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March 24, 2017, 03:02:30 PM

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Author Topic: Flassche's den of debauchery: open for all.  (Read 2024 times)

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Flassche's den of debauchery: open for all.
« on: June 23, 2016, 02:41:12 AM »
Exploring Flassche

First of all, welcome all! Thank you for taking the time to stroll around this humble thread.
Before losing yourself in fancy (il)literate words and sparkling plots, please keep in mind the following.

Please refrain from replying directly to this topic, a Pm will do!
Enjoy your stay.


[1] Exploring Flassche: Introductory on the first page.
[2] Switch board: On/off section, cravings in a partner.
[3] The Workshop: A small list with ideas under construction.
[4] Flassche’s plots:
Light roles:

For any prospective partners.
I myself am a twenty-something year old male.
I enjoy playing male roles and have no preferences if I'm playing with a male, female, or other; be it humanoid, machine or beast.
Research will be done in those that show interest in writing together. I'm less inclined to play with those that have no forum stories or another example of their post or do have not have an On/Off thread somehow listed, in any way, shape, or form.
I reserve the right to look beyond the first come, first served basis.
I tend to favour creativity, style and a connection before all else.
Keep in mind that I might have multiple story versions running between partners, unless asked specifically.
Plot before smut in my book, though I have no problems and even encourage a good steamy scene.
Preferred medium from left to right: Thread->Pm->Mail->Aim.

A Pm Rp-request should contain;
-What scene.
-What Gender.
-What kinks.
-Your reasoning for picking it.
-What changes/additions you wish to see.
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The Switchboard
« Reply #1 on: June 23, 2016, 02:56:11 AM »
The switchboard
Listed here are my Ons and Offs. Please give them a quick look over before sending a pm. It is a common courtesy to check for compatibility beforehand, since I will do the same.
The only section of these that are non-negotiable are the Offs; Please respect them and in doing so me.

Cravings in a partner.
Post size: A paragraph at the least. One-liners are near instant interest assassins.
Post quality: I prefer literacy, spellchecker and correct punctuation, although far from a grammar Nazi level.
Sex: All genders are welcome, including people playing as something opposite their own gender.
Honor: If there is something wrong or bothering you, then please let me no. Never leave a soul hanging without a word.

Flipping the switch on
Flawed characters/partners
Male/male, Male/female, Male/other encounters   
Human and Nonhuman
Risk of/pregnancy, incest
Racial, age, culture play
Mind control/hypnosis
Older partner (love!)
Older partner (love!)
Deep plot, intense character development.
Nearly everything, just ask
Flipping the switch off
Penetration of my character’s orifices
Receiving semen
One liners
Feces play
Receiving Perfect characters
First person
Cliché scenes
Obese partners
Fixation on lingerie
Excess body hair

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The Workshop
« Reply #2 on: June 23, 2016, 03:07:18 AM »

The Workshop
Welcome to my little workplace. Just below here are my rough sketches, thoughts and creativity inducing pictures. If you were craving something solid with an already worked out background and developed characters I advise you to skip ahead to the next post.
An artist is only as good as his mind, environment and muse. Feel free to help me flesh out a story by sending me a pm containing your thoughts, pictures or critique. Thanks in advance!

My muse has been drifting towards sizeplay, with me being the smaller.
The element would be small-dom vs large-sub. Lots of smut, magical/alchemical elements, racial and species play, etc. Feel free to brainstorm with me on this one.




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« Reply #3 on: June 23, 2016, 03:15:49 AM »
Flassche’s plots

Welcome to the plot section. Below are all my finished plots and their links, divided into two sections, light and dark. Below this section would be the graveyard, containing my older scenes that I have put in the backburner or am doing maintenance on. I can be persuade into playing these scenes if my newer ones are not to your liking. Keep in mind that they are not sorted by genre.

Simply press a scene title to find a detailed explanation of the scene.

Light represents scenes more aimed at romance or dub-con, more suited for the general public.

Godly Sacrifice
A long term scene where a young man with godlike powers, one gained from an old and strong lineage, is asked to protect a small country within a larger empire,
 in exchange for a lifetime servitude to him, a god.
The young god is capable of wiping out cities with his magical prowess, yet he dies as easy as any mortal; blade, poison, arrow.
What lies before you is a scene filled with political and court manoeuvring, backroom plots, and forced submission to a godlike creature.
The story would begin right before the encounter with the god, explaining what your character and kingdom needs from the god and give a brief glimpse at your characters background.
The meeting would follow suit, including the demand that must be paid. From then out begins the journey to a different kingdom, followed by the hazards and pleasures of traveling on the road.
Warfare is inevitable, yet there will be hints of romance and humour involved as well, possibly even something darker.

Godly sacrifice
[MxA ,size difference, Dub-Con, servitude, magical alteration]

The price of heroism
Imagine having the power to do good, or evil, at having Powers that mere humans could only dream off. With that power came status, fame and income to keep your lifestyle going. Now imagine having a timer in the back of your mind, hinting at the time when all of this would cease to be; the time you would burn out and lose your gifts. How far would you go to stop this, or at the very least prevent it for a few more years? What is the price of your power is the corruption of your values.

