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Author Topic: KuroiKoneko's lovely Yaoi Hunt(open to all)  (Read 2176 times)

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KuroiKoneko's lovely Yaoi Hunt(open to all)
« on: July 15, 2016, 12:20:20 AM »
A brief heads up, I will not be unleashing all the plots I have onto here just yet.  I want to ease myself into this place, but eventually all of my plots shall reach this location as time passes.  I will be marking those already taken by having them in a spoiler set up this way I can keep a better grasp of them.  Onto now some info of me.

I tend to only post in the boards, for info on this check out my on/offs.  I am pretty flexible with my perspective partners, but please keep in mind I stick to Yaoi role-playing primarily.

My posts tend to consist anywhere at the minimum being 2 paragraphs and can be much more depending on just how much comes out of my little brain.

If there is a plot you would like to play, please pm me first in order to find out if someone has already laid claim to the plot or not.

Each Plot will note what sort of timeline or setting it will fall under.  I have now however altered how this will work.  I have removed the timeline part of the plot creations this opens up what era they might fall under.

Here is what I have timeline or era I wouldn't mind rp'ing:


Now when I mention things like fantasy or magic, generally that means because of some race; however if say you see something that says fantasy, no-magic that just means that there is things like say an elf there but there is no magic involved in the rp.

The type of things that will restrict the era into whether not is it fantasy or magic would be under these guidelines or pathways:


You can have things like Fantasy/No-Magic in with a timeline to make things interesting just gotta let me know.
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Re: KuroiKoneko's lovely Yaoi Hunt
« Reply #1 on: July 17, 2016, 11:04:45 PM »
Currently Open Plots: Set 1
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
1. Police Detective(MC) x Gang Leader
Hands up and On Your Knees!

MC: Allen Nathans, age 36

YC is the leader of a well-known gang, but under YC's thumb is a police detective that has been friends of YC's for a long time despite being on opposite sides of the law.  YC's gang is known for their violence but mostly to rival gangs, such as murder, etc which has gotten YC and YC's gang in much trouble over the years only to have MC manage to pull off getting YC out of hot water.  One day, YC finds MC bleeding from what looks to be a stab wound to his shoulder, and written using MC's own blood is the symbol of a rival Gang having found out YC's means of getting away with what they do. YC takes MC to his hideout where YC treats and gets MC back up on his feet due the horrible wound that could have potentially ended his life due to it being too close to a major artery, this being only because YC has some medical knowledge that is used for YC's gang.  What YC might find is a nice little pet to keep around and not just as a way to keep YC out of the slammer but maybe even much more the decision of how that is to play out however...totally up to YC

2. Former Soldier(MC) x Doctor
Bittersweet Homecoming
MC: Jackson Dreisdale age 30

Basic Story/Plot to start: YC & MC had been friends from back when they were small children, in fact MC back then had a a crush upon YC even to go as far as confess to YC when they were in college together only to be rejected.  It was safe to say, MC didn't take it all that well as he dropped out of college only to enlist in the navy.  He had been gone for nearly five years till rumors of soldiers that had left to go train and defend their homeland were returning.  The list never mentioned MC name in the manifest of returning soldiers, but what YC didn't know is that he had truly returned home but changed almost cold.  YC would have recognized MC instantly, only to find that MC didn't even seem to give recognition, thus beginning the start of their bittersweet reunion and the hidden truth that YC back in college had felt the same about MC only was too afraid to say it.  Can YC mend the rift between MC and YC or would the rift only widen, one can only tell....

3. Doctor x Patient(MC)
Who are You?
MC: Mason Halestrom, age 29

YC is a doctor that has recently been assigned to help a patient regain not only his strength, but find out why those in his family wishes him dead.  You stumble upon this fact when the Patient(MC) is suddenly missing from his hospital bed.  YC would be in then for a race against time to find MC, but who is to say what has happened when you find MC to have wandered into one of the therapy rooms practically in a daze.  The choice to keep MC in the hospital or be released to YC's care will be up for discussion with the staff.  Will you decide on taking him home or leaving him in the hospital to be found by those wishing him dead or would a forbidden love between Doctor and Patient begin?

