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Author Topic: Horror and Fantasy cravings (Mostly F for M)  (Read 517 times)

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Horror and Fantasy cravings (Mostly F for M)
« on: July 04, 2016, 01:41:11 PM »
Welcome to my own little personal corner of E. Hopefully you can forgive the lack of formatting and pictures; I'm terrible with both. It's also my first seeking thread and something I've dreaded making for the longest time. But here it is, in all of its unimaginative and poorly planned glory.

So first off, I'll be completely up front and say that I'm not looking for a game dominated by sex. "My role x Your role" games do absolutely nothing for me. I need more than that. A lot more. Plot. Emotion. Passion. Two characters looking at each other and immediately deciding sex needs to happen just feels so terribly forced and fake to me. If there's an idea you want to ask me about, please keep this in mind before sending anything. It's the most important part of roleplaying for me.

I'd like a partner with a good grasp of the English language. I'm not expecting perfection, just a noticeable effort and an interest in the story. Writing 2-3 paragraphs is enough for me and more is always appreciated. The only exception to that might be dialogue. Typing paragraph long monologues feels out of place sometimes. My ideal pace is probably somewhere around 2-3 posts a week.

I've never bothered with a full blown thread for this. If you just have to know before you'll go any further, PM me and I'll come up with a rough list. My personal ons are admittedly on the tame and vanilla side but I'm flexible enough for the right story and the right partner. If there's something you want, ask. As long as it's not too out there, I can probably roll with it. I'm not concerned about my partner's gender and while I prefer to play women, I don't mind playing a guy here and there. M/F is my preference but I could probably do M/M if you catch me in the right mood. F/F isn't really my thing though.

So here it is. The majority of the games I'm looking for fall into either the Fantasy or Horror genres. Combine them together and I'm even happier. If you have something that fits into either of those two categories, I'll probably at least consider it. Whether it's the high magic worlds of D&D or low magic worlds like Game of Thrones, my inner dork just can't get enough. And if you have a story that can send a shiver down my spine, give me goosebumps, or just plain creep me out, I'll probably love you forever.

For My Betrothed | Medieval Fantasy
Arraigned marriage. Many princesses hear those dreadful words at a young age, their beauty promised to some man they've never even met so their fathers can broker alliances or gain power. Some lash out, some quietly accept it as the way things have to be. But for one princess, those words always sent a blush of giddy excitement to her cheeks. If it weren't for her betrothed's family and country, her own would have ceased to be years ago. She owes him everything and as both her eighteenth birthday and the day of her marriage approach, her only thoughts are of how she will prove how grateful she really is.

There's just one problem: the princess was raised a proper lady, spared from the vulgarity of a commoner's life. In other words, she doesn't have the slightest idea what is expected of her or how to please her future husband on the night of their wedding, and that constant thought is driving her mad with anxiety. What if he doesn't like doing it with her? What if her inexperience costs the kingdom the crutch that keeps it aloft? That can't happen - she won't let it happen. With downcast eyes that refuse to look upon his face and nervous hands that she can't calm, the princess approaches the man in her life that she trusts most with a proposal neither of them ever thought they would hear.

This one is admittedly a little sex-heavy but with enough wiggle room for drama and plotting to keep it engaging for me. In this story, I'd play the princess and all the women that get pulled into the story while I'd like my partner to create and play the man she turns to as well as the husband-to-be should the story get that far. Take whatever liberties you'd like with the characters, all I ask is that both males be noticeably older (somewhere in the 25-40 age range) and at least somewhat dominant. For ideas, the man she asks for help could be anything from a tutor, a bodyguard, or even a brother if that's your thing. The man she is to marry could be a complete prince charming or a callous knight. The country he hails from might be a military powerhouse that saved the kingdom from the ravages of war or a prosperous one that bailed her family out of crushing debt.

While I intend for the princess to be the main character of this story, the idea is that she would spend the majority of the game as a voyeur, hiding and watching as your character takes other women to bed. Gradually she could get bolder and participate but she would still be adamant about saving herself unless the story takes a turn. Maybe it turns out exactly as planned; the princess learns what she wants to know, gives her husband a honeymoon to remember, and lives happily ever after. Or maybe she can't help but develop feelings for the other man after so many nights spent sharing scandalous moments together.

Found Footage | Modern Horror
The most recent batch of mass murders have been dominating the news for several days now. The strange ones always do. When the police chief takes the podium and utters the words "We can't explain it," it always captures the imaginations of the morbidly curious. But this time it was different - this time one of the victims had been recording everything. This time, the police were going to have clues to aid them in solving these gruesome murders and putting the sick son of a bitch behind them in prison.

