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Author Topic: Magi's Magnificent Menagerie of Musings [FxM/FxF/MxM]  (Read 2904 times)

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Magi's Magnificent Menagerie of Musings [FxM/FxF/MxM]
« on: July 02, 2016, 07:00:43 pm »
Magi's Magnificent Menagerie of Musings
Request Thread


Hello there! Welcome to my request thread, please make yourself at home and peruse the following text at your leisure. I have put this thread together in the hopes of explaining who I am, my style of writing and what I look for in perspective writing partners. Should you have any questions please feel free to PM me and I'll be happy to answer them as best I can.

  • About Me
  • What You Can Expect From Me
  • Preferences in a Writing Partner
  • Ons and Offs
  • Cravings
  • Plots
  • Current Roleplays
  • Archive
  • Graveyard of Ideas

1. About Me - So, who is Magi?

I've been roleplaying on and off for over twelve years now,  during which time I have experimented with various platforms (e.g. forums, ims, PMs, MMOs) before finally coming upon this site via the recommendation of a previous writing partner. That being said I am by no means a 'professional' writer nor really any kind of expert when it comes to crafting stories and characters, and I very much enjoy the learning and challenges that come with working collaboratively with other writers.

While I've certainly developed my own preferences in terms of themes, genres and settings, I'm also open to discussing new and unique plot ideas or character interactions! So please don't be shy in PMing me with suggestions or ideas of your own. Equally I consider myself to be a very accepting and friendly person, and I hope that I can get to know a good number of you out there through IC and OOC communication.

2. What You Can Expect From Me
  • I am a female who is happy playing males and females.
  • Pairings I enjoy: MxF, MxM, FxF (not necessarily in that order).
  • I consider myself to be a literate and detailed writer. I can't promise perfect grammar/spelling, but I try to ensure that what errors I do make are kept to a minimum.
  • My post length is usually between 3-5 paragraphs, though often I can write a great deal more depending on my partner or the roleplay itself.
  • I only ever write in third person.
  • I enjoy lengthy plots rather than the 'quick and dirty' kind.
  • While I enjoy writing sexual encounters, I find that I enjoy them all the more when they are realistically placed within a broader story. Smut is great, story is better, and a combination of the two is sublime!
  • Communication is key to most things in life! If you've PMed me and you haven't received a response within a few days then please give me another poke, it's likely I've simply forgotten or have been distracted by this pesky thing called life.
  • Availability - I will do my best to reply to my active threads as frequently as possible, however sometimes my life just doesn't allow me the time I would like to write. If it has been a while since I've posted please do give me a nudge and I'll at least let you know when a reply would be likely!

3. Preferences in a Writing Partner

These are what I look for in perspective writing partners; the more boxes you tick the more keen I will be! That being said I'm always willing to discuss these preferences and make allowances were possible. If in doubt, shoot me a PM. :)

Moderate to long post length & detail!

I know. It's not the size that counts, it's how you use it! Like all of these preferences, this is not a hard and fast rule. Simply put; in order for me to be able to write something which substantially contributes to the ongoing movement of the plot and character development I require something substantial with which I can work. I have written alongside people who can say a great deal within a much smaller space and this has worked perfectly, and I have written with others who write paragraphs who don't say very much. There is certainly a balance to be struck.

That being said, my preference is for detailed posts around the 3-5 paragraph mark. In return, I shall do the same.

Any gendered writer playing any gendered character

This seems pretty self explanatory I think. Are you a female that enjoys writing male characters? Great! Maybe you're the opposite? Brilliant! I honestly don't mind, I just want to make stories together!


This is a big one and a pretty important one too. If you have an idea in mind for a particular plot, or perhaps you want to tweak an ongoing thread a little or alter it's course? Let me know! Perhaps life has got pretty hectic and you can't post as quickly or as much as you had previously been able to? Let me know! Perhaps you just want a break from our thread or maybe roleplay in general? Let me know!

Whatever it might be, I'm a pretty easy going person, please please please get in touch. If I can do something or if something can be adjusted then I'll be more than happy to do that!

Equally, I promise to communicate as well. I'll let you know (when I can) if I'm going to be absent or if I'm losing interest in a thread, or if I have a particular idea of where things should progress in our thread(s) together. I will also let you know if something you've suggested doesn't appeal to be and I'd hope that you would do the same!

No Godmodding

Please do not control my character, or tell me what my character is thinking or how they should act. There may be particular instances where this is unavoidable and this does not include your character physically acting on my character (e.g. your character pushing mine) - by all means act upon my character, but allow me to choose the consequences of that action (within the bounds of reality, of course).

