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Author Topic: Magic Academy of Magnus (3.5 DnD homebrew)  (Read 3456 times)

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Magic Academy of Magnus (3.5 DnD homebrew)
« on: June 10, 2016, 04:19:21 PM »
Long time ago, there was a fierce and relentless war, between humanity and monsters...

It cost much to the humanity, cities burned, people died, kingdoms were shattered and broken....

Humanity was at brink of extinction....until arrival of the magi and their magic upon the battlefields!

Their magic blessed warriors, cured wounds, blasted monsters left and right and protected men in battle!

Many magi died in the war and the already small numbered magi were near extinction! Once much feared and reviled magi were now hailed as heroes of the world, their leader, Magus Reimon Woghaul, suggested means how to ensure bright future for the world and to magi. He build a academy where all those born with the spark, the spark which is needed to wield magic, can come study at academy and grow in skill and power guided by the veterans of the war and interact with other students and form bonds of alliance, love and marriage which further increase number of the magi in the world as children of the magi will always be born with given spark.

Magus Reimon Woghaul build the academy at upon one capitals, which was overrun by monsters, in there he build the Magic Academy of Magnus, place of learning and sanctuary for those born with the spark and ability to become magi and be amongst peers who can both understand and help him grow to become strong magi to serve their homelands. As magi, outside of academy, are still revered and feared because everyone remembers the all devastating power of spells what magi wielded in the war and they desire no renegade magi who will and can abuse such deadly power unchecked in their lands......

Welcome to recruit thread for 3.5 DnD rules using sandbox game which will be based on Magic Academy of Magnus which was founded 50 years ago after a devastating war with monsters which suddenly came through portals (other dimensions) to world which was unprepared to face such massive number of said monsters. World before that was much middle ages expect with spark of magic in form of magi and also usual fantasy races. Besides elves the magi were feared in other cultures, to point it was not uncommon for people exile them or even kill or burn them on stake as magic, as world knew it, was very much feared to point of paranoia.

But then monsters came and some people did blame magi for opening said portals but things changed when magi helped people to survive and battle against the onslaught and seal the gates. it left world still plenty of monsters to hide, breed and continue harass countryside. So amongst few surviving powerful veterans was Magus Reimon Woghaul who proposed that all magi (when discovered) would be sent to Magic Academy of Magnus (and point where powers wake up is at age of 17 minimum or eguivalent of mental maturity for given species). Reason is twofold for countries; first to confine and deliver young magi to place where they cannot cause anyone harm as they learn to control their magic and how wield it. Secondly as student graduates their welcome to join back to their homeland with welcome open arms and are expected to contribute for their homeland immediately on arrival with their arcane skills (as after all home country is one amongst many financing the academy).

For academy they have their own motive as well why they gather students, a one which even dim students soon figure out as they arrive to academy; to make students breed with each other. Overall world there is less than two hundred magi since the war, which for whole world with hundreds of countries is likely one or two magi per given kingdom. Children of two magi will for sure develop a spark, a ability, to wield magic one form or another. The academy staff encourages all ways for students figure things out for themselves, but they also have dozen or more tricks to ensure majority of the female students are pregnant during their first year in the academy (or second or third and so on). Academy graduation varies by given student's career and personal choices but longest what it had taken for student to graduate is ten years. After ten years student is returned to their home country or they join academy staff (as if student does not return to home country and go serve given country as it's magi they are hunted down, imprisoned and then either executed or worse).

So smut expectation for this game is 100%, pregnancy optional for female students (albeit staff does their best ensure pregnancy despite all possible tricks to protect against becoming pregnant or cancel it). Any children born by students will be taken care by nursery which is build into academy and like any parent they have every right to visit, interact and help raising their own child (which they can take with them as they return homeland and then naturally expect their child join academy ranks when their spark awakens at age of 17 or above). So far first generation of magi had been largerly been succesful in breeding and now around this time second generation magi (or first if kingdom had lacked magi before) are about arrive to the academy. Some students had gained some training and education by parents but it's expected students learn the rest at the academy dorms. Also some students may or may not know what's going to happen in academy (some parents had kept breeding a secret or told and been open about it to their children).

