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Author Topic: Nicoras latex stories(m lf f)  (Read 1660 times)

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Nicoras latex stories(m lf f)
« on: June 21, 2016, 06:42:32 PM »
I'm Nicoras, nice to meet you, thanks for reading my idea's.

I am back from a long a hiatus and looking for a roleplay. Currently, my profile is still under revamp because of the time I spent away, much is maybe changed. I am looking for a role play with a big focus on smut, I don't feel like creating a story for the time being. Right now I looking to get some perverted ideas out. I Have shifted weight from a 50/50 switch, to something like 80 dom, 20 sub. I am looking for a partner to satisfy some fetishes, and of the things, i enjoy from a submissive part is pleasing, that translates to knowing my partner enjoy what we play, and to include my partner's fetishes into the game. I would like to do a lesbian roleplay because it satisfies wearing latex best. But i could be persuaded to do a straight roleplay.

Latex is a big fetish and will be included my story, I am a heavy rubber enthusiast and love a sub all covered in rubber. If you don't like that, we can discuss it and tone it down, but if you don't like tight shiny clothing, we might not be good partners.

The settings are pretty much all in modern society, (latex is kinda rare before) but every setting could be in a futuristic setting. Age is up to you, its your character, MC will have an appropriate age, I'm not picky. And I'm willing to discuss changing the roles for all my ideas.

My old ideas
Missing title cravings.
M x F
Latex, rubber, 24/7, (chastity) maybe more.
This is very early idea, I don't really have a story for this one. But i stumbled across
a beautiful picture
and just wish to do something here. I think the picture looks gorgeous, I love the colors used. How the pink and blue contrast, how she smiles, why she smiles I love everything about this, especially the small details, the toys hidden in her room, the keys, the different padlock designs, Her chain is golden, and her shoes are specially padlocked on. Even her gloves have small metal arm bindings, the collar is so creative saying virgin, and her having a chastity between her pink catsuit and black uniform, which also features this great purple theme, I see it like a uniform she wears. Imagine her life. Imagine how she lives, I'm not sure how but I REALLY wanna work from this picture. I love creating and discussing story ideas, if this made some creative flame light op in you, i wanna talk about that story.

Living rubber suit/prison for one
Rubber suit x F
Bondage, latex, 24/7, living clothes, non con
In this one, i don't play a person but the latex sex suit that attaches to YC, and possibly varies side characters. Somehow YC got in possession of a latex sex suit, unfortunately, the suit attached itself to YC, and will not go off. Now the suit will act against YC interest, it will make sure YC is uncomfortable when she really needs not to be, it will bind her when she got important work to do. The suit can take pretty much any form, from skimpy bikini's to full body catsuits, and outfits that display intimate areas, to a bondage sleeping bag that fuck all holes. There is a good amount of freeway to do this one. The suit could be magic latex monster, a futuristic sex toy or a virtual simulation gone wrong. The base idea is not big, there is plenty of room to change things around, I'm looking for someone with a with a submissive character they really wanna play but haven't got a pairing.

Slave love
24/7, latex, light bondage-extreme bondage.
Two female 24/7 slaves to a dominatrix, start to develop feelings for each other, the dominatrix figures it out, and decide to have fun with them. She constantly has them work closely together, but slightly bound apart, the dominatrix designs the bondage to make able to move about and be close but to never really kiss/cuddle/get off together.
The main characters here is the 2 subs, depending on preference the dominatrix won't be that much in the story.

Working in a sex shop
What you like, latex.
This is for satisfying smut. YC start working in sex toy shop and get in a relationship with MC that also work there while being the display of the shop.
This is simple and easy, I want to know your kinks, and how to satisfy you, tell me what you like and maybe we figure something out.

Succubus training
Incubus x F(switch)
Long term, Harem, training, transformation, fantasy, bondage, latex, non con.
Selling your soul to the devil sounds bad right, well it felt like a dream at the time YC did it. MC is an incubus, a master of sex and bdsm. And when you, without knowing what it meant sold your sold to me, it made you unable to resist my every bidding. And now you serve as the lowest ranking slave girl in MC harem, you will be trained in how to be a good slave, once you have learned you will start to turn into a succubus and be taught how to be a good mistress/succubus.
For this one, it would be best if you can do both top and bottom, no idea how this will turn out, or how/who will play the other characters. If you have an idea that is perfect for this plot, please tell me, building a good story can be just as great as the smut included.

Forced orgasm

Restrained in latex

latex suits


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Re: Nicoras latex stories(m lf f)
« Reply #1 on: July 19, 2016, 05:39:00 PM »

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Re: Nicoras latex stories(m lf f) possibly closed
« Reply #2 on: August 27, 2016, 06:40:03 PM »
Added untitled story.