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June 23, 2018, 07:29:27 AM

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Author Topic: Petshop of Horrors. (Urban Fantasy. F for anyone)  (Read 707 times)

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Petshop of Horrors. (Urban Fantasy. F for anyone)
« on: June 28, 2016, 09:33:49 PM »
Been Craving this RP idea on and off for a while now. Kind of looking for somewhere around 60% story and maybe 40% Smut. I am more than willing to discuss it and work out a plot for anyone interested :P

Lets talk, brainstorm and more. ^_^ 

Too Long, Didn't read/ Don't understand
For anyone who is having trouble understanding this idea (or couldn't understand my inane rambling), the TLDR of this is I am looking to play a paranormal investigator interacting with one who is at the center of the paranormal web. A Human woman with something that isn't Human, but not in any mythology on Earth either. The show that inspired this always had a Twilight Zone type feel to it, I am not sure I want to go that route, but it is negotiable. What I am mainly looking for are interactions between the Count and the Human agent. I don't have any solid plot set in stone so we can work out what the two of them get up to. 

'Within this city there is a place called China town. A mysterious, and exotic place where rare and very valuable commodities are in abundance. At the very center, in the shadow of a shadow, is my pet shop. Why don't you come in? I am sure you will find something you desire.'

Within Los Angeles, there has been an increase in the number of paranormal events in the past few years. There have been more congregations of parahumans as well as beasts in the city nearly every night. So much to that the secretive paranormal agency within the FBI (known as The UIU) has opened up a new hidden Bureau to deal with this and keep it hidden from the public eye. From time to time their investigations and operations lead agents to interact with a mysterious Pet Shop in Chinatown that seems to be older than the city itself. None Know where it came from, or when it was built, only that it seems to have endless amounts of animals to be bought, some claim it is bigger on the inside than the outside, and others claim it is the true heart of the city.

Among the few thins that the Agency knows for a fact about the Petshop is that it is owned and primarily run by a man of Chinese descent, known only as Count-D. (No other Alias is known about him). It seems all paranormal roads inevitably lead back to China Town. While some among the Agency would like to permanently close down that paranormal petshop from Hell, they never are able to due to lack of evidence, and the sad truth that the creatures coming from it are one of the main reasons they are able to get funding.

The agency sorely needs the funding they get with dealing with the creatures and fallout from the shop to counter bigger and more dangerous threats. Too many bleeding hearts wish to shut down the UIU permanently. Not realizing that while some creatures are harmless, most of them, particularly the Undead, actively tend to go out of their way to hunt Humans. If the public learned of them, mass panic would be an understatement. So both groups simply go about their business, trying to avoid the other as much as possible and making the best of it. An spoken truce.

The Count knows full well of the UIU and they know of him. Considering the noise the agents always make when arresting and killing beasts, it would have been a surprise if he didn’t know of them. Still he likes that they maintain some measure of peace between the mortals and the others. Those vampires and hoodoo practitioners are always bad for business and it is useful to have someone around who can clean up the streets and keep the city relatively neat and tidy.

He had first popped up on their radar in the 80s and 90s until him and his entire shop emigrated to Japan, and for a time were the problem of their own Paranormal group, and the UIU were more than happy to leave it like that. However, he has returned again to China town to set up shop. Many called for Count D. to be brought in for "Justice", however the mutually beneficial relationship between the agency and the Count tends to stop the two from coming to blows. The Count keeps the monsters coming and the UIU keep the city from burning down so that more monsters can be sold. As well as dealing with the monsters that arrive in LA not by his hand. Not to mention, how the agency doesn't have a clue what he actually is. They have managed to track down photos of him dating all the way back to after the First World War. (Or at least they assume it is him). His power must be off the charts if he is able to wrangle and command so many different beasts and sell them off as pets. The mystery of what type of being the Count is has puzzled the Agency researchers and even after years of research, they are no closer to an answer.

It had been some time since the Count had left his Pet Shop personally. Sure the trip to Japan and then to his homeland of China was a nice change of pace, but there was just something magical about LA that the Count couldn't ignore. There was always something to see sand something to do. And the Humans always played with his expectations. Though...without Lieutenant Leon around anymore, things were terribly boring. The world had moved on without him (as it always did) and the farthest he ever went was a block. But on All Hallows eve, things took an interesting turn. The UIU was conducting one of its usual Halloween Raids. The Vampire population needed a culling and the UIU even planned to go after a nest, and take out an entire Vampire Clan. The Vamps had been feeding on too many tourists and homeless vagrants, to the point it almost made the news. If left unchecked their numbers would expand to a dangerous level, so the UIU declared Open Season on the blood drinkers.

