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Author Topic: Sexy School For Symbiont-Slime Suited Superheroines (Girls only please)  (Read 3730 times)

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Offline ChrystalTopic starter

Sexy School for Symbiont-Slime Suited Superheroines

The Daily Rag

Slimy Superheroine Symbiosis Scourges City Scum
The sexy woman known only as Symbiosis continues to wreak havoc amongst the city's criminal elements. In the last week alone she has foiled seven robberies and rescued three women from being raped, in each case bringing the criminals to justice. The true identity of the mysterious woman remains unknown, and her true profession is also a closely guarded secret. However, today, she revealed to the Daily Rag that she will be opening a secret school where she will train a number of other young women in her secret arts. The exact location of this school has not been revealed to the paper, however we have been informed that several young ladies have already been selected to attend.

Given the fact that women feel far safer in the city with Symbiosis around, this reporter can only wish the superheroine every success with her new venture and hope that her recruits are just as committed and dedicated to fighting crime as she is.

Okay, so, you get the idea? I am playing Lucy Smith, AKA Symbiosis. Lucy is a perfectly ordinary girl who doesn't stand out, she works as a supply teacher at various high schools, isn't particularly outstanding as a teacher - in fact she often seems to be rather distracted. Because she has a secret. Living inside her vagina is an alien symbiont that, in exchange for nourishment and a warm place to live, gives her various superhuman abilities. The creature is an amorphous worm type creature that actually feeds on human waste products. It is semi-sentient and she is able to control it by thought. Generally she wears it as a pair of living panties, but when needed, she can take her clothes off and the symbiont will stretch out to cover her entire body, giving her a markedly different appearance. It also extrudes tentacles and even wings - although she can only glide, not fly.

But now she realises that the slight swelling in her abdomen is because the creature needs to reproduce. It is therefore time to reveal her secret to a select few young ladies, recruited from the various high-schools she has worked at, and give them the same powers she has...

Girls Only Please

Sorry guys, it's nothing personal, it's just the way I am. I would like to restrict this game to Ladies and to Lieges who identify as female or possibly gender-fluid/gender-neutral and don't mind playing a female character in an all-girl game. I just prefer it that way.

Player Characters

All player characters are going to be young ladies of 18-21. They need to be fairly nondescript, or geeky, or unremarkable. They don't have to be lesbians (to start with, although you can probably guess what's going to happen). They must not be famous or from wealthy families. They can be orphans, they can be outcasts.

And no, you won't have to find an image of them in the "slime-suit".

If I get enough interest I will post a character sheet.

The game is going to be fairly smutty, but will also involve crime fighting, possibly with the new recruits getting into all sorts of trouble at first... Criminals will be NPCs controlled by me, for the most part.

PLEASE NOTE: The fact that the alien symbiont acts as a sort of "living diaper" is merely a plot device. The creature has to live on something after all, and it takes care of the unrealistic fact that superheros never take bathroom breaks. However, the actual mechanics of this will NOT feature in the game (Unless ALL players want them to, which I consider unlikely).

Please post below if interested.


Recruitment - This one
IC Symbiont School
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Offline ChrystalTopic starter


These are my standard OOC rules of play for group games. I put them in every group game I run, usually with minor variations to suit the specific setting. I like to think there is nothing draconian or unacceptable here, and I ask all players to read them. Submitting a character sheet to me implies that you have read and are in agreement with these rules.


All rules except two are negotiable!

Symbiotic Sandbox or Creepy-Creature GM Control?

This is a semi-sandbox, semi-GM-directed game. What that means is that I as GM provide you the players with a setting and a scenario, and it's up to you to deal with it how you wish. You are free to explore the setting, have fun with your characters' new (and untested) abilities, and basically do as you see fit. However, from time to time I will be throwing in random events that the new "superheroines" will have to deal with. These could be anything from muggings to riots to supervillains to natural disasters. I will be deciding on what exactly will happen on-the-fly, depending upon what exactly is going on...