Academy does have it's own dark secrets going on but those are only known by me....and the co-GM's. Now, in this game every player has a choice to play two chars, however one char must be student and other a academy staff. Players themselves help to run various NPC's, teachers, professor or staff members (if they want run two chars or run staff member). In char gen I list available positions and demands given for said position to be filled. The co-GM's get to play five magi who are closest to Magus Reimon Woghaul and thus know some (if not all) darker secrets of the academy. Difference between player running a professor and co-GM is very thin, it's just that co-GM focus more on staff and their own academy staff char and help run events or even time skip when needed. Anycase below comes the rules to the game;

Time: Overall idea is that 1 day in academy is fitted to in single month. So there is sense of progression and time happening in the academy.
XP: Students gain XP for three sources; combat, RP and time. Combat is meant to be rarest form of XP gain until later years in student's life as they partake in more dangerous survival lessons or do missions for kingdoms (as part of education program). RP is ofc given by me and co-GM's or for overall activity for given players. Time wise everyone get XP based on overall activity of all students combined in given month.
Pregnancy/Sex: I do have hentai rules in below but if folks do not want 'number crunch' ERP they can do it freeform. Hentai rules could be used to any NC sort scenarios. Pregnancy is decided on fertility value of female char vs fertility value of male char/NPC. In spoiler below is details;
It's a DC 10 fortitude check done by female char to become pregnant. So with no modifiers average chance for female get pregnant is 50%. However during female's period/breeding season (depending on species) they get +25% increased chance to get pregnant, which mostly means DC being 5 than 10 during that given time. Also besides their own fortitude save modifier female char adds bonus to this check from their partner (which is +1 for average, -1 for weak and +2 for strong fertility + Con modifier).

Weak fertility (increase DC to 15 and on period DC 10): Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, Fey related races
Average fertility (DC 10 and on period DC 5): Humans, Halflings, Goliaths, Dragons/Draconic races
High fertility (DC 5 and on period DC 0): Tieflings/Aasimars, Half-Orcs, Catfolk, Azurin/Incarnum races

So let's say there is human female who studied as figther and half-orc sorcerer (both 1st level). Female human has Con 14 and half-orc sorcerer has Con 12. They have sex and then female rolls for pregnancy; female was not in her period so DC is 10. She has +4 fort save, adding +3 from her partner (+2 for high fertility and +1 from Con), so with roll of 3 or more she is pregnant.

With above reasons undead cannot get pregnant nor make anyone pregnant. Same applying to constructs or anything with no Con score.

Alternative ruleset: Hentai Rules
Okay, this covers both consensual and non-consensual sex (can be used instead of just roleplaying the encounters). Also includes seduction rules vs NPC's.


EP: Every char has this value. It functions like HP in sexual situations. You gain EP based on your class HD + Con Mod as usual.

EP Damage: It's based on creature's unarmed strike dice + charisma modifier (than Str mod). So yes, gargantuan dragon can bone you doing 2d6+cha mod damage per round. This damage makes no difference in kissing, making out or penetration or masturbation or massage etc. So yes, monks are master of the sensual arts of sex! as they get highest unarmed strike damage. However magic also can do EP damage so monks are not only choice if want do high EP damage. Anything what can be done with unarmed strike could be creatively applied to EP system (like maneuvers from Tome of Battle or variant touch spells).

DR vs EP Damage: Does not apply.

Telekinesis, black tentacles, ghosts using feats: In spells case you use spell damage to determine EP damage caused and use common sense can spell be used for pleasure at all. EP is separated from HP because EP in nature is not meant to kill you but fuck you. So yes, you can use shocking grasp spell to give nice jolting pleasure surge on someone (but not burning hands unless you use it as form to strip your partner by burning his/her clothes off or do other weird stunt with it). Any spells, spell-alikes or special attack daily uses spend on erotic encounter do not remove them from regular daily use (but count for the day for any erotic purposes).

What happens when reach 0 EP: You get orgasm and you are dazed for 1 round (no save). With consensual partner there is no negative effects expect your always fatigued after the sex (if you got orgasm) equal number of time you were doing it (so 5 rounds = 5 rounds fatigue). Where with NC situations (and monsters in general) you get level drain each time you orgasm. You can however orgasm multiple times in encounter.

What happens if reach 0 in levels in NC sex: You are overcome with pleasure to point you no longer want escape and it leads to Bad Ending. It may not result char getting killed but may be imprisoned for time, get pregnant with monster spawn and they may even escape later date. But until end of adventure (unless rescued) they are out of commission.

