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Author Topic: Mannik's Current Cravings  (Read 2001 times)

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Mannik's Current Cravings
« on: July 23, 2015, 02:57:48 pm »
So I've decided to make one constant thread of ideas I'm craving. If you see something you like, PM me and we can hammer out the details. Please don't make a post here as to avoid cluttering the thread with responses to ideas that might not even be listed anymore in a few weeks. I do plan on actively updating this thread when new cravings pop up or old ones fizzle out.

Right, so first some of what I'm looking for in a partner.

1) Literacy. I'm not a grammar Nazi or anything. But I do tend to get bored quickly if all I get is a jumbled mess of incomplete sentences and typos. And for god's sake, use punctuation and avoid needless uses of text speak. If you are describing a text being sent by a character, fine, but no body I actually talk to says things like "OMG I'm totes n <3 wit u!"....and if they did I'd probably punch them.

1-b) Post length. This kind of goes along with literacy, since it takes a literate person to be able to include description and such to fill out a post. I generally try to give my partner the same amount of effort they give me, give or take a couple of paragraphs. But if I give a five paragraph account of my character's actions, I would like a bit more than a couple of sentences in response that offer nothing to work with. Every post needs a purpose, some idea or action that needs to be described. If 10,000 words aren't needed to get that point across, don't use them but do give me enough to work with.

2) Communication. I admit, I'm not always the best in this area myself, but I do try to at least warn my partners of delays and such when possible. I also love it when my partners discuss upcoming scenes, brainstorm ideas for the story. Keeping a conversation going about what we want from the story and where we plan to take it does help keep me interested in it long term. If you leave me to do all the plotting and guide the story by myself, I'll probably get burned out and lose interest.

If there is anything about the current scene, or my latest post that bothers you, tell me. I am not too proud to edit my posts to include or omit things that may or may not appeal to my partners. Hell, I'll even rewrite it from the ground up if I need to from time to time.

3) Real life gender does not matter to me. I do realize that the stories and such that we are bound to write will probably wind up being a bit pornographic and masturbatory in nature. That said, I don't really concern myself with what the person behind the text is doing to themselves. I'm far more interested in the fantasy and the story we are creating, and the interaction of our fictional characters...not so much getting freaky with the person on the other computer.

That said, I'm really only interested in M/F, F/F or Herm/F pairings. So...basically what I'm saying is, I like boobs. :P

4) Somewhat regular posting. I don't really expect you to be able to post every single day, or deliver a response immediately after I make a post. (Love it when it happens that way though.) But generally speaking, the more I have to wait for your post, the harder it will be for me to motivate my muse to reply. She really is a fickle little bitch sometimes.


Now that's out of the way on to my current cravings.

Monster World (random lore without a home)

So my craving for monster girls has gotten worse. My muse even went and created a sort of pseudo mythology for a game I haven't even thought of yet...anyway,

In the beginning, the god of creation made many things. The stars, the sun, the moon, and everything beyond them. He then made the land and the sky, the air and the water. Then the plants, then the bugs, then the on until all the animals you know of today were made.

He then created the monsters. Like he did with many of his other creations, he divided their essence into two parts. Maculine, and Feminine. Before designing and granting their first form, he made an offer. "I can make you in any number of ways, with any gifts you may desire...tell me, what gift do you wish to have and pass down to your children?" He asked. Masculine energy of monsters boldly declares "I want power and strength! The ability to overcome any obstacle in my way no matter how daunting of fierce!" "There are many types of power and strength, which do you want?" "I will take them all!"

The creature was bemused by the confidence and bravado of his new creation. "And so you shall! I shall make your body large and physically imposing...and as you conquer new challenges your form shall evolve and grant even greater abilities." He declares. And his creation was happy.

"And what gift shall you take?" The creator asks his creation's feminine counterpart. "My other half shall bring such destruction with the gifts you give...I do not wish to be like that. Give me the gift of beauty. Let me balance the ugliness my other is sure to create." An odd request, most other species chose similar gifts...but these two were polar opposites. "So be it. Of all my creations, you shall the be the most beautiful...nature itself shall love you." He declares, then sets about the work of making the bodies of the first monsters....

When he had finished, the two could not be more different. The male, was a beast of unmatched savagery. Claws, teeth and muscle fit to kill even the strongest of creatures. But the female...they were entire different. Soft and graceful. Their bodies curved and sensual. So flawlessly beautiful the creator god himself was a little smitten.

He left the world a lone for a while, watching as his new creations flourished in their own way. The aggression between most male monsters meant no real culture could ever develop. Any time there were more than a few males, they'd start fighting over the females. The strongest formed a harem of mates. While others were left wandering the land alone.

After a while, when monsters had spread to every corner of the land, and their forms had diverged finding the strength of every environment, did the god create Human. He made them to be a challenge to the monsters. He did not offer them a choice though, his design already set. He fashioned their bodies after the female monster, beautiful and soft. But with the male ability to adapt and overcome any obstacle.

It was only a matter of time before the new civilization of men and the world of monsters collided....

So that's the basic set up to an idea floating around my head. Monsters being two different sorts of creatures, where males are your typical wyvern, sea serpent, what ever else sort of monster we can think of, but the females are all monster girl variants of those sorts of beasts. I guess this could be tied to my monster hunter idea as a sort of premise or general lore or story seed.

What sort of world would that create though? How would humans deal with the constant threat of the male monsters? What will they do when they see what the females truly are?

If you feel like helping me refine the idea, please feel free to contact me about it.