  • The GM's word is law. This does not mean I'm not open to discussion, but if it comes to an impasse, if a decision needs to be made, or a discussion is getting out of bounds, I will render a decision that I expect to be abided by. I will do this based upon context.
  • Respect other players ons and more importantly, their offs! This is NOT negotiable. Ons and offs are there for a reason. If you feel someone has broken this rule, please PM them first to talk about it. If they will not change their post, then contact me via PM and I will deal with it. Please note that persistently ignoring another players O/Os is grounds for reporting to staff!
  • Try to post at least once a week. If you know you will be unable to post for a while please let us know in advance in the OOC. it is a good idea to create an Apologies/Absences (A/A) thread so everyone you are RPing with knows where you've gone. Players who fail to post for a considerable length of time will have their characters taken over by the GM and removed from play
  • If you know you are going to be away for a considerable time (more than a week) please bring any story-arcs you are involved in to a conclusion, or extract your character from them. If you inform me you will be away, I will not kill off your character!
  • If you find your character is sitting around doing nothing, post something to the OOC, or PM me. If you wait for someone to interact with you, you will wait a long time. Let me know and I will create an event for you.
  • If you have any questions about anything in the game, ASK! The only stupid questions are "how many beans make five" and ones that aren't asked!
  • The OOC-Chat thread will be for people to chat. I have no problems with you guys discussing the latest football results if you wish, (although I'd rather you didn't as I don't like football), because it means you are getting on as a group. Use that thread as you see fit, but please give priority to game related discussion.
  • Please tag all IC posts using the code that will be supplied, editing the details as appropriate. This will enable other players and myself to track where everyone is.
  • There is no rule 9.
  • Players who drop out of the game will have their character taken over by the GM and disposed of as I see fit. If this is unacceptable to you, don't drop out of the game.
  • Please try to post a minimum of 300 words per post. If you post short once in a while, that isn't going to be a problem, but doing so consistently will draw my attention and I will ask you to expand your posts. If the player you are responding to has not given you enough material to write a decent length post from, PM them and ask them to expand their post.
  • God-Moding is a big no-no, but a certain amount of "moving the story on" needs to be expected. If you feel you have been god-moded, talk it over by PM, and if you cannot reach a satisfactory solution, bring it to me.
  • Actions have consequences! If your post has been replied to, it has become canon. Please do not edit it without permission.
  • HAVE FUN! This too is non-negotiable. If you aren't having fun, I would like to know why, so I can change whatever it is that is stopping you having fun!

Character Creation

Please use the character sheet below. Click the "Select" link above the code window, and press <Ctrl> + c to copy the code, then paste it into either a PM to myself or  into whatever text editor you prefer to use. Fill in the blanks and PM the completed sheet to me.


Submitting a character sheet to me implies acceptance of the rules of play and the terms herein for creating a character.

All characters submitted become the property of the game. If the player drops out, the character will be taken over by the GM and may be disposed of in any manner the GM sees fit.

I reserve the right to reject a character without giving a reason for doing so. However, I will usually attempt to give a reason and suggest ways in which the character may be made acceptable.

Possible reasons for a character being rejected include, but are not limited to:

  • Incomplete or incorrectly filled out character sheets
  • Modified character sheets
  • Characters that do not fit the setting or scenario
  • Characters that appear to be designed to disrupt the game
  • Mary-Sue characters
  • Characters with a name the same as or too similar to the player's ID
Code: [Select]
[floatright][img height=300 padding=5]Image URL goes here[/img][/floatright][b]Player ID: [/b]

[b]Name: [/b]

[b]Age: [/b]
[b]Height: [/b]
[b]Weight: [/b]
[b]Eye Colour: [/b]
[b]Hair Colour: [/b]
[b]Distinguishing features: [/b]
[b]Build: [/b]

[b]Orientation: [/b]
[b]Kinks: [/b]
[b]Offs: [/b]

[b]Likes (Non sexual):[/b]
[b]Dislikes (Non sexual):[/b]
[b]Strengths: [/b]
[b]Weaknesses: [/b]

[b]Personality: [/b]

[b]History: [/b]

[b]Other: [/b]

[b]Link to player O/Os: [/b]


Image: Please use photographs rather than art-work. This is your character as she is at the start of the game. Nude or NSFW images should be placed in the "Other" section under a spoiler tag labelled "NSFW". (If you don't know how to do this please ask). I always find it helpful to select the character image before writing the sheet.

Player ID: This is your Elliquiy login ID. (Yes I know... but amazingly people have got it wrong).

Name: The name of your character.

