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June 21, 2021, 09:14:14 pm

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Author Topic: When prisoners take over (M seeking F for EX, Non con story)  (Read 528 times)

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Warning: Extreme story
When prisoners take over
Originally I had the idea of this story being based in a mixed sex prison and the main characters both being inmates. He was the highest ranking member of the gang that unofficially ruled the prison. And she was the woman he had chosen to be his slave. It didn’t matter what she had been on the outside. Married, a mother, a lesbian, she could have been a priest for all he cared. He had picked her and that is all that mattered. The rules of the prison meant that she would do exactly as he asked. No matter what it was.
However, I then began to wonder about the possibility of making the slave a female guard. New to the job, she hadn’t quite understood the power the inmates had. Or the overwhelming personalities, their leaders had. She had been like a rabbit caught in the headlights. And it had taken him mere moments to make her realise she was his.
It didn’t matter what he requested of her. She would comply. He was a brutal human being. Pain and suffering were just an everyday part of life behind bars. But were the bars there to keep the prisoners in… or keep others out? She would certainly begin to wonder.
I am looking this to be an exceptionally extreme RP. I have some general ideas about the kind of things that could happen. But would be happy to hear yours too.

If you are interested then take a look at a brief intro I wrote below and get in touch.

The two prison guards walking along the main corridor of B wing, couldn’t have been more different. One was tall, with broad powerful shoulders that swayed almost lazily as he walked. Slightly older than middle aged, his dull grey shirt and black pants looked like they had been worn and washed 100’s of times. Just like every other prison in the world, the uniform was supposed to mimic those of local law enforcement. Giving the guards and inmates alike a sense that they were authoritative figures who upheld the law? However, this wizened veteran of the prison service also had a look in his eye that expressed a clear understanding of how the world really worked.
Unfortunately, his new colleague did not.
Young, fresh faced and with a look of someone trying very hard to be impress their new colleagues. Little did they know, that their first day on the job was going to be something that would forever change their life. Because unbeknown to this beautiful young woman, who had only given a slight start of surprise at being given a relatively short, albeit in the same drab grey, dress as a uniform. She hadn’t been chosen by the warden of the prison. Yes, he had gone through her resume and interviewed her. But the person who had made the decision… was someone very different.
Over the past two years of school, the bright young woman had become increasingly interested in Criminology. Deciding to apply for a post graduate program that would hopefully offer her a springboard into the job she wanted. She was beyond excited when she got the acceptance letter through in the mail. However, as with everything else in this world. It cost money. A lot of money. And although her and her boyfriend had some savings, it wasn’t anywhere near enough. And as she was searching for a job over the summer, which she hoped would help pay for her first year at least. She stumbled across the position within the prison. It seemed perfect! To get genuine experience in a real prison with real criminals! It seemed too perfect to pass up.
It wasn’t. And she should have.
As the mismatched pair continued their stroll down the sterile corridor, the tall vet barely said a word to his counterpart. Answering her numerous questions with the bare minimum responses, he was polite, but not overly friendly. Why would he? There were far more important things on his mind at that moment.
Such as the reward he was going to get for delivering the delightful piece of ass that was walking by his side.
Reaching the door to the main area of B wing, he turned to his colleague and subtly looked over her curves with a hungry eye. ”Time to meet some of our guests now sweetheart.” Grinning jovially, with an undertone of a sneer in his voice, he waved at the guard sat behind a thick window to let them in. With obvious relief at finally being given something to do, other than staring at an empty corridor, the guard pressed the relevant button and made a note in his log. A note, that if the woman entering B wing had seen… she would never have walked through the door.
”Delivery for Prisoner 1 made by guard Sanderson”