The price of heroism
[MxA, blackmail, non/dub-Con, manipulation, conflicting sexualities, potential incest]
Dark represents my more questionable roles, be they non-con, gore or worse, more suited for extreme roles.

A bad Deal
A deal is an agreement between two parties or more, it is binding in nature.
How far would you go to protect your race, your species? How far would you be willing to go in order to stem the tide of human dominion and racial hatred?
In an age where the human dominion reigns supreme and other races are forced in subservient roles or worse, a deal has been made to prevent it.
The deal is simple in nature. Sacrifice the best of your races; the avatar of your people’s values and hopes.
Do this and humanity will be dealt a blow so hard and withering that nothing will be able to revive it.
Still, what would happen to those avatars, those innocent souls now cast away into darkness so the rest of them might bask in the sun once more.

A Bad Deal
[MxA, interspecies, non-Con, servitude, slavery, Gore]

What would happen when an experimental drug, with a addictiveness and high so powerful that a person would get instantly hooked gets pushed on the streets of a small town. At first the distribution is random, yet slowly targeting potential threats and what not.
In six months’ time it would have dominated the market and within a year claimed the entire town.
Now, imagine the power this dealer would have over his customers if he wanted something other than cash for his product.

[MxA, drug use, non-Con, addiction play, blackmail, potential incest/mind-control]


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The Graveyard
« Reply #4 on: June 23, 2016, 03:27:26 AM »

The Graveyard

Welcome to the retired plot section. Below are all my retired plots and their links. They are not organised into White/Grey/Black sections, yet they each have a brief description of their setting and link directly to the scene.
Although these scenes are retired doesn’t mean that I am not willing to do them anymore, just that my current craving is focused primarily on other roles. Feel free to dust one off and persuade me into one.

What would happen when you get to make a choice; Live the life you currently are, or solve the biggest case of your lifetime at the cost of your morality.
We follow the tale of a group of investigators as they interview and test three men currently locked up for a minor offence. The three are triplets and have an uncanny resemblance and similar personality. The more time spend around them only strengthens the idea that maybe, just maybe, these men aren’t three brothers acting like one individual, yet one individual acting like three brothers.

Click the link below for more in-depth information

A Pokémon Master
Every boy and girl dreams to become it; a Pokémon master. For those young people it is a noble dream, yet for one that dream has turned sour. It was taken away from him at a young age, his parents deciding against it. It wasn’t until he became a man that he pursued it anyway, mind sharp and cold. We follow this man’s crusade to become a Pokémon master, one without equal. His actions would scare the average Team Rocket member and frighten the local law enforcement. Watch as this man becomes what he has always wanted to, at any cost, no matter how many people and Pokémon he has to abuse and defeat.
The focus on the story would mostly the capturing and training of his Pokémon, up to the point of blind loyalty. From there out he would battle trainers for cash or other ‘rewards’, slowly working his way up.

Click the link below for more in-depth information
A Pokémon Master.
[MxA, trainer,interspecies,size difference, Dub-Con,Modern]

The red hand
We follow the story of a tortured assassin on his quest for retribution, determined to carve out the black heart that has infested the realm, using everything that he is and can produce at his disposal. Armed with a creative engineering and precise mind he devices a plan that will do just this, although at a terrible price as well. The main story would be the quest for revenge and the hunt for this individual by several side characters and a partner’s main character. He would set in motion several events and scenes for us to play around with, adding more depth and story elements whilst raising the stakes more and more, ending in a brutal finale at the ending.

Click the link below for more in-depth information
The red hand.

Say Aaah!
What truly goes on when your dentists puts you under, sedating you for a lengthy amount of time, only to awaken you in a still dazed and confused state, your body feeling tense and your heart rate still irregular. You have the weirdest taste in your mouth and you still feel somewhat stiff and sore, no doubt from the sedatives.
How shocked would you be when you learned the actual truth, that your dentist has been banging your unconscious body for the last couple of months, enjoying the helpless flesh that you have been offering him.

Click the link below for more in-depth information
Say Aaah!.
[Mxm,Mxf, Mxa, impregnation, medical play, drug usage]

The labyrinth of the Basilisk
Before you stands an labyrinth of immeasurable size, covering the entire landscape and swallowing up several cities and towns with its midst. No one knows exactly how it was formed, yet everyone know about the monster that lay in the centre that was guarding the one treasure all men and women craved. We follow the tale of a group of adventures as they traverse the Labyrinth of the Basilisk and face whatever perils or oddity that it can throw at them, unknowing that a shadow is watching them carefully.

Click the link below for more in-depth information
The labyrinth of the Basilisk
[Mxm,Mxf, Mxa, impregnation, egg-laying, monsters, physical/mental alteration]

A bloodfeud that has lasted eons has been slumbering the last thousand years, yet suddenly awoken again when a lone creature decides to switch role from hunted to the hunter. We follow the tale of a group of vampires and loyal humans as they try and track this ‘hunter’ that has been targeting vampires all over the country, finally narrowing down on him. Yet what happens when they find out that what they are hunting isn’t a human with a mission, but an enraged werewolf and an alpha at that.

