The Story Of A Trophy Wife (F looking for M)

Started by Beorning, June 15, 2016, 04:37:27 PM

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Hello again, E! :) Here's an idea of for story-driven, psychological RP I would like to play in...

Basically, I'd like to play a role of a trophy wife. Meaning, a young and beautiful woman who just got married to a rich (and, possible, older) guy - with her attractiveness being of the main reasons the guy chose her as her bride. And with the guy being at least a little dominating and having a tendency to treat his new wife as a status symbol.

There are a few possibilities for what the relationship between the wife and the husband could be like:

she might be initially naive and really believe her husband loves her as a person, only to learn that he considers her mostly an arm candy,
she might be more pragmatic and see this marriage as a kind of good business deal she could make work, only to find it harder than she expected,
or, maybe, the husband genuinely loves her, but it's the husband's friends and family that treat the wife as merely his newest sex toy?

The thing is, I'd like to explore a kind of lopsided dynamic in a relationship, one where the wife is quite overshadowed by the husband. One where the husband would have a lot of expectations for her: from him wanting her to dress respectably, manage his big mansion etc., up to him literally expecting her not to speak up at the parties, but just to follow him around with a meek smile. As I said, there could be love involved - but even in this version of the scenario, the wife would find herself facing a lot of expectation and old-fashioned duties tied to being her husband's spouse. Or it really could be a case of him treating her as an expensive toy... Or even something in between these two extremes - as in, he might care for her in a somewhat superficial way, but treat her in a subtly sexist manner nevertheless.

In any case, I see it primarily as a psychological story, exploring the complicated life of a young trophy wife. In this story, I'd be playing the wife and I'm looking for someone to play the husband. The actual gender of my partner doesn't matter!

Anyone up for an RP like that? If so, please PM me! :)