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Author Topic: BUNNIES; smut with feeling | F&M  (Read 1742 times)

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BUNNIES; smut with feeling | F&M
« on: June 29, 2016, 01:25:05 PM »

Aida's Bunnies

No fluffy mammals were harmed in the making of this thread.

Hi! Most ideas here are pretty flexible. I don't want to say I'm married to every detail, especially since I don't want to scare off any nifty tweaks. Still, though, I hope you respect the spirit of the plot bunny. 

My main characters are submissive women. I can write people of other genders on the side for a story, but women are my go-to for center stage, whether the story's sexual or not. Also, player gender doesn't matter to me. Play your gender. Don't play your gender. It's all good, except on the unlikely event that it's all bad. (Which is so subjective, I know.) I roleplay through threads or PMs.

I figure, I'll make a post for each genre I have story ideas in, then just make updates. I dunno. None of the themes or story elements mentioned are required and they're not the end all be all, either. Just a place to start. The important thing to remember is, don't post in this thread. PM me any interest you have. Thanks!

Note I'm feeling a little burned out on older women right now. I like playing them, but they're what most have requested and I also like playing someone in their, say, early 20s. For example, I like virginal characters, which really makes no sense for a mother in her 40s haha. Not unless we're sliding into some blasphemy. I get that maybe not a lot of people are into mother/son or older women (I wasn't! my O&O thread might still reflect that haha) but sorry, I'm human. Let me play older and younger women.

The role I'd like to play is on the left. Maybe I'll underline it to be clear. That'd be a good idea...If you'd like, you can go here for a look at my writing style.

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Re: BUNNIES; smut with feeling | F&M
« Reply #1 on: December 21, 2017, 08:43:52 PM »

Three's a Crowd

Hi! I'd like to at least one (to be honest, several) roleplay(s) that involves three characters, but isn't a threesome. At least, not by my definition. It's basically a relationship that's probably forbidden and involves the humiliation of a third member. So, yeah, infidelity. Our characters go at it and that really puts an NPC out.

They might start out running behind the NPC's back and then progress to waving it in their voice, i.e the aforementioned humiliation. A scenario where say, a son has his way with his mother without care for the father's presence, might be too outlandish for some people, but I like it. (And if there's a combo that interests you more or seems more reasonable for whatever reason, I'm listening.)

Whether my character's older or not, she's submissive and he's dominant. It might not start out that way, but both mean more to the other than a piece of meat or an (in)convenient hump. I want to things with rivalry and resentment. Neither character should be very attached to the NPC. It's what I'm interested in. There's a lot of incest in my list, because I think it's the best answer for "why do they torture this third person and not just ditch them?" "Why, because it's crazy forbidden!" And incest's an easy-ish way to do that. But I'm 100% down to think of an alternative. An asterisk (*) means I'm especially into it.

A woman and her sister's husband.
A mother and her married son. (Maybe they chose the wife for her money.)
A sister and her married brother.
A mother and her daughter's husband, boyfriend, ex.
A mother and her husband's son. (Duh haha.)
A woman and her boyfriend, fiance, or husband's father or brother. 
A daughter and her married adopted or stepfather. (Maybe he married her mother to be near her, if stepfather.)
A niece and her married uncle.
A woman and her married employer.
A mistress or long-term escort decides to displace the wife. 

These are just suggestions. If you have more imagination than me (which's likely! haha), please free to make suggestions of your own. I should probably've realized I'd need to explain more what I'm looking for in general? I think this's maybe a smuttier request and on the easygoing side, but I don't do just smut. I think there should be interesting stuff with character and emotions. Like, a lot of these ideas involve incest. That should, on a level, bother the characters and if it doesn't, there should be a reason. In general, I like descriptive writing and engaged plotting. You don't need to write like Byron, but I'd like to understand what I'm reading haha.

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Re: BUNNIES; smut with feeling | F&M
« Reply #2 on: December 23, 2017, 06:56:50 PM »


Admirer & Priest

A nun and a priest. He might be a sort of "Borgia" clergyman, a wolf in sheep's clothing, who lives in luxury and can't help himself when it comes to her. Even more so, he might not even be a real clergyman, but a fox come into the henhouse to hunt. All these predator-prey analogies wow haha. But yeah, I haven't played a virginal woman in a while and I love this idea. The sexual tension and guilt. Sneaking around. Her being taken out of her convent to live with him, under some pretense of holy service (...or I different holy service...) and being a fish out of water.

