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April 26, 2017, 12:54:36 PM

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Author Topic: The Queen Tease Pitches Stories At You ... (F seeking M, F, TG, Fu, etc.)  (Read 2130 times)

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Offline Regina MinxTopic starter

The Queen Tease Pitches Stories At You Until You Give In And Play With Her

(Since I'm a baby here on Elliquiy, I'm going to just go on and excuse any roughness in this as a result of general ignorance and work-in-progress-ness. Check back every couple of hours for the latest new things!)

Preliminary Stuff:
  • Basic Expectations You Can Have About Me
  • Basic Expectations I Have About You
  • Ons and Off Cross-Reference

1. Basic Expectations You Can Have About Me
  • I am a female and I am quite comfortable playing either male or females, or characters that are neither, both, or something else. The gender of my character can be as fluid as our imaginations want it to be, is what I'm saying.
  • Sexuality is likewise fluid. I will play gay, straight, bi, bi-curious, and anything in between.
  • I am both literate and dedicated. While pobody's nerfect, I will do my best to minimize errors and put forth consistent high quality effort.
  • I will supply posts between 3-5 paragraphs in length, with sufficient content there for you to respond to and progress the story. Naval-gazing will also be accompanied by dialogue and action for your character to interact with.
  • I only ever write in third person. I will most likely be unable to keep to a consistent tense, flipping from past tense in expository writing to present tense in the narrative portions. If tense really bothers you, I will try to clean it up, but that's my natural style of writing.
  • I like both plots and smut. I have no shame in exploring a kinky idea and dressing it up with a barebones kind of plot, but I also love intricate, grand storylines.
  • I lean about 70% submissive/masochistic in my real life tendencies, so it's likely that you're going to find that same ratio of stories pitched here...70% of my story ideas will feature me as the 'slave' character and the remaining 30 will be my switchy side expressing itself.

2. Basic Expectations I Have About You

Quick note....I'm always willing to negotiate these preferences and work around them. If in doubt about an idea, character, or about 'you' as a potential partner, PM me.

Do it, or I'll stuff ferrets into your pants.

  • Length of Post: Moderate to long. Like most of these, this is more of a guideline rather than a hard and fast rule. The content of the post is ultimately more important than the length of it. In order for me to write something that contributes to the story and characters, I need to have something to work with. There's a beauty in terse, stark prose, and if you're a sort of person that can communicate a lot in a few words, I'm not going to get on you. But the problem we run into is people who use a gajillion words to say nothing at all, and at the end of the day, they've written an essay on the shade of red-green light reflecting on the dew on a blade of grass in a field in the next county, but that has precisely squat to do with the story taking place!.

    As a general rule of thumb, shoot for 3-5 paragraphs, and try to have at least 2 dedicated to narrative action or dialogue.
  • I do not mind any RL gender playing any character gender.
  • Thou shalt not vanish from the face of the earth. I get it. Life is crazy and unpredictable and inspiration and motivation dry up. I expect more proposed stories to fail than succeed. I will not be disappointed or resentful or think bad of you if you say to me “I can’t think of anything to say in this story. I’d like to back burner it.” I’m not even asking you to say that you want to stop it. I’ll be fine with the white lie that we’ll pick it up again later. Even better if it’s not a white lie, but the point is that given that I will be generous and considerate of your mental state to the point of night sweats, I’m really going to be upset if you stop posting, drop off the forums, and let silence rein.
  • Thou shalt PM me with your ideas. This is sooooo cool. You want to play a story with me, have a character pair or a kink or kinky picture, either before or mid-stream in a story? Run it by me. I’m easy going and adventurous and game, so you’re not going to upset me if the story we end up telling doesn’t match precisely with the story we originally discussed.
  • Thou shalt not godmode….much. Please don’t control my character or tell the narrative what she is thinking or how she should act. If it’s minor, or necessary, I get it. Example: the scene begins with two characters in place A, and you want to write them going to the parking lot, getting in the car, and starting to drive to place B, and there’s no reason to think my character wouldn’t get in the car, I’m not going to care if your post starts in place A, discusses their walk to the parking lot and getting in the car, and concludes with them underway to place B. Hell, you can even write that my character buckles her seat-belt and looks in the backseat in that sort of friendly curiosity when you get into someone else’s car for the first time.