Click the link below for more in-depth information
[Mxm,Mxf, Mxa, Vampire/Werewolf, Interspecies, Blood drinking/play,]

A blood bond
Two creatures of different backgrounds; one cold, ancient and regal, the other filled with a feral youthful life force. What happens when these two creatures, these two forces unite and form a union, no matter how unstable. The story would surround a Vampiric nobleman and a young Alpha werewolf and their journey to discover acceptance and forbidden desires.  The first chapter would revolve around the training and conditioning of his new purchase, yet later it shifts into a partnership as they watch the world around them burn because of their actions. They watch the world burn because they committed the greatest taboo.

Click the link below for more in-depth information
A blood bond
[Mxm,Mxf, Mxa, Training/conditioning, Vampire/Werewolf, Interspecies, Blood drinking/play,]

A dark knight reborn
We follow the tale of the death and rebirth of the dark knight, the last remaining Wayne.
After having witnessed the death of all his heirs, family and pupils, Bruce Wayne decides to make the finale sacrifice for Gotham, to give them back the true Batman that it desperately needs. Using elements from the Lazarus pit, Bruce Wayne restores his body to youthful proportions and restores much of his fractured and tormented mind, in return sacrificing the oaths he had sworn to his parents. His rebirth is Lance Wayne, a young man at his prime with the collective knowledge of the first batman and all his experiences and knowledge, yet none of the moral weaknesses that bind him.

Click the link below for more in-depth information
A dark knight reborn.
[MxF, Mxm,Con,Dub-Con,non-con,Vigilante, Crime fighting]

An artistic muse (Warning; snuff)
A young artist with a dark past is slowly collecting people that have an connection to a person from his past, his love, slowly killing these individuals for their blood to paint with or simply have his way with. We follow his gruesome tail as he slowly begins to slice away every single person that has a connection with her, hoping that once she is alone and amidst a field of nothingness, that her heart remembers him from, reuniting them finally after all these years, as fate demands!

Click the link below for more in-depth information
An artistic muse.
[MxF,Mxm,non-con,Snuff, gore]

The Purge (Warning; snuff)
The purge... Some are freed by it, others suppressed by fear. The annual 12 hour purges these last few years had proven so successful that the timeframe had been expanded to a window of 72 hours.
We would follow the events surrounding a young man that has planned for this year's purge with a feverish hunger, almost zeal.
One this is for certain, when the purge is finally over, men and women will be silenced and shocked when they find the artwork that this individual has left the world; his sacrificial offer for the perfection that is the purge.
Click the link below for more in-depth information
The Purge.
[MxF,Mxm,non-con,Snuff, gore]

Of ash and frost
A storm hits a small fleet of Viking warriors when perusing a large band of deserters and rebellious souls, shattering the fleet and scattering the survivors. When they wake up they would find themselves washed ashore on an island that defies anything they have met before. The land is scorching hot, the inhabitants dark as night and the wildlife and fauna as exotic as the inhabitants.
We would follow this group of hardened warriors as they claim a piece of this land for themselves to lick their wounds and decide on what to do. Still, claiming a few wildlings for themselves is all in good sport. 
Of ash and frost.

The cure
We follow the tale of a young doctor in a perfect society where emotions no longer exist in society. The only exceptions are those that are immune to the cure and the rebels that desperately try to escape captivity. The doctor is the one in charge of 'fixing' the immune and the rebels, all the while hiding the fact that he himself is completely immune as well. 
The cure.

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Re: Flassche's den of debauchery: open for all.
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Re: Flassche's den of debauchery: open for all.
« Reply #6 on: July 08, 2016, 02:53:04 AM »
Added a new story.

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Re: Flassche's den of debauchery: open for all.
« Reply #7 on: July 15, 2016, 04:58:50 AM »
Added some more pictures for the drawing board

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Re: Flassche's den of debauchery: open for all.
« Reply #8 on: August 16, 2016, 02:20:06 AM »
Added some more pictures for the drawing board

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Re: Flassche's den of debauchery: open for all.
« Reply #9 on: November 04, 2016, 03:14:28 AM »
Back from a very lengthy hiatus

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Re: Flassche's den of debauchery: open for all.
« Reply #10 on: November 14, 2016, 02:44:55 AM »
Added a new story.

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Re: Flassche's den of debauchery: open for all.
« Reply #11 on: December 10, 2016, 09:11:03 AM »
Still on a trip! Should be back at the end of december

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Re: Flassche's den of debauchery: open for all.
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Added a new story.

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Re: Flassche's den of debauchery: open for all.
« Reply #13 on: January 04, 2017, 05:18:22 AM »
Changed some plots

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Re: Flassche's den of debauchery: open for all.
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Re: Flassche's den of debauchery: open for all.
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