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Author Topic: Looking for RP - Offering character and concepts (M or F)  (Read 503 times)

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Looking for RP - Offering character and concepts (M or F)
« on: June 17, 2016, 12:08:03 PM »

nice I was able to pick your interest and you opened this thread.

What I offer:
- Character concepts I built over the time but were never used, for your own story ideas and cravings
- A character coming with a vague offer of a world (Renor) which can be used but does not have to.
- Acceptable to good english writing skills
- Imagination and creativity
- A good amount of flexibility
- Gender does not matter to me (neither behind the screen nor the character) as long as you have creativity and imagination.

What I am not interested in:
- Anime fandom (I like anime but prefer to play outside of it)
- Futa (while I respect this interest of others it is not my cup of tea)
- Smud for the sake of smud. I seek RP which may (or may not) have sexual / BDSM components. Not the other way around.

If you are interested then contact me in person please.

This said, here we go:


Name: Hanaka Aiko
Role: The Victim
Gender: Female
Age: 27
Born in: Singapore
Job: Fathers daughter
Education: University (degree in Mathematics and Robotics)

Height: 5'4
Weight: 124 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Orientation: Straight


General Appearance: Aiko is undeniable of asian heritage. She carries herself with a lot of honor and a strong moral compass and it reflects in her aura and her body-language. Her hair is long and black but bound up most the time into a graceful knot or weave. In general she is a petite person in physical appearance. Her favorite kind of clothes is reflecting her heritage and ranges from simple day to day cheongsum to very intricate modern asian styled gowns or even a kimono. Her kind of elegance is supported by jewelry and a good workout every morning.

Distinguishing Characteristics: She was raised spoiled and tends to show glimpse of an arrogance based on this.

Father: Hanaka Ichirou (Japanese diplomat based in Singapore)
Mother: Hanaka Miku (Daughter of a japanese media tycoon)

Personality: Aiko is a calm personality and grew up in a patriarchal society and family order. Her culture and its old values are present at almost all time and they drive her actions. Honor to her is no simple word nor is loyalty and devotion to her values and family. While all this works well as a shield and protection from the usual strangers it also has its drawback. Her actions can be predicted and deception barely is something she seems to perform well. While she is far away from being naive, she possibly could be manipulated in ways which would corner her and force her to act in ways violating her personal values and morals but are dictated by her culture, family and results of well spun intrigues.

In her books her loyalty to her family comes first, then her personal gain... After this, for a long time nothing follows on that list.

Weaknesses: Aiko does not know true love. She never felt it nor ever had it. She was sheltered well by her family and went to an all female boarding school. While she is not desperate to find it, it still is something that pains her especially since she reads and writes a lot about it and saw many friends fall in love and marry. She understands the concept, not the feeling though.

Friendship is very rare to her. While in general she seems to be a very warm and gentle, even comforting, personality, she feels very lonely inside due to her past, her parents and her sheltered life.

Due to her upbringing she can comes across as reserved and possibly cold when she strictly follows protocols, etiquette and rules.

Notable Skills: Aiko was raised in a diplomat family which is very deeply rooted in the japanese traditions. Her education gave her access to skills in philosophy, history, music, dance, calligraphy, communication, diplomacy, etiquette and meditation. Beside this she speaks mandarin, cantonese, english and french fluently.

Aiko knows basic first aid.

Weapons: None...

Likes: Spiritualism, humor, dignified behavior, her contry and its traditions (she is very proud of them), poetry, strong personalities
Dislikes: Blunt or rude people, alcohol in any form, the lack of etiquette, people who claim to know who she is and how her life looks like
Hobbies: Collecting antique shamisen and playing Go
Fears and Phobias: Her biggest fears are to lose her honor or reputation as well as to die alone and to have never experienced true love.


Name: Anastasia Romanov
Role: The Investigator
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Born in: Berlin
Job: Companion and Private Investigator specialized in high society cases
Education: University (degree Philosophy and Psychology)

Height: 5'7
Weight: 134 lbs
Hair Color: White (most the time)
Eye Color: Brown
Orientation: Pansexual


General Appearance: Anastasia is of russian heritage but shows less of those traces anymore other than her sometimes cold laughter. She carries herself with elegance and dignity and while she knows that she often is seen as a callgirl or worse she does not let this get close to herself. What she learns during conferences or dinners or sometimes in the bedroom has given her leverage in many cases and helped her to weave a web of "favors" she could ask for as well as access to places and societies only few achieve.
Her statue is very feminine and athletic. While she grew up in Berlin she found her deep passion for Aikido and Kendo which got her close to the asian culture. Japanese history is one of her personal interests and along with her non-asian look got her easy access to japanese clients for both her professions. Her favorite kind of clothes are elegant and she sees beauty in simplicity and functionality.

