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Author Topic: Super Craving Severus Snape Based Ideas  (Read 312 times)

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Offline MissRozielTopic starter

Super Craving Severus Snape Based Ideas
« on: July 11, 2016, 03:52:34 PM »
SO I got a question that made me realize I never said But I don't mind if the player is male or female I just want to play with someone who likes to write fun, adventurous, romantic, awesome stories! :D

Cats and Snakes
can be set either Prior to book 7 or just after either way Severus Snape has been severely wounded and left for dead as he slowly slips he hears a strange noise and feels the brush of soft fur his fingers barely able to grip the soft pelt before his world goes black.   To his surprised Severus dose not wake up in his afterlife but finds himself in a dark room, aching like a bitch in heat and wondering how he survived looking around he's surprised to find a woman sleeping in a chair by his bed.
The woman is Maya Gates a panther animageous who was a member of the order and long assumed dead,  after explaining the mission she was given by the headmaster regarding the protection of Harry Potter she explains the last thing Dumbledore had asked of her was that she save Severus when the time came for it.
Now this can be set at either time like I explained,  So the plot can go two ways prior to book seven Maya and Severus work together to help Harry, Ron, and Hermione from the shadows while keeping up the illusion of Severus' death having been discovered as a traitor by Voldemort.
post book 7  Severus is faced with two opposing people those who count him among the hero's of the war and those who still deeply hate him for killing Dumbledore.  Not needing to protect Harry any more Maya jokingly suggests being Severus' body guard but an attempt on his life by one of the fanatics makes it clear he might actually need one.

Forget Me Not
Severus is saved by Draco and taken to the order.  Draco pleads his case and Harry taking command lets Severus live, on the condition he stays at Hogwarts and dose not leave until the final battle at which time Harry doesn’t care what he dose. 
Happy, in his own way, to be free of Voldemorts command Snape returns to his position as potions professor Dumbledores death being blamed on a different death eater.
A new professor is brought in to teach Defense against The Dark Arts she claims to know Severus and fully expects him to recognize her.  When he doesn’t she’s utterly devastated.  As they interact Snape starts to feel that something about her is familiar but he can't quiet put his finger on why.

Now these are just what I had in mind but if you have other ideas Please PM me I love hearing people Plot ideas :)  Also if there is a cannon character you would like me to play just ask :)
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Offline MissRozielTopic starter

Re: Super Craving Severus Snape Based Ideas
« Reply #1 on: September 04, 2016, 02:58:12 PM »