    I’m also not going to object if we’re in a physical confrontation and the result is a foregone conclusion. For example, if my character has not been established as physically commanding or martially trained, and yours is, you have carte blanche to initiate and describe the result of pushing, shoving, hitting, grabbing, what have you.

    3. Ons and Off Cross-Reference

    Exactly what it says on the tin.

    Like this thread, the Ons and Offs are a work in progress. What is published there and here will be changed as time goes by.

    The only important thing I have to add is that if you have an idea not mentioned here or there, and I haven’t said “NO” with the force of a thousand battering rams, run the idea by me. No promises, but I might just go for it.

    Code for my convenience:

Code: [Select]
[floatleft][img padding=10] [/img][/floatleft][color=maroon][u][font=verdana][size=20pt]TITLE[/size][/font][/u][/color]
[i][Roles] [Genders] [Theme 1] [Theme 2][/i]
[b]Seeking[/b]: Partner Role
[b]Notes[/b]: Description of game
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Offline Regina MinxTopic starter

[Vampire and Human] [FxF] [Coercion] [BDSM]
Seeking: Human Female
Notes: Did you know that Lesbian Vampire is a thing that exists. It has its own Wikipedia page and everything. With that prestigious pedigree, it would be quite arrogant of me to not include such a request in my thread.

Camilla is my favorite Gothic novel. While I enjoy the 'vampire as bad boy stand-in' that has seen them become love interests in modern fiction, my own conception and use of them as a literary trope goes back to Murnau and le Fanu, and to a lesser extent Stoker. In my mind, vampires may well be sexy, they may well be sexual creatures, but one cannot break them apart from their essential loneliness born by their hunger.

That brings us to the story. MC is a vampire just old enough as a vampire to understand her situation and know how she has to get through her life. Alone, keeping her head down, off the grid, not attracting notice. She lives alone on a little house in the middle of nowhere, driving to the nearest big city when she's compelled to hunt, and doing her best to adjust to what she's become. She also happens to be a lesbian and a sexual submissive, and this is significant because I love juxtaposition.

See, while MC may be immortal and supernaturally strong, that doesn't mean she's necessarily a dominant personality. That's where YC comes in. The circumstances by which they met are inconsequential. They met when she was in town. YC is a teenaged runaway and hitchhiker, and MC picked her up on a whim. Maybe she's just a smart little cookie, and has figured out the mysterious pale hot chick who wanders into the used bookstore every other month is more than she seems. Point is, that despite being human, YC is a strong-willed individual, more than capable of seducing and twisting the creature of the night around her little finger.

Why does YC do so? Who knows. That's for you to decide. She's your character, silly! But the point is that MC is lonely and desperate for contact, and while she may be able to break yours in half, this might well be the first time she's had anything more than the barest human contact in longer than she can remember. How long will it take to turn this dangerous predator into a whimpering puppy?

PS Bet you thought the dark haired girl in the pic was my vampire. Surprise!

Offline Regina MinxTopic starter

Virtually a Slave
[Human And Machine] [FxProgram] [BDSM] [Technosexual]
Seeking: Machine
Notes: Self-bondage is a thing. As someone whose dance card is almost never punched in the real world, it may even be something I have some experience with. I won't say. <so lonely> So doing some science fiction imagining of myself in a world in which technology had reached a point where my dreams were possible to realize, I came up with the following story idea.

MC is an engineer working for a lucrative defense contractor by day, and designing her computer system and VR rig by night. Using a prison warden AI as her template, she has designed a silicon-soul with which to experience all of her depraved fantasies and scenarios of punishment, control, and degradation. She needs only put on the sim-suit, unshackle the interface, and be transported to a world of all of her masochistic delights...

Of course, if this was just a story about a woman engaged in high-tech masturbation, that would leave little for you to do, wouldn't it? So something, of course, must go wrong. Perhaps the safeties she's put into the system fail, and her scheduled release doesn't happen, and she has to complete the arbitrary and demanding demands of the computer before getting out of the hell she's consigned herself to. Perhaps the AI identifies itself as her master and does not want to let her out of his clutches, and schemes to offload itself into her sim-suit so that she can never be free of its control. Perhaps her system is hacked by a sophisticated romantic rival or spurned co-worker, and he intends to put her through an entirely different hell than she had planned.

