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June 26, 2022, 10:17:00 pm

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Author Topic: Star Wars: Deluge (Star Wars Saga Edition)  (Read 741 times)

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Star Wars: Deluge (Star Wars Saga Edition)
« on: June 30, 2016, 12:29:27 pm »
I'm getting a Star Wars Saga Edition game off the ground, and a couple people have dropped out.  I'm still looking for up to 3 characters to join in on Star Wars adventure!  We've juuust started up the game, please let me know if you're interested!

Here are the current links to the game:

The OOC Thread
The Current Characters
The IC Thread

The pitch:
  • On a dangerous mining world, the Corporate Sector Authority is planning to use a dangerous device that threatens an entire world, all in the name of profit! House Pelagia, which has mining interests on the world, has sent undercover agents to put a stop to this.
  • Heroic Level: 3
  • Point Buy: 32 points to start with.
  • Starting Cash: 1000 credits, plus an amount dependent on starting class: 2200 for Jedi, 5800 for Nobles, 4000 for everyone else.
  • Hit Points: I use 'high average' for hit dice, so instead of rolling you can assume d6 = 4 hp / d8 = 5 hp / d10 = 6 hp.
  • Era: The Empire.  The Republic is dead; the Jedi Order is extinct and anyone who uses the Force keeps this fact to themselves. The Rebellion has not yet coalesced into an Alliance; the galaxy relies on small groups of heroes and the efforts of individuals to keep the flame of hope alive.

Adventures often start with characters meeting their employer and haggling, but that seems out of character for Star Wars. Things should start in SPACE, in media res, after an introductory crawl!  Which thankfully can be created online.  :-) I do have the 'mission parameters' typed up so that people have minor details like 'what are we supposed to do' and 'how much are we getting paid', of course, which I'll put in the spoiler tags. While some blaster play is almost sure to take place, I think that stealth, subterfuge, diplomacy, and cleverness all will work well here.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Pelagon is a ruined world. Once, twenty floating cities dotted this oceanic world like lilypads. With the rise of the New Order, House Pelagia was seen as suspect--too closely tied to the fallen Jedi Order. The Empire and House Pelagia's rival houses crushed Pelagia's military, and destroyed all but two of the floating cities. Not only Pelagia's power decimated, but the battle had laid waste to its oceans.  Ninety percent of the planet's species went extinct in the years following the battle.

This is the world where you met your current employer, Del Wheelan.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

He is a Human whose hair and beard have turned white with age; he wore blue and gold colors that identified him with House Pelagia, but he demurred at specifying what his blood ties to the family were.  "For now it's enough to know that my House needs talented people--outside talent--on short notice. I've received some good recommendations about you." His compliments were accompanied by an avuncular smile.

"The matter hand is that we need people who are willing and able to track down two of our missing agents on a hostile Mid Rid world. Nyriaan is a... curious place. It has a uniquely volatile atmosphere that, combined with a strong magnetic field, makes landing on the planet a hazardous endeavor. Our agents were working toward the same goal in separate capacities. It seems that the Corporate Sector Authority has been developing a device that can, if it performs as expected, condense all the moisture in Nyriaan's atmosphere into a single, catastrophic rainfall. While that might neutralize the planet's strong ionosphere, it would have the side effect of laying waste to much of the planet surface, as well as killing most of the indigenous lifeforms."

"We are not in the business of allowing such egregious experiments to proceed, regardless of the long-term benefit to our own mining efforts. Our fortunes may have declined, but our honor still means something. We have been trying to put a stop to this project."

"So this is the mission we have for you. Proceed to Nyriaan in the guise of independent workers. Locate our missing agents in the planetary capital city Locus. Determine the location of the CSA's experimental device, and sabotage or destroy it. We will provide you with pay of eighteen thousand credits, plus two thousand for expenses. If you are able to acquire plans for the device, there will be a bonus on your pay."

He pauses for a moment.  "There is a complication, however. One or both of our agents may have been turned. In their last reports to us, each agent claimed that the other was compromised by the Corporate Sector Authority, so you must take care in dealing with them. This is a challenging mission, but if you succeed I see this as the start of a very promising partnership."