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Author Topic: City Shadows(Tales of the Modern Supernatural), TG/Transformation  (Read 1180 times)

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Online Callie Del NoireTopic starter

Note: Please don't reply here, PM me if interested. (I forgot this.. sorry)

Hong Kong: Under the Dragon's Shadow

Hong Kong, Fragrant Harbor, has existed for over 6,000 years. Cities have weight that build over time. Great cities bear tremendous weight like an enormous titan. London, the beating heart of England for 3,000 years, and has it's own distorted mirror: London Below. Hong Kong has it's own distorted image: The Dragon's Shadow.

World's apart, these two cities have remarkable similarities. You can see and find anything for the right price, people from all over the world come to the city. For for a few, they know a remarkable secret. The right person, walking the right path, can enter the shadowy counterpart of the city. There you can walk with kings, soldiers from all eras of the cities history. For a price an Angel's Sin or Demon's Tears can be bought for the princely sum of a single coin from an dragon's horde. All manner of beings walk the streets, sewers and waterways of the city.

A long while ago, back in 2011, I did a group role play that lasted a few weeks before my finals killed my muse and the game guttered to a smoking halt. So this time I'm trying a few stories based on the folks that played in the game.

Hopefully this time it will working better.

Influences: Neverwhere by Niel Gaiman, with bits from American Gods/Anasazi Boys. Add in a bit of Simon R. Green's Nightside Novels and Jim Butcher's Dresden Files
Introduction Post
Hong Kong, The Dragon's City

"So old trickster, how is the west? The old man asked as he moved a token. Looking at the board from one angle, the board looked like a Go board. From another, it looked like a chess board and from another it seemed to be a map of the Island and New Territories with numerous figures of men and women scattered all over it.

The other old man, smoking a hand rolled cigar, shrugged. His face was weathered and tanned like old leather, but there was a vital strength about him despite it all, his sparse frame aside. He gestured and the cigar lit itself as he looked the board over, seeing like his companion the truth of the board and the things he was truly moving.

"It's as you expect it to be, you old dried up monkey. Folk from other lands moving in to fill the spots the People have left as they passed. Some of us adapt to the new ways, others don't. Wolf growls at the city boarders and fails to see openings. But then he was always a blunt one. Crow's passing was filled by a moody one from across the ocean, she's sharp but so boring. There was a blow out of sort a while back, a few old gods trying to reclaim the way things were." He shrugged, the air of his attitude showing that he thought said gods were fools.

"Wednesday? That old fool approached me and a few. Tried to get the Thunderer out of the hills to come with him." The other man said as he grinned through his beard and spat out a nut shell before shoving some more into his mouth. "You'd think he'd see how the way of things is, given what he gave up for sight. Your move Kickaha."

The other man shrugged as a trio of pieces moved over the board. Neither of the two men spoke for a long time, Kickaha smoking his cigar while the other spat out shells as he ate and watched the board. Both regarded the three fold game with the intensity of grandmasters.

"That move there.. is it..her, Hanuman? I thought those new ones killed her in Wednesday's play for power? " Hanuman shrugged as he watched the moves go into play.

"Her host bears the essence of a thing, and the thing she is. Well, it's not one that can be crushed away now is it?" He grinned, showing many flat yellow teeth in his grin.

"And a thing such as she can't be denied. Crafty, that is why you brought me here?" Kickaha said with a grin that was stained brown with old tobbaco. Both old men had a sparkle in their eye that spoke of mischief as yet done. "Ah.. so that is the way of things. I choose these." He pointed without looking at the table to a few pieces.

"And I will take these, and in the confusion, SHE will return. And old debts will be paid."

"Sounds like fun. We haven't anything like this since that business with that boy in San Francisco. What was his name?"

"Norton.. you have to admit he had a panache about him that still colors that city."

- Bride for a Dragon: What if you were fated to be the bride of a Dragon in your next life? Then on your dying moment, in a back alley in the Shadows of Hong Kong, a wizened old man appeared and offered you life? You accept not knowing that you weren't going to live THIS life but step immediately into your NEXT Life. That of the 19 year old girl you were fated to be and the future bride of an ancient Dragon as a debt to your great grandfather, Sun Wukong.
Story Elements: Transformation, Reincarnation, Magic, and Martial artist antics. I'm fairly open to changing elements to fit anyone interested in playing the character in a story with me..
- Life as a Velvet: (with Playfulgirl76) The vampires of the City Shadows aren't the pale faced fanged monsters of legends, though they exist, but deceptively delicate women who feed on passion, heat and life. Leaving behind chilled corpses the Velvets walk the shadows like mid-sized sharks. Feared by their lessees, avoiding angering the bigger beasts of the world who swim thru the same waters. They have some of the weaknesses of the legendary vampires: Vulnerbility to sunlight,  stakes don't kill but restrain them, and they can be beheaded and burned. The touch of true love also burns them, but legend has it if a Velvent finds her true love and begets a child by them, she can become human again.
You character encountered a lovely woman in a bar, words and drinks were exchanged and a shadowy liaison in a park nearby was arranged. A liaison that turns odd as you wind up in her body and staked for the sun, helpless to watch your body walks away and into the world beyond the Dragon's Shadow. (TG, Bodyswap)
- Essence of an Immortal (TG/Transformation)

