After the modern world crumbled under the weight of human want of destruction, the tatters of society came together to try to rebuild, following the example of societies past. With limited resources and danger in spades, towns rise on unsteady legs. Civilization returns slowly, but resembling the old American West. Each settlement very much has its own law, and you're bound to lose your life on the whim of another. Only the strong truly thrive, exploiting the weak to etch out a living in the harsh new world. Among the week are those who did not make it through the fall of the old world unscathed. Mutated, seen as below humans and unfit for rebuilding mankind. Some are wild, living outside of the rest of humanity as feral men. Others are no different from humans on a cognitive level, but they are widely reviled, looked down upon as simple working stock or burdens of the townsfolk, living on the street or on the borders of civilization. Many are quite strong, and so they are used for manual labor, even rewarded as prized workers with others of their kind to do with what they please. Your role in life, even as one of these mutants, is very much at the whim of the rest of mankind, but you're far from relegated to a life of misery.

(This is more a setting then anything, and I'm open to playing Mutant x Mutant or Mutant x Human as either role. The physical attributes of the mutants can be anything, from something akin to fantasy races such as elves, to creatures a little more exotic.)

[Pairing and kinks are open, more of a setting than a concrete plot, Master x Slave?]

Doctor, Doctor, Give Me the News
She was young when she ran away from home, though the reason why has always been a closely guarded secret. Living on the streets, though, it has a way of tempering, wisening you. She learned quick to hide away her features, knowing the inherit dangers to being a beauty without any form of protection. She's also not completely hapless -- not a user herself, she's fallen in with a bad crowd, pushing drugs for a local dealer to keep her belly filled on those cold, urban nights. But one day, she makes a mistake. Two, in fact. First, when a customer decides to try and drive a knife into her guts and she fails in dodging; and then again when she wanders, dizzy from blood loss into one of the local clinics. Now, vagrants, the homeless, and even dealers who played things a little too loose with the more volatile crowd were nothing new, but she had made the mistake of getting shanked while he was there.

A man of affluence and education, and a beacon of the community, so far as anyone else has ever been concerned; but he harbors a dark secret. He treats her, and over the next few weeks, she returns at his urging, exposing a vulnerability she had long since lost. The feelings she felt, at least from her end, were not romantic. He'd simply been a strong fatherly figure whom she could turn to for advice.

But the necessities of survival are not always so kind.

One night, she finds his car, and it's unlocked. Having been denied a hot meal in at least two days due to shortness of supplies, she's tempted by the bags in the back. Certainly he's got to have something -- prescription slips, medication, anything she can use to her advantage. And so she breaks in, a little guilted, but knowing that ultimately, such things wouldn't bother him over much.

Unexpectedly, though, the good doctor returns; and though he critiques her, demands her to make something more of her life, he offers her a hot meal and a night's rest at a motel. Unable to resist, not with her belly aching so terribly, she agrees. She's put up in a room in his name, thinking nothing of it when he asks her to wait outside. For a while, he leaves her alone in her room. She thinks nothing of it when he returns with groceries to prepare her dinner. Likewise, she thinks nothing of it when her drink tastes a little 'off'.

Not until she wakes up in a white-walled room, strapped to a bed, the good doctor cutting away at her clothes, professing his love of her, of her beauty, but critiquing how her personality could be so much... better.

(Basically just a crazy guy dragging a street urchin off in order to groom her into being a perfect wife. Of course, he'll have to give her a thorough washing, and let her hair grow out to get rid of the messy dye job; but those are superficial, easy fixes. A bit of light punishment, of pleasure, of teaching her to love him and it'll all work out, right?)

[Doctor x Street Urchin, Medical Play, Stockholm Syndrome, Punishment and Reward, Possibility for Extreme Themes, depending on taste.]
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Re: The Sinister, the Unusual and just a hint of Vanilla [F for M or M x M]
« Reply #2 on: October 13, 2016, 08:25:22 AM »
Been gone a while, haven't I? Anyways, removed one plot, added another with two "branches" to satisfy vastly different preferences.. hopefully.