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Author Topic: Let's play Daddy! (No incest)  (Read 1451 times)

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Let's play Daddy! (No incest)
« on: June 11, 2016, 06:09:27 PM »
Hello All!

I was gone for a few months but I'm back now and ready to start up some new plays!

Genres: Modern, Historical, Supernatural, Fantasy, Time Travel, a mixture of varying themes

Pairings: Master/Sub, Dom/Sub, Master/Pet, Pirate/Captive, Enemy/Enemy, Assassin/Target, etc. (Any of the pairings can be mixed.)

SPECIAL: I'm wanting to do a play with a dd/lg theme. I don't have a particular set idea for what the plot would be but we can brainstorm!


An Oracle has Awoken
A newly awoken oracle of fae lineage has been discovered. She is a sweet little thing that is petite and coy in nature. World has spread of the oracle having awoken which puts a target on the young girl as oracles are rare and very much wanted in the world. A protector is given to the young faeling who must care for her every need. The protector is chosen by the oracle through a simple viewing. Many a person will be brought to the place she resides at for her to meet and when they touch an electric soul binding connection will be made as destiny has foreseen it to be. The faeling will behave both as grown and young. The frames of mind will slip in and out at random intervals. So it is up to the protector to keep her safe at all costs.

Taming the Brat
She’s always been childish at heart and quite bratty at that. Always having trouble leading a normal life with having to adult and be responsible all the time she found herself losing jobs more often than not due to her childish antics. One day she comes across an advertisement for a peculiar looking job. It is one as a personal assistant but it says that the PA will be cared for as well. She ends up getting the job quite easily. Things go smoothly until a week in she has her first childish argument with a client. Thinking she’s going to get fired when she’s brought back to her bosses office she finds herself being instructed to come over to him and pulled over his lap with her skirt pulled up, panties pulled down. She gets a bare back spanking. It confuses her at first but she accepts it. As things progress a daddy/little relationship develops between the two and she ends up moving in with him after a month to make the ‘job’ more fulfilling. To be a perfect PA one must be there 24/7 right?

His Everything

She found a seemingly normal job ad online for a personal assistant that would be on 24/7 call. Even to the point where housing would be paid for as well as food and everything else one would need. The jobs starting pay was 50k a year. No experience required. Thinking it was a joke she ignored it but kept going back to it day after day. It stayed there for the longest of times. And soon she was getting desperate for a job herself. Her searches would pull up nothing so she went ahead and applied for the hell of it.  Still thinking it was a joke she was quite surprised when she got a call for an interview that very day. She really shouldn't have gone to the interview. Really she shouldn't have. The situation she got herself in was one that would change her life for good.

Basically the idea for this play is that a young woman answers a rather strange job ad for a 24/7 live in personal assistant job. What she doesn't realize is that she assists in everything. As in she'll be anything and everything her new boss desires. Be that his personal maid, his secretary, his cook, or even a place to rest his feet. Of course an outlet for sexual release as well. The strange thing about it is that she doesn't run away or quit. Nope. She stays because she finds the job to be the most fulfilling one she's ever had. 

Prettiest of Them All
There once was a young girl who was considered the most beautiful of all her kind. Many of the girls were quite jealous of her and the boys would look longingly to her. That made her parents worry for her safety so they kept her away from everyone, sheltering her from anyone that might cause her harm. This caused her to grow up without friends but that was alright. She learned to find companionship in nature much like her ancestors had once done. On the day of her 19th name day her parents allowed her to leave her home for the first time as she was considered an adult by fae standard. So with her newfound freedom she went out to the village for the first time since she was a little girl. People stared at her as if she were a gem to behold but would only do so for a few moments before going back to their business. It wasn't too bad she'd thought.

She bought herself some sweets and a leather bound sketchbook with charcoal for her drawings that day before heading on home. All in all it was a good day. When she got home safe and sound her parents were relieved. Her first outing was a success and she was excited to go on many more. What she didn't know was that she'd caught the eye of a stranger who knew just how much something might get him on the market, whether it be the legal or not-so-legal one.

Deep into the night the stranger entered the home of the little family. The parents were killed in an instant while the sweet darling girl slept, unaware of what had happened. As she always was a deep sleeper she didn't feel herself being lifted up and taken from her home to be sold to the highest bidder. That was the price one had to pay for being the most beautiful fae in the village, what's more she was perhaps much more than just a pretty little fae. There were rumors circulating about the reincarnation of an ancient goddess that happened to be of fae origin who looked exactly like a certain little fae.

His Pretty Little Bitch
For two years she’d been working undercover to try and get herself into the inner circle of the worlds most wanted sex trafficking ring. It was a long time passion of hers to get vengeance for her best friend who had been taken when they went on their senior grad trip to Dubai. Her best friend went missing one night and a year later she was found dead. She found out it was the infamous sex trafficking ring lead by a revered man that went by the alias Adonis. It wasn’t likely he was the one who had a hand in her best friend’s death but he was responsible for the ring existing in the first place, at least that was how she saw it. He inherited it from his father, but that didn’t matter to her. He could snuff it out at any time as he had the power to do so but he didn’t do it.

So a year after discovering her friends fate she went undercover. She mingled and sexed her way into the inner workings of a local ring that was affiliated with Adonis. What she didn’t realize what she was doing was wiggling her way into a one way street of ruining her chances at a good life. She ended up getting caught from asking to many questions which captured Adonis’s curiosity. He had her brought to him and from there he decided to make her his play thing. Whether he’d break her to the point she wanted to die or live to exist just for him it didn’t quite matter, it was all part of the fun for someone in his position.

(I'm thinking for this play that there will be a bunch of different things in it. Some major things being: objectification, humiliation, degradation, public use, petplay, bondage, etc. )


A world where the supernatural (fantasy) reign and the lesser beings are taken and used as slaves/property/etc. In this world there are various clans, towns, cities, countries, territories. Ones that are at war with another, at peace, or even ones unheard of and just recently discovered. Strange things can happen in this world that one wouldn't think possible. Your worst enemy could end up being the one you were meant to be with as the stars decreed or the person you thought was meant to be your bonded one is actually the one destined to kill you. In this world you will find many a creature, many a species/race that one could possibly imagine residing.

Kinks: BDSM, Being dominated, petplay, dd/lg, bondage, spanking, degredation/humiliation, possessiveness, objectification, bathroom control, having to ask permission,  etc.

(Note: I am a submissive)

Maybes: watersports (wetting in particular), non-con, bloodplay, etc.

Offs: Scat, gore, vore, beastiality, snuff, fisting, gaping, words: whore/skank, etc.
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Re: LilJinxxie's Request Thread! Updated!
« Reply #1 on: June 27, 2016, 04:25:00 PM »

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Re: LilJinxxie's Request Thread! Looking for DD/lg theme
« Reply #2 on: July 07, 2016, 12:49:09 AM »
added new plays!

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Re: Let's play Daddy! (No incest)
« Reply #3 on: July 10, 2016, 10:26:46 PM »
added a few new plots!