Inspirational Images
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Online Callie Del NoireTopic starter

American Heartland

The New World. The battleground between the New Gods and Old Gods. In the months since Mr. Wendsday's death and the decimation of the new goslings, there was been little heard. Old tired gods still play the roles they did before the One-eyed wanderer's plans went astray and he died and didn't return. Some gods sleep restlessly, others putter the path they trod for decades.
Not all gods stay dead though. Spirits and fey wander the lay, the Trickster is moving pieces on the board, in a game that spans the length of the continent and beyond.

The NPC Cast
The Old Ones
"Nothing remains forever, not even nothing..."
Wendsday (Dead)

Bilquis (Dead, Sorta)

The New Ones
"Now is our time, we bring more to the table than fucking for rain and bargains at a crossroad olds man, move aside and fade.." Media.
The Men (in Black)
The Internet

The Neutral Ones
"Neurtal, outside your silly conflict. This doesn't always mean we're nice....or passive meat that bares our throat for the kill?" Coyote

The Others
The Fey, Monsters and other things in the Shadows
"Our Power is. We Are. What more is there to be said?" The Morrigan

The Courts of Summer and Winter, and the Free Fey

Persons of Power
"Magic is power, with it and will, anything is possible....assuming you pay it's price." Selene Kane
Selene Kane (Original Character): Known by many names, typically called 'The Wanderer', Selene almost always has a staff of unidentifiable wood with a cat's head on it's top and set with runes dating back to Ancient Atlantis. She bears some unnamed duty to the Courts of Winter and Summer both, but as a result has almost unprecedented power within each. She is a Mage of no small power in and of herself, but when she acts in either court's behalf (or both) she is an elemental force. She is considered due to this unnamed duty to be Noble of BOTH Courts as a result and when encountered in one or another, she typically pleads a neutral stance. Rumor has it she is the only being in either court who can lie, most lesser fey believe this is so and distrust dealing with her despite her standing by the right hand of both thrones when she visits. More than a few Noble Fey likewise avoid her.
She is known to be at least lived since sometime in the later half of the the 1500s with her admitting to have attended the court of Elizabeth the First as her 'Lady Magi.' The last time she stirred herself to activity was from about 1915 to just after the end of the Second World War around 1947.
Needless to say, many are concerned when she appeared in the last few years and involved herself in affairs of the world. Rumors abound about her recent actions and many fear she senses something dark coming.

-A Tale of Tails: (with Eliza) A foreign monster, long sleeping, finds a path thru dreams to escape, leaving her patsy to hold her place. Question is, can the trapped dreamer adapt to this new life or get her body back before it's too late?(Body Swap, Identity Theft)
--Goddess Reborn (with Wigglebiscuit, Unfinished) The sex goddess Belquis is dead, the remaining Old gods have moved to ensure that something of her remains.  What of the remaining new gods that survived the battle have to say? (Transformation, TG)
-Dweller on the Threshold (With Jazrea22) With A woman with memory issues, starts to recall how she lost her memories and more. Memories of being a man, of a body thief, and secrets that linger beyond the last century. Will she discover them before the thief finds her again? (Body swap, Identity Theft)
-To Steal Another's Fate: (Body Swap, TG, Identity Theft)
-Chaos : Breaking into the house of the most successful Starlet in Hollywood reveals a strange painting. As the character tries to fence it, it starts to change and with it he (or she) changes to become the latest 'sex queen' of the silver screen. (Transformation, Shapeshifting, Magic, TG? )
-The Devil at the Crossroads. Rumor has it you can bargain with the devil at the crossroads of a certain old discussed highway in the backwoods of the South. Your character's car breaks down and is offered a bargain, sealed with a kiss, but the old devil in question is bored after decades of no deals and is warping that bargain in manner of ways (Transformation, elements to be discussed)
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Online Callie Del NoireTopic starter


Story ideas still too rough or not requiring a setting.