Been playing a lot of Fallout 4 lately and it has me craving a good post apocalyptic RP. Given the open nature of the game itself, I could go any number of ways with this one depending on my partner, the character they wish to play and so on. Anything from a silly porn parody, to a gritty tale of desperation and revenge.

My head is swimming with ideas for this at the moment. Too many to write down, and all likely to change with input from prospective partners. As I said, content could be pretty much anything, from a tender romance between two traveling companions to a woman being enslaved by raiders. Perhaps a small group of survivors band together to try and build a settlement in the unforgiving wastes. Maybe a rail road agent falls in love with a synth they are helping? Mutants, synths, power armor, aliens, death claws, bottles of radioactive many fun things to play with and plenty of lore to build off of.

So...yeah, more than happy to discuss potential plots with anyone interested. And have no issue with changing anything about the world to fit our needs...rather ghouls not be so...ghoulish? No problem, we can replace the whole skin falling off thing with different sorts of mutations. Want super mutants to go to town with some poor vault woman? We can pretend that the HEV virus doesn't remove sexual characteristics. Want death claws to be less deadly and and more womanly, I'm perfectly happy settling with monster girl style mutants. We can stay as close to the source material or alter it as much as you like. I just really, really want something in a post apocalyptic wasteland right now.

Here's a few images that might help get one in the mood for the setting.
and just for fun...a radioactive futa...

Monster Hunter

This would be loosely based on the video game series of the same name. Don't really have a concrete plot or story in mind, but anyone who played the games would know story line isn't the main attraction. The big badassed monsters are. That said, there's no reason we can't have some sort of plot. Could base it on the storyline of one of the games (though I've only played parts 3 and 4) or try and come up with something ourselves. The setting is flexible enough to allow pretty much whatever we come up with. Even if we go with a rich noble paying the hunter's guild to bring her monsters to fuck...hell, such things are even hinted at in the game itself, particularly some of the capture quests posted by a 'spoiled princess' who is constantly asking for big, ravenous male monsters to 'entertain' her. So...yeah. Monster loving is actually cannon, if only by tongue in cheek references.

For those unfamiliar with the games. The premise is that monsters, wyverns, and dragons are EVERYWHERE. To contend with the constant threat these beasts pose, a multinational guild of hunters is set up. Citizens and nobles approach the guild with a problem they need solved by a hunter. Could be anything from 'a jaggi ate my baby!' to 'I'm bored, so do this to entertain me.' A hunter then accepts the quest from a guildmarm, also known as 'guild sweethearts' in older games. Monsters get hunted, hunter collects various body parts with which to make new gear to fight bigger, meaner monsters and thus get better resources to make better gear.

All technology in this world is basically 'powered' by monster parts, from firearms to forges. So demand for a hunter's service is pretty much constant. Medicine, industry, cuisine, pretty much anything you can think of requires a hunter killing a monster and cutting it up for profit.

So anyway, I had two general ideas for this setting. One being a female hunter either winding up in bad situations, intentionally seeking out new thrills, or finding new ways to subdue her targets...I think you get the idea.

The other involves anthromorphising the monsters into monster girls or something similar. In case we are wanting a male hunter to go out for a bit of perverted hunting.

- rathalos
- zinogre
- deviljho
- gore magala
- nargacuga

Hell's new king

So this idea is a variation of a past RP I had a while ago. Basically my thought is that a fledgling sorceress summons a demon in attempts to gain power (or meet some other goal, like track down a loved one who is in hell). The demon she happens to summon is...well, not what she wanted. She wanted a powerful prince of hell, but what she got was the tortured whipping boy of clan of succubi. One who, due to a mishap in the summoning, is bound to her and can not be sent back to hell without dragging her along with him. So...she instead keeps him on earth with her for a while, reveling in the pleasures his demonic body has to offer her. The end result being that he feeds on her sexual energy, growing stronger and more powerful with every mating. Eventually seizing control of the relationship entirely and forcefully dragging her back to hell with him so he can enact some bloody vengeance on the clan of succubi that held him prisoner for so many eons, eventually stealing the throne from their queen and implanting himself as their new ruler.

Basic little story seed, but I think there's a lot that can be done with it. We could add some terrestrial conflict to keep them on their toes, like maybe a holy order of demon hunters finds them or something...another clan of demons already on earth could take interest in them and try to bend them to their will. There is also a strong chance that there will be some fairly graphic violence in the story...demons ripping people apart with their bare hands, feasting on hearts to gain their power...that sort of stuff. Especially when we get to the deathless realm of hell, since...well, its hell. If it was full of nothing but big boobied demons trying to suck off every shaft around they'd call it heaven :P

However, I do tend to try and keep a divide between sex and violence...some slapping and maybe a bit of choking are pretty much as nasty as I plan to get as far as the human woman is concerned.

While I'm pretty much set on the summoner being a woman, the demon itself could be male, female, or hermaphroditic. For simplicity's sake just assumed male for the story description. All three genders will probably be present and make a move on our sorceress at some point through the story.

Some other elements that we could easily include due to the nature of the story...

Addictive Cum (Demonic fluids can be like a drug to humans)
Mind Control
Transformation (maybe time in hell starts to effect our human woman in unexpected ways? or the demon could alter their form once they gain enough power)
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Re: Mannik's Current Cravings
« Reply #1 on: June 13, 2016, 11:54:12 am »
Added Fallout request

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Re: Mannik's Current Cravings (in the mood for monsters/monster girls)
« Reply #2 on: July 02, 2016, 03:38:50 pm »
Added 'Monster World' Idea.