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January 21, 2017, 07:57:11 PM

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Author Topic: Irrevocably broken bonds (M seeking F)  (Read 113 times)

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Irrevocably broken bonds (M seeking F)
« on: June 17, 2016, 01:27:26 PM »
Irrevocably broken bonds
Cynthia Taylor had her first child at a very young age. Despite what seemed to be the whole world being against them going through with the pregnancy, she and the love of her life had a son. They were an inseparable little family all through her and Michael’s sons first two years. Living on the bread line, with disapproving families on the side-lines unwilling to help with even the most basic of essentials; they had been deliriously happy.
But one day, it all came crashing down … on the way to work on that fateful day, Michael had been hit by a car. And despite the heroic efforts of paramedics and good Samaritans who had been passing by. He sadly died, leaving behind a broken hearted girlfriend and a son without a father.
A few years later, after Cynthia’s family had grudgingly accepted the grieving pair back into their house, the single mother met someone new. A young man with “a future” as her somewhat smitten father had said. The new man was kind and caring towards her and had even tried his best to help with her son. But no matter how much she enjoyed spending time with her new man. Ryan would never be Michael. However, that was a secret she hid in the depths of her soul.
Getting married, the pair soon had their own child; another boy whom they named after his father. And it became very apparent, very quickly. That young Ryan was the favourite. Everything he wanted, he got. Whereas his older brothers requests were always met with a “No, you don’t need it. Anyway your brother needs…” Not that they were short of money. The man the boys mother had married was a high flier and earned a good living. However, this money allowed him to live a life of a sex tourist. Visiting far flung countries and paying for sex with as many people as he could.
It wasn’t until Cynthia quickly nipped on her husbands computer one day that she discovered his disgusting secret.
Soon after, they were divorced and once again she was left, a young and beautiful single mother. However, this time, she had plenty of money. Along with in-laws and parents who were happy to help. So it is at the point where young Ryan Jnr has gone to stay with his Grandparents across the other side of the country, who were very close to the Sport Camp the young teenager had begged his mother to go. Leaving Cynthia without her youngest son for the first time since he was born and she wasn’t coping well.
Or was she? Because despite the apparent favouritism she showed towards her youngest son, there was more than just one secret the young mother kept close to her heart. One that would make what was about to happen seem worse than it already was. Because the fact was; Cynthia’s favourite wasn’t Ryan. It was Jason. The boy that was so much like his father, it scared her.

Jason Reynolds shared nothing with his family, not even a surname. Ha! Like he even thought of them as his family? His mother might as well have left him out on the street the day his father had died. Life was supposed to have been good once. That’s what she had told him. It had been when he turned 4 and she hadn’t met Ryan yet. Sitting in the room they shared in her parents house (they couldn’t possibly have given him his own room. A rule they swiftly changed when Ryan Jnr came along of course). She had told him all about his dad. Even now, at 18 years old, Jason could remember the look of utter love in her eye as she spoke. Reaching out and stroking her cheek with his tiny hand, as she welled up before him. She hugged him so very tight and then held him for a long long time; explaining through her tears that he reminded her of him so much.
Perhaps that was the problem? Everyone always told him he looked like his dad. And from what he saw in the singular photo that he owned of his dad. They could have been mistaken for twins.
Life had been hard. Even though Ryan Jnr was a great kid, always ready to be kind to his older brother and share the things he conned out his parents without a second thought. Living an existence in the background was tough. Plus, not having a paternal presence to guide him, navigate him through the journey into adulthood? Had left the young man with a slightly skewed sense of what was acceptable in life. After all, when the only version of sex you see is of porn? Your attitudes to the opposite sex might not be normal.
And his wasn’t.
Not that he didn’t really know how to treat his girlfriends, on the whole, he was a charming young man. Making friends easily and quite often finding the affections of girls easy to obtain. However, every now and then, when someone pushed his buttons? Something showed itself within him. Something dark. Something unbeknownst to him, his current girlfriend was keen to explore.
One night she began taunting him. Teasing him for being weak and pathetic about not standing up to his mom and perverted step dad. Playing every angle she knew that would get a physical reaction. Mocking how he always let them spoil his little brother and ignore what he wanted. All the while, she was playing on her sensuality. Opening her top a little more, trailing fingers over her breasts and up her long slender legs, she verged on being artful in the way she goaded him. And then eventually… he snapped. Aggression and arousal seemed to explode within him in equal measure and there was only one way he could contemplate releasing it all.
The sex that night had been brutal. Her body was used and abused in ways she had only dreamed of. But it was exactly what she had wanted. To be fucked like a whore by a man who wasn’t afraid to claim what he wanted and get a little rough in the process. Both of them had cum harder and more often that night than ever before.
Her timing however, was terrible.
Because it was the following day, that Jason’s little brother Ryan had been put on a plane to spend a summer with his grand-parents. Leaving him alone with a mother who had shown him little to no attention or affection for over a decade. So with the scathing words and torrent of emotions still bubbling away from the night before with his girlfriend. When Jason happened to walk by his mothers room and hear nothing but the inconsolable tears of a mother missing her child. Jason couldn’t bear it any longer.
She hadn’t cried like that when he left for the first time. She hadn’t  embraced him the way she had with Ryan at the airport the day before. And right there in the hallway, outside his mothers room, wearing nothing but a towel around his waist. Jason stormed into his mothers room and unleashed 14 years of frustration…
He didn’t know of any other way to deal with it.

And this is where our incest story begins.