Age: Minimum 18, maximum 21.
Height: Please use cm. Multiply inches by 2.54.
Weight: Please use kg. Divide Lb by 2.2. Click here for a useful chart.
Eye Colour: If not obvious from the image, or put "As picture"
Hair Colour: If not obvious from the image, or put "As picture"
Distinguishing features: Tattoos, scars, piercings, birthmarks, etc.
Build: If not obvious from the image, or put "As picture"

Orientation: Your character does not have to be a lesbian. This is a smut heavy all-girl game, though, so at some point she is going to have lesbian sex. Please bear this in mind?
Kinks: If any. The game is going into exotic (for obvious reasons) but whether I put it in Light, Bondage or N/C, I have not yet decided. Probably N/C just to be safe...!
Offs: Things the character doesn't like. Note that these can be things that the player loves.

Likes (Non sexual): Please list at least three things she enjoys with her clothes on...
Dislikes (Non sexual): Please list at least three things she dislikes regardless of clothing status...
Strengths: Please list at least three things she's good at.
Weaknesses: Please list at least four things she is bad at, and always make it one more than her strengths. I know it is hard, but seriously, you can tell far more about a person through their weaknesses than their strengths.

Personality: At least one decent length paragraphs about how your character behaves, how she thinks, what pushes her buttons, what drives her, the sort of person she is, how she relates to others...

History: At least two, preferably three, decent length paragraphs about where she's from, her family, what she's been doing sinse leaving school, etc.

Other: Anything else you think I've forgotten - I'm only human, after all. Plus any NSFW pictures under a Soiler.

Link to player O/Os: This is mandatory. I will not accept a character unless the player has an o/o page or a filled in preferences matrix. Just saying "I'm up for anything" is not good enough. Everyone has their limits, and if someone accidentally finds one of yours, that can cause trouble.

« Last Edit: June 24, 2016, 07:06:58 PM by Chrystal »

Offline ElvenKitten

This looks like fun  :D

Offline ChrystalTopic starter

I certainly hope it will be...

Offline BeckyAnnn

Superheros and Superheroines have never really been my thing but this could be interesting.   Will keep my eye on it.  Although with my posting history lately I probably should not start anything new.  :(

Offline Angie

OH MY GOD! I have been PRAYING for a symbiote style of game/rp for some time now-Chrystal, my love, my darling, I need this so bad!

So yes, interest noted.

Offline ChrystalTopic starter

*giggles* Hi Angie... now let's not go totally over the top... Glad to have you in though.

Becklette, you don't have to if you don't want to...

Offline Angie

It's super heroes, i thought over the top was expected.

Offline BeckyAnnn

Becklette, you don't have to if you don't want to...

Some freaky creature living in the character's vaggie?  I have to al least see where this is going!  ;)

Offline Angie

I am very, very curious as to how this creature intends to uh, reproduce.

Offline ChrystalTopic starter


Ahhh, but that would be telling!

Offline Angie

Come on in girls, you know you want in on this!

Offline ChrystalTopic starter

I'm going to be away for a week, camping, from next tuesday, and while I will have access to free WiFi, I will probably not be posting much, so I'll give this until I get back, and then see about getting it going with whatever players we have... Will try and get a blank character sheet up before I go.

Offline ChrystalTopic starter

Character sheet is available.

Offline Angie

Hoo boy, that character sheet is uh, big...and I've never really been a fan of word minimums...ah well, might as well try it! What's the worst that can happen?

Offline ChrystalTopic starter

Someone could force you to drink a Dr Pepper?

LOL! (Can't stand the stuff!)

I've not really put any "word minimums" in there, other than the strengths and weaknesses. And the way I see it, if you can come up with three things she's good at you can come up with four she's bad at.

For example:

Strengths: Maths, Throwing, Playing guitar
Weaknesses: Cooking, Running, Swimming, Singing.

They don't have to be related in any way shape or fashion to being a superhero or crime fighting, they are just there to give the character depth.

Offline Angie

Someone could force you to drink a Dr Pepper?

LOL! (Can't stand the stuff!)

I've not really put any "word minimums" in there, other than the strengths and weaknesses. And the way I see it, if you can come up with three things she's good at you can come up with four she's bad at.

For example:

Strengths: Maths, Throwing, Playing guitar
Weaknesses: Cooking, Running, Swimming, Singing.

They don't have to be related in any way shape or fashion to being a superhero or crime fighting, they are just there to give the character depth.