Healing magic vs EP: Any curative magic does not recover EP damage nor there is any spells recover EP damage nor level loss caused by NC sex. Nor regeneration nor fast healing applies. As only way to recover from it is through 8 hours of rest (including elves, exception given to ring of sustenance for 2 hour recovery).

Feats/Skills for EP or sex content: You can use GUCK or Book of Erotic Fantasy freely. But if want specific stuff for EP or such, then it needs house ruled and discussed. As note the perform:sex is class skill for everyone and it does not affect anyway EP damage done but it can be used as 'quick and dirty' measure of your consensual sex prowess vs NPC (to get it quickly done with single roll of dice than roleplay it out entirely). Also perform:sex applies when gaining profit as prostitute or similar career/method.


This is separated subject as seduction is not sex but rather promise of sex, art of flirt etc. It can help to get into sexual encounter or simply talk poor commoner to spill his secrets for you. Seduction uses bluff skill and below is how it works in DC basic;

Secret          DC*     Example
Common      10        Password told to the city guard, known by 16 or more people
Uncommon   20        Identity of thieves' guild leader, known by 9 to 16 people
Valuable       30        A merchant ship hauling exotic goods, known by 5 to 8 people
Deadly          40        Plans to invade a foreign land, known by 3 to 4 people
Unutterable  50        The mental disability of a king, known by 3 or less people

*The DC assumes that the nonplayer character is indifferent. The Bluff check is modified by -20 if the NPC is hostile, -10 if the NPC is unfriendly, +5 if the NPC is friendly, and +10 if the NPC is helpful.

A typical seduce to learn secret check takes 1d4+1 hours and requires seduction. If the check succeeded by 10 or more, the attempt takes 1d4+1x10 minutes and only requires flirtation. If the check succeeded by 20 or more, the attempt takes 1d4+1 minutes and merely requires charm. Retries are not possible as the target becomes too suspicious.

Example; Lola the Warlock who is lesser aasimar has Cha 20 and has maxed her bluff in first level and also taken beguiling influence invocation to get +15 modifier on her bluff checks. The party needs find out where village's demonic cultists are so they go use gather information but none the locals are chatty (nonfriendly lot). So Lola instead goes use her charms to seduce local barkeep. Lola needs roll 20 to get any secret out of barkeep, so 5 or more with d20 roll. However demon cults are considered very unfavorable to local pelorite government (considered to be DC 20 to know about them or DC 40 if guy is member of the cult and reveals it to you). So DC is very least 30 to get anything out of barkeep (diplomacy can be used before seduction to ease up the roll).

However she rolls 17, meaning total result 32. So barkeep spills details about some locals who have started act weird and suspecting them to be demonic cultists (no proof but locals stick with their own before outsiders).

If Lola had planned sleep with the barkeep though, the DC to do so depends how much taboo the subject is to the person. DC 10 for most average people, DC 20 for pious/virtuous people, DC 30 for those take oaths to remain virgin and +10 to DC if person is married and by default loyal (or fearing a scandal). Exalted virgin oath feat taken people would be DC 50 always.

Now below comes the generic chargen rules;

Starting level: 4th level (students), 15th level (professors/staff), 18th (for closest friends to Magus Reimon Woghaul)
Races: Any which are +2 or less (not counting templates)
Class(es): Any class which casts arcane spells, you can multiclass to non-arcane classes but you must have more levels in arcane caster class than non-arcane class (wizard 3/rogue 1 is ok, but not wizard 1/rogue 3). Do check the house ruled changes to classes in below spoiler (many major changes). Staff members have more freedom and can be from any class which fill requirements for the task their assigned to.
Stats: One stat 18, one at 8 and rest are 16, 14, 12 and 10.
Starting Wealth: Students (nothing really, just first level gold/gear), 350,000gp (professors), 550,000gp (closest friends to Magus Reimon Woghaul)
Resources allowed: Any 3.5 official publishment and no homebrew stuff from other sites and dragon magazine stuff case by case basis. In short race/complete series, spell/magic item compendium, magic of incarnum, tome of magic, dragon magic are allowed. So is expanded psionic handbook and complete psionics.

Professor positions need to be filled
Staff Positions

Below is rough list needed staff members, some staff members can double in two jobs (example librarian and as teacher) but overall no staff member handles more than two jobs at once. Those who run two jobs get +10% more starting gold (for increased income from doing two jobs). Wardens are simply academy security forces but most security (numbers wise) is done via summons and binded outsiders or constructs. Also if you get idea for staff position which is not covered, I am open for ideas.