Cyberpunk Futurists
-Update 23,321.33i [Borrowed with permission from Evalon, this is a story I would LOVE to be the character in. ] The year is 2098 and the Maxis series implant is the most widely implemented cybernetic implant on the planet, used by BILLIONS of people world wide. Less than 6% doesn't have a compatible implant, and most of them are new born babies (initial implant surgery can only be done on children of more than 2 years of age. Most folks only have one, though you can get more beyond just the simple socket in the back of the skull. Wireless connections allow for high fidelity connections without the 'plughead' look of the '70s & 80s' (though for folks who want to do remote operation plug jacks are still around.) For nearly 50 years, since the first run out in 2052, data connections have steadily grown as part of the interconnected world.
Withe the roll out of Maxis' latest OS update (designed by a dedicated AI) the ability to receive Simulated Sensory Fees (SimSense TM) has gone from requiring a carbon storage shard (industrial diamon chips encoded with recorded experiences) to true live streaming. You could live another persons life as they are living it! The SimSense industry has had explosive growth as folks would stream amazing events or pick their favorite SimBlog to see what that 'in Girl or Guy' is doing.
-The story/stories: With the release of Update 23,321.33i, a 'glitch' occurred in a small percentage of the users (0.021%) where their sensorium was uploaded to a person at random (or with a person they were 'stimming' off of.) My character is one of the 'lucky' ones who wasn't driving or doing anything dangerous when the 'update' moved him from his 'average' worker life into another person. In his case, a 'stimcaster'. A beautiful woman who just moved up to the professional level of stimcasting and who is being 'scultped' into the next big sim star. Needless to say, her 'manager' isn't happy with the changes but with the right programs and 'handling' he's sure that she can meet her contract. The fact that 'she' isn't the person who signed it is irrelevant.
I could see other stories.. One shots or parallel stories could be done by others as well.

World of Darkness
Reforged into Her
This came out of an idea, you have these immortal (or in the case of magi, extremely long lived) beings who have lost something or someone. Creatures and beings capable remaking the world around them.
-The Story. My character has some quality about him: his aura, his look, the way he acts or something he said one night. It draws something from the  World of Darkness (A vampire or mage) who sets about awakening a long lost lover they sense in my character.
--Vampire 20: A Tremere, Malkavian or Tzimisce sets about reshaping my character mentally and physically. At the end, she might appear to be the vampires lost love.. but some intangible quality throws it off. What happens from there? Who knows. This is where we have to work out things. Does he change her completely then embrace her then cast her aside? Or do we do it from the POV of her awakening post embrace with no memory after the Elder vampire has tried to kill his childe only to leave her with partial/total amnesia and few clues to figure out what happened.
--Mage 20: This could be tricker as the Mage in question would have several ways to bend my character into the shape of his lost love, but to fully do it she'd have to awaken into her own power as mage. One side idea is that there is a marauder who is following my character around and overtime he winds up in the mad mage's quiet zone..he changes. (Think like. Alice in Wonderland) and each time she escapes it takes a bit longer to change back and shake off the mental effects.
--Mage 20: Live the vampire take

Magic Happens! (To be updated later)
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Online Callie Del NoireTopic starter


Huge fandom type.. more to come.

Project Mindbender:Life of Syn (With Tentacle Fan)[A Jumper/Push Fandom story] Okay this will take a bit of explaining. I got this idea in my head, a little bit of these sort of mind worm thing that just will not go away. It's involved, it seems (to me) to be a bit challenging and I'm going to lay it out (again) in hopes that someone will be into the concept as much as I am. First off some backstory. I blended the idea of the world of Jumpers, together with the world of Push.

In Jumper, you have Jumpers -people who can teleport, and Paladins -people who kill jumpers for being able to teleport.

