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June 22, 2018, 08:27:11 AM

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Author Topic: The Sinister, the Unusual and just a hint of Vanilla [MxF, MxM]  (Read 2470 times)

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Holy crap! I'm back! And to kick things off I'd just like to throw a quick message out to the roleplayers I might have suddenly disappeared on: I'm sorry, I've hit some snags! Had some difficulty maintaining posts. I'm getting back into it, but for now, I feel most assured/drawn to M//.

To quietly move on, here are my:
Now I know not everyone likes to jump into a thread just to be slapped in the face with another, so I'll quickly note the gist of what my Ons and Offs aren't. Or, more specifically, I'll quickly note the things I'm currently looking for in a roleplay.

  • ANYTHING not human or from the standard catalog of human-like races: Aliens, Monsters, Robots, Specters and so forth, humanoid or not, playing as or against.
  • DARK themes revolving around fear, psychological as well as body horror, cruelty, and the high probability of a "bad end".
  • EXTREME ELEMENTS, such as body horror, amputation, gore (sexual and non-sexual) as well as snuff.
  • VICTIMIZATION of my characters. Abuse them!
  • BIG MALE/SMALL FEMALE Can range from just a foot of difference to someone of Herculean stature and beyond.
  • DUBIOUS OR NON-CONSENT, or Consent that is for some reason retracted.
  • Alternate Settings (talking outside the typical period of 1200s-1500s) featuring RELIGIOUS ORDERS HUNTING DOWN AND PERSECUTING HERETICS and forcing them to recant.
  • TWISTED, UNRECIPROCATED LOVE, stalking, kidnapping, feigning love for a monster to prolong one's survival and stockholm syndrome.
  • SCI-FI, DERELICT SHIPS/SPACE STATIONS, EXTRADIMENSIONAL VISITORS AND MACHINES expressing desires beyond their once thought rigid programming.
  • The friendliness of a stranger in a time of need belying NEFARIOUS INTENT.
  • YOUR Ideas, Plots and Suggestions!

  • Prey (2017)
  • Fallout
  • Warframe
  • (Essentially, if it's a video game, it interests me.)
  • More coming soon..?

I'll round things off by stating that I consider myself a fairly literate roleplayer. I stick to the third person, and will almost exclusively accept roleplays over PM. I'm pretty flexible regarding post length, but so long as you're above two paragraphs most of the time, we should have enough to get a good back and forth between characters going. I like to consider myself relatively active, capable of posting multiple times a day when I've got time off from work; but as with anyone, I am prone to "dry spells" so there may be an occasional lack of posting. I know a lot of people give a rough range of how much plot they prefer to smut, but I'm pretty loosey goosey on the whole thing. 80/20, 40/60, 50/50, it really doesn't matter to me so long as the content of the roleplay is entertaining in and of itself. Right now, I'm looking to catch, rather than pitch. Everything else is pretty much a free for all, however; so if you like sociopathic over saccharine, I'm your gal. I'm likewise rather flexible in regards to body types and ages, so if you prefer scrawny to muscular or old to young, I can typically oblige.

I may eventually list generic pairings or more "quips" as above to get the juices flowing, but for now I'll be relaying to you, dear reader. If you're at all interested, either in a vague idea I've brought up or based purely off kinks, let me know. Shoot me a PM and let me know what you're looking for and I'll do my very best to create a skeleton for us to build on. Or, if you've got a plot of your own, don't hesitate to send it my way -- though I may be prone to adding onto it or recommending changes. ;p

Post done! I might soon reserve space for "inspirational" images, gifs and webms. So watch out.  ;)
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Re: The Sinister, the Unusual and just a hint of Vanilla [F for M or M x M]
« Reply #1 on: August 03, 2016, 08:54:49 PM »

A teenager is raising all sorts of hell back at home: drinking, partying, stealing cash and staying out at all kinds of ungodly hours. It's all becoming a bit much for their parents, who decide to ship the kid off to stay with their uncle for a while. Why the uncle? Well, beyond being a single guy in rural America with his own ranch to hopefully instill their child with some much needed values, the Uncle is a strict, no-nonsense sort of guy. The two immediately clash, with things taking a turn when the uncle realizes his niece/nephew is a secret masochist.