Headmaster: Magus Reimon Woghaul, old male human Conjurer 3/Master Specialist 10/Mage of Arcane Order 10/Archmage 2
Magic Teacher of (Spell School) (8 positions open): Teacher needs to have Master Specialist PrC levels, minimum 4. Conjuration is not covered by headmaster.
Exotic Magic Studies (3 positions open): Teacher must have class levels or ability to use incarnum, psionics, truespeak, shadow magic or binder/warlock pact magic.
History Teacher (1 positions open): Teacher must have 12 or more ranks in knowlegde (history) skill.
Craft Teacher (1 positions open): Teacher must have 12 or more ranks in three crafting skills and able craft magical items.
Potion Teacher (1 positions open): Teacher must have 12 or more ranks in craft (alchemy) skill and able brew magical potions.
Linquistic/Scribe Teacher (1 positions open): Teacher must know 8 or more languages, have decipher script 10 or more ranks and able scribe magical scrolls.
Mystical Studies Teacher (1 positions open): Teacher must have 8 or more ranks in knowlegde (arcana), knowlegde (nature), knowlegde (history), profession (astrologer) and spellcraft skills (specialize educate about mystical events/creatures).
Magical Combat Instructor (2 positions open): Teacher must be able to cast 5th level arcane or above combat spells.
Physical Combat Instructor (2 positions open): Teacher must have +6 or higher BAB.
Survivor instructor (1 position open): Must have both survival and knowlegde (nature) skills with 10 or more ranks and have track feat.
Divine Studies (1 position open): Must able cast divine spell of 3th level or higher and have knowlegde (religion) 10 ranks.
Wardens (6 positions open): Must have +5 or higher BAB and also have spot, search, listen, sense motive, gather information and knowlegde (local) 5 ranks.
Warden Captain (1 position open): Same as Wardens but also have diplomacy or intimidate 10 ranks.
Librarian (1 position open): Must have all knowlegde skills with 8 ranks or more.
Student Counselor (1 position open): Must have 8 ranks or more with all social skills and three knowlegde skills + knowlegde local.
Nurses (3 position open): Must have 8 or more at heal skill and able cast 5th level or higher divine curing/recovery spell.

And now below bunch of homebrew rules;

Arcane vs Other Magic

In this world divine magic and arcane magic are viewed differently, arcane magic had always been feared more where as divine magic has viewed more positive light (also divine magic is overall rarer than arcane). Presence of gods is unconfirmed, some believe in them and some don't. There do excist clerics who worship no god but follow ideals. There are various other sources of mystic powers (incarnum, shadow magic, psionics etc), but they are much more rarer. Psionics and magic interact with each other (so dispel magic can dispel psionics and vice versa).

Spells&Magic Changes

Mage’s Disjunction (or Mordenkaine's Disjunction by some) is no longer automatic success on erasing magic but rather treated as dispel magic which has no cap for max caster level check to dispel magic. Any magic item (including soul melds) which fails on will save vs the spell only gets become inactive for 24 hours, on case nat 1 in will save item is permamently lost all magic (soul melds cannot be lost this way). In case of artifacts caster can choose to destroy artifacts, with same risks involved as usual in doing so but to do so they need hold a artifact themselves which they destroy as part of process casting Mage's Disjunction.

Epic Spellcasting (feat/mechanic): Does not excist. You can develop your own spells though.

Developing own spells: To do magical research takes time, experiments and resources. You cannot start with custom spells in the game but can do/start research for spells in the game. Same applies to any custom psionic powers, maneuvers or soul melds. No custom vestiges cannot be created (but can be discovered but those are given exclusively as GM rewards to players). No custom soulmelds either. Every custom/own spell developed needs first GM's approval before process can be even started. Overall spell must fit to spell school it belongs to (example most conjuration spells have no SR checks while necromancy deals with manipulating life and death and have saving throws to resist it's effects). Most often if you make similar spell which already excist but is better than original can get between +1 or +3 higher spell level than original spell.