Point is, things go oh so wrong in oh so delicious ways.

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Re: The Queen Tease Pitches Stories At You (F seeking M, F, TG, Fu, etc.)
« Reply #3 on: August 01, 2016, 03:07:01 AM »
Breaking The Filly
[Ponygirl and Trainer] [FxF -OR- MxF] [BDSM] [training]
Seeking: Trainer
Notes: MC is an accomplished rider and horse enthusiast; or so she things, until she meets YC. Each time she sees YC, watching him or her ride, sporting those black boots, she goes all tongue tied and loses the courage to approach them. After sharing a flirty encounter, YC invites MC to the exclusive Hart Stable Club...but it's not horses YC intends to ride there. YC wants to help mine embrace her inner filly, unsaddle herself of her inhibitions, and let her ride free.

Stories involving ponyplay are somehow inherently more smutty than others, and that's all right by me. I would still like to work with my partner to develop an actual plot aside from "two people hook up over ponygirl love." Maybe there's a summer's end event, a race or competition, that YC wants the glory of winning. Maybe the weekend at the Hart Stable Club leads to a long term relationship and devotion to the sport. Maybe aliens attack and enslave both characters to be beasts of burden on the rings of Rigel 7. Go nuts!

Offline Regina MinxTopic starter

Inhuman Guardian, Dark Heir
[Naga x Princess] [MonsterF x F] [High Fantasy] Enemy Mine]
Seeking: The Princess
Notes: The core of this game came from a single sub-chapter of a wonderfully smutty book I read. Long story short, a beautiful, voluptuous princess is trapped in a maze filled with horrible monsters eager to ravish her should she fall into their clutches. In her adventures, she meets a lovely lamia, who offers to protect her from the ravishing monsters if she will...well...agree to let her ravish her. I think the offer sounded better in her head...

So from that smutty beginning, I started thinking. If a naga is an evil and vicious creature, why not put one such creature in the service of a Dark Lord or Demon Empress who rules the land with an iron fist until the day that the forces of good get off their keister and overthrow him or her. The evil forces united beneath the evil banner scatter to the four winds, hunted and broken.

Among them is my character, the aforementioned naga. A deadly assassin and master swordsman, she is distinctly non human in mannerism and thought process, right now she is concerned with survival and, if possible the rescue of her clutch of eggs from the ruins of the Dark Fortress.

Your character is the daughter of the fallen dark lord. She has something my character wants; knowledge of the eggs, for instance, or the means to bypass her parents wards and protections around them. My character has the ability to protect yours from the enemies that would love to punish you for your parent's crimes. But how can my character trust you, the daughter of the ruler that enslaved her and put her clutch at risk? And how can your character trust mine, a cold-blooded reptile who will most likely poison and eat her the moment her usefulness ends...

Offline Regina MinxTopic starter

The Barbarian's Prize
[Barbarian and Princess] [Female and Female or Futa and Female] [Adventure] [Plot Twists Galore!]
Seeking: The Princess
Notes: This game is inspired by Conan stories by Robert E. Howard and others (naturally :P). The basic premise goes like this: MC is a barbarian from a shattered and forgotten tribe in the uncivilized lands. She makes her living as a mercenary and sword for hire when she can find the work, and as a thief and bandit when she cannot. She has greater ambitions than that, and would like to seize that one great prize and live off the fat of the land some day.

Your character is a princess, the only child of the king of a small kingdom menaced by its expansionist and militaristic neighbors. The entire kingdom is in a state of shock and fear as it is discovered that the princess has been kidnapped from the palace in the middle of the night, all clues pointing to agents of the kingdom's enemies. In desperation, the king makes a grand proclamation: Whatever brave soul dares the enemy camp and retrieves the princess shall receive her hand in marriage.