(Spoiled teenager x Uncle, including varying degrees of S&M and training, possibly incest and dub-con.)

When the world went to pieces, his parents bundled him up and brought him down to the tunnels beneath their city. Every way to the outside world was sealed, access granted to only an elite few. All except for one, the mythic subway standing long abandoned with direct access to a presumably abandoned factory up above. Claimed by Wanderlust, a young man has spent the years of darkness and sustaining himself on shrooms and spoiled provisions seeking it out -- and now, he's found it. He gets through the massive door after bringing the power back on, putting all his faith in the breakers that have stood abandoned since the day humanity fled into the tunnels and shut them off for good. Yet decrepit wiring isn't where he meets his downfall; because contrary to legend, the factory is anything but abandoned. In fact, it's machinery has been retrofitted to suit the needs of survival, and there are rooms stocked with food. He's overjoyed and curious over these developments, not yet realizing that his escape has automatically closed back up and there's someone watching him from the safety of a locked room, waiting for his guard to be down.

[Wasteland Survivor x Wasteland Survivor, Non-Con and just about whatever else we feel like throwing in.]

Kids often have the worst ideas and she's no exception. Well, it wasn't really her idea, but a friend's: the important thing is that he's the only one who'd had the balls to carry through with it. They both needed money, and the guy down the road was loaded. More important, though, was the fact he was almost never around. So they watched, and waited, and made their move when they thought he was gone.. except his friend backed out last second with an excuse. The window was already broken, though, so why not go ahead with the plan? There'd be time for regret later, when it turned out the master of the home hadn't left at all -- or had simply returned early -- and that his frequent forays outside of his house weren't for the sake of a job but something far more sinister. Now he's got her, and he's going to make sure this little home invader learns that he's not the sort of person to be fucked with.

[Home Invader x Homeowner, potential for the Homeowner to be some sort of twisted individual in his own league, Non-Con and/or Blackmail, restraints or caging/imprisonment.]

The nights of his childhood were often spent cowering atop the collapsed mattress he called a bed, wondering if it'd be hunger or the slug his old man had given him he'd dream about. Yet these experiences taught him something -- the world is cut throat, and there's no such thing as shame or pride in matters of survival. He always leaned towards feminine, always bordered on stick and bones. It was out of desperation he scraped up a skirt and a coat to conceal the fact he was entirely flat; though he'd learn with time even that wasn't much of a deterrent towards the interests of perverted old men. The first time was hard. He'd almost given in, the knife tucked into his waistband a heavy weight to bear. But with the alternative being exposure, he found his courage and attacked. Each subsequent trap was easier than the last. He was gaining courage, as well as a reputation. Trick someone into bringing you up to a room, then pull out a knife and a phone. Extort them afterwards with the pictures and truth of the fact they'd been chasing prostitutes. He could ruin entire lives. At times, he had. It was really only a matter of time before someone had had enough.

[Thug posing as a prostitute x A John who isn't intimidated, a serial killer/rapist who's been targeting the local whores, or someone hired on by a former victim.]

From the very beginning, her big brother and his friends made no secret of the fact they weren't exactly thrilled in being forced to drag her along on their road trip; but mom wouldn't have given him the family van, otherwise. A week into their journey, however, the college co-eds have had enough of her snobby behavior and inability to stomach their raunchy exploits: so they hatch a plan. Happening upon a deserted town, they stop for the night and hastily concoct a ghost story, as well as a dare -- venture into one of the buildings with only a flashlight and her underwear to prove her bravery. She caves into peer pressure, traveling into the dark halls with an electric torch hugged to her chest. She doesn't even hear when the van peels out, promising a night of liberation for the pent-up co-eds. So who, or what, lies in wait?

(Ditched Teen x Stranger, or anything else. Very open as far as what is incorporated in this story.)

