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Author Topic: Random starters to pick from(F for M)(Lycan,Human,Demon,angel,Necormancer based)  (Read 696 times)

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Offline AshesAndEmbersTopic starter

 O8)Lycan/Werewolf Roleplay

Small paws thunder against the lush green vegetation, the sun was just poking through the thick overlapping branches of the large forest. Brown fur flashed below the open rays beaming down, jaws agape, a pink tongue lolling from the powerful jowls of the beast. Deep amber depths shift to the blurs of trees as it ran past, large appendages extending out from its sleek muscular body. Nostrils flare, inhaling the scents drifting upon the air. Weaving past the large trunks, dirty spraying up as the beast unsheathed her claws for an extra boost of speed. It's destination unknown, it's lungs expanded and contracted, feeling the rush of wind rippling through the fur, muscles tensing and relaxing with every graceful stride.

A swift jerk, it turned its body sideways, leaning back slightly while it dug it's nails into the earth sending dirt to spray up as it came to a sliding stop. Standing upon the edge of a small hill, crystal clear water came in small streams like a miniature waterfall to form a small pool of water down below, the sun now poking over the tips of the tallest trees causing the water to shine and sparkle below the suns rays. She stood tall and proud, a large wolf she was, but not an ordinary one. Eight and a half hands high at the shoulder, but with her head up and holding proud, it added about three hands higher. Her ears flicking slightly, features slightly narrow with a long sleek snout, rows of white canines flashing as she held her jaws apart, panting lightly while saliva dripped off her pink tongue. Her derma was the color of newly turned soil with flex of golden brown starting from the nose down her back to the end of her tail, while her bottom jaw, running down to the tip of her tail underneath was a creamy dark brown, as well coming down on the inside of her elbows adding a beautiful contrast. Her optics were a rich dark amber with flecks of gold around her pupil.

Slowly, she made her way down and jumped from the soft moss covered stones to the small pool of water which was surrounded by lush forest. Surveying the land before her, she soon lowered her cranium and began to lap at the clear surface, the liquid rippling outwards with each touch of her tongue. The tip of her soft rather thin muscle scooping up from the front cupping water into her mouth in quick movements. Ears shooting forward, she grunted slightly jerking her head up, a few droplets dripping off her chin as the sounds of twigs snapping lingered through the silence of the forest, and entering into her ear canals. Taking a step back, her ears swiveled and twitched, the footsteps echoing slightly, causing a growl to strum her vocals and vibrate her chest as the beast was unable to pinpoint the sound, nostrils flaring inhaling the soft scents. Though, the breeze was pushing scent elsewhere, making her grow even more edgy unable to pick anything up. Soon the female took a few steps back into the shadows of the trees, her amber depths observing to what could possibly be making all that racket and disturbing the peace.

That of What is good is also evil
(Back ground story)

This is a story of a world in which magic runs rife, Creatures and mythical beings both prowl the lands, and humans are not the top of the food chain, within this world it is unknown how many races live below it's skies, there could be hundreds, or thousands, but what is known, is that war is constantly afoot, the most recent being the Holy war between the humans and Angels against a horde of demons, with the help of other races the demons were dealt with and an alliance was struck up, however, much to everyone's annoyance, the Angel's refused to become part of the Alliance.
Within the Alliance there exists the Elders, a race of reptilian humanoids whose species rank from Lizards, a weak level within their race to the Dragonoids, the highest level achievable by them, also there were the Fallen Race, much like the Elders they had levels within their species, from Kittia, the lowest, to Leo the highest, however, their Current ruler has achieved a higher level, known and the Saber, also the alliance contained humans, Elves, Distans, a race of burrowing mole like humanoids and each of their 'slave' races.
A slave race is a race that lives to serve their masters, the humans have the Sentin, a race of insect like creatures, they possess low intelligence but follow orders to the letter, however, these days, the Demons have been growing again, and to make matters worse, Angels have been attempting to kill humans and have declared all out war against land dwelling races, it has also been noted that Angels have been sees ignoring the deeds of Demons, with this, a certain race has begun to take action, the Necromancers.
Within this world the Necromancers are known as the Hand of Death, they never mobilize against any race and remain eternally neutral, however, something seems to have rattled their masters cage, and now he has mobilized the Necromancers to wipe out the Angels and Demons both.
Of the Necromancer race, a male named Raziel stands within their ranks, he is of high officer class and known as the shattered soul due to his abilities, instead of taking on jobs as a group, he remains solo and hunts Angels and Demons like that.
for one final note, while you travel in this world, know that should you come across an Angel or a Demon, you should not attempt to kill it outright, a method known as castration should be used, this is the removing of either, the wings of an Angel, or the tail of a Demon, this will remove their power source and make it impossible for revival, now, i bid you a safe journey.

