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May 20, 2018, 11:03:37 AM

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Author Topic: "Scarlet and Snow"/"My Sister, My Duty, My Whore" (F looking for Dominant M)  (Read 540 times)

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Offline Anastasia LockhartTopic starter

Just when I thought my dance card was full, I got some ideas.

UPDATE: Sister/Duty/Whore is Closed until further notice. It got a lot of interest and I'm now just looking to fulfill Scarlet and Snow.

Scarlet and Snow
They have been called many things. Satanists, Heretics, Cultists, Perverts. The Path to Eden began 100 years ago quietly in Southern Mountain Country, a following of fifty. They believed that through sex magic, free love, and isolation, they would find the way back to Paradise and God's love. They rarely recruited, and were seen as harmless, but deviant by the law. Over time, members have left, moved away, or simply died. Now the group has dwindled to a mere seven men. Luke, Father Iblis, Jericho, Chuckles, Bart, English Joe, and the newcomer. For three years, the newcomer has lived in peace with his new brothers, accepting their ways and participating in all rituals. The occasional female member has wandered in and out, but it's been a boys club up until now.

Then the letter comes in. Newcomer's ex is in prison, after trying to kill their 16-year-old daughter, Bianca. She's beautiful and shy and innocent, raised in a strict Conservative Christian household, on a steady diet of purity balls and silver rings and fairytales of Prince Charming. But, now, without Mama to look after her, she needs her daddy and the commune has agreed to open their gates to her. The night before the newcomer headed off to the city to bring Bianca back, Father Iblis had a vision.

"The Path to Eden is through the Gates of Eve and Lilith. The Serpent of the Father is the Key, through Babylon's Mysteries. Eden shall unfold in her and we shall be made whole."

The message is clear: for the first time in 20 years, the Path to Eden will have a Scarlet Woman. That woman is Bianca.


This story is technically an erotic, religious themed, Southern Gothic take on Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. It's kind of an obsession of mine. I am willing to take on a few of the other men and Bianca, but the father at least is your role. There will be bisexual and homosexual situations, but the focus is mostly on the incestuous relationship that will begin between the newcomer and his daughter, at the behest of Father Iblis, who by the way is grooming the newcomer to become his successor. There can be supernatural elements or it can be left ambiguous.

My Sister, My Duty, My Whore

She's destined to be the hottest thing in rock music. Roxana, your baby sister, has a voice that shimmers and a look to kill for. But, Dad always said she was just like Mom, too willful, too headstrong. You'll have to keep her in line. Because Dad's gone now and Roxana is just sixteen and already gunning for trouble. You've caught her drinking, smoking weed, sending dirty pictures to admirers, cajoling her wardrobe people into making her costumes just a little sexier. The night of her big release party, you finally caught her blowing her producer in the guest room, naked as the day she was born.

This is the last straw. Ticket sales are down, and you need her both in line and making money. The producer comes to you with a deal: $10,000 to film you popping the little brat's cherry, another $5,000 if he can fuck her afterwards. It's hard to deny; Roxy has blossomed into a hot little number, and it's hard to remember she's your sister when you see her on stage. And Roxy seems to like to use her sex appeal on every guy she can. So why not? By day, you two can be the perfect team, brother-manager, sister-star. By night, you're both Dom and pimp and you're going to make her the filthiest whore this side of Vegas.


This could be toned down a bit, but I want Roxy to be rebellious, and maybe for her brother to exploit that. She wants a drink? Fine, but she has to let him fuck her while she blows this guy. She wants to wear that short skirt? Only if he can film her getting gang banged and the subsequent creampies while she wears it. Definite elements of voyeurism and heavy incest, with possible pregnancy. Maybe he gets more money if she's knocked up. I'm open to a bondage element, too. Maybe he collars her and loans her out to other Doms, provided he's the one she gives her body to at the end of the day.[/s]
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Offline Anastasia LockhartTopic starter

UPDATE: Sister/Duty/Whore is Closed until further notice. It got a lot of interest and I'm now just looking to fulfill Scarlet and Snow.