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June 20, 2018, 04:27:58 PM

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Author Topic: Help Me Become An Instagram Star [M Seeking F] [Tease / Bimbo / Sugar Daddy]  (Read 252 times)

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Offline pleaseteasemeTopic starter

Hello!  :D

Thanks a lot for taking the time to stop by my thread

Two quick things if I may before getting to the role and what I'm looking for:
- I don't care what your real life gender is, if you're willing to play the female role in this then I'm more than happy to discuss it with you.
- No one liners please. I don't expect pages of text in every reply but some detail is desired. Naturally shorter replies are all that is required at times and that's totally fine, I don't expect anyone to type to just make sure their post is of a certain length.

Help Me Become An Instagram Star
In this idea I'm looking for a you to play a female character that is desperate for attention. She's a pretty girl, nice to look at and has a selection of clothing that makes you wonder if she actually owns anything not sexy. She's got a few hundred followers on her Instagram; however she wants more, she's desperate to be famous and have some kind of status attached to her. Instagram is just full of pretty girls eager to flaunt what they have and so she needs to find a new way to stand out from the crowd.

My character is someone she's known for a while (Open to whom exactly. Perhaps a friend? Someone who lives nearby? I'm not a fan of big age gaps however), the big thing about him however is that he's rich. He could have a great job, he could have rich parents, the possibilities are endless. What she does is then get close with him, moving in on him and wrapping him around her little finger so that he's willing to spend some money on her and help her get what she needs. It would probably make sense that even initially she's out of his league so that she instantly has that initial control over him, meaning that she's able to tempt and manipulate him with some ease. Does she want an expensive haircut? No problem. A new wardrobe? You got it. Boobjob? Sure thing. Thanks to how she is able to use him she can gain access to his wallet so to keep on improving herself in her bid to get sexier so to amass more attention.

She achieves this by teasing him and making him think with the head between his legs. She starts by making him think that she's into him, when really she keeps him horny and blue balled for the most part as he's so wrapped up in her. He thinks that if he keeps being a nice guy, indulging her expensive taste and getting her what she wants things will move to the next level. Instead it's all just about her Instagram for her, everything focused on what that next picture is going to be and how much attention it will get. She's self-centred, manipulative and willing to step on anyone to get to the next step. Does she need to come over and lounge by his pool? Like he's going to say no to seeing her in a bikini! Does he need to take her somewhere expensive? Why wouldn't he want to go out for dinner with her? Naturally he thinks this is a sign of progress, when in reality it's her that is making progress. She wants to use his pool as lounging by an expensive pool in a sexy bikini is a great picture for her profile. Sitting in an expensive restaurant in a nice little dress is just the thing she needs to improve her status!

She could easily manipulate him into being her cameraman, he gets a thrill out of taking pictures of her looking hot and sexy all over and in return she doesn't have to waste her time getting another guy in her inner circle to do these things for her. He's eager for her though, and sure she takes some delight in how he's constantly popping boners over and around her, and is willing to treat her like a princess she knows she's got to give him enough to keep him hooked. She sure as hell doesn't want to have sex with him though, but she doesn't let that on. Instead she might just give his bulge a playful pat, asking him to wait until tomorrow and she'll make it really good for him. He's never going to refuse her, but come tomorrow and she's more interested in heading to the beach for her next picture, and the face she pulls as he makes the slightest hint about her helping him out has him hurrying to get dressed so to accompany her and do what she wants.

She worked male out long ago, get their cock interested and you have them in your pocket. She lives for attention, that is exactly what she wants after all and so knowing that is what fuels much of what she does. As things develop she could get contracts, paid to advertise products and sexy clothing on her page, in addition to being invited to events and parties. There she could all but 'cuckold' my character; he has to wait around looking busy whilst she gives head to someone influential, it totally worth it if it can gain her another 50k followers! She acts as if she's totally into these influential people, willing to do whatever is needed to get ahead and noticed, be it fucking a married man or stripping down to a bikini at a party. Then she comes back to my character for her ride home, pouting at his erection, telling him that it's cute but they're just friends. He's constantly tormented by it, her constantly flirting, acting sexy and yet never following through, too lost in her to dig himself out of this hole. She could even ruin his chances with other girls, knowing that she needs to keep him interested and focused on her for her career. His life and career? Who cares, he should be counting himself lucky he gets to see her walking around in a thong every day!

That's my thoughts and a plot outline for what I might like to have and see happen. Of course, I am more than willing to discuss it in more detail as well as being willing to tweak or adapt certain parts of it. Any ideas of thoughts of your own I would love to hear them, so if you're interested then please send me a PM as I would be delighted to hear from you!   ;D