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Author Topic: Old and new role play ideas (M for F)  (Read 564 times)

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Old and new role play ideas (M for F)
« on: June 25, 2016, 06:36:24 PM »
A man between two women:

Steve just hired an apartment for him and his sweet tiny girlfriend Jenny. She is still gorgeous and shy virgin. But now, when they are living together this will change sooner than later especially as Steve has big temperament. Jenny is way less experienced than her beloved boyfriend so sex between them is not very satisfying for him. Couple weeks later, to earn some money they hired second room.  Their room mate will be Rachel, a real femme fatale who will turn their world upside down. Steve will not be interested in his sweet little Jenny any more, at least not only for her. Soon Jenny will be more like a consolation after failed attempts on getting into Rachel panties. Later the story could go in different directions: maybe Rachel finally will response positively on his attempts? Maybe Jenny will try to fight back and learn new ways how to please her boyfriend. Maybe Rachel will turn Jenny into lesbian or swing relationship. I'm open to every idea.

EDIT: we need one more female to play Rachel character, if anyone is interested please PM me

Non consensual, different options:

Perfect girl in trouble

Johanna is 20 years old perfect daughter of hard working widowed father named Harry. He has three daughters, but Johanna is the youngest and most beloved. All three are pretty and smart, two older sisters (Sarah and Elizabeth) are already in college, working hard to earn great education and secure better future. Their father sent them to best and most expensive schools claiming that the money came from her mother big insurance. Johanna is on the same path after finishing high school, but money will be the issue here. Harry was a lair as there never was a big insurance after their mother. He made many loans, a bad ones as loan holder was a local mob boss named Jason, a guy about 32 years old who already provided some half-legal bushinesses and some other very not legal including racketeering and extortion. One day the time of payment has come and Jason came to Johanna's father home. Accidentally she listen through the door some parts of conversation when loan holder refused to wait for payment and threatened Harry to burn his house and take all what he earned his entire life. She never heard father so terrified. Suddenly the boss took a look at family picture and smirked. After a while he made Johanna's father another offer "Loan me one of your daughter for a three months and I will forget about your debts". Harry in one second from scare turned into anger and shouted that his daughters are "not a whores". A hard blow from Jason's bodyguard knocked Harry down and reminded him thing about respect to his loan holder. "You have three days to make decision" said boss. "Go to hell, I would rather die than agree to it" Harry said with proud. "That would be easy to arranged" said Jason and leaved his house. Johanna was scared and didn't tell father that she was witness of this conversation.
The next day she drove to the city where mob boss lived and said that she is ready to accept his offer. Jason smirked in a way that Johanna didn't like. "The old man was too honourable to approach me in person?" he asked. "My father doesn't know that I'm here and I really hope that he will never know about it, that's my only condition" she replied. Jason laughed and said "You are not in position of making a conditions, but all right, I will not tell him, but if he ask me I will not by lying either". "Okay, I will tell him that I'm leaving to get a job and help him with payments" explained Johanna. "Well, you will be working for me, but I'm not going to pay you much, your payment will be cancelling your father debts" explained Jason. "I understand, since when I should start my three months period?" asked proudly. "Since tomorrow, you will start tomorrow afternoon, bring your things, you will be staying in my house" Jason replied.

Later, Johanna explained Harry that she will travel to capitol to find better job. Her father was surprised, but on the other hand relief as this should keep his daughter out of Jason's reach.

The story will start from Johanna's arriving to her new home. This could go in very different ways. She could become Jason's sex toy, being taken in more or less pleasant ways. She can try to seduce him and build relationship between them to reduce damage from this deal. Finally she also can fall in love with Jason, his bodyguard or some of other victim or staff members. Johanna could also became the right hand of the boss, her sisters also could be involve in this story in one way or another.

Different role plays in school environment:

The only boy in class:

It's the final year of senior high school. Thomas was forced to change town and school as well. The good news is fact that he is the only boy in class full of good chicks.

Here is my idea for this role play: Good looking Thomas will be in the middle of attention. Some girls will be slutty, some will be shy virgins, some will be lesbian or bisexual and finally some others will be planning an intrigue:)

I can play Thomas and all other male characters, but I'm also open to switching characters.

Second: (Student - Teacher blackmail)

You are young teacher in high school. Its your first job. Teenagers are not easy going and because you are cute things go even worse for you as many older boys are looking at you with pure desire. You are single since a while so one evening you take care  of yourself during the shower. One week later, on Sunday you got video from that hot shower. You have no doubts that this movie is real, you are totally naked, moaning and touching your sensitive spots. After this video you got text message from unknown number  “If you want to keep that hot movie in private wear shoes with spike heels  during Monday lessons. I also want to see straps of your bra and they must be in blue color. If you don't have any blue then you still have some time to buy it. See you tomorrow during lesson, Sexy”

That's the start of the blackmail I hope that together we figure out how to continue this story:).

Pirates with skirts

You are a pirate captain. A strong, but at the same time beautiful woman. You are leader of the pirate ship with only woman on bard. That last thing will change after another conquer. You took me and my girlfriend a couple from aristocratic families. Yo would love to play with me in bed, but because I insulted you from the very beginning of my captivity you decided to take my sweet, little girlfriend and make her captain's pussy. Of course you are not going to hurt her...much.

Hired killer and his target

You are an ex-girlfriend of Mafia boss. You was tired of life with him so you escape. Your ex didn't like that, not one bit. He is not jealous and not interested in winning you back. He just want you to be silent forever. So he sends after you his best assassin who always has a thing for you, but never has a chance to become more than a shadow in your eyes. Now, your fate is in his hands. He can offer you a quick death, but if you offer him something different who knows...surely you will buy some time and then any scenario is possible.

PM me if you are interested in any of my ideas.
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Re: Old and new role play ideas (M for F)
« Reply #1 on: June 25, 2016, 07:47:31 PM »
A man between two women RP: we need one more female to play Rachel character, if anyone is interested please PM me

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Re: Old and new role play ideas (M for F)
« Reply #2 on: July 01, 2016, 11:42:03 AM »
all plots available again