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Author Topic: SlytherinDoctor's Plots (M/M)  (Read 666 times)

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SlytherinDoctor's Plots (M/M)
« on: July 11, 2016, 01:27:45 AM »
Hello hello. If you've never played with me before, here's what to expect. I try to regularly reply, although I sometimes drop off the map at times if I become busy or start to lose interest in roleplaying. If I do, give me a poke in your messages which usually prompts me to reply and tell you what's going on. This is a forewarning, because it can happen. It's been known to happen.

I am starting to prefer IM roleplay over forum roleplay, but I don't mind forum. But if the person gets on IM, it can be far more fun to talk about it in real time as it goes on.

Other than that, I would like to see a reasonable proficiency at writing role plays. I'm not expecting a ten page description of every little bite in a meal. I mean there needs to be all the relevant details in a post. There needs to be a reasonable amount of internal dialogue. One line is just not going to cut it. We're writing a story together, not texting each other. I will usually look at your post history when you're interested in a plot to see if I would be interested in rping with you. Usually you're good, but sometimes I see someone who has a history of poor quality posts and won't want to play with them. This is also a forewarning.

Generally I prefer to play with male writers because they tend to be better at writing male characters, being one and all. However, I am not opposed to playing with female writers. I've known some female writers who have been very good at writing gay male characters. But I will definitely take a look at your writing history.

Now, that said, let's get to the plots. In order of craving. Bold is the character I wish to play. Spoilers for the appropriate stories follow.

Current Ideas

1. Slavery/Non-Con, Multiple characters- A world in which slavery is completely legal. People who are considered useless to society are kidnapped and taken to slave auctions. MC is a rich boy who has recently come of age. For his family and many of the other richer families in this world, a big part of coming of age is buying a slave to keep with you most all the time. Of course there are many slaves that belong to the household in general: people who actually do all the work. This slave for coming of age is meant as a pleasure slave. Nobody in MC's family would be caught dead without their pleasure slave on a leash and collar at all times. YC is a poor person from a ghetto who has been recently caught to become a slave and gets bought by MC. However, he had a boyfriend at the time who is pissed that his lover gets taken. The boyfriend sets out to rescue his lover. How will this turn out? Will the boyfriend rescue his lover? Will he also be caught and used as a pleasure slave? We'll see.

2. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child- Scorpius/Albus- Been reading the new Harry Potter story and I can't be the only one that read the relationship as gay. In fact, I know I'm not. I'm looking for someone who's read the book and would like to play a story with the two of them as being in a relationship. Not sure on exact details yet. Could follow the story, could been on the outskirts of the story. Could be something after the story, even. Just definitely wanting to play this pairing, for sure. Obviously has to be at least 16. Either the play would be set a little later in their life or it would be after it.

3. Game of Thrones (Possible AU)- Loras/Tommen- Rather than Tommen being seduced by Margaery, he is seduced by Loras when Margaery and Olenna find out that Tommen is just not returning Margaery's affections for some reason. Thus Loras is sent, probably against his will, to seduce the young king. Involves sneaking around behind Cersei's back, always fun. May involve an alternate ending from the show/novels. Particularly since neither have yet ended. Tommen can, of course, be 16 as he is in the show.

4. Slavery, Dub-Con- MC is a somewhat newly captured slave boy who is blonde and beautiful. YC is a young master who has just come of age and is just now being allowed the chance to buy his own slave. YC wants a slave to fuck him, not the other way around. So he buys MC. Hilarity ensues. And by hilarity, I of course mean sex and possibly romance.

5. Low Class- MC and YC are poor low class kids in the inner city. They both struggle to get through their lives on a day by day basis. Their relationship starts off as a purely sexual one, but it evolves into a romantic one, despite MC not wanting to admit that he's gay. Or that he's doing it with another boy. Indeed, both MC and YC's dads are alcoholic, drug addicted homophobes who would beat them up if they found out. So that's the struggle. This one will probably be abusive in some way both from fathers to sons and from the lovers to each other as they struggle with their identity and feelings for each other.

6. Any ideas involving the wizarding world with OCs. Any time period and location really. Any of the magical schools that exist in the world whether that be Hogwarts or any of the others.

Taken Ideas

Game of Thrones (AU)- Loras/Renly- What if Arya had really assassinated Tywin at Harrenhall instead of wasting her three deaths? And what if Brienne and Catelyn had saved Renly in that tent rather than letting him be assassinated by a shadow? How would the world be different? Could Renly have become king without Tywin to support the Lannister forces? I believe so. This is that world. It would be interesting to explore what could have happened. I believe Renly made no mistakes except not making an heir with Margaery. He would have ended up on the throne had Stannis not assassinated him.

Non-Con- YC is a college boy is quite well known for being a man whore. He sleeps with pretty much any lady with a hole. MC is also a well known and well loved guy. He is known for being the life of the party and doesn't really have a filter or a very good sense of boundaries. He is known for getting a little too handsy with guys at parties, but is still well loved regardless. They merely push him away. However, this particular party, YC gets a little too drunk to see straight and MC takes him up to his room for a little fuck. YC is completely out of it and would refuse if he were sober. But since he isn't, MC takes advantage of the situation. An interesting, if awkward, relationship ensues.

There will probably be more, and I will update when there is more. Until then, this is what I've got.
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Re: SlytherinDoctor's Plots (M/M)
« Reply #1 on: August 17, 2016, 06:05:57 PM »
Added Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

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Re: SlytherinDoctor's Plots (M/M)
« Reply #2 on: September 05, 2016, 01:01:02 AM »
Added a couple new plots.

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Re: SlytherinDoctor's Plots (M/M)
« Reply #3 on: September 13, 2016, 03:26:34 PM »
Added a slavery idea.