Leading the new guard deeper into B wing, Guard Sanderson knew she would probably be wondering what was going on. Because although it was a mixed gender prison; technically, neither sex were supposed to come into contact with the other? Yet here they were, walking through the male only section and there were women everywhere. None of them were being very conservative in their dress either. And depending on how much the new guard had read, Sanderson would imagine she would be wondering where their regulation prisoner boiler suits were. But, he wasn’t about to answer any of her questions now. Because he could almost taste the reward he was about to get... and nothing was going to stop him getting it. He had been waiting too long as it was.
Speeding up, Sanderson led the suddenly nervous looking newbie towards a graffiti covered door of a cell. Standing wide open, both guards could see exactly what was inside the large cell. And it surprised the hell out of one of them.
The scene was like something taken directly out of a medieval erotic novel and inserted into a modern day ghetto prison. A huge man lounged indolently in a massive chair in the centre of the rear wall like some kind of king lording over his people. Knelt between his spread legs was a woman wearing nothing but stiletto heels and a skirt so short that it didn’t hide any part of her modesty… if she indeed had any to hide? But it was what she was doing to the man in the chair as she sensually moved her head back and forth in his crotch that made the new guard gasp in shock.
Flickering her gaze around the room, she suddenly realised that something was wrong. On one side stood a woman who was staring back at her with something close to pity on her exquisite Latina features. Lounging patiently against the wall that was completely covered in the same kind of graffiti as the door, the sensual woman immediately turned to the huge man the moment they walked in, as if waiting for orders from her ruler. Wearing pants that were so tight, the new guard wondered if they had stitched the seams while she was in them. And a low cut silk top that cinched tightly underneath her breasts; highlighting how large and pert her glorious tits were, while also showing just how slim she was. It was enough to make any woman feel slightly self-conscious. But the surprises didn’t end there. Because directly opposite, on the other side of the cell, a group of four men. All grinning and laughing as they passed two women between them; taking turns to grope, slap or push their exposed cocks deep inside of them. Neither women fought back, in fact they seemed to be enjoying the rough play. Although the more she watched the shocking situation, the more she began to believe the girls had been drugged in some way.
What the hell was this place?
Before she could pull herself together and remove her taser to begin restoring order, her partner, the man she had instinctively trusted implicitly, double crossed her.. Everything seemed to happen both incredibly fast and yet somehow in slow motion at the same time.
Sanderson was suddenly behind her, instead of being by her side. His large hands had deprived her of every means of defending herself she had been given that morning. Taser, baton, cuffs. All of it was gone and she felt helpless. Looking back at the man who was supposed to be on her team, he simply looked down at her from his towering height and laughed. ”Don’t look so surprised kid. What did you expect? It’s a fucking prison and us guards don’t mean shit..” The words rang in her ears like a bell. What exactly had she expected? A kindergarten situation where everyone is friendly to the new kid? Maybe she had been naïve enough to think that. But she never, ever expected this.
Or the swift kick to the back of her legs delivered by her colleague that dropped her painfully to her knees.
Everything instantly went quiet the moment she hit the floor. All that could be heard was the light slurp of the sluttish prisoner giving head to her master sitting on his throne. Even the men who had been so raucously abusing the two fucked up women were reverently watching for their leaders reaction.
Prisoner 1 didn’t register one single ounce of recognition of the pair that had come into his presence until the guard was on her knees. Intense eyes; so dark they looked black against his tanned flesh, slowly drifted over the fallen woman and up towards the gloating face of Sanderson. ”How’s the wife Sanders?” His deep thunderous voice rumbled around the room as his handsome face creased into an evil smile. Although it was a seemingly innocent question, the threatening undertones were not lost on Sanderson. It was another reminder that Prisoner 1 knew he had a family. Knew where they lived. Knew how to ruin his life.  ”Yeah, she’s great thanks...”
They both knew the other reason the question had been asked. His reward.
Turning to look at the seductress stood on her own against the wall, Prisoner 1 merely nodded. Without hesitation, she walked towards Sanderson and immediately unzipped his pants. The look in her eye was devastating. No man like Sanderson could have refused her. Not that he had any intention of trying. However just as the teasing woman began leading him from the cell, most likely to find somewhere that offered more privacy. Prisoner 1 spoke once more. ”You can have this one too. I won’t need her for the rest of the day and you have done well Sanderson. I’m sure these two cock sleeves will give you everything you could possibly dream of. And probably more!” Sneering at the man he clearly held in complete contempt, Prisoner 1 looked down at the woman between his legs and motioned in the direction of the man behind her.
Just as her fellow inmate had, she instantly moved as if his instructions had been given telepathically. Confirming to the guard on her knees, who watched on in horror as the scene unfolded. The absolute  power and authority he held over his people. And she had most likely guessed by now, that every single person in that prison… was his. From the warden who sat in his plush office pretending to the world that everything was as it should. To the most despicable inmates who were stuck there for life, paying for their crimes with the rest of their days.
As the two women led the grinning and extremely excited Sanderson from the cell, the four men followed suit and dragged the two women with them. When the last man had crossed the threshold of the doorway, he turned back without a word and slammed the door shut with an ear splitting “CRASH”.
Leaving the defenceless and exceptionally afraid Stefanie Martinez alone with an evil mountain of a man, whom was looking at her as if she was nothing more than a piece of meat. The fact that the slut who’d been between his legs, had left his extremely large cock straining in the open air, didn’t help with her sense of wellbeing either. Especially as he slowly rose to his feet, making her suddenly aware that Sanderson, who had seemed so big, was way below average size, when compared to Prisoner 1.
”Welcome to hell, fresh meat…”

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Re: When prisoners take over (M seeking F for EX, Non con story)
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Hey there. I would love to play as the guard. Discuss over PM?