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August 17, 2017, 01:03:36 AM
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Author Topic: Aida's Bunnies | F&M | F&F | Fantasy & SciFi  (Read 653 times)

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Offline Aida RoseTopic starter

Aida's Bunnies | F&M | F&F | Fantasy & SciFi
« on: June 29, 2016, 01:25:05 PM »
Aida's Bunnies
No fluffy mammals were harmed in the making of this thread.

Hi! Most ideas here are pretty flexible. I don't want to say I'm married to every detail, especially since I don't want to scare off any nifty tweaks. Still, though, I hope you respect the spirit of the plot bunny. My main characters are generally female. I can write people of other genders on the side for a story. Player gender doesn't matter to me. Play your gender. Don't play your gender. It's all good, except on the unlikely event that it's all bad. (Which is so subjective, I know.) The Seeking part is about character gender, not player.

My main characters are generally female. I can write people of other genders on the side for a story, but women are my go-to for center stage, whether the story's sexual or not. Also, player gender doesn't matter to me. Play your gender. Don't play your gender. It's all good, except on the unlikely event that it's all bad. (Which is so subjective, I know.) I like multiple characters, but it's not necessary.

I figure, I'll make a post for each genre I have story ideas in, then just make updates. I dunno. None of the themes or story elements mentioned are required and they're not the end all be all, either. Just a place to start. The important thing to remember is, don't post in this thread. PM me any interest you have. Thanks!

The role I'd like to play is on the left. Maybe I'll underline it to be clear. That'd be a good idea...If you'd like, you can go here for a look at my writing style.


Redemption & Corruption | Power Dynamics | BDSM | S&M | Religion

Demon & Falling Angel 🌹Supernatural

Demon & Falling Angel
Seeking: Male or Female

Sometimes she remembered her old name and it burned. Sometimes she liked that. She'd let the heat simmer through her, build up until it hurt the way the infernal flames hadn't in years. But like everything else, it faded, until nothing remained. Nothing but blank spaces, wretched her, and...

...and memories of them.

Imagine her surprise when they meet again.

"They who made you...They made me too.
Quiet, like you. Violent, like you."

The quote's from the song, Fish by Wye Oak

I'm using they/them pronouns for the Angel because they can be male or female. Sorry if it's confusing. It'd make sense, also, if you prefer to play a gender neutral Angel. Though, I'll be honest and say my interest depends on how you intend to present the gender.

This could go a number of ways. That's why I included 'Redemption' and 'Corruption.' I'm leaning towards a Demon who longs for redemption seeks out an Angel she once admired for their staunch righteousness. Only, time has changed them and she meets them in the midst of their descent into corruption.

Willow in the Wind
Suspense | Control | Isolation | Manipulative Behavior

Witch & Summoned 🌹 Urban Fantasy

Witch & Summoned
Urban Fantasy
Seeking: Male or Female

She lived alone in her family home. She kept her head down. She did her job, tending to the seals forged on the edge of her property. It was unclear who made them in the first place. Her Nan said their family did, but Nan loved stories, not truth. And Nan, besides, was dead. Her lies no longer mattered. What mattered was that one of the seals broke and she had no idea how to fix it.

There was no procedure, no precedent. Just an old grimoire, locked away where she shouldn't reach, except she could. She was strong enough to get past the lock and, when people started to go missing, desperate enough to try. A summoning spell sat right on the first page she opened the book to. She chose to believe it was fate, said the incantation, spilled the blood of a virgin from her veins.

A large, alien figure appeared and she didn't even care. New emotions pressed behind her eyes. A foreign voice pushed in, uninvited, and said, "Hello."

Willow in the Wind

"An open door goes both ways."

More Info

This is about a deep connection and two strangers somehow finding common ground. They have an emotional connection, but can't read each other's minds or anything. I find that invasive and boring. To be clear, the familiar pushing their voice in, isn't what I consider telepathy. They can't read her thoughts and she can only hear what they push in. I guess it could be considered that, but I think the boundaries are firmer. Also, I'm not even married to that form of communication.

