Slutty Femboy Gone Good (M looking for Femboy)

Started by Mr BadGuy, June 20, 2016, 02:41:41 AM

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Mr BadGuy

Once upon a time there was a femboy (see pic) who was very loose, some might call him a whore or a slut, who loved hanging out at college parties, and clubs for hookups. One day after a bad night with a new partner he realizes that bouncing from (and on) man to man isn't really working out like it used to. The same day that he's considering his other options, and if he's too far gone, he meets a new, classy man who really stuns him. This guy has his life together, handsome, tall, fit, good job, big apartment, fancy car... His first feeling is that he wants him bad, but the first impression that he gets from their meeting is that he isn't looking for someone like the femboy, that a cock-hungry slut is below his standards.

So he keeps that side of himself a secret, staying away from the party crowd and ignoring the calls from the guys looking for a good night in order to satisfy what this man wants. But he can't get rid of all of his cravings so easily. He is interested in the femboy, but is usually too busy to give him the attention he craves. It becomes up to him to put out and make the first moves into the bedroom, to let this man know that he wants more from him.

I don't care what gender the player is, as long as the character fits the description (slutty, but wanting to change) and the picture... There are other pictures of that character that might provide further inspiration. I'll be playing as the man your character meets and is attempting to change for, who is definitely a dominant in the bed with a libido that can catch up to YC's, but not the time.

For those of you who might not recognize the character, it is Dmitrysfuta's character: Peach.

I am requesting at least 2 decent paragraphs of text per post.
Grammatical mistakes are fine, but if you're constantly making them I will lose interest very quickly.
More details can be discussed over PM, where I prefer to be contacted.
My search thread: In progress ^_^

Mr BadGuy

UPDATE: Just went by and noticed that the picture link didn't work >_<

Replaced it with a new link to the same picture
My search thread: In progress ^_^

Mr BadGuy

UPDATE: Changed a few words to accurately fit what I'm looking for, then added new pictures of the character in a spoiler box for people to see. ALL ARE NSFW
My search thread: In progress ^_^