Special Note: MC would have complete amnesia and unable to get his memories back

Currently Open Plots: Set 2
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
4. Singer x Bodyguard/Companion
Voice Heard in the Moonlight
My role: Musei Tama, the Voiceless Singer[stage name] age 29, Half-Human, Half-Angel

A voice is heard lightly upon the wind.  A song sung by a solitary soul alone beneath the moonlit night.  This figure being the voice of a singer who was quite famous, but no one had ever heard him like this ever.   MC was someone that for all his songs was thought as a voiceless singer only because his songs tendered towards those wishing a softer style of music.  MC didn't write or sing songs viewed as loud or of a heavy genre.  He is also someone of mystery as he holds a strange magic that unlike any has seen before.  A power that dwells not just in his songs, but his entire body that can flow out should he simply call upon it.

A strange yet mystic gift that could give life to all around him, or siphon it away should it be a force bid upon evil.  However unlike all, he is not without his weaknesses.  The destiny of whether his life continues depends completely upon the YC that look out for him

YC: His companion(whom can be either a force of good or a force of evil) , the one that Musei Tama is attracted to and the one that protects him from harm by others.

5. Master x Slave
Care to Reign in the Slave Prince?
MC - Kuroto Tsukiyomi, age 22

A well-to-do business in the market of selling that of slaves and not just any slaves.  They are people that had been sold off by their families or kidnapped from said families before being extorted for likely bad business deals or even for failure to make their payments.  One said slave was a man that seemed to be sought after greatly, and from the way he was treated.  The business owner would sell out this slave only to reclaim him later the excuse always being a breach in contract; or in this instance people trying to have sex with the slave.  It wasn't a clause in the documentation that potential buyers would know about as it was extremely tiny and almost entirely impossible to read.  The slave in question had also a nickname for them, "Slave Prince" mostly because out of all the slaves he was the only one that looked like he could pass for a prince long as he was wearing the right clothing and actually being clean.  What would you do if you had the slave prince in your possession and how would you try to make sure you keep him away from a greedy slave owner who wants nothing but money?

6. Prince(MC) x Knight
Restoring the Throne
MC - Draven Windan, Age 29, Half-Angel/Half-Human

YC is a knight commander serving under the king and queen of the kingdom.  There were rumors of a love affair many years prior of the king having slept with a maid of the castle, though these rumors remained for long before YC would have learned of this.  It was in fact a truth, but no one ever saw signs of the young boy that had been born.  The sad truth of it all is that one day both the King and Queen were murdered brutally when out seeing their land, leaving the kingdom already in turmoil because of the Queen's tyrannical reign that all the people were furious because of.  They wished for a new heir to take over the throne, but what they weren't aware of was in a tower such an heir truly existed trapped within.  He could not speak after being kept in such solitude verbally, but like his mother he gained unique gifts allowing him to speak telepathically and use that of the healing arts.  This prince now spends his days trying to get anyone that passes by in their vehicles or just walks past the tower he resides in to listen to his voice and not believe they are crazy to free him.  Would YC finally heed his call after hearing his pleas for so long, or would YC doom the prince to remain trapped?

Note: YC isn't restricted, he doesn't have to be human or anything holy for that matter

Current Open Plots: Set 3
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
7. Navy Sailor x Pirate(MC)
Medieval/No Magic
Seafaring Rivals

My Char : Lysander Richter, age 29

The seas are both treacherous as well beautiful as are the islands that are surrounded by said waters.  They are the playgrounds for both navy sailors and pirates alike.  One said pair have an unhealthy attraction to each other.  MC has this attraction to a handsome navy sailor that seems to chase him often, which would be YC.  He did steal, but not from the people that YC thought he was stealing from or raiding.  MC was raiding vessels that were improperly taxing their islands just to feed the bellies of the rich, when his home island was such a victim of these acts.  MC was simply doing what he could to keep his island from going into poverty.  YC doesn't know this till one day both YC and MC end up on the same island for reasons unknown to both, other than a storm having driven them there after being separated from their vessels.  What could possibly go wrong between a Sailor and Pirate, unless the possible forbidden love that could spark in the desperation of survival.