I meant the "300 words a post" for the actual game. But I think I can work with it, it's not like it's a three paragraph minimum or something.

Offline ChrystalTopic starter

Your post here is 322 words, not counting the header. I know you can do longer posts, because you have. Don't worry about it.

Seriously, that "minimum" is there to discourage people from posting one-line IC posts, which I absolutely will not tolerate. I'm not going to count the words in every post, but if a post is short - like as short as this one - then I will ask the player to add to it.

Offline Angie

Player ID: Angiejuusan

Name: Desiree Smith

Age: 18
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 80 kg
Eye Colour: As pictured
Hair Colour: As pictured
Distinguishing features: Has her ears pierced, typically wears gold earrings
Build: As pictured

Orientation: Bisexual and in denial
Kinks: Doesn't have enough experience, browsing porn or actual sex, to determine any kinks she might have.
Offs: Real problem with dirt, mud, and other grimy stuff. Vore, gore, and bathroom stuff (though with the way the symbiote works, she may need to get over herself). Cannot stand people who think they're better then everyone else.

Likes (Non sexual): Pizza, rainy days, browsing Youtube for comedy stuff, RPG video games (preferably turn based),
Dislikes (Non sexual): Pineapple, crime shows (family watched so many of them that they are now incredibly boring), the entire horror genre, math.
Strengths: Possesses a high degree of willpower. Large knowledge of English Literature. Good at gymnastics.
Weaknesses: That high degree of willpower makes her stubborn. High dislike of authority, especially religious authority. Short temper. Not a lot of stamina

Personality: Desiree is mostly a rather pleasant person to be around, while she is easy to anger, there's not much that really does anger her. She will snap in a few cases, but unless you're a person in authority throwing your weight around for no reason, someone claiming they're better then everyone else, or preaching about religion, you'll probably get along with her. With most people, she'd rather go out, grab some pizza, and hang out with them for a while. While she can get into a big argument with people and have outbursts, she'll usually apologize later. She wants to be an author, maybe also become an English teacher as a day job (gotta have that safety net, ya know).

History: Desiree was born and raised in a very conservative, highly religious family. Father knows best, women should serve, if the Smiths were transplanted into the 50s they wouldn't notice a change. Well, Desiree would. But she was the middle child in a family full of girls-no boys, unless you count the father and the dog. It's often joked about that the middle child is ignored, but to some extent Desiree kind of was neglected by her parents. Her younger sister was born only a few years after her, and everyone seemed to care more about the newest young'un. That was fine-it allowed Desiree to do what she wanted, and what she wanted to do was read, a lot. Fantasy, sci-fi, romance, every book that crossed the girl's eyes was devoured. She spent her recess periods in the school library, reading anything she could. Here she was, a young girl in a family that tried to treat her as an incapable, delicate flower, and she could read these fantastical tales of men and women of greatness. It got her going, at least.

For a while, she even followed Symbiosis and her exploits. It was sort perfect-from reading created fantasies of amazing people to seeing one in person. Perhaps Symbiosis planted the seeds of rebellion in her heart? Regardless, she grew to hate her father and his "I'm better then you because I say so" attitude. She hated the Sunday Mornings spent at church. She even grew to not like her older sister very much, as her older sister was much more in line with her father's worldview. As one might guess, it did not take long for Desiree to simply leave. When her older sister graduated high school, she made plans to get married to her high school sweetheart. When Desiree graduated, she left. Couldn't stand it anymore.

She managed to stay at friends' houses, for a while at least, but it's getting to the point where their parents might have rather uncomfortable questions for her. She might take some chances...of course, she has no idea of Symbiosis lurking in the shadows, coming to her with an offer in mind.

Other: (None that I can really think of, actually)

Link to player O/Os:

Offline ChrystalTopic starter

I suppose I'd better do mine? *chuckles*

Player ID: Chrystal

Name: Lucinda Smith (AKA Symbiosis)

Age: 25
Height: 158 cm  (175 cm)
Weight: 71kg (Heavier than she should be for her height and build)
Eye Colour: Green
Hair Colour: As imange
Distinguishing features: Wears glasses. Has an alien slime creature living in her womb
Build: Slight, almost skinny. Buxom and muscular

Orientation: Xenosexual, lesbian
Kinks: Tentacles. Living underwear. Has discovered that not needing to go to the bathroom frees up a lot of time and is surprisingly erotic
Offs: Men, cry-babies.