Once approved cost to develop your own spell is spell level x 10,000gp x 1+per factor in below;

  • Dual spell school (Doom Scarabs example to combine two spell school functions)
  • Has no save
  • Does not check for SR
  • Lacks material component (this counts as three factors)
  • Lacks somatic or verbal component (taking both counts as three factors)
  • Cast in less time than closest similar spell (example creating fireball which is cast in less than standard action)
  • Lasts longer than closest similar spell (true strike lasts more than one attack)
  • Has larger range or area radius than original (fireball spell which does bigger area radius and carries longer distance, taking both counts as three perks taken)

Lastly per day you can progress in spell research is 1,000gp x your inteligence or wisdom modifier (your choice). Spell research takes solid 8 hours per day your time but you can continue research whenever you want to nor tied to finish research immediately. Once researched the spell is yours and yours alone, however deities of magic or such get informed always on discovery of such magic and most likely get to know in detail of the spell as well and deities can teach it to their followers if they so desire. However after every day spend on research you have to roll spellcraft check which DC is value of the total GP cost split by 10000. You can use assistants for research but they must be involved since the start of research to able understand the studies involved (or else it takes number of days equal to progress of the research for them to catch up before they can contribute for the research). Also assistants who carry from start to finish will also master the same spell.

Example Janissa the wizard wants create a much bigger fireball, label it as 'grand fireball'. Her spell will be 5th level spell and otherwise besides range and size it's same as regular fireball spell. So calculating the expenses she uses this formula; 5 (spell level) x 10,000gp x 4 (perks) = 200,000. She has inteligence modifier +5, so she can advance 5,000gp per day and it would take her 40 days complete her research. After every research day she needs to roll a DC 20 spellcraft check to succeed in progress (on failure results entire research failing and half of resources wasted after forty days). Once forty days is full, she has completed her research on the spell and is able to scribe it on her spellbook.

Class (Base/PrC) Changes

Above class does not exist anymore as it's replaced by (or fighter title can be bestowed upon) following classes; Warblade, Paladin, Knight, Ranger and Samurai core classes (and some said classes got heavy overhaul, knight especially is very similar to fighter to point that it can be said to be now fighter+gestalt direct comparison).


Knight class is modified so that instead the canon bonus feats the knight gets, it gets fighter's bonus feat progression instead and also good fortitude save and spot and listen as class skills. Knight also can be called by other names as legionnaire, champion, man-of-arms and so on. But overall knight presents a fighter with honorable combat code, a custom variant can be discussed with GM (including making knight into more mercenary sort deal).

Shield Block class feature changes to called generally as 'Block'. It allows use one-handed or two-handed weapon to help block and parry incoming attacks towards you from single source (shield can be used but not must, you can do so with just longsword).

Also in 5th level knight gets to choose between gaining a mount (like animal companion druid gets but level is -4 in abilities gain wise) or squire/herald (a 4th level NPC class cohort, if get leadership feat the squire gets PC level conversion and also gain +2 to leadership score and yes, cohort is only one level behind the knight this case). In 11th level knight automatically gains Landlord feat (stronghold builder's guide).


Samurai will be similar to knight in that he has code some kind, lawful oriented also. But unlike knight samurai is less 'jack of all trades' combatant (as knight gets lots bonus feats), samurai is more specialized and they get also Ki sort special abilities and so samurai has more mystic martial powers (approaching bit like a monk). Samurai term can be replaced with weaponmaster, kensai, warlord or champion.

Samurai looses following class features; Two Swords as One, Laijutsu Master, Improved Initiative, Improved Two Swords as One, Greater Two Swords as One.

Samurai gains new features and also they get 4 skill points per level instead two. They also get Spot and Listen as class skills.

1st: Daisho Proficiency is translated to 'Exotic Weapon Proficiency'. In short samurai gets to choose proficiency to any single exotic weapon from following list; Katana (bastard sword), Naginata (greatspear), Greatbow, Tetsubo (Warmace) or Double-Bladed Sword (or any double weapon). Choosing their trained proficiency with exotic weapon serves as guideline for later abilities they gain with their chosen weapon. Samurai gains class feature known as Courtly Knowledge, it functions as Bardic Knowledge but it's based not to rumors or legends but on various little facts. It allows samurai use this knowledge to gain information regarding country customs, country geography (important sites only), rulers, about metropolis scale cities, noble families (can substitute a K:nobility&royalty roll albeit less accurate), military history, art and warfare. It also applies identify any legendary warriors/generals.