8. King x Knight/Slave
Medieval/No Magic
To Serve Thy Liege

MC(the Knight/Slave) : Valiant Mcalister, age 28

A land having only recently found peace though not with ease now sits with a brief time to spend in recovery from a war that had left many without homes, if not their lives.  Such is the fate of all lands, this one is no different as the war left a king without anyone to share his bed, though he did have a queen that ruled by his side.  She did not lay with him probably out of some misguided feeling that she has all the right to avoid this.  This leaves the king sadly with his heart unfilled, let alone his desires till one day a slave was purchased from a village to serve as his personal knight.  A man that is both silent vocally, but loyal only to the one that purchased him.  This is how the king gained a knight and slave loyal only to him, but also perhaps maybe even someone to fulfill his most wish desires to have someone grant him all the pleasures he should wish.  What pray tell shall this king(YC) do with a slave his very own?

9. Guardian(MC) x Adventurer
Whispering Forest
MC - Calyph, looks about 25 but is really over a century old, Changeling(meaning he can turn into an animal he studies to avoid being killed but generally is always in mortal form)

A forest of mystery, surrounded by a mist. It had for a long time been hidden from the world of men, till one day the shroud of mist had become lifted, no one knows the reason only that this forest had become accessible to all travelers. The forest itself could be said to be alive. Trees themselves able to talk, or so the legend goes. The skies seems always hidden by the large trees that towers as high as they can go till all that is seen is the large branches guarding the many creatures of the forest. Within all could find their riches, they could also find their doom. A wish one might could say could be made somewhere deep in the forest at a lake, where it is said the lake holds to it a passage way to a vast sea where even mermaid's sing their tales. Pixies and faeries, nymphs and dragons all fly either above or below between the branches as there seems to be homes once lived in either in the trees or on the ground now abandon except two now sitting at the lake's edge. One has been turned into a tavern and the other an inn, but there is a third house that also lived in. This one is covered in vines as thick and strong as a dragon's hide said to protect the owner of the tavern and the inn. This young lad being the only living creature that would ever dare socialize with those that would venture into the forest.  Shall you come into the whispering forest seeking fortune, or do you come in hopes that maybe your wishes of romance may be granted by the mysteries it holds?

(YC would be the one that either stumbled upon the forest after hearing about the rumors of a guardian that vanish setting out upon a quest to find this young guardian before the land dies.)

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Re: KuroiKoneko's lovely Yaoi Hunt
« Reply #2 on: July 20, 2016, 05:44:13 PM »
Currently Open Plots: Set 4
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
10. Kidnapper x Kidnap Victim(MC)
Don't Take Me!
MC: Michaelis Vahn, age 31

Your char would be the kidnapper while my char would be the kidnap victim.  My char is the son of a common wealth family, the kidnapper mistakes him for a wealthy son.  The kidnapper did not know the one they nabbed wasn't their intended victim, in fact the wealthy son was someone that didn't have a lick of sense to him, let alone grasp of his own appearance letting himself go way too much to the point his health was poor.  The one that was kidnapped however being in great shape and health, being one to take good care of himself despite not really having the money to do so.  He is a former athlete, as a runner and swimmer in high school now learning to be a writer of fantasy books that appeals to adults and those that do not mind same sex relationships in college.

11. Human(MC) x Demon(YC)
Please live, my beloved
My char - Grayson Myers, age 25, Human

YC stumbles upon a grizzly scene, MC iis being attacked by a gang of thugs obviously up to no good.  The reason for the attack however is unclear, until YC is able to call for aid from YC's fellow officers that serves underneath him in the police department.  When the thugs are taken into custody, it is only then that YC recognizes MC the victim as someone from YC's childhood.  MC was someone that you had gone to school with in both middle and high school, but always could never work the courage to speak to MC.  It was because YC was afraid of being rejected back then.  YC and MC would be in their late twenties by now, while YC would be a police chief, MC was an accomplished flutist and violinist that played in various concert halls within the city.  YC is now stuck with a mystery as to why MC would be attacked, and why by a gang of thugs that works for one of the mafia families in the city. 

