Listen to Your Heart (seeking male. for soul mate rp)

Started by CandyCane, July 19, 2016, 05:51:50 PM

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The ocean waves crash on the rocks below. Another sleepless night for her. That voice coming to echoes in her head. Calling to her, calling to her heart, soul. His voice crashes on her like the waves of the ocean upon the rocks. Closing her eyes, letting his voice wash over her. Soaking into her soul. Winding whipping her hair around her soft face, whispering, “Come for me…” Her soul ached for his him. Knowing that his voice, was the one that she was suppose to be with. But there was something that ripped them apart from each other. Before they can come together with one another. His voice became faint, being pulled away from her. Fear curled through her body, no she couldn’t lose his voice not now. He was closer then he had been in months. Running to the edge of the cliff, screaming out, “No! No! Don’t leave...again!” Tears pricked her eyes, filling her eyes, spilling out and onto her cheeks. Falling to her knees, digging into the grass that swayed all around her. Her voice broken, “” Her voice floating on the breeze.

I was listening to the above song. And a soul mate rp hit me. I want it be where they almost come together, but then they are ripped apart from one another. It will be were their souls are reborn each time. But some force either kills one of them, then the other can't live without the other. And they two are reborn. To start things all over again. Will they ever be together again? This will open so much of different people that we can play. As we go through all the different times and places. It can be any setting, any time or any place. It will have it dark moments. But also the light moments.

If you would like to do this with me. Please pm me and we can start working out the details. If you don't like my idea and the song brings another idea to you. Please tell me I would love to hear it! I look forward to hearing from all of you.