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Started by Blonde, June 23, 2016, 08:07:12 AM

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This idea is inspired by many different shows and films; you may be able to guess a few of them. But before I get to that I have a few rules/advisories to state.

i.   Please check my O/O’s which are located in my signature.
ii.   I have a very busy life and as such am not active a lot, please be aware of this before you decide to write with me. One post a week is guaranteed for sure, but I won’t be on every day.
iii.   I am after a story, not just an outright smut fest. Sex will happen but be patient; nothing ruins a story more than immediate sex and no content.
iv.   I like long posts, feel free to check my posting history to see what my post lengths are like. Really short posts just aren’t my thing, but I do know that dialogue and interaction will cause for shorter ones.
v.   I am not looking for a dom x sub relationship, so please do not even suggest it. My characters will not beg or plead or call anyone sir, master or so on.

So the idea:

In a fictional country, (set in either medieval Europe or even in a pre-established country/fictional realm} a small but fierce country finds themselves at civil war. The King has died with only a bastard daughter as a potential heir. The Kingdom is made up of many great cities; each presided over by Lords who now lay claimship to the throne. With vast wealth behind them, each lord is resorting to dirtier politics and slaughter to get their hands on the throne. A total of 9 counties once stood, three now eradicated by the most bloodthirsty of contenders, who grows richer and more powerful by the day.

Said lord is an enemy to the nomadic tribe. The lord fears them, as does any sensible man. They’re ruthless and fearsome, a vast wondering army known to be barbaric in their cruelty. The lord has executed many in an attempt to still their threat, but they remain a threat to his campaign.

The young bastard daughter of the late king knows this, in fact she knows a lot. Being ignored by the king’s council and politicians and overlooked all her life has given her the chance to learn, a chance to educate herself on the politics of the land and ancient laws that built their country. One such rule is that a daughter can rule, but only when wedded. The world believes life to be a man’s game, but our young would-be Queen has learnt the rules. To beat the best, you need the strongest.  In the years since her father’s death she has built herself a large following, but not quite large enough to seize the capitol back.

And this would be where an offer of marriage is made, one which comes with much more than a pretty wife.

So that is it for now. Basically my character will make an offer of marriage in return for the support of your characters army. She’ll pardon them all and offer them lands, wealth and revenge on the Lord who has slaughtered their numbers for years, in return for their help winning her father’s throne. It is a rough idea with a lot of fine tuning needed, and I am open to ideas, I would like to make this our story not just mine.

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