Distinguishing Characteristics: Her whole upper back is tattooed with kanji telling the tale of Yuki Onna.

Father: - Unknown -
Mother: Tatjana Romanov (dead)

Personality: Anastasia comes across as reserved on the first sight but once the ice is broken she seems to be a very social and friendly person. She knows of her temper rooted in her heritage and also how to tame it most the time. She is very versatile and while most the time she seems the femme fatale on other days she would prefer to stay in her bed without all the ties to the society she worked hard to reach. It often seemed a show and a play to her where she tried to play along to find her course.

Weaknesses: Anasatasia sometimes is unable to keep her calm and to tame her temper. There are few men (and women) she allows to speak down on her.

Notable Skills: Anastasia grew up in the backyards and the night of Berlin. Her life as a teenager was not easy after her mother died and all she wanted was to escape poverty. To never worry about money again and so she found her way into the private investigation. No formal training required and shadowing people to learn their secrets, this art she learned on the streets long ago. Yet fate wanted that she met the right people at the right times and made the right decisions which left her to the point she finds herself today. She is able to break simple locks and easily a man's heart as well, or a woman's. She speaks German, English and a few words russian.

Weapons: None...

Likes: Fast cars, eloquent people, people with goals and those who pursue them
Dislikes: People who talk but do not act, Fifty Shades of Grey and machos
Hobbies: Hacking
Fears and Phobias: To lose control over her own life


Name: Silver
Role: The Loner
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Born in: San Francisco
Job: Bouncer
Education: Dropped out of school

Height: 5'9
Weight: 144 lbs
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Red/Brown
Orientation: Pansexual


General Appearance: Silver (which of course is not her real name) is a biker girl who fights her way through life every day. She has a very hard shell but a soft core. Someone who does not mind to hurt others physically to get what she claims as hers but protects someone she would call friend to her last breath. She has her own rules, her own morals, her own codex and her own understanding of life and how it should be. Silver is a rather tall and athletic woman but her body shows a few scars on her arms and upper body from combats against people with knives and broken bottles. Her hair is shoulder long and frames her face in a good way. She is beautiful in her own strange way but would never admit or think this of herself.

Distinguishing Characteristics: Scars on her body from previous fights.

Father: - Unknown -
Mother: - Unknown -

Personality: Silver grew up in an orphant home. She ran away and dropped out of school to join a gang which she left later on. Since then she works as a bouncer in low grade clubs while she travels on her bike from one city to another.

Weaknesses: Silver has a weak spot for the vulnerable people. In a weird way she sees herself as a knight for those who cant protect themselves.

Notable Skills:
- Languages: English, French, some spanish
- Lockpicking
- Multiple martial arts
- Intimidation
- Mechanics (motorcycles)

- Knife in her boot
- Retractable combat baton

Likes: Motorcycles, honesty, mentally strong people who stick to their words and follow through
Dislikes: People who talk too much, bullies and those who try to convince her that they are superior to her or anyone else
Hobbies: She is obsessed with the night and the moon (which gave her the nickname (silver disc of the moon))
Fears and Phobias: To die


Name: Vianna
Role: The Vampire
Generation (VTM): 6
Gender: Female
Age: (looks like) 23
Born in: Istambul
Job: Hitman
Education: University and scribes

Height: 5'8
Weight: 132 lbs
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Orientation: Pansexual


