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Author Topic: Pokemon Alternate universe (Female trainer for N, writer gender doesn't matter)  (Read 311 times)

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Online LamentingQuillTopic starter

Two directions available to go in:

The kingdoms Genodelune and Hokeshima have had difficult times getting along during the past few hundreds years, though no one can really remember why that is anymore... some say that long ago a Genodelune princess agreed to marry a Hokeshima prince and then suddenly dumped him on the day of the wedding, humiliating the prince and the Hokeshima royal family, others claim that a theft of ancient Genodelun artifacts perpetrated by Hokeshima infiltrators... there are so many different fanciful tales woven by both kingdoms by both nobles and common-folk alike, but there has never been any solid proof to back up any of grand stories floating around.

Now, Princess Seraphina of Genodelune has persuaded her father to start making strides to erase the confusing tense relations and make peace with Hokeshima, starting with extending a friendly invitation to the ball celebrating Seraphina's eighteenth birthday, this would be the very first time in several hundred years that Genodelune and Hokeshima royalty had ever been in the same room on any kind of friendly terms. It is an enormously huge gesture that Hokeshima eagerly accepts.

Unfortunately... there is an organization dwelling within the shadows of both kingdoms that rather likes things exactly as they presently are, finding that the rift plays well into their greedy ambitions... this organization calls themselves Team Shadow Raven...
Team Shadow Raven is a large group spreading across the dark underbellies of both kingdoms consisting of corrupt merchants and nobles earning a massive tax free profit off of good exclusive to the kingdoms cultures being traded back and forth illegally at prices soaring way beyond what the items are actually worth, it had made the big wigs of the organization very wealthy men, hence their wishes for nothing to change the rift between Genodelune and Hokeshima...
If Genodelune were to make peace with Hokeshima and the borders were made open to everyone... then Team Shadow Raven and it's corrupt business ventures would become unnecessary and be abandoned, the noblemen at the top of the organization would lose this massive revenue and they would be ruined... not to mention potentially exposed by clients no longer seeing them as valuble anymore... this is just simply unacceptable to Team Shadow Raven and they vow to do something to thwart this threat of peace between the kingdoms before they are toppled by it!

A plot is hatched then within Team Shadow Raven to take this rift and tear it ever wider... they would kidnap Princess Seraphina at the ball and frame the Hokeshima king, making it appear as though he himself had ordered the deed done... from there they are certain that Genodelune would declare war on Hokeshima when they failed to deliver a princess they never actually had taken in the first place...

However... the night of the planned abduction, the prince of Hokeshima happens upon the Genodelune princess and her pokemon battling her would-be kidnappers in a desperate attempt to fend them off, the Hokeshima prince then leaps into the fray as well to aid her, but even with their combined efforts... they are over powered by the unfair assailants and both of the young royals are taken... they certainly couldn't let the prince go and let him reveal what he'd seen after all, they would just adjust the plan to frame the prince instead of the king. It would achieve the same results.

Together, Seraphina and the Hokeshima prince must escape their captors, retrieve their stolen pokemon and stop Team Shadow Raven once and for all!


At the ball, the abduction is successful and Princess Seraphina is brought before the leader of Team Shadow Raven, whom in none other than the handsome prince of Hokeshima himself!
The prince had intended for this to be just business to make sure all his secrets stayed both active and in the shadows, but when he meets the lovely Genodelune princess... he feels the stir of passion in his pants and something deeper blooming in his heart... it doesn't take very long for the decision to be made that he wasn't going to be giving her back or harming her either... he would keep the princess for himself and persuade her to fall for him as he has fallen for her...

However... can Seraphina really fall for such a villain capable of such devious corruption? Only time will tell...

Femaler Trainer's alternate universe identity:

Princess Seraphina Rosewind
Kingdom: Genodelune

Legendary potential: (A pokemon the character could potentially wind up with at some point along the adventure)