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Started by Dick Hercules, July 02, 2016, 11:43:55 AM

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Dick Hercules

Uncontrolled Substance

The role I am looking to play would see me playing as a superhero character  that watches over the citizens that dwell inside the fictional city of Burbank (Think of any modernised, cosmopolitan city with a strong and prosperous financial sector as well as some very neglected, desolate dwellings on the outskirts and rarely some central locations). My character would be a relatively young male, between the age of 25 and 32, who would have lived a life scarred by the death of his parents, an event that led to him being sent to live in a care home where he soon began to notice that his wounds had healed remarkably well, in fact his body had begun to develop at such an astounding rate that he had the strength of a bodybuilder by the time he was in his mid-teens, despite the size of his frame not reflecting the power that he was capable of. He also noticed he was more agile and flexible than others, with the ability to perform feats of balance and movement that were jaw-dropping in precision and execution. By the time he was 21 the mysterious male would set up a secret hideaway for himself so he could perfect his supernatural gifts and train to use them to benefit those who had helped him to overcome the emotional trauma of his youth.

The city has been plagued with a new designer drug that has led to high rates of pregnancy, rape and sexually transmitted disease. The substance, a purple liquid known as 'Sexultra', leaves the user with a euphoric high and also works to assist the muscles, working to build or increase on endurance and stamina. A powerful aphrodisiac, the drug leaves users and especially addicts with a painful craving for sexual relief and satisfaction. There are many facets to the stages of plateaus and withdrawal users can expect to experience over the course of time, with a normal dosage lasting between four to six hours.

Despite the city Mayor's attempts at combating use and distribution of the drug through legislature and harsh repercussions for those caught breaking the law, the ratio of users has been growing at an incredible rate and there is panic within government that an epidemic has broken out. With the police force clearly out of their depth (and some working under the influence or turning a blind eye due to bribery) the Mayor's office calls for the assistance of a vigilante-styled hero to track down the hidden laboratory of the individual or group that are producing the substance which is wreaking havoc upon citizens of a diverse and widespread background.

The hero wastes no time in hunting down production laboratories and distribution areas such as abandoned warehousing units are being used as collection points for dealers, so he heads off in the dead of night to investigate and apprehend any suspects. Little does he realise that the villainess in charge of those running this operation has taken precautions for his eventual intervention. She succeeds in capturing the hero and plans to inject a little weakness into him, giving him a high dosage of Sexultra, knowing that he will experience a high that no other was capable of enduring but also leaving him with a burning desire for sexual activity.

This could lead to many altercations between the two that result in her luring him between the sheets, or she might keep him as her own private play thing, trying to break him until he manages to find a way of controlling or breaking his addiction. There is ample opportunity to involve other characters on both sides. Maybe we could have the hero go into hiding whilst trying to find an antidote, needing to satisfy his cravings with many different women. Perhaps the villainess seeks to destroy him and all those closest, seeking out a reporter / journalist friend (and potential on/off love interest), injecting her with the same fate. Will his reputation remain intact? Just how far will he have to go to ensure that he can address the pains and aches of the need to relief? There are plenty of possibilities including him perhaps forming a relationship with someone whilst confronting his addiction and trying to become the first to successfully rehabilitate himself, whilst also desperately trying to tackle the drug problem sweeping the city and preventing it from escalating to even more dangerous levels. Then there is also the matter of trying to apprehend the wicked woman leading the production of this incredible substance, the one who cruelly subjected him to his ordeal. Just how ambitious is she and what kind of progression could we see with her character?

I am looking for an imaginative, creative person who can help me develop this storyline. Please get in touch with me via PM and we can sort out any necessary details before starting off. I am happy to let this develop naturally or flesh out the finer details, you will find that I generally prefer to spend some time on the development of the characters and sometimes the key points of the role before we begin.

Dick Hercules