4. Ons and Offs

I will likely write a little bit here in the future, but for now here's a link to my O/O's here on the site. These are subject to change and may be added to or adjusted as time goes on. Equally if you see something that you'd like to try but that's in my off section feel free to PM me about it, I can't make any promises but your particular idea/plot might bring me around.

Definite Nos
  • Scat
  • Piss
  • Vomit
  • Lactation outside of pregnancy

5. Cravings

Some ideas that I'd really like to do something with, but that I've yet to fully develop into a defined plot! If any of these catch your fancy then feel free to PM me and we can figure something out together!

All of these could be MxF, MxM, FxF or multiples of any combination.
  • Involved plot! - Really looking for a meaty, intriguing plot with plenty of character development and twists and turns!
  • Post-apocalyptic - think Mad Max, Fallout, that sort of thing!
  • Assassin's Creed - I'd love to do something in the world of Assassin's Creed.
  • Mass Effect-type theme - Spaaaaaaace!
  • Pirates! - I haven't gotten any further than that, but something to do with pirates or raiders by sea, something along those lines.

6. Plot Ideas
Have a browse through my plot ideas, or bring your own! Bold identifies characters I would like to play.


Come to the Dark Side -  M x F/M
Pairing: Sith x Jedi apprentice
Kinks and themes: Dark and twisted - I envisioned that the Sith Lord sent to wipe out this little pocket of Jedi would for some reason spare the padawan - either as a toy to play with or perhaps because he senses potential in them and hopes to turn them, or both, or any other reason you'd like to throw at me!
Synopsis: The Sith Empire reigns supreme having sunk its vicious talons into the senate and governments throughout the galaxy, amassing an army few can hope to challenge. Driven into hiding, the Jedi Order struggle to survive, splintering off across the stars in hopes that they might be able to seek and find new padawans whose abilities they can cultivate, and fan the flames of rebellion from within the shadows.

Hidden away on the remote, jungle planet of Zencu, a small group of Jedi live and train under the tutelage and wisdom of Jedi Master Karjam Lollbos. Making use of a long abandoned temple, the collective consists of only a few full fledged Jedi, their padawans and a handful of younglings - plucked from the path of the Sith's extermination forces. It is one of the last few training camps, after many others have gone dark or been found to have been utterly massacred.

Our story opens on the desperate last stand of a young padawan, sheltering the younglings in the depths of the old abandoned temple. Their Master and the rest of the Jedi are dead, they are all that remain. The ominous glow of a lightsabre illuminates the corridor ahead, death approaches.

Notes: I would strongly prefer for our characters/story to unqiue, new characters rather than heavily involving or including canon characters from the movies. Our story can run parallel with previous tales, but I'd prefer them not to intersect. I am not knowledgeable of the extended universe, though would be interested to learn, and much of my info from the universe comes from the films. That being said I am not overly concerned with accuracy and am happy for us to take some liberties with the source material if we desire to.


Cuffs to Collar -  M x M
Pairing: Buyer x Purchased
Kinks and themes: Open for discussion. This can go any number of ways - perhaps YC is a criminal looking for a pair of controllable hands to aid in his work, or perhaps YC is a high ranking politician with the wealth and influence to buy whatever he wants, or anything in between. My only request is that this story is set in space (star ships, space travel, different races/planets etc - think star wars, but doesn't necessarily have to be the star wars universe) and that the Master/Slave dynamic remains in place (that power will still be exerted, ownership held etc) - no buying and then releasing, or being so nice that that dynamic may as well have not existed in the first place.
Synopsis: Private prisons had always been racket; profiting from the incarceration of the criminally convicted and pocketing the profits gleened from prison labour and government subsidies. It had been that way planetside, it remained that way in the far reaches of space - the options and opportunities were just more varied now. Mega structures build into moons or vast prison ships drifting through the vast emptiness; charging governments to house their most deadly criminals or taking in every criminal one might lay their hands on and growing an immense forced labour empire - it really made no difference, all that mattered was the credits that you could rake in off the backs of your inmates.

As these enterprises expanded to become galaxy wide services rather than under the purview of individual governments, those running these 'necessary and security enhancing services' had greater scope and less oversight. No one cared to check in on the well being of a prisoner once they'd been sentenced and encarcerated, and if - for example - one or two (or hundreds) went missing, sold off to the highest bidder for all manner of purposes who would really miss them?


