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December 06, 2016, 12:04:08 AM

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Author Topic: Looking for something new  (Read 192 times)

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Offline RathanTopic starter

Looking for something new
« on: July 08, 2016, 12:34:47 PM »
Waves of wet heat shifted lazily over the humid floor the jungle before him. Eerie yellow eyes glowing ominously in the dark of the forest night. Vulpine irises moving smoothly left, right, up, and down... in that slow predatory fashion that only a true killer could possess. Ears filtering the screeching sounds that passed for normal in this god forsaken forest. He growled softly a contemptuous light burning within those eyes startlingly cold eyes as a slow smile crept upon his lips.  The sight chilling even in this heat. There she was, arrogant, beautiful, and deadly. Walking right into his territory without even a by your leave.  When would she realize he was not to be trifled with?  Perhaps this time she needed something a little.. less subtle.  One she would not forget so easily this time around.

Growling deep inside his throat he crouched letting his eyes move over her.. patient.. perfectly still.  His massive form a knot of heavy muscle that seemed to ripple power down his whole body. Like a cat ready to pounce. His well tanned body half naked wearing only the soft brown of leather molded perfectly along the six pack of his stomach downward.  The soft pad of his leather boots molding to his hiding spot as well as any moccasin.. A few stray black strands falling wildly over the strong features of his face.. tickling his nose as breath sped and his heartbeat grew.. the cold excitement of the hunt filling him even as the woman beneath moved further into the darkness of his territory.. alert yet as of yet unaware of his presence. 

She was right under him now.. he quietly moved his hand to grasp one of the two large knives.. leaning forward his eyes pinning his target even as with one motion he let himself drop forward face first towards his now victim.. somersaulting easily in mid air as his sleek body neatly landed feet first behind his target the hand already at her throat.. neatly holding a knife at her throat.. his other hand snapping forward an viciously pulled back her weapon arm in one painful yet smooth motion.  His angry growl evident now as he snarled.. "Move and die."  The words whipping across her like something physical.. His calloused fingers taking her chin and with surprising gentleness guided her face towards his.. Cold blues flashing dangerously as they met her's...  "Perhaps I've not made myself clear it is quite.. "unhealthy" to provoke a warrior of my tribe.. in our lands.. and quite alone."  Emphasizing that last point with his warm breath upon the back of her neck..  His lips softly moving to her ear whispering as if to a lover.. We can be quite bad you know... his eyes burning darkly as they moved over her now helpless form held so close to his hard body... A hard protrusion suddenly evident along her back.. His eyes holding her's meaningfully as he let her feel her helplessness.. or shall I let you be my pet for a time? He raised his eyebrow and then smiled as he looked her over. Dont think that just because you caught me half naked Ill be any easier or less likely to kill you pretty one. Voice almost teasing now...

First thing's first.  You want to know if I can write?  Look up and decide for yourself.  It's something I've had floating around for a bit.  Hopefully you approve.

So this post's a bit unusual for me.  I usually prefer to keep my stories off site (BTW that request is still active in the correct sub forum) but as time has been at a premium of late I have less time for the instant gratification of IMs so I've been moving more and more to offline sources.  Hence, here I am.  I'm an imaginative flexible roleplayer who knows his way around the rp field.  I know how to make a story and am used to leading.  I've got a rather wide variety of likes and dislikes and can often match my partner desires.  One of the things I like best is bending a situation that at first seems anything but sensual into an  experience that causes the blood to pound and temperatures rise.  If that sounds interesting feel free to send me a pm and we'll talk.  A sample to lead off equals buku points with me.  Here's a few pairing's.  If anything get's your interest look over my o/os and I'm sure we can work out something more detailed later.   


The office-
An office situation of some sort.  Whether it be a seduction of a younger coworker to the switching of roles.  Revenge sex upon a bitchy boss.  This could be fun with the right person.

high fantasy(and all the other spectrums honestly)-
Broad spectrum here.. whether it be the entrapment of a feline anthro to the wooing of a high elf.  Most anything is possible.

Find a pairing and let's make it work. 

Modern fantasy-
I love the idea.. It's dark.. brooding.. with modern sensibilities.. Make it exciting and I'll be all over it.  Given the right partner I generally play a werewolf or a regular human in a world full of unexplainable things.. mage.. warrior.. fill in the blank.  I like this for the same reason I like fantasy it's broad but familiar even while being exotic.

