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August 11, 2022, 10:35:04 am

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Author Topic: Adventure into the Brink. (Any who are willing and able)  (Read 784 times)

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Adventure into the Brink. (Any who are willing and able)
« on: June 22, 2016, 04:43:47 pm »
     Zack awoke to a rumble in his humble home on 122 Bakers Ave. Shocked his set out at a moderate pace down the stairs to the front door. Zack opens the door and to his astonishment there before him lying in a crater the size of a tennis court was the remains of what resembled a meteor. Zack panics, unsure as to what this is or might be or why it was even here in the first place. Cautiously he inched forward frantically looking side to side to see if others had woke as well. To his dismay they had not. Slowly Zack reached the debris, and as he reached out to examine it the most miraculous this happened. Zack watched in horror and anticipation as the debris began to form rapidly into what resembled a gateway. He turned to run but to his utter disbelief he was getting nowhere and was in fact being dragged into the portal.
    Startled he clawed at the ground, nail beds bleeding, trying desperately to get away but to no avail. As his feet hit the temporal opening he felt an extreme shock wave roll through his body. Then nothing, just blackness.
    Zack sit up bolt right and looked around,"What is happening where am I?". Looking up he sees a canopy of wondrous blue and purple hues and get song birds flying overhead. His breath caught in his through as he realizes he is being watched," You are in Gothain the land of warriors." the voice hissed."I can sense you have come from a distant land, but you will surely parish in the garment you have now.""Do not fret young traveler I will provide for thee but know that it will come at a cost." Zack is overwhelmed by what he is hearing. He dares not turn to see whom it is behind him but he realizes that in this strange place lost and confused he is liable to die,"I will take your offer stranger but not because i want to, only because I feel it is necessary to survive." The stranger hisses again,"your reasoning matters not to me mortal on what is to become of you." Zack hears a thud and a jingle of armor on the ground and sees a sack slide up beside him with a sword that holds the most peculiar marking he has ever laid eyes upon."What am i to do with these stranger I have not the slightest inkling of what to do, where I am, or where to go." "Your heart will guide you Young mortal. All will be revealed in do time."