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June 27, 2022, 06:13:40 am

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Author Topic: Special & Specific || Incest- Older male/younger female || F for M  (Read 838 times)

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#5 - ONE NIGHT AWRY: Wanting More (CRAVED yet very Selective of a Play Partner) - ADDED 06-16-16 @ 4:45pm Eastern Standard Time
*I do not have picture bases selected for this idea yet!
This is an incest, father/daughter or older-brother/younger-sister scenario, non negotible.

The Daughter
  • Age 16-18, still living at home technically, though she may have spent time either away for school or at a juvinile detention facility after her mother died, your preference.
  • She is not close with her father, though she in no way hates or blames him for her mother's death, or the fact he kind of pushed her away afterward so he could deal with his grief.
  • I'm open to negotiation on her size, be she petite or tall, plush or athletic, etc.
  • She's hormonal, and like her mother, very sexual by nature, even when she doesn't mean to be... this will play a part in the seduction of the male character in this SL.
  • Based on your kinks and desires (like clothing options and sexual wants) I will design her personality to subsequently fit as many of those as I can, to which we mutually agree upon!
  • The opening plot is directly sexual and will be the pace-setter for the remainder of the play... which will amount to her seducing her father/brother for more.

The Father/Older Borther
  • FATHER - 38-45 years old, rough around the edges, maybe former military or perhaps a labor intensive job of some kind, up to you!
  • BROTHER - 18-25 years old, takes after his father though may still be in college or following a completely different career path.
  • Both men will have strong/dominant sexual personalities, however may also be very selective of the women they bed.
  • In either case, I would like for the male to have at least once, since her return before the opening scene, caught her maturbating-- be it in the living room when she wasn't expecting him home, or her own room where she didn't even know he saw. Either way, this would be the first real moment the male realizes there's potencial sexual desires brewing for the maturing and sexually interested young woman.
  • I'm okay with step-father or step-brother for this, as much as I am them being blood, also totally up to you!
  • Up to this point, she has not really seen either man naked, though maybe caught glimpses of them half naked, not enough to recognize them in a crowd on their body alone.

  • Both character get an invite to a sex party masked event... The Father from a friend of his who insists he needs a good lay, the daughter from a friend of hers who's been having sex with her father's friend. Neither know the other was invited, or considering to actually go.
  • The attire for this event is a Mask and only a Mask, all clothes must be surrendered at the door.
  • They go and arrive separately, early enough to be involved in the mingling and pairing off-- even though neither really intended to pair off and have sex, they at least wanted to check it out...
  • In checking out the party and walking around with nothing but a mask on, the two catch sight of one another, at first, not realizing they're kin or recognizing who they're looking at-- but being attracted all the same.
  • They may dance around meeting and actually crossing paths for a while, but as the orgi starts and their hormones kick in, they realize that neither one of them have paired off, or stopped looking back to see if the other one had. It's at this point he'd approach her, and also in getting closer, realizes who she is.
  • His first reaction is to grab her and forcefully remove her from the main room, into an empty side room to repremand her for even being there-- nevermind the fact his erection is apparent and only slightly softened by the realization.
  • He doesn't get a word out however, the act of him pulling her into the room arouses her more, and she practically mounts him where he's standing-- pleadingly telling him to fuck her... he can't resist, or perhaps doesn't want to, so he does.
  • In the first few moments of this standing fuck, when he gets to feel what she feels like inside and she gets to feel his arousal fill her in a way no other man has, their excitment gets the best of them and she accidently pulls off his mask. In the split second he realizes she see's him and who it is, he takes a few quick steps and slams her into the wall, thrusting with more purpose, as if to remind her she asked for it-- knowing she's on birth control because he's had to give the okay every time she orders it, he can't resist the urge to fuck her against the wall until they both cum.

Additional Play Notes!
  • I don't normally like to plan out a sequence of events like I have for this one, however they're very important to begining the sexual relationship and tone of the entire RP.
  • If there's anything you'd like to add or change about those sequence of events, let me know! We will play them from arriving at the party!
  • The appeal of the opening scene is being attracted to and wanting to have sex with her kin, and not knowing it until it's too late, then realizing it's strangely the best sex she's ever had, perhaps because it's her kin and even after she saw and looked ready to end it, he kept going with intent to make her enjoy it the way she wanted to before she knew who he was-- or perhaps more so, now that she knew who he was.
  • Likewise, the appeal is that this unexpected tangling (which may not end with the fuck against the wall, we'll let the play go where it may from there) is what puts the notion in her mind, she doesn't need to go to a sex party because the one she wants is the one she's already living/staying with. So, even if they agree after that night, it was a one time thing, and to never speak of it again, she wont be able to help herself from trying to rile him again, into seeding her.
  • Deciding factors for choosing a play partner for this will certainly depend on your natural interest and excitment for the opening scene as it is, as well as what-- if any, additions you may have to the plot as a whole, indicating your desire and excitment with future possibilities (be they ways she can seduce him, or ways he might incidently try to covertly seduce her into acting on wanting him like he knows she does.)
  • You MUST enjoy playing an older male with a younger female!
  • You MUST enjoy playing into the tabboo nature of the pairing-- such as his inner conflict about wanting it, yet knowing it's considered socially bad.
  • You MUST familiarize yourself with my sexual preferences and feel or know we're compatible in those regards (be sure I'll do the same before I even reply to your message!)
  • You MUST be willing and AVAILABLE to play it, even if you can only post once for the next few weeks, I need to know you'll be around to play it, and not let me set it up and then disappear. (Life happens, I wont be mad at you for it, but I will be upset about getting my hopes up.. I've had this plot in mind for a while and am just now deciding to add it as a request, with it's own thread because it's not my normal kind of plot.)