12. Dragon x Angel(MC)
Wings of Grace
MC - Rory Elysium, Angel, age unknown but looks to be around his late 20s to early 30s

An angel finds an injured dragon(YC) that has the power to take on mortal form.  The angel feeling pity for the dragon takes the Dragon somewhere to recover learning that in truth the dragon is a guardian of the water and earth, where the angel is a guardian of the wind and water.  They only share one thing in common, they are duty bound to keep the water from becoming tainted by the poison trying to spread across the realm they live in.  What they don't know is that they are lover's from long past unawoken to their love to return to them.

Currently Open Plots: Set 5
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
13. Stranger x Stranger(both human)
Everlasting Starlight
MC - Shane Anders, Age 29

YC and MC after a freak incident end up upon a hidden resort that looks to have been left after being built but did not go very far.  It had power created from the natural wind and water source about it.  It also seems to have growing every plenty of resources for food and it seems various clothing remains there.  The incident unfortunately that would bring these two strangers was an incident involving a cruise liner that would sink, what became of the other passengers is unknown only that both YC and MC washed up upon the same shore no more than a few feet away.  The panic of how to get off the island is unclear, but the hope that starvation and a lack of shelter would be far beyond worries.  What's to say this chance encounter and cruel fate couldn't allow to blossom that of a love unknown by both, fate can only tell..

14. Pet Owner(human) and Pet Slave(animal-like human; ears and tail only)
Modern-Fantasy/No Magic
MC - Alexi, he was born with cat ears that looks almost exactly like his hair since they always kept flat on his head to hide he has them(no tail), age 27

A little known secret within the city, a place that sells and buys humans that are far from being completely human.  They are humans that have at some point in their lives having developed animal like quality such as ears and a tail.  Many have developed only a few quality in humans; they are either a cat, dog, rabbit, even having ears of a mouse; but all could pass as a human if they managed to at least hide these qualities.  That however is not easily done because of the tails, if they ended up developing them besides just the ears.  One such pet, MC was purchased after being sold by their own family because he had that of cat ears upon his head.  He was lucky to not have a tail; but the ears was enough to make his family not wish to be around let alone related so he never was given a chance to even have his family name.  One day though YC happened upon this shop and seeing all the humans kept in large cages with chokers or chains keeping each pet that was for sale in check.  It was only MC however that was found actually just sitting next to the check out counter with only a choker on as possibly the special for purchase.  What would YC do if able to get his hands on this special purchase?  Would you make him do tricks, or would so much more wonderful things occur?

15. Lifeguard x Resort Owner(MC)
Breathe Life Unto Me

MC - Jason Neil Masayuki, age 30

YC is a lifeguard at a well known and very popular beach resort.  It also happens to have a large inn run by MC whom seemed to be well sought after due to his looks and possibly because in his earlier twenties he was a model till he decided to stop and open up his own hotel and beach resort from which YC is employeed with as a life guard.  One day however YC notices something odd about a boat that was just a bit away from your location.  It looked like some thugs were trying to do something shady with MC and ended up tossing MC overboard into the water below with MC's wrists and ankles bound by ropes.  Who are these men attempting this murder and why?   YC not caring about the reasons would be the one to the rescue, but would this rescue mount into something magical as to say love?  Let fate decide....

Currently Open Plots: Set 6
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
16. Prince x Prince(They are Twins, just not identical)
Live for Me, My Dearest
MC: Aurelius Luke Gracian, Demi-Human(meaning born with strange gifts)

Long ago, when the land was at peace an uprising had occurred to overthrow the current ruling family.  It was said that the family was unfairly murdering the innocence of the land.  These rumors were a truth as two powers seemed to rise up, twin brothers but neither looking like the other.  The younger of the twins having become however an unfortunate victim of these uprising.  He had been captured by the ruling family when all was said and done locked away within a portion of a tower that was submerged completely within water after hearing that the younger prince would fetch a fairly high price upon the black market for such gifts as such they leave him trapped in a slumber within a crystal within this submerged tower until the day he could be sold off.  What would this family think however when YC the older twin brother hears of this and mounts a rescue being the only one able to traverse the waters and rescue YC's brother without even drowning because of YC's unique gifts being over that of water and wind thus granting him the power to save his precious brother and lover...?