Motherly Love
Mother of the Groom & Groom

She doesn't approve one goddamn bit. He's too young. It's too soon. And, most importantly, he's her goddamn son! Whatever happened to honor thy father and thy mother? Oh well. It didn't matter. She was twice the woman his little slut could ever be and if he didn't already know, he would soon. [This is the prototype for the pairings above in Three's a Crowd. So if you're interested in this, maybe consider one of those!]

Esau Have I Loved
Daughter & Father

The father rules his town and his family with an iron fist anointed in the leather bound word of god. He's a proud patriarch who disdains his sickly wife and is underwhelmed by all but one of his children. Her: his wicked darling. She's heartless, callous and, in his eyes, divine. Once she matured enough, he began to groom her as his true bride, not by law but by something far more sacred. they go into the woods to hunt and sometimes their prey walks on two legs. Sometimes they return home mussed and wild eyed and the mother averts her gaze.

Wife's Sister & Husband

She is young and naive and this isn't her story. She marries a restless man, a man meant for big things who's more interested in her big name than he is her big heart. And when he sees her sister, the disowned troublemaker, for the first, he finds himself breathless and helpless to hide his heart away from her claws. He can't marry the sister, not with all the bridges she's burned, bu still, he must have her. 

Seven Veils
Ballerina & Fan

He will have no one else but her. On the academy's stage, she's moonlight and music. Less girl than dream and he, in shadows, is the dreamer. Every night, he goes to her room backstage and no one stops him. He commands, as he always commands, that she be his. Coyly, she refuses. And to the surprise of all, he walks away without protest. One night she realizes, the big bad man, may be big but he's not so bad after all.

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Real Gods Demand Blood
Mother & Son. Queen & King.

They are a proud and old dynasty. Their blood should never be sullied by human hands, but in two weeks' time, it will be. The Queen understands why her son, the newly crowned King, must do this but she can't accept it. At first, she believes it's because she'll no longer be the Queen but no, it's not just the crown she wants. She realizes that it's the man on the throne as well. And it's never been her practice to not get what she wants. 

Time Warp
Assistant & Time Traveler

A brilliant scientist and his beleaguered assistant. His young, abrasive feminist assistant, who he may've hired for her mouth but not to listen to it so much. One day the scientist, conservative but fond of his assistant, gets fed up and takes her back to what he considers a more sensible time where women knew their place. Then the real mentorship begins. [For what it's worth, I don't agree with Doc at all politically and I'm ashamed of myself lol. But I got a craving for this: slowburn breakdown of stubborn feminist straw-woman into the perfect submissive idk timewife. Possible time periods: the 50s, Victorian Ages, most of history lbr. And I mean, I'm very down for them hopping through All these time period for adventures as he trains her? So, Doctor Who-ish vibes. Maybe he's an alien, if you want.]

"Persephone" & "Hades"

When the Templars hunt down the druids, they leave no prisoners. Or, they didn't. Until he found himself stood over her, struck though she'd been the one to take the blow. Druids look like anyone else once you wash them off, he might reason as he smuggles her away into his fortress.

Magic might be real. She might be able to use it to win his favor through the granting of wishes. Their dynamic, off the top of my head, could sorta be like (a less repulsive) Frollo and Esmeralda, a tweaked Macbeth and lady Macbeth, and a re-imagined Persephone and Hades (she is the innocent flower girl, trapped in his righteous hell.)

Macbeth and Persephone especially come in because she believes that if she must be dragged into hell, if he must have been born to hell, why serve it? Why not rule instead?

He can be cruel to her in the beginning. with actions like non-consensual and branding, if you’d like. or he can be kind and contrary to her expectations. He can be anything from a dashing knight in his prime to a grizzled war hero. I wanna be as flexible as possible while still holding true to the idea. 

Religious Themes, Fantasy Shenanigans, Rivals to Lovers, what's not to love?

King of Diamonds, King of Spades
"Persephone" & "Hades"

I might have to give this pair their own category! TBA.

These are "smaller" ideas. They're about one line long, but I'd still like to flesh them out with you. ​

She's the only girl in a house full of men. They all dote on her and in return, she takes care of them.
When the anesthesia sets in, her doctor takes advantage. She finds the tapes and they excites her. 
Her school bully just wants to break her spirit, isolate her from others, and make her his. That's all. 
A nun is abducted from her convent and anointed as the devil's (or anti-christ's) consort. 
Struggling artist seeks domineering patron.
Intrepid reporter is found out when undercover and indoctrinated by charismatic cult leader.
Oedipus Rex, but when the truth comes out, he learns to rejoice. Eventually.

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Re: BUNNIES; smut with feeling | F&M
« Reply #3 on: April 21, 2018, 09:05:39 PM »

BUMP. I added ideas and took some old ideas out.

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