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May 25, 2018, 08:14:49 AM

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Author Topic: Sexy School For Symbiont-Slime Suited Superheroines (Girls only please)  (Read 3774 times)

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Offline JoanieSappho

Player ID: JoanieSappho

Name: Sana Anand

Age: 19
Height: 160 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Eye Colour: As pictured
Hair Colour: As pictured
Distinguishing features: Small mole on cheek
Build: As pictured

Orientation: Very probably lesbian
Kinks: Going by her browser history, tentacles, women, aliens, monsters, hypnosis, women. Older women.
Offs: Men, rough stuff, poop, vore, blood.

Likes (Non sexual): Sewing, music, RPG games, video games
Dislikes (Non sexual): Crowded places, horror movies, loud people, potatoes.
Strengths: Good with languages, good with computers, fast
Weaknesses: Shy, weak, easily scared, easily distracted

Personality: At first glance, Sana would seem like the perfect student - quiet, diligent, either good at her work or willing to just work at it until she gets it, mild and polite.
Of course, most of that, especially the quietness, is due to how uncomfortable she gets around people, especially out in public. A look at her room would show that her apparent neatness is something of an act, judging by the bits of fabric, clothes and video games left strewn around the floor and anyone who knew her online would be shocked to see her behaving like she does at school. She's not loud and aggressive online, but she's certainly a lot more forward than when she's around other people, and has little to no filter when it comes to her quite often perverted thoughts, saying things she'd never be able to admit if she was actually around people

History: One would, perhaps, expect Sana to have had a conservative and religious upbringing. They would, in fact, be entirely wrong, although there were other problems.
The only child of a doctor and a scientist, Sana's parents have tried to be there for their daughter but their work has often kept them either too busy, or entirely away for weeks at  time, leaving Sana to learn to deal with most things by herself, something made worse by her inclination to avoid going outside much which has left her rather lonely, a void she fills with the internet, video games and her sewing. While this hasn't entirely filled her need for human contact it has helped, and the latter has given her both a wardrobe of clothes far too daring for her to actually wear outside, and a large collection of stuffed toys. And the internet ... well, she had a suspicion that she was interested in girls rather than boys for quite a while and getting around the parental settings wasn't too hard. Her tastes, she's found, run from older women to the wet dreams of science fiction enthusiasts, female aliens with distinctly non-human bodies attracting her the most.

Left on her own with high expectations to follow in the footsteps of her parents, she's kept her home life with her natural untidiness and her public life quite separate, trying her hardest to succeed in school, even if she gets a little distracted by some of her classmates and teachers at times. While she isn't especially gifted in the scientific or mathematical fields, she has discovered something of a knack for languages, although she's still not entirely sure what she can do with this skill in terms of employment yet.

Other: (Can't think of any)

Link to player O/Os:

Offline ChrystalTopic starter

Would anyone who has expressed an interest and is still interested please PM me a character sheet?

I'm looking to get this going fairly soon...

Offline Angie

Oh, I do hope we start soon!

Offline ElvenKitten

Player ID: Elvenkitten

Name: Emily Webber

Age: 18
Height: 152cm
Weight: 47kg
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Red
Distinguishing features: Wears glasses
Build: Slender

Orientation: Lesbian
Kinks: Multiple Partners, light bondage,
Offs: Men, blood, gore, toilet stuff

Likes (Non sexual): Computers, Tea, tabletop RPG's
Dislikes (Non sexual): being without wifi, coffee, Apple products
Strengths: Intelligent, a fairly fast runner, great with computers.
Weaknesses: Squeamish, afraid of the dark, Cooking,  Short sighted

Personality: Most people would describe Emily as a adorable or adorkable. She is generally good natured though shy around new people, especially if she happens to attracted to that person. She tends to let negative feeling build up to much and has a tendency to explode publicly then go off and hide in embarrassment.  She can however stay calm in high stress situations and always try to fall back on logic allow herself to fall to pieces later if necessary. 

History: Emily was born in a fairly normal family and the youngest of three children. She was always the quiet one spending most of her free time tinkering with her computer. School was a nightmare for her as she found herself on the radar of the popular girls. They managed to make her life a living hell for years with a massive campaign of bullying. Emily became more closed off hoping to become invisible again so she would have some break from the constant barrage of abuse.

She thought that things would get worse when she was forcibly outed as a lesbian. The backlash from the rest of the school was explosive and her bully's were now persona non grata. Things got better for Emily without her abusers constantly getting at her and she managed to open up a little more. She started to look into Symbiosis and her adventures quite closely and loved reading about her exploits. Some of the things Emily got up to online were somewhat illegal but she was smart enough not to get caught. Emily graduated and started looking for places she could continue her education.

Other: Faceclaim: Mary Kate Wiles

Link to player O/Os:

Offline ChrystalTopic starter

Threads are up....


Recruitment - This one
IC Symbiont School

Please feel free to have your girl react in whatever way you see fit to the surprise appearance of Symbiosis, and the invitation to her home.

All three girls will have previously met Lucinda Smith but none of them will be expecting her to open the door.

You can have your characters meet for the first time outside the house, but one of you has to ring the doorbell!