In a Post-Modern or Futuristic world, the expectations of human behavior have changed dramatically, to the point where mankind has gone full circle, labeling something that isn't socially acceptable as "hysteria." Everything that is unique is systematically stamped out in government-funded facilities; or so they claim. If you're diagnosed with hysteria, the world at large begins to see you as less than human. Fitting with that mindset, your rights are stripped and you are made to endure cruel experiments and horrendous abuse, all in the name of making you "acceptable." There's a secret behind the walls of these places, however. Secrets very much in-line with the fact that the upper echelon of mankind are not as impervious to their baser desires as they seem.

[As you might have guessed from the above plot blurb, I'm seeking out a medically-themed roleplay based around the long-extinct medical diagnosis of "female hysteria." In our near future, Hysteria has become a way of branding troublemaker's or people who just don't "fit in." Being marked as a hysteric is sure to have you whisked off to a place where the hope is that you'll one day emerge as a more acceptable, sane version of yourself, when in fact they're nothing but brainwashing factories for turning young men and women, boys and girls, into happy slaves for their overlords -- or anyone lucky or rich enough to rent them out.  I'm looking to play through the progress of one unfortunate soul through the program. Who they are is up for debate. They could be someone who objected to the system, a journalist who got the diagnosis on purpose to blow the lid off the entire operation, or a young soul who caught the eye of the wrong person (maybe even a family member who wanted greater control). Looking for doctors, nurses, or other staff to subject our poor hero(ine) to all kinds of medical madness!]

She was born to a long line of accomplished demon-slayers, the elven blood in their veins ensuring potent white magic necessary to fulfill their holy purpose. Unfortunately, she's what's known as a "weak blood." The gift of magic isn't very strong within her -- to the point where her clan forbid her from partaking of their sacred art. "For her own safety," they'd said. Her reaction was as natural as an overabundance of pride was for her species: she set off to prove herself; and wouldn't you know it, she found demonic taint quite quickly..

This demon wears the guise of a mayor, governor, or king, and in her eagerness, she faces him directly. Sensing her weakness, he hardly sees her as a threat -- her desperate attempts to expunge him are cute on the best of days, and only mildly annoying at their worst. Thing is, the subtle evils he must weave require concentration, and that's awful hard with a knife-eared little firebrand trotting around, swearing she'll kill you. He's not all that bad; he just wants to make his congregation a little more.. "free-willed." So he invites the little minx to a party to discuss settling things for good, except she doesn't show up til well after the festivities have died down, when he's settling back in his study for a bit of relaxation. She means to attack him, but he offers her a deal instead.

His compliance, his "giving up his evil plotting," for one thing: her ass. When he shows amusement at her becoming flustered, she calls his bluff -- and to her surprise, as well as horror, our heroine finds that he was being completely serious, and he intends to collect post-haste.

[A somewhat comedic tale of a hot headed "warrior of good," versus a charming, if not fair/laid back demon. Also, we're not hard-locked to our heroine being, well.. a heroine. Sexes can easily be swapped about.]

She always had a sort of.. unique gift. Seeing the dead. Talking to the dead. It wasn't like fetid corpses were up and about, but she could glimpse into the souls that weren't quite ready to leave this Earthly coil. An inconvenience or a distraction, sure, but she'd always managed it well -- until the family moved into a new house, and well.. There he was. A ghost. She'd lived with ghosts before, but this one was strange. Gross. If she was doing yoga in the living room? He'd crop up behind and bust a load on her ass. If she was taking a shower? He'd sit in the water with her, attempting to slide his cock through her tits or thighs. She'd take a sip of her drink and realize his ecto-jizz was in it. Honestly, she'd had enough! One night as he jerks off in front of her, she can't take it any longer. She yells outright that she can see him and that she's sick of it! He should be ashamed, but.. It's so much hotter knowing someone's been watching all the filthy shit you've been doing.


