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April 20, 2018, 09:22:49 PM

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Author Topic: The Drifter - Interest Check (Dark Seduction RP - M seeking F) ***Closed***  (Read 420 times)

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Offline dblkroseTopic starter

The Drifter

It could have been any number of women with any type of twisted or sorted past who found herself driving alone down this God forsaken dark road; but it turned out to be You. Does it matter the circumstances? Would anyone care if you were driving home from college or trying desperately to once and for all get away from that abusive relationship. Did anyone care if you were a mother of three who just needed to get out of the house or a high powered executive who has never found the time to live and now just took a wrong turn like the rest of her life? Is this the night that you finally had enough and decided to drive yourself into a brick wall or are you so drunk from the party that you just left that you have no fucking idea where you are going. Does any of that matter now?

Because when you saw him walking down the side of the road in the haze, the fog, the falling rain you just felt that he was going to become part of your life. You didn't understand how or why but you knew and it scared the living shit out of you. So you sped up, blew past him in your car ignoring the outstretched hand and the thumb pointing up. You stared straight ahead and didn't dare look back because you were afraid of what you might see under that hood. Yet in the review mirror you caught a glimpse of his eyes as the light hit them at just the right angle and you knew he saw you... saw you for who you are; for what you are. He looked right thru you and you felt that there would be no escaping that piercing gaze. So you step on the accelerator and tore down the street because you needed the distance to feel sane again...

...but it's an insane world anything can go completely wrong at the most impossible of times. Like your car having engine problems and stopping for no conceivable reason. Your cell phone that just happens to be out of both coverage and power. A deserted highway that no one is on but you... and him. A trifecta of sinister occurrences that leave you wondering if it could truly all be random.

As you sit there trying to get your car to turn over, looking at the empty charge symbol display on your phone you see him in the rear view. Each step he takes towards you quickens your heart and makes breathing a little more difficult. His shadow falls over you as his form blocks the light that was just a moment ago pouring into your driver side window. He bigger than you thought he looked from a distance, his hoodie casting unyielding shadows over his features. He motions at you and you jump till you realize that all he is asking is for you to pop the hood of your car. You dare not crack the window to talk to him and he doesn't utter a single word. With some reluctance you pull the lever that unlocks your hood and he moves to the front of your car and lifts it up. Moments pass and the only sound is of him doing something to your engine. Without warning the hood of the car sudden comes crashing down and that face that you can't see thru the shadows peers at you from the front of your car. His hand raises and twist the signal to turn a key. Without taking your eyes off him you reach up and turn the key in the ignition and the car comes to life.

He stares at you as your headlights illuminate him, for some reason you feel your feet moving towards the accelerator as if you might run him down simply because of how unsettling he makes you feel. The moment last longer than it should as he just stands there scaring you, judging you, tempting you, daring you; then it abruptly ends with him turning and walking away. He moves down the road at a steady pace never looking back, never saying a word and inside you for no imaginable reason you feel a sense of lost. Whatever power he had over you, whatever feelings he inspired in you is gone as he fades into the night and somewhere deep inside you... you sigh with longing at the void it leaves.

You drive up next to him as he walks but he doesn't look at you. He doesn't give you the same outstretch hand with the raised thumb. His head is down as if your not there, as if you no longer matter. You lower the passenger window as if to speak but your not sure what to say. Do you thank him? Ask him his name? See if he needs help? What do you say to this man who continues to ignore you like you don't exist... you say to him despite all your better judgement, "Do you need a ride?"

He stops and you stop; your car stops... your breath stops. He turns and looks at you from the darkness of his hood. Again time becomes languid and you feel it's a lifetime before he reaches out and pulls on the door handle. It's lock on his first try, you unlock it before his second and he gets in. The passenger side door closing with a sound of finality. You asked him in, you invited him into your world... and now you are his and you know it. Your voice cracks as you speak, "Where to?" He doesn't look at you just points forward and says, "Drive." and you do because what else is there? You are in the car with The Drifter and you have no idea how this will end.

***Please Read before PMing ME***

The Character of The Drifter is a Seducer not a Violator. (Meaning he will only take what is offer, freely given, or allowed by the female player which can be discussed)
The Intent of this RP is to be Dark but no one is to be Killed.(Like my on & offs says or should say; if it goes into the toilet or the ground I don't do it)
This is what I call a Dark Seduction and should contain a measure of Story before the Sex.
Please PM me if your interested or want to expand on the idea laid before you.
This isn't my first solo but my first time asking for a solo so be gentle.
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Offline dblkroseTopic starter

Sorry but I am going to have to close this interest thread for the time being. There was a lot of writers who wanted to explore this story and I am eager to do so. When I am able to handle more I will open up the interest thread again in hopes there are still others who would like to RP The Drifter story line. Thank you.
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