Beginnings of ideas
I often tend to just find a seed basically a pairing along with a setting and theme and start writing.  Sometimes I don't even know what I'll say until I say it.  I have no problem starting like this... also no problem discussing ideas especially if my partner wants something juicy.

The Home breaker-
Handsome young hunk seduces another's wife.  There's something sexy about knowing you shouldn't but you can't help but not.  There's a whole lot of promise here.

For lust for ms hotness-
I'm suave mr money bags.. you're the hot thing I can't keep my eyes off of.. am I the hunter or the hunted?

Friend with benefits-
I've just met you and you me... maybe we met casually getting to know each other one night and exchanging phone numbers not truly expecting anything to come of it... one day I get a text asking to be picked up from one place or another.. I barely know you but I'm willing to be nice.. and as reward.. well things suddenly get interesting as the clothes start flying..

This could be in "play" or in reality within the rp.  Many of my plays revolve around the idea of dom sub.  This can go from one extreme (super light) to something on the other side of the scale.  It really depends on the sensibilities and interests of my partner.   

My girlfriend the pornstar-
Basically my character has been dating his high school sweetheart for years.  They applied to the same college but ended up in different ones.  They chose to go it long distance until he graduates as she chose to go the artsy rout.  Two years later things seem to be going just fine and he gets an opportunity to transfer to a college near her... They rent a house together... it's unusually nice.  He notices strange things such as odd bruises and unmatched stories... also she's far better in bed than she'd ever been before.  Still, he doesn't connect the dots... not until he decided to browse pornhub one day and found her featured in their own home.  Shock turns into anger then cold calculation... She'd been playing the innocent angel until now how was he going to uncover the horns underneath?  A little revenge was in order... that and he intended to make her his in a way she'd never been before.

Elements I like
bits and pieces of what I like in my stories.  Obviously some cancel each other out so don't take this as an everything every time

Pseudo Non con- I mention in my O/Os no extreme non con but I will do some of non con.. and enjoy it if both partner's are seeking the same thing.  There has to be tells.  Aka something in her eyes.. or the way her breath hitches.. or an in held cry of pleasure.  Given the right situation I'm definitely not against force.. maybe even taking the other character against her will.. but my way of doing things is almost always with the idea of eventually  making the other see that despite her pride.. despite the degradation.. she really wants this.. even if it's despite herself.  That is sexy.  I'd consider extreme nc to be playing the act without any real sense of progression.. No change to the character.. no covered interest.  When I find partner's were where there's chemistry here.. it's hawt stuff.

Emotional impact-
I like a bit of zing to my stories.  Sometimes that means allowing characters make mistakes such as an accidental affair.  Sometimes I introduce a second love interest for my partner.  Cheating... Finding one's girlfriend with or married to someone else after a long absence (perhaps my character is sent overseas and is considered MIA and just shows up again). Sudden break ups based off of imperfect info.  Memory loss.  I like a little jealousy.  It tends to make things that much spicy.

An image is worth a thousand words (sometimes)-
I often throw a portrait of my characters to my partners as well as giving a little eye candy to detail what's going on with the story.  Whether that be clothing, places, things, or positions.  I try to keep this at tease level around R rated (unless the other wants more) and yes this doesn't take the place of description.  It's for spice not a replacement.

A good love story-
There's usually an element of this even in my more sexually oriented plots.  Unless it's decided otherwise there's usually a bit of soft to the otherwise harsh dom but let me be clear I do enjoy something more vanilla from time to time.  It doesn't have to be all rough and ready.  This feeds into my next element.

I like to space things out it doesn't have to be all sex... a little sensuality can go a long ways even if they never end up tearing each others clothes off. 

I like to tease and be teased.  Perhaps our characters are in a place they can't act out their desires but mine finds a way to make your character wet with just his voice against her ear.

Dirty talk-
Love it.

Loss of control-
Though I usually start on top I'm not at all against a woman taking control.  I love a little unpredictability.  I'll play pretty much any scene by ear.  You want to dom me?  Go ahead and try.  I'm not promising I'll give in but I won't be impervious to it either. 

These are just a few ideas mix and match to please or let's just make something up.  Here's to hoping we can rp some time.<smiles> Laters.