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September 28, 2022, 12:50:53 am

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Author Topic: New 1x1 Search Thread  (Read 1083 times)

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New 1x1 Search Thread
« on: July 18, 2016, 12:36:13 pm »
Hello, my name is TheSaneOne, and I have been a member of Elliquiy for a couple of years now. First off, I would like to tell you a bit about myself in hopes to actually make a strong connection with you. I have been roleplaying on and off for the past 10 or so years. I am not saying that I am the greatest, but I am skilled enough to keep your interests in whatever role play we happen to do.

For the most part, I generally play male characters due to the fact that because I am male myself, I feel as if I can achieve the emotions and actions correctly. I will play side characters when necessary, but I tend to stick to my main character interacting with your character. I have been known to play villains when the time arose, so do not think that I won't play another character to keep the plot moving.

I generally prefer Plot based Roleplays vs Smut based roleplays, but I can and will do both.

If you look at my Main On and Off Page, which can be found Here, you can find that I am a Dominant Personality.

I will do...
D/S situations
Plot Driven Stories
Smut Driven Stories
Dominance Battles
Among Others.

I will not do...
Extreme Gore
Bathroom play
Golden Showers

Roleplay pairings that I want so see...

Master x Slave
Father x Daughter/Step Daughter
Brother x Sister/Step Sister
Demon Hunter x Demon
Angel x Demon
Angel x Human
Vampire x Human
Master (Human) x Vampire Slave
Teacher x Student
Professor x College Student

And more when I have thought of them. I will be interested in hearing your own pairings if you have them, as I am down for most pairings.

Now for some plots that I have thought of--


Your Character would be the Winged Human in the Picture and mine would be a normal human that you run across. Initially YC thinks my character is just a stupid human. However for some reason they keep meeting up all over the country. She still thinks he's normal and stupid, but he soon starts growing on her. This is just a basic plot outline, but I am willing to improve on it

The Book of Fantasy
There was once a book that held great powers. Within it's pages were that of another world completely. The Book of Fantasy was what the Ancients called it, and it had been lost for neigh on a millennia. It had been cleverly hidden within a Library, and one day someone literally stumbled upon it. Checking the book out from the Library MC just thought it was a normal fantasy book with a normal drab title.

Opening up the book, MC finds himself within a whole new world. He must find the Book again in this world in order to get home. Inside of the book, he gains powers inside from the realm. We can discuss if your character is inside of the realm, or happens to find the book inside of the Human world. That's as much as I've been able to think of, so we can brainstrom if you do this plot.

Into the Painting
There was a painting tucked away within an forgotten attic. If you looked at it, it would shimmer with a slight gleam only if for a second. Whenever someone noticed the shimmer and investigated the painting, they would find nothing amiss. Even touching the regally painted hills did nothing but leave the feeling of the oil pastels against your skin. The Grandfather who owned the house passed on, and left his House and all of his belongings to his Daughter or Son. The Son or Daughter moves into the bigger house and takes their children with them.

Exploring the attic, a Brother/Step Brother and Sister/Step Sister notice the painting, but this time, the painting is shimmering with light. Almost as if it was a portal to another world. Intrigued by this Painting, the Teenagers, One slightly older than the other decide to throw something at the light. When it disappears, they are both shocked. Soon, a plan is formed and they go into the painting.

The world inside is nothing like the painting however, as soon as they stepped inside, they found themselves within a Slave market. It will go from there. The plot I have in mind would be a D/s Or M/s plot.

Looking into a mirror, you can see yourself, just like normal. Your whole entire world has been normal, nothing exciting ever happens to you. When you are about to turn away from the mirror, you see something that wasn't there before. Turning back around, you look into the mirror, but you don't see anything different. Shrugging your shoulders, you turn and walk away.

The next time you visit the mirror, you do your business as usual when it comes to the mirror, but you feel as if something is definitely off. There is something in the mirror, but when you look behind you, the object isn't there. Facing the mirror once more, you see something that you are sure as hell didn't expect. In the mirror, you see another person. Watching the person beckon to you, they suddenly reach out and pull you into the mirror.

That's a basic outline for the plot. For what I have in my head, my character would pull the other character into the mirror, and he would make her his Slave or something.

The City of in the Trees

This is only an idea in my head. It would feature the more magical races, such as Dwarves, Elves, Humans( to an extent) etc. This would be a one x one or a group roleplay depending on the interest. Here goes--

Standing in the Great Forest of the Elves, [Blank] looked up into the leafy green wilderness that the city was made up of. The trees had been shaped and carved to fit the daily needs of the great Fair Folk. Every once in a while, snippets of conversation in the ancient language of the elves could be heard through the rustling of the trees talking to each other. Feeling a light wind pick up, he/she pulled their cloak tighter against their thin form. On he/she's back was a strong bow and quiver full of enchanted arrows, they stride up to an elf and...

That's as far as I've got right now. Anyone care to help me out. This can a Light story, or it can include some darker elements.

Heaven's Lost Property -- Not related to the Manga Series/Anime Series.
An angel comes or is sent down from Heaven, and mets up with a Human Boy/Girl. They become their guardian angel, and eventually, falls in love with the Human. After the other Angels learn of this, [it] is called back up to heaven and punishments insure. When they are sent back down from heaven, it's like they're brainwashed or being controlled somehow. He/She acts coldly to it's charge, and somehow gets the Human hurt.

As of right now, most plots can be mixed with each other. For instance: M/s with Father x Daughter, Brother x Sister, etc