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February 26, 2021, 10:05:14 pm

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Author Topic: Stolen Goods-F seeking M  (Read 1164 times)

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Offline VerasailleTopic starter

Stolen Goods-F seeking M
« on: June 29, 2016, 08:42:57 pm »
I had this picture in mind for a rp for some time before I finally came up with a story for it.

She is a treasure, hidden away in the Kaliph's private harem. Why was she hidden away in the midst of the many? There was something special about her. Where she came from, and why the Kaliph had her, were questions that only the King of Jhakarta knew the answers. And he was not telling the master thief he sent to retrieve her.

He was the Master thief, the one who could steal anything, anywhere, if the rewards were great enough. He was not used to working for a King who only offered him gold for the mission, but not reasons.  He worked for himself, and he only took the job because he was curious. Why would one girl with coal black hair and warm brown eyes be worth so much? Surely it was not because she was beautiful? The King had his choice of many in his court besides the Queen.

No there was something about this girl, her fiery spirit, her fierce temper, only served to make his job difficult. He could not collect on his reward unless he delivered her safe and sound to the King.  Oh he would get her out of the well guarded palace of the Kaliph. Once he had her, it was a different story. She had a different agenda. One that would rock the world they knew to it's very roots.

Details of this story to be worked out by PM. Please do not reply to this thread, PM's ONLY!

Be aware of my O/O's and be prepared to offer your own for my review. I need creativity, a willingness to post at the very least once a week or more often if possible.

Offline VerasailleTopic starter

Re: Stolen Goods-F seeking M
« Reply #1 on: August 19, 2016, 03:45:24 pm »
I have been really craving this one, the plot is fairly negotiable, but I see her as a natural socereress.

Tatiana grew up in the languid tropics of Traumal, sometimes known as the Swamp of Sorrow. Her dark eyes and raven hued hair caught the attention of the Kaliph of Traumal, a vindictive hedonistic ruler of a superstitious people. She was brought to him as tribute, by the Elder of her tribe. Young and beautiful, she went reluctantly into the harem of the Kaliph.

The Kaliph was fascinated by her, but something in her eyes and her manner suggested danger. He kept her in the closely guarded walls of his palace, in a specially built section just for his harem. No guards but eunuchs were allowed, the servants all women who kept the girls happy and beautiful. As the women aged, they became the servants and the elderly ladies were allowed to live out their lives in another part of the castle until they died. Or if they displeased the Kaliph, they would be given to the Auctineer, who sold them in the street markets of the great capital city of Khardoum.

Far away in the palace of the King of Jhakarta, the Seer told the King of a powerful sorceress who could help him conquer his enemy the Kaliph. For many centuries the two Kingdoms had waged war, neither side gaining any foothold on the other. Each jealous of the resources and land mass the other held. The powers each held enough to fend off the other.

But neither side held magic. A dangerous word to use, for it meant the powers of the elements, the arcane and the spirit could be used in warfare. If there was a chance to turn the tables with the use of magic, the King of Jhakarta would have it. At any cost, he would see the Kaliph brought to his knees and the rich oils, spices and silk would be in his palace treasury!


Have I piqued your interest? I would like a long term rp with this, a writer who can help me build this world and the two Kingdoms at war. Help me to bring this vivid dream to life. I seek creativity, a commitment to posting at least once a week or more. If you want to know more, PM me please!

Offline VerasailleTopic starter

Re: Stolen Goods-F seeking M
« Reply #2 on: September 11, 2016, 03:27:06 pm »
There is always more to the story than meets the eye. I wish to set this story in my world of Tierra. Seen here, it is a wide open world with plenty of differing cultures and races to explore and enjoy.