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May 24, 2018, 05:32:30 AM

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Author Topic: Good things come in threes: Three ideas of mine  (Read 423 times)

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Offline MrDisclosureTopic starter

Good things come in threes: Three ideas of mine
« on: June 14, 2016, 04:34:52 PM »
For nearly a year, I have almost refrained from roleplaying for a number of reasons, and resorted to some background activity. But I want to get back into it. Also, since two special partners for whom I have reserved ideas have stepped down from playing, those ideas have become free and available. So let's see what I have...

  • Idea No. 1: Shadows of the past

    This is idea has borrowed elements from the Douglas Kennedy novel "The big picture", and a whole lot of psychothrillers popular ever since the 90s. Let me run it to you quickly.

    Matt Archer comes from a good, privileged family, but among them, he is the black sheep - and proud of it. Lacking the responsible and diligent nature that his sister and brothers possess and that his parents would love to see, one of his latest pranks has gotten him exmatriculated from college, and earned him a free ride to his uncle's home for some kind of an internal measure of discipline. Before the bonds that hold him to his family are severed - and with them, access to the privileges that he enjoys - he is given one last chance to learn business the hard way, from the scratch.

    Only there is one hook... his aunt (depending on your preferences, she could be by blood, married into the family or maybe even the second wife of his uncle). When neglect and positive feelings towards Matt's rebellion mix, flames of passion flare (Has she been wild at heart herself once, maybe, and feels reminded of those times?). That the outwardly immaculate marriage thinly veils the autocratic, on the verge of violent regime his uncle reigns at home, makes the liaison even more dangerous than it already is.

    My idea had been the one of Matt and his aunt eloping to a new life together. But then, why, some years down the road, do they feel like they're under someone's eye? Who was at their place, leaving subtle changes?...

  • Idea No. 2: I know you!

    Cory LeBlanc just moved Nashville for his first job. Saturday before his first day, he wants to let loose for the last time in what he suspects is going to be a long time, so he hits one of the local bars, in the search of some fun.

    Which he will get when he meets a group of local women there. A bachelorette party? A group that snuck off from a class reunion? Who cares. They're slightly older than him, but given the place, the spirit and the spirits, neither does he care, nor does one particular woman of the group with whom he gets closer. There's some dancing, there are drinks, and the night ends with a heated one-night stand at Cory's place. In the morning, they split, with the good feeling that each of them had the missing pieces filled in, but without strings attached.

    I see two possible scenarios here. Either the woman is highly ranking at the company that Cory joined, or she is the wife of one of his superiors. Either case, they will meet again. And even though both of them vow not to repeat what happened in one night, the seed for trouble is planted.

  • Idea No. 3:

    I won't give this idea a title. It can be no. 2 in a slightly different scenario. But I myself have been (as my user name here implies) an admirer of the genre of the corporate thriller, a movie and literature genre popular in the 1980s and early 1990s. But I think the backdrop of intrigue, power, high stakes and the backdrop of sordid business practice in high ranks provides a perfect hotbed for steamy sexual affairs and encounters, without making it clear who is the player and who is being played.

    As you see, this is a very general idea that still requires a lot of input from us both to work on. If you like to do so.... let me know.

Same goes for the other ideas on this list. If you have questions, or even better, are outright interested, drop me a line. Reading samples and my ons and offs are in the footer.

Hope to hear from you soon...
~ MrD
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Offline MrDisclosureTopic starter

Re: Good things come in threes: Three ideas of mine
« Reply #1 on: July 17, 2016, 11:08:03 AM »
I'll bump this back up since one attempt to make something from idea no. 3 fell into a hiatus.

Still interested in making something of all three ideas though, and the rules all still apply - check my Little Black Book and my Work thread for samples and insights into my style of playing, and let me know whether an idea rubs you in the right way.

Lovely sundays
~ MrD