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Author Topic: Magi's Magnificent Menagerie of Musings [F seeking M or F for FxM/FxF/MxM]  (Read 567 times)

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Magi's Magnificent Menagerie of Musings
Request Thread
(N.B. This post is very much still a work in progress and will be added to as time allows)


Hello there! Welcome to my request thread, please make yourself at home and peruse the following text at your leisure. I have put this thread together in the hopes of explaining who I am, my style of writing and what I look for in perspective writing partners. Should you have any questions please feel free to PM me and I'll be happy to answer them as best I can.

  • About Me
  • What You Can Expect From Me
  • Preferences in a Writing Partner
  • Ons and Offs
  • Cravings
  • Plots
  • Current Roleplay List
  • Archive

1. About Me - So, who is Magi?

I've been roleplaying on and off for over twelve years now,  during which time I have experimented with various platforms (e.g. forums, ims, PMs, MMOs) before finally coming upon this site via the recommendation of a previous writing partner. That being said I am by no means a 'professional' writer nor really any kind of expert when it comes to crafting stories and characters, and I very much enjoy the learning and challenges that come with working collaboratively with other writers.

While I've certainly developed my own preferences in terms of themes, genres and settings, I'm also open to discussing new and unique plot ideas or character interactions! So please don't be shy in PMing me with suggestions or ideas of your own. Equally I consider myself to be a very accepting and friendly person, and I hope that I can get to know a good number of you out there through IC and OOC communication.

2. What You Can Expect From Me
  • I am a female who is happy playing males and females, though I have a preference toward playing female characters.
  • Pairings I enjoy: MxF, MxM, FxF (not necessarily in that order).
  • I consider myself to be a literate and detailed writer. I can't promise perfect grammar/spelling, but I try to ensure that what errors I do make are kept to a minimum.
  • My post length is usually between 3-5 paragraphs, though often I can write a great deal more depending on my partner or the roleplay itself.
  • I only ever write in third person.
  • I enjoy lengthy plots rather than the 'quick and dirty' kind.
  • While I enjoy writing sexual encounters, I find that I enjoy them all the more when they are realistically placed within a broader story. Smut is great, story is better, and a combination of the two is sublime!
  • I tend toward more submissive characters, but I have been known to play more dominant ones when a suitable mood/plot strikes.
  • Communication is key to most things in life! If you've PMed me and you haven't received a response within a few days then please give me another poke, it's likely I've simply forgotten or have been distracted by this pesky thing called life.

3. Preferences in a Writing Partner

These are what I look for in perspective writing partners; the more boxes you tick the more keen I will be! That being said I'm always willing to discuss these preferences and make allowances were possible. If in doubt, shoot me a PM. :)

Moderate to long post length & detail!

I know. It's not the size that counts, it's how you use it! Like all of these preferences, this is not a hard and fast rule. Simply put; in order for me to be able to write something which substantially contributes to the ongoing movement of the plot and character development I require something substantial with which I can work. I have written alongside people who can say a great deal within a much smaller space and this has worked perfectly, and I have written with others who write paragraphs who don't say very much. There is certainly a balance to be struck.

That being said, my preference is for detailed posts around the 3-5 paragraph mark. In return, I shall do the same.

Any gendered writer playing any gendered character

This seems pretty self explanatory I think. Are you a female that enjoys writing male characters? Great! Maybe you're the opposite? Brilliant! I honestly don't mind, I just want to make stories together!


This is a big one and a pretty important one too. If you have an idea in mind for a particular plot, or perhaps you want to tweak an ongoing thread a little or alter it's course? Let me know! Perhaps life has got pretty hectic and you can't post as quickly or as much as you had previously been able to? Let me know! Perhaps you just want a break from our thread or maybe roleplay in general? Let me know!

Whatever it might be, I'm a pretty easy going person, please please please get in touch. If I can do something or if something can be adjusted then I'll be more than happy to do that!

Equally, I promise to communicate as well. I'll let you know (when I can) if I'm going to be absent or if I'm losing interest in a thread, or if I have a particular idea of where things should progress in our thread(s) together. I will also let you know if something you've suggested doesn't appeal to be and I'd hope that you would do the same!

No Godmodding

Please do not control my character, or tell me what my character is thinking or how they should act. There may be particular instances where this is unavoidable and this does not include your character physically acting on my character (e.g. your character pushing mine) - by all means act upon my character, but allow me to choose the consequences of that action (within the bounds of reality, of course).

4. Ons and Offs

I will likely write a little bit here in the future, but for now here's a link to my O/O's here on the site. These are subject to change and may be added to or adjusted as time goes on. Equally if you see something that you'd like to try but that's in my off section feel free to PM me about it, I can't make any promises but your particular idea/plot might bring me around.

5. Cravings

Some ideas that I'd really like to do something with, but that I've yet to fully develop into a defined plot! If any of these catch your fancy then feel free to PM me and we can figure something out together!

All of these could be MxF, MxM, FxF or multiples of any combination.
  • Post-apocalyptic - think Mad Max, Fallout, that sort of thing!
  • Assassin's Creed - I'd love to do something in the world of Assassin's Creed. I'm quite far behind in the actual story of the game (I've just completed Assassin's Creed 3). but I think this world would be ripe for roleplay opportunities. Especially some dark plots.
  • Mass Effect-type theme - Spaaaaaaace!

6. Plot Ideas
(N.B. Names/characters in bold are the characters that I want to play)

More to come.