Also they gain class feature known as Code of Bushido (honor code based on seven virtues), it works same as paladin code of conduct to determine samurai's behavior and breaking the code will cause samurai loose all class features expect related to their weapon mastery, base attack, HD, weapon proficiencies and saves and skill ranks. Code is in below;

Code of Bushido

2th: Samurai gets first Weapon Mastery feature, which is either a feat or ability associated with weapon of their choice what they picked in 1st level. Samurai get in 6th, 10th, 14th and 18th levels additional weapon mastery features. Below is details for 2th level;
-Laijutsu Training (katana): You get Quick Draw feat for free (applies to all weapons) and gain +2 to initiative score.
-Firm Grip (Naginata): You gain weapon focus with Naginata (or any polearm) and get +2 resist disarm and sunder checks.
-Archery Training (greatbow): You get Point Blank Shot feat for free and gain +2 bonus to crit confirmation rolls with archery attacks.
-Crushing Force (tetsubo): You gain power attack feat for free and ignore -2 hardness/DR on any objects/creatures you attempt break.
-Dancing Steel (double-bladed sword): Gain two-weapon fighting and gain +2 shield bonus to AC when doing full attack with chosen double weapon (stacks with any feats which provide shield bonus to AC).

3th: Kiai smite can be applied with any weapon attacks (even with weapons which were not their chosen weapons). Also they gain feature called Zen Focus which allows add charisma modifier to all saves with Kiai Smite. Instead channeling Kiai Smite to fierce attack they can channel it as immediate action to improve their saves until start of their next turn. Also your number of Kiai smites is Cha Mod + 1/3 of your level (can with feat get +2 extra Kiai smites).

4th: Samurai gains class feature known as Unbending Resolve, it allows re-roll any will saves against fear and gives +4 bonus to will saves against fear. However samurai who succumbs to fear effect will loose this class feature and gains -2 penalty to attack, damage and saves until he somehow redeems himself (resisting a fear effect without this class feature always qualifies as form of redemption).

6th: Weapon Mastery;
-Laijutsu Mastery (katana): You gain improved initiative feat.
-Swift Hands (Naginata): You gain combat reflex feat.
-Eagle Eye (greatbow): You gain Far Shot feat.
-Shattering Force (tetsubo): You gain Improved Sunder feat.
-Blur of Steel (double-bladed sword): You gain improved two-weapon fighting feat.

8th: Samurai gains Death before Honor feature, it gives Samurai benefit of Diehard feat and also while acting under 0 HP they do not loose HP doing standard or full round actions. Also they gain unlimited use of Kiai Smite class feature at 20th level while under 0 HP.

10th: Weapon Mastery;
-Laijutsu Strike (katana): You gain sneak attack ability (which value is same as if samurai levels would be rogue levels) only if you perform single standard attack against single flat-footed foe and do it through drawing katana from scabbard as free action. Samurai can qualify for any Ambush or feats which enhance sneak attack.
-Power Thrust (Naginata): When you charge (either mounted or on foot) and hit with charge attack with your polearm, you can perform a free trip attack against opponent and you gain +4 bonus on the contested roll. on failure you do not loose your weapon.
-Zen Shot (greatbow): Instead gaining usual benefits of Kiai Smite, you can instead make Zen Shot which you perform as full round action. The shot targets touch AC of the target and multiplies damage equal to number of potential attack you gave up + 1 (meaning if you got +11 BAB and thus giving up three attacks, your bow damage is multiplied by four).
-Destroying Force (tetsubo): Your attacks ignore now -5 hardness/DR from any objects/creatures.
-Dazzling Display (double-bladed sword): As you perform full attack with double weapon and instead taking normal benefits of Kiai Smite, you gain 50% concealment until start of your next turn. Does not count as cover for hiding.

Also in 10th Samurai gain class feature known as Daimyo; they become influential governors of a large piece of land and followers which are their bannermen and loyal servants. Daimyo answers only either himself or superior sovereign (like shogun, king/queen or other similar figure). Gaining a leadership feat with +5 bonus to leadership score, they gain Landlord feat from stronghold builder's guide and he gains half of his class levels as bonus to diplomacy and intimidate skill rolls.

12th: Chi Shout; Samurai can 1/day generate Heroism (greater) spell (his samurai class levels counting as CL) as a supernatural effect as standard action. He can do the inspiring shout additional times per day at 16th and 20th level.