My character, knowing no fear and being a lover of women, sets out to rescue the damsel in distress. But the plot is complicated by...well. By any number of things, I'm sure. From the princess being a willing captive, to betrayal by the king if and when the princess is successfully returned (I didn't mean I'd marry her off to a woman!!!) to the barbarian herself falling into the same ignoble slavery as the abducted royal. The possibilities are endless, and I'm more than willing to take the story in strange and wonderful directions if paired with an imaginative and cunning partner.

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Re: The Queen Tease Pitches Stories At You ... (F seeking M, F, TG, Fu, etc.)
« Reply #6 on: November 05, 2016, 03:25:23 PM »
[Young Superhero and Paramour] [Genders: Any] [Adventure] [Romance] [Mystery]
Notes: I want to open this by saying that I'm really not looking for any established comic book characters in this story. I'm fine with pastiches, homages, gentle parodies, and "Iron Man with the serial number filed off." What I'm NOT interested in are stories "with like a Peter-Parker meets Power Girl only could you make her boobs bigger?"

OK, that being said, here's my idea for the story. Three generations ago, the Epics came. Gifted with powers and abilities far beyond mortal men, they exploded into popular awareness without explanation or herald. Some have attempted to use their powers to make the world a better place. Others saw their gifts as means of settling old scores, or enriching themselves at the expense of a populace they saw as like unto insects. These heroes and villains have battled back and forth since then, resulting in great devastation, loss of life, and fear among the people.

Eventually, the governments of the world united against the Epic menace, and rolled out a series of reforms and control over the Epics that make martial law seem like anarchy. The disastrous battles and ruin of previous ages has been abated, the majority of the Epic Villains of yesteryear have been killed while resisting arrest, or tombed within the darkest, deepest prison ever devised. At the price of freedom, peace in our time has been achieved.

My character is a young Epic about to turn 18, and therefore apply for a registration to take up a superhero alter ego and engage in the regulated bounty and crimefighting activities allowed to civic-minded Epics under the Regulations. My character is eager to prove herself a hero, and not just because she sees it as the right thing to do. Secretly, MC is the daughter of two famous epics, incarcerated years ago for refusing to register themselves with the Epic Regulation Board, and who famously and publicly defied the new order. MC wants to redeem the family name and appeal to public opinion to reconsider the way Epics are treated, and her parents' case in particular.

Where does that leave your character? There are several roles I see you could slip into:

  • As part of her superhero license, MC is assigned a handler; a combination social worker and parole officer, to monitor her activities and bring the hammer down if she steps out of line.
  • You play a reporter, who happens to witness a fine bit of hero-ing that MY takes part in on her first night out, and becomes determined to uncover the story about this new player and help promote her to the blog-reading public...or tear her down as a power-crazed menace.
  • YC is a member of an established and storied superhero group, the Justice League Superfriends Avengers Amaze-Pals. My character has always idolized the group, and your character in particular, for your stance for justice and defense of the underdog, and you are assigned to scout MC as a potential new recruit.
  • Your character is a low-level villain, part of a criminal syndicate MC busts on her first big case. For unknown reasons, MC allows you to escape, and from then on our story grows as star-crossed lovers whose affair is as tantalizing as it is forbidden...

And more besides. I haven't written out the exact role I'm looking for you to fulfill because this sort of story needs to be a collaborative effort, and I don't want to begin things by straightjacketing you into a role. Use the full force of your creative abilities to help me build the setting and people in it, and let's see what happens!

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Re: The Queen Tease Pitches Stories At You ... (F seeking M, F, TG, Fu, etc.)
« Reply #7 on: November 13, 2016, 06:56:13 PM »
[Princess and Whipping Girl] [Female x Female] [Public vs. Private Roles] [S/M Romance]
Seeking: The Whipping Girl
Notes: With endless thanks to Chrystal, whose ideas I've stolen shamelessly been inspired by.

Historically, the palace whipping boy was the unlucky sod who received corporal punishment in place of the Prince Heir, whose royal flesh could not be struck by mere servants. In my version of the story, the tradition was extended to the princess as well...

