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March 20, 2018, 10:58:16 AM

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Author Topic: Battletech - War, intrigue, politics and giant robots blowing stuff up (F for M)  (Read 501 times)

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Offline KaylaMTopic starter

I've been a fan of the Battletech universe in its various incarnations (Battletech tabletop game, various Mechwarrior RPGs and  computer games and so on) for some time, and it's a universe that I'd like to RP in. It has a great combination of elements; war, politics, plotting, greed, ambition, drama, intrigue, secrets, conspiracies, mysteries and, of course, giant robots blowing stuff up. It's a great universe and it has plenty of hooks for RP.

While I am open to ideas and have a number of them myself, the one that I'm most interested in would be an RP focusing on members of a small mercenary unit. It gives the players the opportunity to travel to a wide range of worlds and a lot more flexibility to write their own stories and go where they want, without getting in the way of the 'big boys' of the universe or being tied to any one group or affiliation. However, I am very much open to ideas.

I prefer the Jihad (3067-3081) and Dark Ages (3132 - onwards) eras, but I'm pretty flexible in that regard. Basically anything from the 3020s onwards interests me.  The sole exception I will admit is that I am not that interested in Clan characters. It's nothing against them per se, in fact I quite like the Clans and their unique culture. However, I find that clan characters are ill-suited for the sort of RP themes I'm most interested in.

Despite this being a RPG universe, I'm looking for an entirely freeform, systemless game. Likewise, I'm looking for one between partners, not a player-GM experience. I figure that any 'Mech battles can be handled abstractly to achieve what's the best result for the plot, and there's no need to game out every single dice roll. Just so long as it 'looks right', then I'm happy.

While I am a sucker for accuracy to the world and it's lore, I'm also not going to be overly pedantic about it. Again as long as it 'looks right' then that's all that really matters to me. There's also plenty of resources out there, and  I'm happy to answer questions. Id also invite prospective players to check out my Ons, Offs and RP preferences to know what Im looking for and what to expect. I respond best to PMs and rarely check the thread itself. I will advise now that I do only play by post on E.

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Offline KaylaMTopic starter

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