Fine with any gender for your main character. I'm cool with either role and if you decide to play the witch (or I dunno, warlock/wizard if you've got a thing about names' gender) we can change the little blurb of backstory I put up, of course. The familiar should be strange, but humanoid. They can be animalistic, sort of mechanical (technomancy) or simply mystical. Or something I haven't considered, obviously, as long as they fit the setting and don't squick me. Nothing too wild, because honestly, I expect some smut.

My preference is that the Summoned is bond in service to the Witch, as a Familiar or otherwise. Then it's a battle of wills to see who stays in control. Can she keep the Summoned reigned in long enough to save her town? (And maybe, the world, but most importantly her town!)

Sacred Rites
Magic | Failed Prophecy | Armageddon

Chosen & Wizard 🌹 Apocalyptic Urban Fantasy

Chosen & Wizard
Urban Fantasy
Seeking: Male or Female

Thatís the funny thing about life. In an instant, everything can change. You walk too far and fall out of your tower, glance away from your treasure for a moment and itís smoke in the next. The world can still slip right out of careful fingers. For example, imagine an ancient sect. For thousands of years, they've known about this day and prepared for it. The portal was ready and the champion located. Only one problem. Maybe two. The world ended a year too soon and their hero wasn't designed for this.

Sacred Rites
"In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man's king."

More Info

My character is the prophesied hero of a far away world. The only thing is, the agent sent to retrieve her moves too slow. I think it'd be cool if the whole prophecy's been made irrelevant because the prophesied Big Bad's been killed by a new wildcard. By the time they arrive, the world has been taken. I'd like for it to be ruled by a totalitarian warlord who originally came from the same world as my character and has a past with her. This used to be a world of magic but one of two things happened because of the warlock's actions.
  • No one has magic except for the warlock.
  • Only a small ruling class has magic, and their magic while powerful, is small in comparison to the warlock's.

I think I prefer the second, because there could be a subplot with one wizard/witch/whatever you wanna call em who conscripts the lower classes for unethical, magical experiments. This would make transformation possible, but I don't want the RP to go too far down that road. If you want your character to go through heavy modifications, it depends, and I think I'd prefer it if it happened beforehand. Like, if they want to change into a mythical, humanoid species, for instance, I'd want that to be in the prologue. I'm rambling. It just really depends and I'm totally open to discussion.

Right now, I'm leaning towards your character being the warlock or a companion intent on helping my character on her mission. (Her motivation is probably that only the sect knows the way back and won't help her get back until she's done what they need.) The warlock isn't necessarily good or evil. Their intentions could be great. The sect mainly just wants magic back for the people.

Magic | Death & Immortality | Adventure

Stone Guardian & Adventurer 🌹 High Fantasy

Stone Guardian & Adventurer
High Fantasy
Seeking: Male or Female

Thereís a way of doing things around here. It requires more finesse than decapitations and eviscerations. Nothing these people would understand, shame, but that's what she's here for. It's why they left her here, to rot. So she could protect their precious toys and wake up in a cold, dark pit, miles and years away from her life. Her reward for saving them.

"Adventure! People talked about the idea as if it were something worthwhile, rather than a mess of bad food, no sleep and strange people inexplicably trying to stick pointed objects in bits of you."

More Info

I donít know if this will be very long as far as stories go, but it depends. My character was a warrior who, many years ago, was preserved in stone to guard the artifact your character is after. She feels bitter and betrayed by her entombment, rather than feeling honored, which is what was expected. Either through guile, persuasion, combat, whichever you prefer, the Adventurer manages to recruit her to their side. It can be just the two of them, but I think it'd be better with a crew.

The quote's Terry Pratchett's.

