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Author Topic: Looking for M/M stories! [CLOSED, FOR NOW]  (Read 546 times)

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Looking for M/M stories! [CLOSED, FOR NOW]
« on: June 11, 2016, 06:38:00 pm »
Wow! I found such lovely partners so fast! <3 Thanks to everyone who PMed me showing interest in these plots. I'm full up on ideas!


I’m looking for fellow storytellers who are interested in penning epic tales together. If you’re someone who loves watching a character develop during a roleplay, sculpting out the world our characters live and breathe in, and that rush of adrenaline that creeps up your spine when you write a fantastic post, I’m your girl. I’m looking for partners that are creative, imaginative, and are excited about taking our characters on amazing adventures.

When it comes to partners, I'm looking for someone who will help me collaborate in a story and someone who loves writing & posting! If you take a peek in my posting history, you'll find my posts range from about 400-800 words. Now, I hate word counts, but I love when a partner is enthusiastic about posting and gives me something juicy to read! <3 Not all posts have to be long, of course - and everyone has their off-days - but overall, I love writing with other people who are crazy about writing!

PM me if you’re interested in writing with me.
Why not take a look at my
Ons & Offs too?



Your character, the Country Boy, has lived in the country his entire life. His best friend, my character, the city boy, left the country after their high school graduation, with big dreams of starting an acting career in New York. The City Boy was always outgoing, spontaneous and charming— you missed him dearly, but thought sure he would make it out there. That is, five years later, he shows up at your character’s doorstep with nothing but a backpack and a bashful, embarrassed expression. ”Do you mind if I crash at your place for a while?”

Things didn’t work out in the city— so he’s just wants to stay until he gets his bearings. At least, that’s what he tells you. What he doesn’t say is how he’s regretted leaving you— and for five years, he’s wondered why he never confessed to you how he felt instead of leaving the one good thing he’s ever had in his life behind. Lots of potential for drama with this one! Looking for a partner that loves a good drama & lots of juicy sexual tension. Would be especially fun if the Country Boy is seeing someone currently, already has a partner, or worse— plans to get married!



Your character, a drop-out college student who can’t afford to move out of this run-down city, where gangs run amok, unchecked by police, knows that he shouldn’t be out late after dark… While heading back to his apartment after dark, a stray bullet nearly grazes his shoulder. Panicked, wondering if today is finally the day he’d be mugged by a gang, your character withdraws his own gun (everyone in this town has a gun) and easily spots the man who shot him from a distance. Before his attacker can take another shot, your character fires— hitting his attacker square in the shoulder.

Done deal, right? But his friends are right around the corner. And the man you just shot and injured? He was shooting at a rival gang member, who escaped because of your antics. The mafioso boss looks you up and down; instead of killing you for daring to shoot one of his guys… He decides to take you in. Put you on the path to being a made man. This is normally reserved for members of his family, but he sees potential in you where no one else has…

You’re a great shot— better than his cousin whose shoulder you popped, anyhow. Granted, most of his gang hates you for shooting a member of their family and replacing him in the gang… This could get messy. But after dropping out of school… this gang’s your only shot at finding a place where you belong.


* Please note that I’ve just written this plot for fun & it does not reflect my actual views of religion!

History is written by the victors; perhaps the Bible is the best example of that. It states that Lucifer— God’s favored angel— was cast out of heaven due to his vanity and greed; but in reality paints a different story. God, who lusted after his most perfect and devoted angel, wished to take Lucifer as his lover, but Lucifer rejected him, knowing that an angel could not stay pure if it grew to love God in an impure way. God, furious at Lucifer’s rejection, banished him from Heaven, and so Lucifer fell, deciding to devote himself to freeing God’s most favored creations, humans, from God’s shackles. He offered humans free will, he has been pitted against God ever since.

God did not lust after another angel again, until he met your character, an angel with as much beauty and devotion to God as Lucifer once displayed. God has become frustrated with his humans, as less and less humans are worshipping him, and has geared his angels to begin God’s coming, his judgement, his destruction. Slowly, signs of the Last Judgement have appeared on Earth: tumultuous storms, earthquakes and tornados are much more common, ravaging the earth. Your angel, pure in spirit, asked God to reconsider, to give the humans another chance— only to be banished to Earth for his transgressions. There, he finds Lucifer, who takes him in and assures him— the humans still have hope. They have us.

The Fallen Angel, Lucifer and the other fallen angels he’s grown to care for and look after, may be mankind’s only hope for a final stand against God.



The task was supposed to be simple… Your character, the son of the president of Charon (a small planet on the outskirts of the galaxy), had been kidnapped. Your father hired an assassin (my character) to exterminate the bounty hunters that had kidnapped his son and return him, immediately. However, what the assassin doesn’t expect is that the president’s son doesn’t want to go back home.

His father, a tyrant— near dictator-esque in his leadership over Charon— has made life a living hell for him and all its inhabitants. But its smaller size has made the Galactic Federation not notice his crimes— and so people suffer in silence. The president’s son wants out of that life.

After a heated debate, the assassin takes in the president’s son, allows him to join his ragtag bunch of assassins, bounty hunters and thieves, but soon, the president catches wind that his son won’t be returning home. Soon, their romp through space becomes a fight against Charon’s heavily armed militia, and a fight for the planet itself.



Your character, a templar, fresh out of the academy left his church on a missionary trip, meaning to act as a guard and escort to his group of priests. However, luck was not on his side. His boat was ravaged by a terrible storm; by luck alone, your character somehow survives the wreck… Granted, no one else does. The entire party he was travelling with has perished. He is saved by a barbarian— from the very clan of barbarians he left his church to preach to— who takes pity on him and take him in.

The barbarian feeds him, clothes him, teaches him how to hunt, fish, and mend clothing— and against the templar’s better judgement, he feels more at home here than he did in the cloister with the priests. He even begins to feel a kinship with the barbarian who saved him— something strong and warm that he’s never felt before.

But when the mainland does not hear back from the priests, they believe that the barbarians attacked the priests’ ship and killed all who were on board. A war breaks out between the mainland and the barbarians, with your templar and my barbarian caught in the middle.



Your character, a vampire hunter, has finally met his match. He’s been captured by a prominent vampire lord, who whisks him away to his castle, meaning to use him as a blood and sex slave. The vampire hunter is confused— why hasn’t he been killed? Until he realizes how intoxicating it is to be be a blood slave…

Slowly, he realizes that with every bite, the vampire lord has been slowly turning the hunter into his puppet. If the hunter goes into withdrawals, he realizes he’d do anything to be bitten again… Even if that means killing his vampire hunter friends. Lots of potential for drama and angst with this one!

PM me your ideas! <3
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