14th: Weapon Mastery;
-Unseen Strike (katana): Instead normal benefits of Kiai Smite you can make your Laijutsu Strike (gained in 10th level) a extraordinary invisible attack. Target does not need be flat-footed to use this technique and so as attack is invisible, most foes are flat-footed and thus receive sneak attack damage from doing laijutsu strike.
-Dancing Heaven Spear Dance (Naginata): You gain Short Haft feat and also while doing full attack with polearm you get dodge bonus equal to total number of attacks you make in round and you can make a additional attack with -5 penalty but it does 1d8 damage (20/x2 crit) and it's bludgeoning damage with butt end of the spear (but any enchantments in other end of spear applies to other end as well).
-Sharp Shot (greatbow): You gain Improved Point Blank Shot feat for free.
-Singing Thunder Strikes (tetsubo): When your second attack hits with full attack, target must roll fort save DC 10 + Cha mod + dmg done with attack or become fatigued for rest of encounter, if third attack hits (and target is fatigued), it needs roll same save or become exhausted and if fourth attack hits (and target is exhausted) they need roll same save again or become knocked out unconscious. This ability does not work those which cannot become fatigued nor exhausted or are immune to critical hits.
-War Dance of Blades (double-bladed sword): Now while doing full attack you can take 10'ft movement in between each attack. Distance covered cannot be greater than double your movement speed and every attack must strike different target. You provoke the usual AoO from your movement into or out of enemy squares.

16th: Unbending Resolve feature is upgraded into Legendary Resolve. It gives +4 to all saves and allows re-roll saves against fear, enchantment/charm, poison, stun, dazed, paralysis, fatigue, exhaustion and death effects.

18th: Weapon Mastery;
-Void Cut (katana): Instead normal Kiai Smite benefits you can perform Unseen Strike (gained in 14th level) but to any target in close range (like a spell) as supernatural ability.
-Void Wave Technique (Naginata): Instead normal Kiai Smite benefits you can perform double movement action where you charge on every foe in 15'ft wide line path. You perform melee attack against every foe in the line and every foe you strike you can perform overrun attempt (provokes no AoO) and you count charisma modifier times bigger while doing overrun attempts (so +3 modifier means your three times larger). If foes fail resist it, they fall prone on ground and you move over them. You can perform attacks of opportunity on every foe which fall prone before you.
-Void Shot (greatbow): While doing Zen Shot you gain effects of true strike spell and also attack ignores all DR/Hardness and you do maximum possible damage with the bow (including in critical hits if any).
-Void Hammer (tetsubo): Your attacks ignore now all DR/Hardness and instead normal Kiai Smite benefits you can attempt drain 1d4 levels from target (fort save DC 10 + class level + charisma mod negates) with a single attack which does maximum possible damage.
-Dancing Void Mastery (double-bladed sword): You gain greater two-weapon fighting feat and all attack penalties with using TWF line feats is reduced by -3. Also off hand weapon strike uses your full strength modifier instead half of it.

20th: Besides Frightful Presence samurai gains class feature called Shogun. They in essence become a ruling emperors in chosen domain; they gain +10 leadership bonus (does not stack with daimyo bonus) and gains second cohort and can use his full class levels in diplomacy and intimidate rolls.


All sorcerers gets Eschew Material feat for free in 1st level. Every 5 levels you get bonus feat which must be metamagic feat or heritage feat (fiendish, fey, draconic or whatever). Any ACF which replaces familiar can instead remove eschew materials bonus feat (player's choice), and any ACF which occurs in 5th or 10th level could remove the bonus feat gained instead.

Favored Soul
Favored Soul

Some small changes; in first level gain feature called Touched by the Divine, which gives outsider (native) subtype to the favored soul (does not change anything from his/her race but add this subtype as sign being touched by higher powers since birth). In case of aasimars or other outsiders this class feature does not provide further benefit.

In 7th level you get weapon specialization (instead 12th). In 12th level you gain SR 10 + divine spellcaster level against spells/spell-alike abilities cast by foes which have one opposing alignment component against favored soul (you choose one alignment component opposite to yours, in case true neutral favored souls they pick law, chaos, evil or good). In 20th level you get opposite alignment (good vs evil) component added to the DR as well; a lawful evil favored soul gets DR 10/good&silver.


We use Unofficial hexblade fix from official source, also they get Bestow Curse added to spell list to 3th level.