General Information: Vianna was born 1240 in Constantinople where she grew up as the daughter of a merchant. When she turned 23 she was out during the night to make a delivery for her father and never returned. She was embraced by Thetmes and became a loyal member of the Assamite clan (Vampire the Masquerade), the clan of killers. For most of her (un)life she traveled through the world and executed her contracts until she met Véronique La Cruelle (Toreador Antitribu) in Montreal in the 19th century. She fell in love with her which turned out to become a problem out of two reasons. First she was the person she came to kill and second she was the Sabbath Archbishop of the city. Véronique introduced her to the Sabbath and to the decadent things possible in their world. It took some time but eventually her clan realized that Vianna left her path and they sent someone to remind her of her duties. At this point Vianna had to chose between her love and her clan. She chose the prior and killed the man who was sent by her sire. Protected by the Sabbath pack and Veronique she was able to survive three attacks by her clan trying to eradicate her and punish her for the fact that she was violating the codes and betrayed the clan and Camarilla. When Véronique was destroyed in the 1970s Vianna disappeared, not the interest of her clan to destroy her though. Over the centuries she grew in power and skill and recently rumors say that whenever there are high profile targets assassinated in the mortal world, a woman with red eyes and blonde hair and the features which fit her general description was somehow involved. Either in the planning or execution itself.

Distinguishing Characteristics: Poisonous blood

Sire: Thetmes

Personality: Vianna is bitter and cold. A hitman through and through but not impossible to reach. There are few things in this world she still cares for and those could be the key to reach her.

Weaknesses: The pain she still carries with her over the loss of Véronique.

Notable Skills:
- Languages: Arabiq, Turkish, English, French, Sanskrit, German, Portugese and Spanish
- Martial Arts
- Firearms
- Electronic affinity
- Vampire disciplines

- 9mm Beretta and silencer
- Khanjar

Likes: Weapons, fast cars, luxury to some degree, art (mainly painting and music)
Dislikes: People in general, vampire society and their skirmishes as a whole
Fears and Phobias: To forget Véronique one day


Name: Renor
Role: The Huntress
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Born in: Unknown
Job: Huntress

Height: 5'6
Weight: 128 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Jade Green
Orientation: Pansexual


General Appearance: See the story below.

Distinguishing Characteristics: See the story below.

Father: - Unknown -
Mother: - Unknown -

Personality: Renor comes across as a silent predator such as a panther or jaguar but there always feels more to be hidden deep inside. Secrets she may not even know herself. She is caring to those who care in return and is vicious to those who abuse others with an unforgiving personality.

Weaknesses: Renor is a loner and has a hard time to accept company or even to rely on other people. She tends to hide her emotional world from those around her.

Notable Skills:
- Languages: General/Standard, Sen (language of her people)
- Melee and ranged combat
- Tracking / hunting
- Survival

- Sword
- Katana
- Spear
- Bow

Likes: Strength, spirituality, nature, humility
Dislikes: Arrogance, alpha males, slavers
Fears and Phobias: -/-


Renor entered the city after the sun set and the moon rose. The orange light of the sun slowly died at the horizon and tinted the the red roofs in an almost blood like color. This city grew so rich by its trading in the past decades. She felt out of place here. It was no secret that most of the riches of Shanjira came from the well established trading routes put in place by its slave traders. Female slaves was an all present commodity and currency while officially condemned and forbidden. Yet it was no secret that they could be found and bought in this city easily. Not being called slaves but servants instead did not change the fact of what they were. Over the decades or centuries out of this situation evolved a pure patriarchal society. Women in the city were married to the benefit of the family and the merchant houses, each lead by a patriarch, had the territories of the city split among them. The strongest of them called themselves princes. A title that often came with a lot of blood and violence. It was not uncommon that a prince enslaved his wife to marry another and by this grew his family and household as well as satiated his appetite for change. In general they were used to get what they want. Either with money, intrigue or bloodshed.

Entering a city like this was a dangerous and risky act for Renor. She was not only a stranger here but should one with influence find interest in her then it would be possible that he would try to own her. Under no circumstance would she ever be allowed to show any weakness. Yet she had not many options knowing that the one she swore to protect could be found here. She had no idea how she got here and why other than that she was fleeing from something terrifying. More terrifying than possible slavery. Yet maybe she had allies in this city? Old friends? Family? Renor though knew no one in this hostile place.