  • The job was simple.. an assassination. The reason wasn't too important. Whether they were enemies or it was simply for the satisfaction of a fat deposit in their account, a job was a job. Except things don't go to plan, and now the would be killer finds themselves in the hands of someone, or something, that should have killed them.. but didn't.
  • She's an addict -- an addict who's run out of money. Time was, at least when she was younger, that she could just bang her dealer or one of his friends and get something to hold her over; but now he's bored. Good thing she's got a son/daughter, and mom's not above stooping pretty low to get her fix.
  • A reform school out in the country doesn't sound so bad --- too bad it's a front for a faculty willing to break and remold young men and women into whatever their guardians wish. A troublemaking girl sent by an uncle who wishes to control the vast fortune left in her name, perhaps, or something else entirely.
  • He should have killed her.. She's a vampire, and he a hunter, for God's sake! Except he's more or less responsible for her becoming as vampire, rather than just a corpse, and she hasn't technically done anything wrong yet. So maybe he can tame her? Train her to drink nobody's blood but his? It can't be that hard, right?
  • This place couldn't *really* be haunted. Obviously, it was some stupid story to make her concede to her brother and the bullies he called friends--but she wasn't falling for it. All she had to do was go inside and spend the night. Easy enough, right? Except there is indeed something else there, and it's fixation with her ass, as well as the long-denied slut within her, keeps her coming back.
  • She's a vampire. Feasting on blood is simply by nature. The source doesn't really matter. The bigger the beast, the less likely they are to really pay her any mind. Blood bats are successful for a reason, right? And crawling into the lap of something nobody else would dare approach to give him a little love-nip is a whole lot easier than having to go to the trouble of seducing someone. Unfortunately for her, this time, she's too eager. She should have waited til he was completely asleep, or at the very least really let her saliva take effect before biting down; but even for a vampire, there's no getting away once such a powerful guy's got his arms wrapped around you! Alternatively, our little vampire thinks providence on her side when she discovers a hermitage out in the wilderness. She sees an easy victim, not realizing the poor soul has chosen isolation for a reason.
  • She's wound up in a death camp, and in getting there has been ripped away from her parents. A nazi officer promises to make sure they are safe and eventually reunited so long as she plays along with his cruel, perverse, and often times bizarre whims.

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Re: The Sinister, the Unusual and just a hint of Vanilla [F for M or M x M]
« Reply #2 on: October 13, 2016, 08:25:22 AM »
Been gone a while, haven't I? Anyways, removed one plot, added another with two "branches" to satisfy vastly different preferences.. hopefully.

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It's been a while and it seems it's time to change the sheets and dust things off. Marri is once again open for business.

Though my thread seems in dire need of sprucing.
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Added some plots, and quips. Now time to sleep and catch up on posts in the morning.

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A whopping two weeks!

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Re: The Sinister, the Unusual and just a hint of Vanilla [F for M or M x M]
« Reply #6 on: August 22, 2017, 11:51:51 PM »
Time to write a post or two. In the meantime..

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Re: The Sinister, the Unusual and just a hint of Vanilla [FxM, MxM]
« Reply #7 on: September 25, 2017, 04:19:20 AM »
Early morning bump. I actually remembered to wait a month this time. Changed a few things, added a few quips, and still been much too lazy to think up any new plots.

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Re: The Sinister, the Unusual and just a hint of Vanilla [MxM]
« Reply #8 on: November 23, 2017, 05:21:55 AM »
I really need some new plots.. Anyways, searching from a new angle.

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Re: The Sinister, the Unusual and just a hint of Vanilla [MxF, MxM]
« Reply #9 on: December 26, 2017, 04:22:56 AM »
Minor modifications, but not much else.

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Re: The Sinister, the Unusual and just a hint of Vanilla [MxF, MxM]
« Reply #10 on: February 13, 2018, 10:40:22 PM »
Has it really been so long?

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Re: The Sinister, the Unusual and just a hint of Vanilla [MxF, MxM]
« Reply #11 on: April 14, 2018, 06:34:03 AM »
Ehh.. "new"-ish quips.

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Re: The Sinister, the Unusual and just a hint of Vanilla [MxF, MxM]
« Reply #12 on: May 27, 2018, 11:23:51 PM »
Slowly trying to come back from a hiatus.