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May 24, 2018, 03:34:32 AM

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Author Topic: Searching for lighthearted artistic partner (M for F )  (Read 501 times)

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Offline KingKongTopic starter

Searching for lighthearted artistic partner (M for F )
« on: July 08, 2016, 03:24:10 PM »
Hello I'm KingKong,

I'm brand new to this community and I would like to begin to engage the group. Strategically I will probably do best by targeting you individually. My plan is to throw some 1x1 RP bait out there and pick off someone who's wandering from the group unawares of my evil scheme. Enough said.

I'm unprivileged and unapproved so far, so feel free to post here.

I have a VERY exploring writing style and so I generally start my stories without knowing what they will become. To that end I like to start with an imagined moment and write the story going forward without a game plan. That being said. I have experience doing partner role play so I know the importance of communicating about the things that are actively evolving in the plot.

Here are a couple of moments that I think have promise for a good story

After the dust settled and the mourners shuffled off, Camila was left alone at home for the first time since her father's death. The quiet of the old plantation house was absolute as she sat in her dad's recliner, and traced the soft edge of her blanket against her palm. She wasn't crying. It had been I tiring day featuring plenty of crying. Instead she stared idly off into space replaying the events of the last few days in her mind. She caught herself worrying about details of the service and the reception of the eulogy she'd delivered. She shook it off. Being the only family member still in his life, the brunt of putting a service together had fallen to her. At least money hadn't been an issue. Her father's lawyer had a check for more than she could spend in her hand less than an hour after he was declared dead.

 decided that she should do something active to shake off the anxiety.

Offline KingKongTopic starter

Re: Searching for lighthearted artistic partner (M for F )
« Reply #1 on: July 08, 2016, 03:46:56 PM »

She grabbed a jacket, slipped on some shoes and stepped onto her front porch. She stopped halfway out the door when she saw the man in her driveway. He was leaning against a beat up Lincoln Towncar that looked like it had been dragged through too many states. He held a cigarette in one hand and a note pad in the other. He stood there sizing her up for a moment with big eyes that might have been blue. Then he gave her a gave her a lopsided. Though she couldn't put her finger on why she knew it was true but the man's occupation hung on him like mantle. "What the hell is a reporter doing in my drive way?" She said to him relishing the opportunity to pick a fight.

There are a million ways to go from here. I like some of these:
-Daddy was a gangster, Camila infiltrates to write an expose.
-Daddy was a gangster, Camila accidentally tells the reporter too much and they have to run from the dangerous syndicate which is much more powerful than she believes.
-Daddy may have been murdered, the police botched the job, we track us down some killer scum bag.
-Whatever your heart desires.

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Re: Searching for lighthearted artistic partner (M for F )
« Reply #2 on: July 08, 2016, 04:26:58 PM »

Scene:The clumps of snow fall slowly in the dense wood. Heavy footsteps pad through the near darkness. The figure who walked through the snow looked half man and half bear. A thick bear skin covered him from head to toe keeping winters cold at bay. A jagged spear head jutted out over his shoulder. It's irregular crystalline edge gave the impression that it was a product of nature. He pushed on though the snow, wind and branches marching like a madman.
Night deepened and cold pressed through all the cracks in the hide where he had unskillfully strapped it to himself and to his precious cargo. He began to worry that she hadn't cried for some time. He stopped and awkwardly peeked down a flap he had fashioned as his collar to where she was strapped against his chest. She shivered at the sudden cold and made an unhappy face in her sleep.
"Ha! Good girl." he said to her as he closed the flap "Warm enough to still act like a princess about a little breeze" He trudged on. The city would come into view soon. Despite the hardships that lead him to this moment, he felt a little boyish excitement at finally getting to see it.

Thoughts on plots:For this I imagine he's saved the baby girl from certain death. If I were to charge off in on direction I would say that the girl was going to be sacrificed by the mad priest like the rest of the illegitimate children that come out of her father's harem. The priest seems to have some kind of power over the king. I'm the young knight who wants to somehow rid the king of the priest's influence. His conscience gnawed on him about the sacrifices and one day he snapped, stole one, and fled.