Lambing Season - MxM
Pairing: Eldest son x Younger brother OR Sheep farmer x Itinerant worker
Kinks & themes:Dub-Co/Non-con, (possibly incest), coercion, humiliation, (potentially bondage, dom/sub dynamic)
Synopsis: Exchanging the drudgery of the countryside for the hustle and bustle of a busy city (any busy city), the eldest son of a sheep farmer moves away from home as soon as he is able, on less than perfect terms with his family. He hears nothing from them for years until his mother finally tracks him down, begging for his help - his father has had bad stroke, leaving him unable to help his younger brother with the day to day running of the farm. Times are tight and money is short; unable to hire on any more help, his mother beseeches him to come home, at least to help with lambing season. Having fallen on hard times himself, the errant son reluctantly agrees and returns home, but will it be as horrible as he remembers or will he be able to find some way of entertaining himself?


Times are hard on the farm - money is tight and many have left the rural farmlands for a better life in the city. YC never left, bound by duty and loyalty to his family, he stayed and helped run the family sheep farm - partly to protect his mother from an abusive husband and partly because he hadn't the means to start a new life elsewhere. His father is old now, a stroke leaving him half crippled and no longer able to assist in the day to day running of the farm and, to make matters worse, the busiest time of the year is nearly upon them - lambing season. With no other choice, YC is forced to look for some cheap labour somewhere and, as luck would have it, he's heard word that there have been one or two itinerant workers inquiring after work in the nearby town.


For Love or Duty - M x F/F
Pairing: King x Princess Eleanor & Adine
Kinks and themes: Up for discussion!
Synopsis: One by one they had fallen before the mighty armies of Bernicia; vast cities reduced to rubble, proud people brought to their knees and subjugated by whip and chain. The ground beneath the ever marching feet of King Talor's legions churned the blood soaked earth to mud as it crept ominously toward the next conquest. Yet this next Kingdom would not be so easy to claim; it's great walled cities, treacherous landscape and skilled warriors would pose a challenge to even Bernicia's mighty war machine and would likely lead to years of protracted sieges and heavy losses on both sides.

King Talor was not to be dissuaded however - lands and wealth can be claimed by means other than war - and, with the threat of war looming, proposed an arrangement that would unite the two Kingdoms in marriage and bring about a tenuous peace. Blessed with many children, the war-mongering ruler offered forth his eldest daughter - Princess Eleanor - to be wed and arrangements were promptly made.

We join this tale some weeks after the fated marriage. Princess Eleanor has moved into her new home, bringing with her a vast retinue of handmaidens, ladies' in waiting, cooks, stable hands, knights and slaves, claiming a great deal of space in which to house both herself and her staff. The Princess is a beauty indeed, elegant and regal, but cold and bitterly resentful of her role in life, unthinking and uncaring for any that she deems not worthy of her attention or affection. This cool disregard is regularly directed toward her new husband, only deigning to share his bed to fulfil her duty of producing an heir and making very little effort to associate with him otherwise.

Shunned by his wife or perhaps equally as disinterested in the marriage, YC finds himself trapped by duty and a need to maintain diplomatic relations for fear that his home and Kingdom would be plunged into war. As the days, weeks and months pass he finds that both he and his wife are living separate lives, seeing each other only briefly to fulfil their marital duties. With each feeble apology his wife sends for her absence, he notices that more often than not the same girl is tasked with passing on her Mistress' excuses, a foreign and interesting soul who catches his attention.

Adine is but a slave, marked by a thin metal collar and a brand seared into the skin upon the back of her left shoulder, and she serves her Mistress with fearful obedience. She holds an exotic air about her; olive skin, ink black hair and warm caramel coloured eyes, exuding a timid warmth that markedly contrasts with her Mistress' unfeeling demeanour. Perhaps YC is only seeking companionship, or perhaps he has darker motives, when he instructs the girl to remain after delivering Eleanor's apologies.


The Lost Princess - M (one or multiple males) x F/F/F
Pairing: Conquering ruler/one of his generals/leader of the rebellion/character of your choice x Three Priestesses
Kinks & themes: This is open for discussion with my potential partner, but I had envisioned for this plot to be dark and violent.
Synopsis: The Kingdom of Alendar had been brought to its knees; years of war have scarred its lands, cities and people. Down in the very depths of the castle dungeons, on the eve of utter defeat, King Calam turns to a powerful sorceror in one last desperate attempt to save his infant daughter's life. Formidable magicks are summoned upon to conceal her true identity, and by the end of an ancient and prolongued ritual the child that he so adored appeared as a perfect stranger to him.

Beneath a new moon, the Princess was carried away from all she had known in her short life in the hopes that she might live a full and happy life. That same night the castle fell, the King was killed and the subjegation of the Alendarian citizens began.