17. CEO(MC) x Musician
Are You Good Enough?
MC: Maverick Clarkson Davis, age 33

YC is the rising hopeful that has come to MC's company in hopes of being scouted amongst the many auditioning one day.  What YC would have thought to be an old man recruiting pretty or hot things to make it big, actually happened to be someone quite young to have rising so high in the business world.  MC is the one that would be the one listening to all auditions or looking at the prospective talents before him.  On the day of YC's audition after receiving your initial call-back by the staff working beneath MC is when YC happens to just bump straight into MC.  MC at first would be disgusted by the act as his rather harsh nature would come out, he'd accept YC's apology but it looks like YC already got off on the wrong foot.  Could YC possibly make it passed the auditions and recover what chances possibly lost, or would YC end up having to be like the many who are stuck trying and trying again to gain MC's favor of being scouted and selected.
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Re: KuroiKoneko's lovely Yaoi Hunt
« Reply #3 on: July 27, 2016, 06:31:27 PM »
Currently Open Plots: Set 7
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
2. Accomplished Musician(MC) x Bodyguard/Secret Fan
Silver Sky

MC: Sebastian Matthews, Age 29

MC is a pianist, but more than just this he is also a singer.  It is not known to the public about his singer voice, just his piano skills as an accomplished pianist lending his talents to various concert halls and bands that might need help.  YC is a bodyguard, but just not any type of bodyguard either.  YC is also someone who is just doing the bodyguard thing to pass the time(being that YC comes from a very wealthy family unlike mine who is having to work for practically hand outs despite his abilities).  MC doesn't know yet that a secret fan has been daily leaving a bouquet of blue roses and in an envelope being a little bit of money it, yet MC being the type not to take monetary gifts donates the money given to him unaware of where it was coming from.  His secret fan(being YC) spotting what MC has done with the money decides to eventually...try and sweep MC into being more than just a bodyguard and musician relationship but into something more as a desire to safeguard not just MC's life, but living abilities.  Can YC do this without pushing MC away, one may only find out.

2. Orphan(MC) x Adopted Father
Adopt Me
MC :Leon Neil Age 21

An orphanage founded upon a simple principal of finding those without parents or a home, their job is to find this.  It isn't always an easy task however, this seen by the few children and young adults still in the orphanage's care.  One such orphan was a young man just reaching his twenty-first birthday, but by the orphanages own by-laws no matter the age.  An orphan cannot leave their care till a loving father or mother, or even both came to adopt them.  The trouble the orphanage had with this young man wasn't that he wasn't a good kid or had money to take care of himself, it was his lack of interaction with anyone.  They had trouble because of this, as he always disappeared somehow on the day that someone came by on possibly adopting him, only for the orphanage to realize he sitting upon the roof of the orphanage having used a ladder every time to hide.  Would they ever adopt this young man? 

YC is the one that would be coming to the orphanage in hopes of adopting MC.  YC can be about the same age as him, but can also be older if you wish by about a ten year difference to maybe fifteen year, up to you.

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Re: KuroiKoneko's lovely Yaoi Hunt
« Reply #4 on: July 28, 2016, 11:41:33 PM »
Here is a list of colors I will be using on my post; some has names, some do not, I stick with the black and blue theme due to the fact I have troubles reading certain things when they have a bright background:

This is where I go to figure out most of my colors whether with a name or a code: HTML Color Codes

Light Salmon
Light Sea Green
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Re: KuroiKoneko's lovely Yaoi Hunt
« Reply #5 on: August 23, 2016, 01:05:44 PM »
Already Claimed Plots: Set 1(but not above rp'ing with others if asked)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
1. Vampire Lord(MC) x Human
Fleeting Moonlight
MC: Lamia Somnium

MC is a lord of a village whom had lost his beloved many centuries before to the very same village that now centuries  still felt guilt by what their ancestors did to an innocent man.  YC is a young man that having heard about these stories was dared to visit the lord's house by his friends.  What he didn't know is that YC looks identical to the one that MC had lost centuries ago, or close to this.  This being due to the fact YC is a distant descendant of MC's former love.  Will you be able to melt the ice over MC's broken heart, or only add to his suffering.  The history for your char can be something you decide long as it merges alright with the process of MC's past with YC's ancestor.