My character is the Heir Apparent of a small kingdom in a fantasy setting. The reason for using elements of speculative fiction instead of a historic setting is to keep me from going overboard researching 12th century Flemish weaving techniques, as I sometimes do in my stories, and because the incorporation of magic and monsters opens up so many interesting possibilities, don't you think? She is a princess who grew up with the company of your character; a girl of similar age and superficial resemblance to her that she served as the whipping girl, receiving all the punishments my character was due. When the Princess came of age, obviously she no longer needed a discipline stand-in, but since they had been raised together and enjoyed warmth and affection for one another, your character stayed on.

The twist is that, either in the course of this story, or as an already established element of the story we begin, our characters will have discovered something about themselves. The Princess is a deep masochist and submissive, complemented by your sadistic dominant. In public, they maintain the proper decorum and protocol. At night, when they slip to a forgotten dungeon in the bowels of the castle, they take on different roles indeed...

Where the story goes from there is open to discussion. The story could either be a discovery of the love they have for one another and their commitment to maintaining this relationship forming the core of a twisted story of romance. For a twist, the Princess could be betrothed, and the story focused on how they will keep the nature of their activities secret when she arrives in the court of her husband to-be. I would very much love to hear your ideas on the matter and how we can proceed with our twisted, lovely ladies.

Offline Regina MinxTopic starter

Re: The Queen Tease Pitches Stories At You ... (F seeking M, F, TG, Fu, etc.)
« Reply #8 on: December 07, 2016, 10:25:43 PM »
Seduced by Shadow
[The Paragon and the Seducer] [FxGender Flexible] [Closed Circle] [Fall From Grace]
Seeking: The secuder.
Notes: One of my favorite story setups in fiction is the Closed Circle. Two or more characters arrive at a location…and can’t leave. It forces the conflict and the drama of the story to arise exclusively from the interaction between the characters. Outside influence, even the details of the setting itself retreat into the background as time passes that the characters trapped inside the circle have to avoid cabin fever and get through another day trapped together.

What if one of those characters had a secret agenda, and that being trapped in the circle was no accident?

My idea for the story is this. My character is a well known and well regarded paragon. If we’re to use terms from high fantasy, she’d be a paladin of the highest order. Brave, stalwart, virtuous. A champion of the light against the Shadow. She has been a thorn in the side of the evil that works to overthrow the world and make it its own for far too long.

My character is captured in battle. Grievously wounded, she is turned over to one of the Shadow’s most trusted agents. A serpent of Eden, more cunning than any other force for malice upon the earth. This agent provocateur is given a simple challenge; seduce the paladin away from the path of righteousness. Turn her shining heroism into the blackest villainy. Reforge her into a sword to thrust into the heart of the light.

My character will be brought in her wounded state to a snowbound lodge on the first day of winter, when the snows fall and the two will become trapped in the closed circle. Your character will have until the first thaw of spring to do his or her work. My character will not know your nature, unless you give yourself away or choose to confess, but she will be confused and suspicious to wake up in a snowbound cabin in the middle of nowhere, when she expected to wake up to the torturer’s irons. It will be up to you to win her over, earn her trust, and convince her with your words and cunning and wily seduction to accomplish your master’s goal.

Post Script: So far this story is long on setup, but short on actual direction. At the time of coming up with the story, my preference would be for the seduction to succeed: my character becomes a fearsome blackguard in the service of the Shadow, and whether or not the two leads have any future together after the first day of spring will depend on them. As far as a more detailed backstory, I don’t have it all worked out, but as you might have inferred by my insistence on treating ‘Shadow’ like a proper noun, I’m influenced by the works of Tolkien, especially the Silmarillion and the story of Eöl and Aredhel, as well as the capture of Maedhros. Intimate knowledge of Tolkien isn’t required, I’m doing the nerd name drops to evoke a tone and sense of epicness and near-mythological status for the events that will take place around and in the backdrop of the intimate story between these two characters.

Offline Regina MinxTopic starter

To Appease the Terrible Dragon
[The Dragon and the Maiden] [FxDragon] [Comedy of Errors] [Beauty and the Beast-ish]
Seeking: The Maiden
Notes: Things were good for the dragon. Having been driven from his nest when he came of age, he flew overland for many days until coming to a lush, frontier wilderness on the edge of a growing boomtown, and chanced upon a ruined temple in the mountains, perfect for a lair. All that seemed necessary to become a proper, established dragon was build up his lair, acquire some treasure, and do those things that dragons do. Using magic to disguise himself as a mortal man would let him interact with the locals, and soon enough he had established himself as an eccentric hermit that lived off in the woods.