As she passed the first group of people within the walls on her steed she registered their rich and colorful clothes while she wore a dark and mostly worn out leather armor. Her head and mouth were covered by long and dark red fabric to protect her face and head from the forces of nature. A long cloak fell heavy from her shoulders over her back and was partially draped over the back of her horse. At her side attached to her belt hung a katana. The sheath was wrapped in old linen but the handle gave away that there was pride in this weapon. It was well ornamented and of tremendous craftsmanship. A quiver hung at her other side filled with arrows and a long yumi was attached to the saddle of her raven steed. While all her hair and most of her face was hidden she had the typical unnatural jade green and cold eyes of the Sen, the wild people, who live outside the walls of cities and either in small families or on their own. They were rumored to be perfect hunters and mysterious. There were tales of them being able to disappear in plain sight, stand straight in a sandstorm without any sign of motion and some even say they would control the water. But there were those tales as well which were told by parents to their children about the Sen if they misbehaved. Those tales spoke of them as savages, monsters and cannibals. All those tales combined most likely were responsible for the real mystery around those people. Nevertheless it might be the first line of defense Renor would be able to use should someone try to grow too much interest in her. After all not many men would be so stupid to approach a Sen directly as one thing was a known fact - Sen fought to their death and knew no retreat nor surrender.

Her hands were gloved in the same worn out black leather as her armor and coat. The right one was holding the reins of her steed in a loose manner. The heavy boots, only covered by the long leather pants, pushed into the flank of the horse. Instead of making the beast jump it came to a halt right next to the group of people who took a step back after looking up to her. Their first thought clearly was 'savage' and it was painted on their faces. Renor was covered in dirt and sand in a perfect clean city. She stood out. Even the slaves which were passing the street and nearby marketplaces were dressed better and richer than her. Though for sure their clothes would not help them in the wilderness outside the city. A place where this woman seemed to have been raised and lived her whole life.

"Mornai." Only this single word rolled over her lips after she pulled the red fabric down and gave an open view on her dirt covered and marked face. Her intonation, while not aggressive, held a clear vibe of demand. Her head only then slowly turned and her unnatural green eyes stared into the soul of one of the peasants next to her steed. At least this was what the man felt this very moment. Those eyes, they stared beyond the physical world. They demanded something deeper. Like a firm hand would be wrapping around someones heart and soul. And still there was nothing other than this single word spoken in that voice that hold a strange vibe. Those eyes and the serene aura the woman radiated, this confidence not many women held up in this city, separated her easily from the crowd if not her appearance.

It took a few seconds until the man replied. "House Mornai is down the street and over the marketplace. You cannot miss their house. It is a huge red building complex to the right."

Renor shifted her eyes very slowly toward the direction the man mentioned then she nodded. The man lowered his head for the moment but then out of pride and defiance raised it instantly again. No man would bow to a woman in this city unless it was a slave. Not even hint it in any form. He looked into those green orbs of the woman on the horse. Her lids closed slow and in almost ritualistic manner. A smile brushed over her lips while those eyes opened again and she pulled the scarf back into place to cover most of her face. If it was a tradition or if she had something to hide the man would never know.

"Thanks." She said with a respectful tone and yet those eyes hit hard, either intentionally or subconsciously. Her heels pushed slightly into the sides of her steed and while they slowly parted her gaze remained locked on the man for only a few seconds more and still it was enough to make him feel her.

Renor's head, with this all present serenity around her, finally turned without haste to see for her path through the masses and toward the marketplace where people of the city along with caravans filled the big space. Her right hand rested on the knob of the saddle with the reins hanging loose. Only the pressure of her heels commanded the horse with the stuffed saddlebags through the crowd until they came to a halt in front of a tall dark red wooden gate guarded by two armored men on each side.

"I seek to speak to Prince Mornai. My name is Renor." She announced herself. She was expected. Two weeks ago she was found by a messenger of this house with a sealed scroll-case. Opening the scroll she found out that the woman she was meant to protect was residing here. At least that was what she interpreted in the vague words she deciphered in the letter. After sending a first message from the gates of the city to the merchant house she was requested to meet the prince in person.

On request of the guard, after eyeing her for a long time from top to toe, she showed the case which held the symbol of the house. The guard allowed her to pass but from that very moment on a guard was at her side at all times. Only as she was led into her private quarters with the stuffed saddlebags over her shoulder she was allowed to be alone. Though she was able to hear the guards taking their post outside their door. Most likely not to protect her, she assumed, but to make sure the Sen would cause no carnage or other things within these walls.

She took the time to change and clean herself. After all she was meant to meet a prince and she was no savage, no matter what the rumors said about the Sen. She was even different from her own kin.

Time passed by and she was long done before a guard entered to escort her to the prince. Yet as he opened the door he stopped in his tracks. What he found was clearly not the image he expected to see when meeting a Sen.

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Re: Looking for RP - Offering character and concepts (M or F)
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** Added Vianna **