Likes (Non sexual): teaching, maths, physics, reading, pizza, Chinese, rock, cats.
Dislikes (Non sexual): criminals, bent cops, drugs, beans of any kind, rap music
Strengths: Maths, Very intelligent, good with computers (Bullet proof, can glide, can extrude tentacles)
Weaknesses: Short sighted, intolerant of others' failings, easily distracted, naturally shy (Tires quickly, limited range on tentacles is about 10m, slimy to the touch, almost constantly on the brink of orgasm

Personality: Lucy is (or was) a naturally shy person (as stated above). She is geeky and normally reserved, often having a far-away look in her eyes. She embarrasses easily and compliments always make her blush. She is relatively thick skinned when it comes to insults, generally just brushing them off. She can be intolerant of other people's failures, especially other teachers'. Nothing annoys her more than a class of teenagers who don't have the first clue  about mathematics. Criminals and bent (or inefficient) police officers also annoy her.

Symbiosis is quite the reverse. She is outgoing and sexy, and very much an action person. However, she too is often distracted, mostly because she is in a constant state of extreme sexual arrousal. This does not generally interfere with her crime-fighting, though. She is relentless and adamant in her pursuit of justice, and has a very keen sense of what is right and what is wrong.

History: Lucy was the older of two girls. Her parents were not exactly well off, but they had high hopes for their daughters, who were both bright. Lucy did well in school and determined that she wanted to be a teacher. Her younger sister was very talented musically and a marvellous actress. Their parents were saving up to try and get Lucy's sister into drama school.

It was when she was fourteen that everything went wrong. Lucy was out late at a friend's birthday party. She arrived home to find police cars and an ambulance and the coroner's meat wagon outside her house. While she was out, a psychopathic serial killer had broken into her home and murdered her family. The police never caught the murderer, and she later discovered that one of the cops on the case was related to the killer and protecting him. That was much later, however.

Lucy was taken into care. It was while she was exploring the attic of the care home that she found the egg. It was about the size of a chicken's egg, hard as rock, shiny like polished stone and shimmering with different colours. She took it and kept it, and when she was lonely she would pull it out and stroke it, talk to it softly. One day when she was seventeen and feeling extremely horny, she decided to try an experiment. She pushed the egg inside herself. It was warm and comfortable in there and she left it there overnight, forgetting to take it out.

In the morning she woke up feeling incredibly horny, and realised that the egg was still inside her and that it was vibrating. She was so amazed by the sensation that she forgot to be afraid, instead she masturbated herself to the most amazing climax ever. And as she climaxed, so the egg hatched. The creature expanded, filling her vagina and womb, flowing out of her and wrapping her crotch in a gentle, warm slime. That was the moment she discovered what the creature ate and drank, which at first she found rather disgusting.

She quickly realised that she could communicate with the creature, that it had somehow formed a telepathic link with her and that she could tell what it wanted and make it understand what she wanted. It wasn't fully concious, but had a rudimentary intelligence. Experimenting with her new "friend" soon revealed a number of surprising abilities, not least being the amazing change to her own body when it was covered by the slime creature, and especially the fact that it could coat her eyes with a thin layer that corrected her vision like contact lenses.

In spite of the constant sexual arousal, Lucy realised that she was now a superhero, and that she had a civic duty to fight crime.

In her "secret identity" she continued in college, got her teaching degree and then applied to an agency for a job as a supply teacher.

image of Symbiosis

Link to player O/Os:
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*chuckle* As soon as I saw the title, I knew this had to be yours, Chrys :D

Offline ChrystalTopic starter

Who else?  Chuckle.

I'm under canvas right now but if you want in just pm me a character sheet in the usual way and I should be able to have a look at it. Wifi connection permitting.

Online Nowherewoman

  • Ears for Years. The Evil En. Neck nibbler. Full Metal Flirt.
  • Oracle
  • Addict
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  • Join Date: Aug 2014
  • Location: Staring into the Abyss, waiting for it to blink.
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You know...this is weird enough and far enough outside my usual comfort zone, I might, just. If I can come up with a decent base character.

Online JoanieSappho

Well, this seems to hit most of my interests in one go. I'll have to work on something here.

Offline ChrystalTopic starter

Hi Joanie, I'm pleased to see you here. Looking forward to seeing your character sheet.