(My Oc's Starting point)

The child to the heavens taken by the dark

Ember grew up what seemed to be a normal childhood, dealing with the same things that the others around her dealt with, or at least she thought. unlike them she learned from an early age of what she was able to do. yet she was never really able to figure out just how in depth it really was..

Now at the Human age of nineteen she watched as her Mothers race destroyed all that she had known, The angles of the light killing off the innocent a thing of which they had an oath against doing. It left the world of unsurprising humans trembling in fear. Leaving her with more work to do, Having to try and get rid of the humans memories before they go about uploading things to the internet that world was not ready to see. yet as of late times it seemed to become too much for a single or even group of people to handle.

Having been having to deal with her own powers awaken. Leaving her fellow Imperials to chain her up until the swings are over, at times it would pass within hours, Sometimes it would even last for weeks. because she is only a halfling the changes to her body structure to grown the wings is incredibly painful.

A living science experiment for her fathers organization the Imperials, constantly undergoing tests to become their superweapon that would be used to figure out or to end the war of the Angels and Demons Vs. The living as her father had called it many times, always telling her to stay strong for the cause.

Odd Happenings
Looking for someone who has found My OC Mia, Or maybe even saved her, Or was the one who set it up so she would fall.

A soft gray haze drifts down upon the mountainside, swallowing everything within its wake as if it was a mere memory. The snow adding the perfect contrast within the seemingly forgotten land. That land however is where many called their home.

Running briskly along the steep mountainside. Her vision left cloudy as she takes each step. Not knowing which would lead her to her immediate death to the rocks below. ‘’ Mia! Slow down, You're going to get hurt!’’ Ryan calls out from behind but she was too absorbed to hear him.

Ry She calls out, her voice seeming shallow. The cold seeming to coat her lungs. Screaming.Someone was screaming, It was just her and Ryan moments ago. That was until the pain had hit her. ‘’ Mia!’’ Ryan screams again, His voice filled with worry.  Help, Somebody!’’ He screams once more. Pacing back and forth along the cliff side.

Mia looks into the haze, the darkened color of her vision fighting to replace the gray color above her. The pain clawing at her to the point of breaking. Allowing her eyes to slip shut she falls into what seemed to be slumber.

‘’Oww….Lynn, Was that Ryan? ‘’ Lynn looks over her shoulder from the potato that she was peeling for tonight's dinner. ‘’ It sounded like it….’’ Huffing softly as she sets her things down. Wiping her hands on her skirt as Ryan bursts into the family home. ‘’ Ma...Pa! Mia! S-She was going too fast and slipped down the hill...She won't say anything and I can't see her..’’ His eyes wide as he huffs with each word.

‘’ Mia…’’ Lynn states softly. Running out of the house. ‘’ Help! Please Help! Mia fell off the edge!’’ The Villagers hearing her desperate pleas make their ways out of there homes and within moments many of them were gathered and ready to help in anyway that they could.

With Ryan at the led they make it to where Mia had fallen off of the cliff side. Sending down a few of the medics by rope. However the rope could only go so far, And the hill seemed to end. There was no way Mia could have fallen any father but her body was gone, nowhere to be found.

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