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November 22, 2017, 09:01:48 AM

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Author Topic: Aida's Bunnies | F&M  (Read 1006 times)

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Aida's Bunnies | F&M
« on: June 29, 2016, 01:25:05 PM »

Aida's Bunnies

No fluffy mammals were harmed in the making of this thread.

Hi! Most ideas here are pretty flexible. I don't want to say I'm married to every detail, especially since I don't want to scare off any nifty tweaks. Still, though, I hope you respect the spirit of the plot bunny. 

My main characters are generally female. I can write people of other genders on the side for a story, but women are my go-to for center stage, whether the story's sexual or not. Also, player gender doesn't matter to me. Play your gender. Don't play your gender. It's all good, except on the unlikely event that it's all bad. (Which is so subjective, I know.) I like multiple characters, but it's not necessary.

I figure, I'll make a post for each genre I have story ideas in, then just make updates. I dunno. None of the themes or story elements mentioned are required and they're not the end all be all, either. Just a place to start. The important thing to remember is, don't post in this thread. PM me any interest you have. Thanks!

The role I'd like to play is on the left. Maybe I'll underline it to be clear. That'd be a good idea...If you'd like, you can go here for a look at my writing style.

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Aida's Bunnies || F&M
« Reply #1 on: July 16, 2016, 12:14:15 AM »

Science Fiction


They've lived next door to one another for over a year and never spoken. But he's been watching her. When the world falls to chaos, he seizes his opportunity. It's for both of their best, he figures. It was alarmingly easy to break into her apartment and this way, he can take care of her. [Beloved Captive. Post Apocalyptic. Stockholm Syndrome.]


Merit. Status. Wealth. These're the only things that matter. Above all else, even the law. In an oligarchial dystopia, you can do whatever you want, take whoever you want, if you have the money and power. And he does. 

Maybe: Every year, students reach the age of majority and go through the interviews. The first that really matter. They meet with who'll have them and, the lucky few, students like her, get their pick of employers. Sometimes, these interviews lead to lucrative employment. Sometimes, an executive wants a pretty young spouse in hand. [Dystopia. Forced Marriage.  Age Difference.  Pampering. Optional: Omegaverse.]

Maybe: They're childhood friends and, one day, he says to her, You're gonna be my wife. She giggles, pushes him to the ground, and runs away. That should be the end of it. A cute anecdote to embarrass him years later. But she's not the only one he tells and as the years pass, he refuses to let the notion go. And when you have his talent and his family's status, a notion means something. [Dystopia. Forced Marriage.  Pampering. Friends to Lovers. Optional: Omegaverse.]

What Happens Here

It stays here. She stays here. Lost and won in a "gentlemen's"ó there are no gentlemen; not anymore ó game of cards. She's been unfailing loyal to her father. Always there to save the day. Always there to clean up her mess. She always thought that, even if he never said so, he appreciated it. That, when the moment came, he'd reward her devotion in kind. But the time comes and he gestures to where she stands, unaware, entrenched in deals and shadows, and makes her his last stand. The men who takes her don't care that she's not for the taking, that she belongs to herself and no one. They only care about their boss's cold eyes and ruthless smile. [People as Prize. Alternate World. Age Difference. Daddy Kink. ]

Hacker & Android ♥ Cyberpunk

Artificial Lover

"A computer would deserve to be called intelligent if it
could deceive a human into believing that it was human."

ó Alan Turing

Hacker & Android
Tropes: Dystopia | Robotics | Humanity | Industrial Espionage

One way or another, everything connects. The net is mother. Everyone grows up knowing this, because the world makes sure you know. If you can master it, really master it not just string some numbers together to make a monkey dance, then you're getting somewhere. There's no better way to do that than to play god. There's no better way to play god than to make a life.

That's why the Hacker's here. She rolls into the building like a virus, contracted by the executives' greed. All to get an eye full of their newest and greatest innovation. It might be an abomination. According to her family, it is. More likely, it's a threat.

More Info

My character's good with numbers and machines. No big deal. Most kids in the district are, but she's got the right touch. Right enough to get her a probationary job position in the incredibly competitive lab that created your character. They can be an android or a cyborg. I think she feels threatened by artificial life, but not to the point of spouting vitriol at your character. Either that or she'll have a major soft spot for what she sees as an oppressed group. Tell me which you prefer.

