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Author Topic: Conquest of a New World  (Read 719 times)

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Offline OldSchoolGamerTopic starter

Conquest of a New World
« on: March 15, 2009, 10:01:18 PM »

This is an alternate historical fiction saga that is just unfolding.  It features intrigue, with white-on-black sex and domination as a theme. 

The world is Earth of the 16th century, but a different Earth.  In this story-world, the Roman general Varus carried out a stunning triumph rather than suffering a crushing defeat, securing central Europe for Imperial Rome, and driving the Germanic peoples into western Asia.  The Gauls were crushed.  Thus, the era of barbarian invasions never came.  Rome never fell, though as you will read, its Empire diminished from best-in-the-world to a major power.

The Norse conquered Britain and turned Ireland into a restive vassal state.  Though they could not invade or sack Rome, they could check it, and did, ending the Roman Empire's expansion and claiming modern-day France, northern Germany, and all of the Nordic lands for their own, including far northwest Russia.  The Norse borrowed key boat-building technology from the Romans and Greeks and perfected it.  They are now the number one naval power, as well as a major competitor on land with their longbows and, as of late, muzzle-loading firearms driven by Chinese gunpowder.

The true threat to Roman dominance came from the East, with the armies of Islam rising to conquer what is now the Middle East, Egypt, part of Algeria, Iran, Turkey, and Greece.  Collectively called the Caliphatia, the Islamic lands consists of the Moors across much of Northern Africa, with a Roman enclave in Alexandria, and the Arabic peoples in the East.  A Roman victory at Constantinople ended the Caliphatia's ambitions of conquering the western Roman least for now.  For the Muslims have also managed to gain gunpowder, and with it have managed to build fearsome cannon capable of firing a ten-pound ball a full mile.

In this world, the Jews are dispossessed but have established a firm niche in commerce and moneychanging.  Christianity is only one step above being a footnote, practiced by desert nomads and peasants around the Aegean...and, as some prophets managed to reach the Indus after the Crucifixion, the prosperous city-state of Guzurat in what we now would call western India.  The Norse and Roman pantheons, never displaced, still hold sway and enjoy the worship of millions...

With expansion to the East and Southeast checked by Rome, the attentions of the Norse now turn to Africa.  Stories of dark-skinned people and wealth have reached the ears of the Norse sovereigns, who have dispatched ships.  Our story is the saga of one such vessel, the Thunderbolt, that has managed to reach the coast of West Africa.  Already a potentially valuable resource has been discovered.  And there are dozens of Norse sailors who now turn their eyes towards the natives.  But other powers, including the Muslims, are also turning an eye toward Africa and her riches...

Check out the thread, and PM me if you are interested in a role.  Note that this is a full-fledged story and saga, not just a tale of sex.  In keeping with historical realism, at this point in time you would have a hard time getting a Norse female character into the game, as the only Norse characters are sailors, who are men.  I am, however, open to creative attempts to overcome that...

Bear in mind the game is likely to contain white-on-black nonconsensual sex that some may find to be politically incorrect.  Such scenes are, however, eminently realistic.  If what my co-writers and I create offends you, I invite you to carry out a little sweat of the brow and create a plausible alternate history where Africa rose to power and conquered Europe and exploited its women, and begin your own thread.  Do a good enough job, and I may even submit a character for your game/story!

You can submit character and character concepts as replies to this post, or PMs.  Depending on the success of this thread, I may begin others set in this story universe.