Among the UIU agents preparing for the raid to the nightclub, where the Vampire Lord and his Clan made their home, there was a female agent known as a 'Tagger'. Her job had been to investigate rumors, myths, legends and tall tales. She was the equivalent of a plain clothes officer. Walking amongst the populace and finding signs of creatures roaming about. Once she found the vampire's roost she joined in on the raid, eager to have her name in the books of those few at the Agency who took down a Vampire Lord. Only things didn't go quite as planned.

The Vampires knew they were coming and nearly the entire assault team was gunned down as they were entering the building. Agent Abbey Phelps was among the few agents to make it into the actual club, outnumbered and outgunned, the agents were rushed by the vampires, and she was further separated from everyone else. To make matters worse, her fighting retreat through the nightclub eventually led her accidentally to the VIP room. The place where the Vamp Lord and his harem were. With only two magazines for her sidearm and no backup, she would live less than a minute before being set upon by the Vampire Lord's Harem and torn apart like a deer among hungry wolves.

The Count sensed her life being snuffed out as her body was beaten, bashed, and broken like a toy being thrown in a child's violent tantrum. Humans died all the time, both from natural and unnatural causes. Usually it didn't matter to him, but this was a special case, for one of her ancestors had done him a great favor. Stopping drunken fools from setting half of China town on fire in some drunken, nationalistic, fervor. They had thought they would do their nation proud by burning Chinatown into nothing but a pile of ashes, and one lone officer managed to turn them around with threats of arresting every single one. On that night the Count thanked the officer, promising him that one day he would return the favor, if not to him then to one of the members of his family. And now the moment had come.

Agent Abbey heard him before she saw him. Even with half of her bones broken and her skull split open, with her soul ready to leave her body. She could hear the sound of his footsteps like a church bell. No one else noticed the Count or the small bag he had with him as he strolled through the fighting and past vampires who thought their senses the best. In the bag he carried the ashes of a Phoenix, collected and aged over 10 years. He would have given the ashes to Mr. Sheen, who had ordered them ten years ago, but he would have to settle for the Tiger Blood. A chance to repay a debt did not come around often and so he covered the dead woman's body in the powdered ashes of a Phoenix and watched as broken bones knit themselves back together, and skin grew back where there had been none. By the end of it the woman was healthier than a new born and had gained another year of natural life added to herself to boot. Once the world began to come back into focus, their eyes met and the image of this man ,this beautiful and terrifying man, burned itself into her memory. She remembered the saying 'Still waters run deep' as she looked into those eyes of his, the calm face of the Count carrying with it a hidden threat, like a Bengal tiger. He was something completely different than the average bunch of monsters.

Count D thought nothing of the night afterwards and considered the debt paid and the matter closed...until the woman showed up at his Petshop a week later. It seems she neglected reporting her death and subsequent rebirth to her superiors, and has come knocking on his door while on a different case. Or perhaps she felt a need to see him?

It seems the Count has chosen some very interesting times to make his return. This will be very fun, oh maybe even more fun than the fallen Lt. ever gave him. And not only is this one a purebred, but a rare breed no less. Red Heads were becoming so hard to find lately. The count was known to specialize in such things and The Count always had a softspot, though he never would admit it.

Yes I named the agent Phelps and used an image of Cole Phelps as her ancestor but this is not related to LA Noire, I'm just uncreative as hell when it comes to making names.

I don’t know what it is…something about Count D just drew me in *blush* hehe…um anyway I hope if this interests you and you wouldn’t mind playing a more…effeminate man,(unsure about the terminology) then we could try this out. Knowing Count-D, centuries later into the future the Count might end up claiming (Rightfully so) that he has and forever will have the last Redhead in his possession, and most importantly. That she is not for sale.

Or some might notice that he suddenly carries with him a red Viper everywhere he goes now, and seems rather affectionate about it, even going so far as to claim that it is not for sale.

Petshop of Horrors. was one of the first animes I ever saw so it always has a special place with me.(Even if the English dub is rather clunky. Manga is good though I like Count Ds voice in the anime. it fits.)
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