Stowaway & Convict ♥ Space Opera


"If you want something, take it."

Stowaway/Crook & Convict
Space Opera
Tropes: Grit | Crime | Spacecrafts

Hades is a constructed planet where the Empire dumps their trash. Including her. She knew that, but what she going to do? Not snatch the blueprints? Ignore a once in a lifetime jackpot? The law asks too much, as usual. She only proved herself human.

Human and unweary of consequence. She could've almost born her capture if it weren't for one small mix up. Petty criminals belong on the moon, Hermes, circling around the hell below on the main planet. Except, the bureaucrats have decided her crimes aren't petty at all. Their shit computers pinged two homicides and five attempted through her genetic code, but that's not right. Not at all. If she goes down to Hades, they'll eat her alive.

So, see, that's why this meeting can't be coincidence. Providence is the better word.

More Info

The stowaway's a petty crook who manages to slip along with your convict during their daring escape. The stowaway will be young, ambitious, and probably mouthy. For the convict, I'm thinking older and notorious among criminal circles. Someone rugged, dominant, and tough. He's dangerous and she's getting there.

Inspired by a Chronicles of Riddick/Buffy fanfic. Just the overall premise. Reading it, I felt like it had a lot of potential, but the plot grew convoluted quick. To the point where the character's became unrecognizable before I'd even reached the halfway mark.

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Re: Aida's Bunnies | F&M
« Reply #2 on: September 10, 2017, 01:47:49 PM »


The Wild Hunt

Today, she's gonna turn the tide. Today, the hunter becomes the hunted. They something, someone from her; so now she's going to take everything from them. Maybe it's the grief. Maybe it's the folly of youth, but all her perseverance, all her fire, can't hold a torch to millennia of experience. And she's not like the ones before. She's not lucky. She doesn't get to die in the dirt, with her dignity, with her hate. Her anathema takes her to his kingdom. [Hate to Love. Beloved Captive. Age Difference because immortal or semi-immortal magical being.]

Angels & Demons

"They who made you...They made me too.
Quiet, like you. Violent, like you."

ó Wye Oak, Fish

Demon & Falling Angel
Tropes: Redemption & Corruption | Power Dynamics | BDSM | S&M | Religion

Sometimes she remembered her old name and it burned. Sometimes she liked that. She'd let the heat simmer through her, build up until it hurt the way the infernal flames hadn't in years. But like everything else, it faded, until nothing remained. Nothing but blank spaces, wretched her, and...

...and memories of them.

Imagine her surprise when they meet again.

More Info

I'm using they/them pronouns for the Angel because they can be male or female. Sorry if it's confusing. It'd make sense, also, if you prefer to play a gender neutral Angel. Though, I'll be honest and say my interest depends on how you intend to present the gender.

This could go a number of ways. That's why I included 'Redemption' and 'Corruption.' I'm leaning towards a Demon who longs for redemption seeks out an Angel she once admired for their staunch righteousness. Only, time has changed them and she meets them in the midst of their descent into corruption.


Skinny Love
"I couldn't look you in the eye."

ó Radiohead, Creep

Human & Shapeshifter
Tropes: Pining | Dubious Consent | Slowburn | Endearments | Possessive Behavior

She finds consistent comfort in the presence of her childhood friend. He's an oasis in the tumult of her life. However, her dear friend has a secret. He comes from a long line of shapeshifters and has been in love with her for years. Every time she confides in him over a crush, he, heartbroken, takes that boy's face and goes to her. Then, of course in his original skin, he's happy to offer a shoulder to cry on when she returns upset, having spoken to the crush who has no memory of what they got up to together.

More Info

Ages are flexible, though I'm thinking late teens? And her as the archetypal oblivious human. Not the one the vampires and werewolves are fighting over, but the girl too busy with finals and her parents' divorce to notice all the shenanigans brewing around her. 

Low Fantasy

"Iím usually strong,
so what magic
did you cast on me
to make me
weak to you."