Toy Soldier
Detainment | Supernatural Creatures | Dystopia

Researcher & Test Subject 🌹Science Fantasy

Researcher (Nephilim) & Test Subject (Werewolf)
Science Fantasy
Seeking: Male

The wild ones, the vamps and the weres and the ghouls, go in cages, because they're dangerous. Her kind, the infernal and the divine and the fae, get a pass. Even tyrants have standards and a good one knows when it has an asset. A good tyrant's hard to find. A greedy one's easy, like the type who'll betray a perfectly good worker because she's got a little angel blood. Who'll betray every employee who's even a little weird, because there's a need and they've got the space.

Toy Soldier
"The world is a goddamned evil place, the strong prey on the weak; Iíve given up hope that there is a God that will save us all. How am I supposed to believe that thereís a heaven and a hell when all I see now is hell."

More Info
This is a plot I'm a fan of, and I don't care whether it's cliche or not. Your character doesn't necessarily have to be a werewolf and the species don't have to be the way I laid out. Though, just for the sake of honesty, I love werewolves. Can't resist pairing my characters with them given the chance (unless the werewolf's totally putrid, obviously.) Right now I'm thinking my character's tossed in the cell with yours to see how they'll react. How the were'll tear her apart, except that doesn't happen. I'm thinking she's analytical, but before her position's terminated she tried her best to treat her "patients" ethically.

The quote's from Aaron B. Powell, Doomsday Diaries III: Luke the Protector.

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Offline Aida RoseTopic starter

Aida's Bunnies 🌹 F&M 🌹 F&F 🌹 Fantasy & SciFi
« Reply #1 on: July 16, 2016, 12:14:15 AM »
Science Fiction

Artificial Lover
Dystopia | Robotics | Humanity | Industrial Espionage

Hacker & Android 🌹 Cyberpunk

Hacker & Android
Seeking: Male or Female

One way or another, everything connects. The net is mother. Everyone grows up knowing this, because the world makes sure you know. If you can master it, really master it not just string some numbers together to make a monkey dance, then you're getting somewhere. There's no better way to do that than to play god. There's no better way to play god than to make a life.

That's why the Hacker's here. She rolls into the building like a virus, contracted by the executives' greed. All to get an eye full of their newest and greatest innovation. It might be an abomination. According to her family, it is. More likely, it's a threat.

Artificial Lover
"A computer would deserve to be called intelligent if it could deceive a human into believing that it was human."

More Info
The quote's Alan Turing's.

My character's good with numbers and machines. No big deal. Most kids in the district are, but she's got the right touch. Right enough to get her a probationary job position in the incredibly competitive lab that created your character. They can be an android or a cyborg. I think she feels threatened by artificial life, but not to the point of spouting vitriol at your character. Either that or she'll have a major soft spot for what she sees as an oppressed group. Tell me which you prefer.

Gritty | Crime | Spacecrafts

Stowaway & Convict 🌹 Space Opera

Stowaway/Crook & Convict
Space Opera
Seeking: Male

Hades is a constructed planet where the Empire dumps their trash. Including her. She knew that, but what she going to do? Not snatch the blueprints? Ignore a once in a lifetime jackpot? The law asks too much, as usual, and she only proved herself human. She could've almost born that if it weren't for one small mix up. Petty criminals belong on the moon, Hermes, circling around the hell below on the main planet. Except, the bureacrats have decided her crimes aren't petty at all. Their shit computers pinged two homicides and five attempted through her genetic code, but that's not right. Not at all. If she goes down to Hades, they'll eat her alive.

So, see, that's why this meeting can't be coincidence. Providence is the better word.

"If you want something, take it."

More Info

The stowaway's a petty crook who manages to slip along with your convict during their daring escape. The stowaway will be young, ambitious, and probably mouthy. For the convict, I'm thinking older and notorious among criminal circles. Someone rugged, dominant, and tough. He's dangerous and she's getting there.

Inspired by a Chronicles of Riddick/Buffy fanfic. Just the overall premise. Reading it, I felt like it had a lot of potential, but the plot grew pretty convulated quick. To the point where the character's became unrecognizable before I'd even reached the halfway mark.

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