7. Current Roleplays

A Cat May Look at a King with Maeve
Politics and Bedchambers with Roses of May
Jail-House Bitch with Metraxa
For Love or Duty with greenknight

8. Archive


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Re: Magi's Magnificent Menagerie of Musings [F seeking M or F]
« Reply #1 on: November 04, 2016, 08:18:57 PM »
Plot Ideas Currently In Use

"For Love or Duty" ~ TAKEN ~ [F/F X M]

One by one they had fallen before the mighty armies of Bernicia; vast cities reduced to rubble, proud people brought to their knees and subjugated by whip and chain. The ground beneath the ever marching feet of King Talor's legions churned the blood soaked earth to mud as it crept ominously toward the next conquest. Yet this next Kingdom would not be so easy to claim; it's great walled cities, treacherous landscape and skilled warriors would pose a challenge to even Bernicia's mighty war machine and would likely lead to years of protracted sieges and heavy losses on both sides.

King Talor was not to be dissuaded however - lands and wealth can be claimed by means other than war - and, with the threat of war looming, proposed an arrangement that would unite the two Kingdoms in marriage and bring about a tenuous peace. Blessed with many children, the war-mongering ruler offered forth his eldest daughter - Princess Eleanor - to be wed and arrangements were promptly made.

We join this tale some weeks after the fated marriage. Princess Eleanor has moved into her new home, bringing with her a vast retinue of handmaidens, ladies' in waiting, cooks, stable hands, knights and slaves, claiming a great deal of space in which to house both herself and her staff. The Princess is a beauty indeed, elegant and regal, but cold and bitterly resentful of her role in life, unthinking and uncaring for any that she deems not worthy of her attention or affection. This cool disregard is regularly directed toward her new husband, only deigning to share his bed to fulfil her duty of producing an heir and making very little effort to associate with him otherwise.

Shunned by his wife or perhaps equally as disinterested in the marriage, YC finds himself trapped by duty and a need to maintain diplomatic relations for fear that his home and Kingdom would be plunged into war. As the days, weeks and months pass he finds that both he and his wife are living separate lives, seeing each other only briefly to fulfil their marital duties. With each feeble apology his wife sends for her absence, he notices that more often than not the same girl is tasked with passing on her Mistress' excuses, a foreign and interesting soul who catches his attention.

Adine is but a slave, marked by a thin metal collar and a brand seared into the skin upon the back of her left shoulder, and she serves her Mistress with fearful obedience. She holds an exotic air about her; olive skin, ink black hair and warm caramel coloured eyes, exuding a timid warmth that markedly contrasts with her Mistress' unfeeling demeanour. Perhaps YC is only seeking companionship, or perhaps he has darker motives, when he instructs the girl to remain after delivering Eleanor's apologies.


"Jail-House Bitch" ~ TAKEN ~ [F X F or M X M]

The shuttle decreased its speed, the humming of the engines becoming more pronounced as it neared its assigned docking station. Within, the new inmates sat in shackles, casting wary glances at their fellow felons or staring morosely at the metallic flooring of the three quarters full transport vehicle. A slight, fair-haired young woman craned her neck as the administration block of the female wing came into view, peering through a narrow, reinforced window at the first glimpses of what was to be her new home.

Of course there was little to see, what with the vast majority of the facility buried deep beneath the surface of the moon itself, but even this lone, visible representation of the prison made Ali's stomach lurch wildly within her. Harkin Penal Correctional Facility, its reputation proceeded it, known as the roughest and most infamous prison in the system and beyond, a hive of absolute scum and villainy. I'm going to die here... Panic rose up to choke her, her heart hammering wildly within her chest as the shuttle slowed and coupled with the docking station with a shuddering thud.

She didn't belong amidst her fellow convicts. Most were well muscled, tattooed, scarred, or had a combination of all three, with hard stares and cold exteriors. Ali's eyes were full of fear and startling blue, her blonde hair gathered back behind her head in a hasty pony tail, complexion fair and clear. She was short and slim, with no visible signs of sporting any old wounds or inked patterns.

"On your feet!" The command issued by a red, square faced brute was followed swiftly by the heavy clang of his night stick against the nearest solid object, urging the orange-clad occupants to lurch to their feet and shuffle their way off the shuttle. Ali was one of the last to exit the transport, allowed only a brief moment's hesitation before a heavy hand fell upon her shoulder and drove her onward and into the docking area. Oh god... A muffled conversation was taking place nearby, their chaperone handing over the necessary documentation to the guards that had been awaiting them.

The cold metal that encircled her wrists suddenly felt heavy, the activity around her growing distant and fuzzy as the heavy doors that lead into the prison-proper drew open slowly. She wanted to scream, to run back to the shuttle and beg them to take her away from here, but her legs continued to carry her onward, through the foot thick metal doorway and into the prison's receiving area.

Access to the prison below was granted by a multitude of large industrial elevators, the entrances to which now lined the left-hand wall of the room in which they stood. The group was split in two, divided equally between two waiting elevators that would transport them down into the bowels of the moon. Another hallway, another set of heavy doors, armed guards and cold looks. Shepherded into the centre of the room, their cuffs were removed in swift succession before prison officials withdrew back through the door which they had just come, sealing it shut behind them.

Several minutes passed, before the doors on the opposite side of the room drew back to reveal the interior of the prison - their new home.

(N.B. Looking for someone to play Ali's room-mate, someone meaner and tougher than her, which will likely lead to a master/slave type relationship, non-con or dubious-con. Looking for this to be a dark plot. Harkin is a place filled with the worst of the worst, and as such is likely be a violent and cruel place. Where this goes is open for myself and my prospective partner to hash out between us. Perhaps the prisoners start a riot, or perhaps they attempt to escape, perhaps they are successful! Plenty of options available.)
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Re: Magi's Magnificent Menagerie of Musings [F seeking M or F]
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Added a plot - "Jail-House Bitch"
Updated current threads