In Push you have: People with powers (see below) and Divison, the pseudo-governemnt agency that controls most of enhanced people in the world. Either by hiring them on as agents (if strong enough), intimidating them, or killing them if they act up.
-Watchers: Watchers can see the future, typically through some sort of medium or focus, and very in strength. One watcher Division has locked up and drugged, Sarah Frank, can see accurately over decades. Other Watchers from the movie used drawings and alcohol to focus their visions.
-Movers: Movers can move objects with their minds. Some can only move small objects, others can focus the very air into a sheild or turn martial art strikes into bone crushing blows of great strength.
-Pushers: Pushers can push people, mentally implant suggestions and memories into a person with a glance. A really strong Pusher can literally control your mind and body. A epically powerful pusher (like the two in the movie) can control many people. This isn't absolute but it takes great will power to fight off a pusher and more often than not they have more stamina in that sort of contest.
-Bleeders:  They can emit sonic vibrations that can shatter glass and rupture blood vessels. An advanced bleeder could break locks, and destabilize buildings.
-Sniffers: Sniffs are highly developed psychometrics who can track the location of people or objects over varying distances. Like bloodhounds, their ability is increased if they have tactile access to an object that has been in direct contact with the subject. Sniffs receive information in the form of images, which is why identifiable landmarks help increase their effectiveness.
-Shifters: Shifters can temporarily alter the appearance of an object by manipulating patterns of light interacting with it. Once the illusion is established, it remains with the object for a short period of time. For example, a Shifter could touch a one dollar bill and alter it to appear as a one hundred dollar bill until the effect expires. The object shifted must have roughly the same dimensions as the object it is shifted into. The length of time that the effect will last is based on the Shifter's experience.
-Wipers:Wipers are skilled at either temporarily or permanently erasing memories, an invaluable asset in espionage. Experience will dictate the accuracy of their wipes, though there is always the danger that they will eliminate a desired memory.
-Shadows: Shadows are trained to block the visions of other clairvoyants, such as Sniffs, by diverting the attention of the target radius so that they "flicker" through different locations other than the subject's actual whereabouts. Experience will enhance the size of the area they can shadow and the intensity of their shielding effect. Shadows need to be awake to manifest their ability, so it is common for a detail of two Shadows to operate in shifts while protecting a person or object for extended periods. Most Shadows are effective only against Sniffs, but some extremely powerful Shadows are able to block even Watchers.
-Stitches: Stitches are psychic healers trained to quickly reconstruct cells to their previous or healthy state. Using only their hands, they can heal and even "un-heal" whatever they have done. For more detailed work, Stitches use a silver-based cream on their hands that acts as a conductor for their ability.
-'Rogues': This category didn't come up in the movie but in the comics. A single power that apparently doesn't pass on to the user's children. The one in the comics could shape shift.

Project Mindbender: Divison, not learning from the events in Push, has resumed their experiments. This time they changed an empowered individual from a Pusher into something new. With focus he (or she) can literally push a person into a new body, killing the old body.  Your Character, using a pushed Jumper, escaped the Division facility and fled to Hong Kong. Where you encountered me.
My character is a mid-level agent, unpowered but skilled, catches up with you. With the Jumper disabled by a taser hit, you are forced to Push me into her body and do a few quick 'memories' into me (I'm assigned to help you, and get you to a hidden location, eat) Along the way you push me (small pushes) to help me along and become something more personable to you.
The Twist: We start finding little notes, meet folks told to meet us at specific times and places. All set in motion by a woman locked away for over two decades. We are her 'escape plan.'

The Characters
Your Character: I have one of two options for your character's powers. You are either: 1. Just a pusher with a turbo charged power. 2. You are able to push yourself into any body that hasn't been pushed into, i.e.. it's always a one way trip. This would let your character 'body hop' into bodies with different powers to let you fill the roles we need. My character's past connections and memory allow for us to find the right body for the right job.

My Character (Post swap): The Jumper that your character puts me into, Sinclair 'Syn' Daniels, is one of the most powerful Jumpers on the planet, capable of jumping the Pacific in a single jump. Her max weight is a good sized sports car at high speed.
The Twist: Syn has a memory palace, a mental construct built by her to hold her jump locations and hidey holes. By meditating, she can access and relive stored memories of the original Syn to access ore of her locations. My character isn't comfortable doing this, but your character encourages it as it makes me more 'Syn'-like each time.

Story Elements: Body swapping, Action, Psychic Powers and Mind Control/Alteration
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Cursed Items Some transformative items.
-Babe Crate: A magical version of Loot crate: Various items to render the user into a veritable hot babe, regardless of their sex before hand. Once a month it can be any of a variety methods. Lotions, body suits, magic belts, boots and other goodies (Babe Crate takes no responsibility for accidents, missuse and/or failing to read directions. )
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Online Callie Del NoireTopic starter

Re: City Shadows(Tales of the Modern Supernatural), TG/Transformation)
« Reply #5 on: July 01, 2016, 12:33:47 PM »
Updated some stories, added a new section (Miscellany) with a story (Update 23,321.33i) That I would like to play the main character in rather than have others play like I've done in the other stories.
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Online Callie Del NoireTopic starter

Re: City Shadows(Tales of the Modern Supernatural), TG/Transformation
« Reply #6 on: July 02, 2016, 04:19:47 PM »
Added a new story (Project Mindbender) to the Fandom page.