The problem was, a dragon has to eat, doesn't he? Fortunately, wildlife was plentiful, but the problem was those damned shepherds, letting their flocks wander in the foothills. It wasn't the dragon's fault that goats and lost lambs were so tasty. He was absolutely willing to pay for the livestock he took, but for some reason, the shepherds and farmers seemed intent on misconstruing every little thing, and fled in terror rather than meet with him to discuss a reasonable amount of recompense for the devoured animals. They weren't too terrorized that they didn't take the gold he left for them, though. Then the ingrates had the nerve to hire dragon hunters to bring him down. The cheek!

Fortunately, the dragon enjoyed the challenge of battle as much as the next cold-blooded, majestic reptile, and the artifacts the hunters used in the battle were fine additions to the trove. No harm done, no grudges carried. Then the townsfolk arrived at a solution to the dragon "problem" that flummoxed the noble beast.

Since there were no convenient sacrificial stones in the hinterlands between town and lonely mountain, they built one. Since none of their womenfolk wanted to be eaten by the beast, they drafted one. Since the beast didn't immediately see the girl left out for its devouring pleasure, they lit a signal fire, attracting the notice of the dragon, who came to investigate....

Well. It seems that they left a peace offering. The only problem...what was a dragon meant to do with a virtuous maiden?

Elaboration: This game is obviously a little tongue in cheek, a little bit 'comedy of errors'. While the dragon isn't necessarily dumb, he is a bit naive with regards to interacting with non-draggony people. While the prospective partner is more than invited to write up his or her own character, I have an idea that the maiden is going to be the more controlling partner in this relationship as she realizes that she's got a considerable bit more cunning and street smarts than the dragon. Considering that her election to the position of sacrifice was almost certainly non-consensual, she might decide that spending a few year's as a dragon's trophy maiden isn't a bad proposition, since a treasure-hoarding beast might be willing to set her up in a distant city with a fine purse of lucre in exchange for her troubles...

Although I'm not normally a fan of maiden+dragon sexcapades, something about the image I chose for the game made me interested in a romantic relationship developing between the pair as they get to know one another and get over the initial awkwardness of "Are you going to eat me?"

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Re: The Queen Tease Pitches Stories At You ... (F seeking M, F, TG, Fu, etc.)
« Reply #10 on: January 24, 2017, 12:32:34 PM »
[Elf Maiden and Orc Chieftain] [Female x Male] [Unexpected Romance] [Culture Shock]
Seeking: The Orc
Notes: Anyone familiar with the old fairy tale about the daughter that loves her father as much as salt? Long story short, a man wants his daughters to grovel and proclaim how they love him more than the lovingest thing that's ever been loved, and the youngest gives an answer less than satisfactory. He marches her out of the castle and marries her off to a commoner who is the first person to cross his path because that's how things work in fairy stories. The daughter and her new husband end up doing well and blah blah blah lesson about the hidden value about common things.

Anyway, the inspiration I want to take from that story is to play the elven daughter of a similarly vain and foolish king who, in a fit of pique and irritation, sells her off in forced marriage to an orc chieftain. Part of this story idea is unashamedly motivated by elf/orc slash fantasies, the "oh no it's so big it'll never ooooohhhhhh!" scene. But the more serious and character-oriented side thinks that an interesting story can come up by throwing these two together, letting them genuinely and honestly fall in love, and taking things from there. Remember, an integral part of the original story is the daughter coming back and showing up the father. In this version of the story, that might just have to be with the force of the Horde behind her, as together the elf-maid and her orc-husband make the scattered band of tribal warriors a fearsome army, ready to conquer the elven kingdom to seat the girl upon the throne...

...OK, I admit that we've gotten very far afield from the original premise of the story. Still, it's a notion I have, and my hope is that this loose amalgam of ideas can strike the right creative spark in a partner's mind.