2. Lord(MC) x Commoner(or can be a Slave either is good)
Feudal-Medieval/No Magic
When Loss Changes to Love
MC: Tokiya Mikage, age 29

MC is a lord of a village that has earned a reputation of his heart being cold as ice, despite being protective and kind to those within his village.  His heart has all been cut off from within himself after having suffered the loss of his children to a bandit attack as his mate being killed as well in this attack.  YC after watching MC suffer has decided to try and heal the Lord's heart somehow.  How YC chooses to go about this it up to you.  Why this comes about is when YC stumbles upon MC attempt suicide in an attempt of MC trying to meet his family in the afterlife thinking that would be the only way to be happy.  Now, the method for which the attempted suicide hasn't been decided by me yet, as I don't have a person to play the opposite role of Commoner or Slave yet to my char.  Once that is established, I will likely have something in mind finally.

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Re: KuroiKoneko's lovely Yaoi Hunt
« Reply #6 on: November 14, 2016, 05:07:46 PM »
My Chars in Other Plots 1-

RPs with Saku:
Loss Character List-
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Taller Male: Tokiya Mikage, Shorter Male: Kagerou Mikage

Name: Tokiya Mikage(his speech is this color: palevioletred)
Age: 32
Role: Lord of Misuto no Yuugure(Twilight of the Mist)
Hair: Dark blue with his hair half-way down being more a crimson color naturally(flows down to his waist)
Eyes: Blood Red
Height: 6'
Orientatino: Seme
Weapon Preferences: Twin Katanas and Throwing Knives
Unique gifts(because of his being a lord) : Aerokinesis and Pyrokinesis
Deceased Family: Miku(wife), Shiro and Ami(son and daughter both being the ages of 4)

Name: Kagerou Mikage(his speech color is: cornflowerblue)
Age: 32
Role: Lord of Shitsuren(Lapsing Dreams)
Hair: Dark Blue until half-way down becoming white(only falls mid-back on him)
Eyes: Icy blue
Height: 5'5"
Orientation: Uke
Weapon Preference: Long Bow
Unique Gifts: Hydrokinesis and the ability to heal others but not himself

Good guys text or villagers will be this color: #B78C37
Bad Guys text will be this color: rosybrown

Moonlight Char List-
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Name: Caelum Somnium
Race: Vampire Lord(or an Elder)
Age: Unknown(but he would have easily lived over half a millennia by now, though he still looks like he is in his early twenties)
Height: 6'
Hair: Short Black hair with cobalt blue highlights
Eyes: Amberish-Silver Eyes
Orientation: Seme
Gifts or Strengths: A immune to the effects of silver, crosses, or garlic
Weaknesses: Sunlight(cannot be exposed for too long or he would essentially die), Lack of Blood(however he won't enter into a frenzied state like those of the younger vampires; instead his body would force him into an unconscious state until death took him), isn't immune to all types of water but he can submerge or be near clear freshwater only or water that isn't deemed holy or salt water like the ocean(these would also be a danger in either burning his body till nothing was left or killing him instantly; but he can take bath in normal every day tap water safely.)

Name: Ventus Somnium(but goes by Ventus Aura to Caelum to hide his blood ties from his great great great great uncle)
Age: 27
Race: Human
Hair: Whitish-Blonde Hair
Eyes: Sea-blue Eyes
Height: 5'4"
Orientation: Uke
Occupation: Hunter, but is more a doctor
Abilities: Able to heal others through touch, but also has the ability to manipulate the wind around him at will
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Re: KuroiKoneko's lovely Yaoi Hunt
« Reply #7 on: November 14, 2016, 05:17:59 PM »
My Chars in Other Plots 2:
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Re: KuroiKoneko's lovely Yaoi Hunt
« Reply #8 on: November 15, 2016, 12:56:44 AM »
My chars in Other Plots 3:
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Re: KuroiKoneko's lovely Yaoi Hunt
« Reply #9 on: March 14, 2017, 11:04:44 PM »
Post Testing goes here

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Re: KuroiKoneko's lovely Yaoi Hunt
« Reply #10 on: March 21, 2018, 09:17:07 PM »
saving for future posts to other threads to keep from losing information for those rps