Human & Shapeshifter
Tropes: Obsession | Corruption | Power Imbalance | Age Difference | Magic

Fantasy Roleplay I want after watching Castlevania. (You donít need to have seen it to roleplay this with me, but I recommend you watch because itís fantastic.)

She's is a member of a druid-like tribal community that the church is hoping to cleanse from the land in the name of the one true god (otg haha). During the massacre, a holy warrior stumbles upon her injured body and, rather than finish her off, is infatuated. He smuggles her back to his fortress and passes her off as a non-druid slave.

More Info

Magic might be real. She might be able to use it to win his favor through the granting of wishes. Their dynamic, off the top of my head, could sorta be like (a less repulsive) Frollo and Esmeralda, a tweaked Macbeth and lady Macbeth, and a re-imagined Persephone and Hades (she is a flower girl who considers his righteous world hell.)

Macbeth and Persephone especially come in because she believes that if she must be dragged into hell, if he must have been born to hell, why serve it? Why not rule instead?

He can be cruel to her in the beginning. with actions like non-consensual and branding, if youíd like. or he can be kind and contrary to her expectations. He can be anything from a dashing knight in his prime to a grizzled war hero. I wanna be as flexible as possible while still holding true to the idea.

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Re: Aida's Bunnies | F&M
« Reply #3 on: September 10, 2017, 05:42:25 PM »


University Student & Dean

As a freshman at university, she gets in over her head with the university's dean of students. It starts out innocent enough. She thinks he's showing interest in a promising student. and who knows? Maybe he acts this way towards everyone who makes the dean's list. Though she can't see how he'd make the time, she wants to believe it. She probably starts crushing on him. And if it's difficult to deal with a professor's influence, imagine the man who runs the school.

First Loves

Toxic young love. University students. Him possibly more experienced and keen to pressure her into things like her first time. Her enabling his bad behavior because she doesnít know any better. Both in blind, dysfunctional love with one another.

Nouveau Homeless & Old Money

She always lands on her feet. This landing's just been especially rough. Silver tongued and careless, she talks her way into the penthouse suite. A worthwhile risk to get her groove back. After two nights sleeping in her car, she deserves a nice, long bath and a bottle of champagne. As she pops open said bottle, the door opens. Apparently, the guest, the man she claimed to be her husband, exists. Who would've known? Rather than call the cops, they come to an understanding. Of the sham marriage variety.

Sugar Baby & Mafia Man

Sugar baby in over her head. She thinks her sugar daddyís just gruff and paranoid. It turns out he earned his fortune dirty. Heís a world class assassin, or the top enforcer of an international crime family, etc Now sugar babyís all entangled in his trouble. He didnít want this, but he couldnít resist her.


She spends a long time with a bag over her head, wrists tied behind her back. Going every mistake that might've led her there. Smiling at the guy with all the bodyguards in the checkout line hadn't been top of the list. (Girl meets boy. Boy has his crime boss dad's people abduct girl because crush.)

Overachiever & Professor

Overachieving, perfectionist student whoís pulling her hair out with frustration. Thisís her first year of university. Itís supposed to be a dawn of a new age, the age of the nerd. She expected to be killing it grade-wise. And she is.

But not in his class. Maybe she works hardest in this professerís class. Maybe this is her favorite subject. Maybe heís notorious for his tough marks and that makes her insecure. Maybe heís notorious for his easy marks and that puts her in a spiral.

Overachiever making this whole sketchy flirtation awkward and kinda cute. The professor tries to proposition her subtly and it flies over her head. The professor stares at her in class and she panics.

The professor might be panicking too. Maybe heís usually a good guy. But thereís something about this one. He doesnít know if itís the student whoís bumbling them or if itís him or if itís both.

Step Right On In

(Try not to judge me *finger guns*) Not by blood. After a daunting time abroad (as a soldier? journalist?), he comes back, changed, to a failed marriage and his wife's daughter. His wife's disappeared and the girl won't give him a single clue. The more time passes, the more it looks like she ran off with the gas station attendant, the more it looks like he's stuck on his family's farm with her jail bait (17) daughter. The one who won't stop giving him sideways glances. Things escalate from there.

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