I now pronounce you.. Married? (F lf F)

Started by Tsuunade, July 11, 2016, 02:45:27 AM

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A furious war has been raging for the last century across a fictional continent called Asgarlia, within it's lands stood many many small villages and towns, but above all stood two vast kingdoms: The human kingdom of Ravalla, and the elven kingdom of the grand forestry so aptly named Galeliven. The races of these two populaces were involved in bitter strife with one another for several several reasons, but chief among them being that each individual race looked down upon one another due to obvious physical differences. Haughtiness each sparking them to fight each other at every opportunity, until a brief ceasefire was proposed by the elves nearly a decade after the century war gap. A terrible tragedy had occurred, the elven king had passed away. The queen was racked by grief, but, at the same-time saw an opportunity to reach a new understanding between the elves/humans, but also to end the war she never truly wanted in the first place (being more of a pacifist.) She would take the next heir of human royalty as her life partner, in an attempt to bolster both situations to a happy ending.

And thus, a partridge was sent forth to Ravalla, straight up to the human king and queen, and it had explained in it both the circumstances, and the proposal. As much as they both wanted the war to be over, and establish better ties, they could not bring themselves to part with their only daughter (the only heir.) But, at that moment, they hatched a suitable plan: A substitute, they had once heard whispers that the old cobblers daughter within the city below had a striking resemblance to the princess, were they to bring her to the palace in guise of reward, they could pawn her off to the elven queen without much of a fuss, and without losing their daughter at the same-time. Meanwhile, the old cobbler's daughter (My-character) has no idea how drastically her life is about to change.

(one-on one, fantasy, medieval, interracial, potential dub-con, etc..)
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