Our story begins sixteen years later, in a forgotten corner of Alendar, where a temple shelters beneath the shade of a great forest. Here a small collection of devotees serve The Light Mother - the kingdom's patron goddess, now forbidden from worship by their new King. They are an odd collection of individuals; the unwanted, the troubled, the runaways and cast-offs - all working together to tend to this holy space and create a sustainable little community. With the nearest settlement a number of days travel away, they have been isolated from much of the chaos that has ensured since King Calam fell.

The kingdom heaves beneath its conqueror's tyranical rule and the increasingly bloody conflicts between resistance fighters and 'peace' keepers. Previously believed to have been lost in the capture of the castle, recent discoveries have suggested that the lost Princess might still be alive somewhere, hidden beneath a powerful spell. And as luck would have it, that very Princess resides within this very temple.

Both the resistance and the conquering ruler believe that she is the key to end the ongoing turmoil - either as a beacon of hope behind which the people can rally or a symbol of their utter defeat. A desperate search ensues, but months and years pass without the Princess being found and many begin to dismiss her existance as merely a myth, yet neither side wants the other to succeed on the off-chance that this story is true, and so neither fully calls off their search.


Invasion - FxM or MxM
Pairing: Alien/foreign invader x Captive
Kinks & themes: Non-con, enslavement, humiliation, degredation, experimentation, etc
SynopsisWith each lost and traumatised wanderer to stumble upon the isolated outpost, they learnt further of their plight – tales of devastation across the world and other similar settlements utterly eliminated or emptied by bands of raiders armed with weapons that no human had seen before. A general sense of dread hung heavy over those that struggled to survive in a gradually dying world and prepared themselves for when they had to face these other-worldly combatants.


Careless Whispers - FxM or MxM
Pairing: Traitor x Urchin (room for additional characters dependent on the direction we take)
Kinks & themes: Blackmail, assassination, treason, murder, kidnapping, torture, non-con, humiliation, etc
Synopsis: A street urchin stumbles upon a plot to assassinate the current royal family (or a noble household, head of government etc), and as a result is dragged into the whole sordid affair - either through being forced to participate in it, or by attempting to reveal it to the authorities.


The Prince and the Stable Hand- MxM
Pairing: Crowned Prince & scheming brother x Stable hand & an additional character [TBD]
Kinks & themes: Forbidden love, betrayal, murder, imprisonment, (possible torture and/or non-con)
Synopsis: The King lies upon his deathbed, mad with fever and dreaming of his dear, departed wife. The crowned prince is readying to take the throne while also making perparations for his upcoming nuptials to the fair princess of a neighbouring kingdom. Yet the Prince has a deep secret which he has concealed for years, his passions not for the fairer sex, but for his own - an orientation forbidden by the gods and treated as a great crime throughout his father's lands. For years he has gone to great lengths to conceal his desires, but when a new hand joins the royal stables the Prince finds the battle within himself rage all the fiercer. The two strike up a firm friendship, which eventually develops into something far more impassioned. Perhaps this would not be disastrous in and of itself, but the Prince's younger brother has plans to claim the throne for himself. Cruel, cut-throat and ambitious, he will stop at nothing to get what he wants, even if it means destroying his older brother and all those closest to him in the process.

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Re: Magi's Magnificent Menagerie of Musings [F seeking M or F]
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Added a plot - "Jail-House Bitch"
Updated current threads

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Tweaked cravings slightly.
Added a plot - Careless Whispers (Example intro in the process of being written).

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Tweaked cravings and plot ideas.

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Re: Magi's Magnificent Menagerie of Musings [FxM/FxF/MxM]
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Re-formatted plot ideas.
Added two plots - 'Lambing Season' & 'The Lost Princess'
Updated current roleplays

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Re: Magi's Magnificent Menagerie of Musings [FxM/FxF/MxM]
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A gentle bump to announce my return to the site! Apologies to any of the partners I was writing with previously. If you wish to pick up any threads we previously had going then feel free to give me a nudge in PM. Otherwise I'm open to new and old partners alike!  :-)

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Re: Magi's Magnificent Menagerie of Musings [FxM/FxF/MxM]
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Gentle, tentative returning bump

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Re: Magi's Magnificent Menagerie of Musings [FxM/FxF/MxM]
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A gentle nudge and two plots added (Come to the Dark Side & Cuffs to Collar)

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Re: Magi's Magnificent Menagerie of Musings [FxM/FxF/MxM]
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Returning from hiatus! If we had a thread together and would like to continue it then please feel free to message me!