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Author Topic: Virus (F/F extreme headfuck, "pupeteering")  (Read 530 times)

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Virus (F/F extreme headfuck, "pupeteering")
« on: July 17, 2016, 08:36:20 AM »

Content: F/F Non-Con Extreme, Headfuck!

Towards the end of the 20th Century, Science Fiction Author William Gibson created the concept of Cyberpunk. One of the main ingredients of the genre is the cranial Implant Chip - A microprocessor chip that is inserted into a person's head and connected directly to their brain. This chip has a number of purposes: firstly it allows massive amounts of data to be stored in the brain and accessed instantly - this was the premise in the story Jonny Mnemonic. Secondly, it can allow direct access to computer systems - most usually in older sci-fi via a jack that plugs into the person's head, often behind the ear or at the back of the neck. Then in more recent sci-fi, with the rise of the mobile phone and wireless internet in real life, the implant chip replaces the mobile phone, giving instant speed-of-thought access to the internet.

But this is just Science Fiction....

... Or Is It?

In 2014, a quadriplegic woman was given brain surgery to attach a microprocessor chip to her brain, which allows her to control a robotic arm using her thoughts alone.

This is the first step. Just as with the sliding doors on the original Star Trek, so fiction is becomming fact....

Skip forwards fifteen years.

It is 2030. Medical Implants have been in use for some years now, and are giving the handicapped, victims of war and accidents miraculous new leases on life, giving them back mobility and freedom. The chips have become smaller and less obvious. No longer do you have a massive black box on your head and a sheaf of cables running to your artificial legs. A few years ago they started using a simple flat plastic plate that was moulded to the scull, and was linked to the prosthesis by blue-tooth.

And now, it seems, not even that is necessary.

Pioneering Biotechnology Company LifeChip is preparing to launch the next generation of Cranial Implant Chips. And these will not just be available for medical use, they will not only be available to the military (although the military contract funded a good portion of the research), they will be available to the general public!

This is CyberPunk become real! LifeChip anticipates a significant take-up. Of course the implant surgery isn't cheap, but again, the company is anticipating that, as it becomes more routine and more surgeons are trained in it, the cost will come down. The chips themselves are desiged so that they establish their own neural connections once inserted into the brain. And they do everything one would expect - they give instant, speed-of-thought access to the sort of processing power that a mere 50 years ago was only available in a computer the size of a tennis court! Plus, you have instant wireless access to the internet and mobile phone functions.

Of course there are the sceptics,the critics, the doom-sayers, the religious nut-cases, but in general this is seen as the next big step forward, ushering in a bright new dawn for humanity.

Character A: Character A is one of the programmers at LifeChip. And she is one of the volunteer test subjects. She has one of the brand new experimental implant chips in her head. It's been there for a week now and the surgeon has said she is allowed to start using it... So she is playing with it, seeing what it can do.

She has totally forgotten about an incident a few months back where her diligence resulted in a colleague getting caught misusing company resources and being fired.

Character B: Character B Was a programmer at LifeChip, until one of her do-gooder colleagues  got her fired, because she was making waves. B was always sceptical about the project, not because she felt it was wrong, but because she felt it was vulnerable. Everyone dismissed her concerns, when she raised them. Everyone said it was impossible, that it couldn't be done. And so she set out to prove them wrong, and then that goody-two-shoes A had to go and report her for running her own projects on company time, and she was fired.

Well, she wasn't going to let them get away with it. She would prove herself right and get her revenge on A at the same time. Because B was convinced that it would be possible to write a computer virus that, when loaded into an implant chip, would enable the hacker to take control, not just of the victim's implant, but of their entire body. A Brain Worm virus.

So, obviously, Character B writes her virus, and manages to get it into Character A's head. She then slowly takes control over A's body, turning her into a living, breathing puppet.

A is fully concious and fully aware of what is happening to her, but she is powerless to stop it. Note that B cannot control A's thoughts, and cannot read them unless directed at her implant, but B has the ability to control everything A does.

I will take either role, but seriously, I would really prefer to play A, the victim. I have tried to write this story several times already, so please be serious if you ask about it.

This story involves one character actually taking control of the other player's character. This would be seen by many as god-moding. We will need to be in constant discussion about what is happening, how and why, and how we both feel about it.

I require a female player, please, that is a lady or a liege who identifies as female.
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Re: Virus (F/F extreme headfuck, "pupeteering")
« Reply #1 on: September 01, 2016, 04:47:40 PM »
Still no takers

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Re: Virus (F/F extreme headfuck, "pupeteering")
« Reply #2 on: November 09, 2016, 04:35:58 PM »
Bumped because the other player dropped.