It was a small miracle that the electronic device still worked at all, drenched as it was in its owner's blood. There had to be something there, though. And so, two federal officers were given the unenviable task of combing through all the footage shot that night - after signing all the forms and waivers, of course. Given the state the bodies were found in, this wasn't going to be pleasant. With a loud click of the lightswitch, the two officers settled in for a long night. It was just a video blog of some stupid, drunk college kid. What could go wrong?

After binging on horror movies for a good solid week, it sort of dawned on me how awesome a found footage style game would be to roleplay. There's a built in excuse for skipping around to the good parts or cutting the gruesome bits short: the officers just hit the fast forward button and move on to the next scene. In my mind it'll play out like a typical found footage movie: some establishing scenes that introduce the characters, some build up, and then the sinister stuff. Since this is found footage, the characters in the video are obviously meant to die so the game will be on the darker side. I'm also toying with the idea of having the officers encounter the same thing after witnessing it on video. Maybe once the video is over, it can shift to a more traditional RP if my partner is interested.

I'm open for discussing pretty much everything about this one: what's killing everyone, how it does it, and what sort of scenes the drunk college kid is filming (it's not a cheesy horror movie if drunk college kids aren't fooling around right before getting killed off).

Between Heaven and Hell | High Fantasy
Centuries ago, a blind scribe and her gift caught the attention of the world; every word this woman put to paper came true down to the smallest detail. That is how the Book of Fate came to be written, the church taking the woman in and providing her with a massive canvas that could hold her every vision. For decades the woman crawled across its giant pages, never aging and never resting as her hand feverishly scribbled everything that was and everything that would be. It didn't take long for her to be elevated to divine status, worshipers gathering in marbled halls just to catch a glimpse of their own future as it was being written. Then, one day, she simply disappeared, leaving the world behind and the Book unfinished. Her worshipers fell into despair, concerned what would happen should time ever catch up with the book's words. Would it be doomsday?


A paladin stood in front of his order's elders - every single one of them. Something was wrong; they never gathered all at once like this. One of them spoke from beneath his white robes, a faceless voice that carried the wheeze of advanced age. The world was coming to an end - the Book neared its final pages. The impossible mission of tracking down the goddess that wrote the Book was given to him and him alone, partly because the Book had appointed him the task but also because he was the most accomplished in his order by no insignificant margin. He was their best and the Book had chosen him - that was enough. What they would not tell him was that he was doomed to fail; the Book ended before his mission could either succeed or fail. The world was to end and his was a hopeless quest.

I'm a bit picky with this one, mostly because I plan on running it as a GM for whomever would like to play the Paladin. System or freeform, I'm fine with both, but I do plan on controlling everything in the world that isn't your character. The conflict comes in the form of two goddesses, one dark and one light. The dark one will make her presence known first, offering to aid the Paladin in his journey for reasons she won't disclose. She's powerful, charming, and more than willing to seduce the Paladin if it would help, and as things become more and more bleak, saying "No" would become increasingly difficult. The goddess of light would be there to remind the Paladin of his oath and to keep him on the track that was laid out before him. She too might resort to some less conventional tactics should they prove to work out for her counterpart - whatever it takes to keep him free of the dark goddess' influence. They both have a plan where the Paladin is the key to everything, and he quickly becomes trapped in a divine tug-of-war.

I'm not looking for a Paladin that gets a few wet dreams sent his way and some promises of power and goes "Yep. Sex and power. I'm in." I want this to be a slow slide into corruption with desperation being the driving force that leads him toward the dark. The world needs saving and dark goddess is the only one trying to help him. It can't be bad if he saves everyone in the end, right?

My Hero! | Multiple Settings
This is less of a full idea and more of a relationship dynamic that I'd like to try out. I'm looking to play a relatively normal girl opposite a man that's more than capable of handling anything thrown at him. I'm not too concerned with the setting, all that matters is the theme. A barmaid that gets swooped up into an adventurer's life after an unforgettable one-night stand, a post-apocalyptic girl that pays a mercenary to escort her across the wastes, or a superhero's girlfriend that gets more than she bargained for. There'd be a story, of course, and I'm not looking for anything too deep into NC territory. If you have a full idea that fits into this or would like to discuss one, PM me.
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Re: Horror and Fantasy cravings (Mostly F for M)
« Reply #1 on: November 06, 2016, 09:20:55 PM »
Updated. Reworked some ideas, added new ones, trimmed stuff down so they're more manageable, and added a couple of pictures to pretty everything up. Pictures!