Also Soul Knife no longer exists, all it's class features are merged with Hexblade (and add class skills to hexblade list and gain 4+int mod amount skill points now) and instead being psionic ability to conjure the blade it's now arcane ability. In first level Hexblade chooses form for his Witchblade, form can be any simple or martial melee weapon which he has proficiency for, including exotic weapons (if taken exotic weapon proficiency in first level). Hexblade cannot change his blade form until in 5th level he gains two new forms to add what his weapon can take. Two additional forms are chosen every five levels as hexblade thereafter. Also in 10th level Hexblade can empower different weapon shapes with different enchantments, maximum number of variants is half (rounded down) amount of weapon shapes hexblade possess (so in 10th level he can have two different enchantment setups shared between five weapons, in 15th it becomes 3 setups and so on). Each time hexblade gains +1 enchantment added to witchblade, he chooses three enchants from weapon enchant list what to learn to apply to his witchblades. He cannot choose enchants which he cannot add to his weapon (so when he gets to add +2 enchantments he can choose +1 or +2 enchants but not +3).

Psychic Strike is now called Hex Strike and it removes hexblade's curse off the target when it's used. So thus you need curse target with hexblade curse before you can use Hex Strike against it. Any feats which interact to recharge psychic strike just means it does not 'spend' curse off from the target instead (or recover curse use if recharge occurs in slaying foe with Hex Strike).

Instead Speed of Thought or Wild Talent the hexblade gets in 1st level a [Hex] feat (list in below) and additional ones at 6th, 12th and 18th level. Knife to Soul becomes labeled as Blight upon Body/Soul, meaning hexblade must choose between focusing physical or mental attributes when he converts hex strike damage dice for ability damage. In short meaning in same strike hexblade cannot reduce both Str and Cha, it however can reduce Str in one round and then Cha in next round.

Hex Feats


Paladins get all Marshal class features added to them. Meaning paladins get now 'divine auras' which inspire people around them and get skill focus (diplomacy) in first level and able to either inspire movement or give adrenaline surge.

Dragon Shaman
Dragon Shaman

They get one free proficiency to single martial weapon of their choice in 1st level. Also above articles did not touch dragon shaman even if they did touch other PHB II classes (figures :P). So here in below are the dead levels improvement along with changes;

Touch of Vitality; Comes in 3th level but same formula as usual. In 6th level it starts cure conditions from people.
Natural Armor; Each +1 bonus gives DR 3/magic, at 20th level DR turns to 10/epic. The DR stacks with draconic aura which gives DR x/magic. In 20th level said aura gives DR x/epic instead.
11th level; Gives Commune with Dragon Spirit ability.
14th level; Gives Draconic Wings class feature.
19th level; You gain Dragonshape (lesser) usable 1/day as supernatural ability. All your auras work in dragon form and your large dragon form matches aspect you have chosen since level 1 and breath attack size and damage matches what you got as dragon shaman.
20th level; You gain Aura Mastery, all your auras get improved to more heroic versions (this feature applies only to dragon shaman granted auras than alternative auras chosen from dragon magic);

Energy Shield: Half damage from the shield is now divine energy and thus not affected by resistances.

Power: Gives bonus to melee attack rolls as well.

Presence: You and your companions get frightful presence ability while aura is active.

Resistance: Instead of resistance you grant immunity.

Senses: You and allies get blindsight to 30'ft radius.

Toughness: DR given turns from Magic to Epic.

Vigor: Works to heal up to full health instead to 50%


Spellthief ceases to exist and instead it's class features are added with Ninja class. Sudden Strike progression becomes similar what spellthief had on sneak attack before. Ninja uses wisdom modifier for spellcasting with spellthief spells (or other features) instead intelligence. IC terms ninja calls it's spellthief spells 'jutsus'.


Swashbuckler is no more a class (it merges with monk). Monks gains simple weapon proficiency and then 4 exotic melee weapon proficiencies (and these weapons count as monk weapons for the monk class feature purposes). Monk does not get Improved Flanking, Lucky nor Acrobatic Mastery features. However he gets other features instead.

4th: Ki strike (magic) and later improvements also apply when using monk weapons.

8th: Monk Weapon Mastery; Allows use wisdom bonus besides strength (or int if finessable) for weapon damage rolls with monk weapons and unarmed strikes. In 11th level damage dice grows by one with chosen monk weapons and it grows again in 15th level.

11th: Skill Mastery; Same as rogue talent but uses 1+wis mod formula to pick skills which monk can take 10 with.

Also monk gets bonus feats on 10th and 18th levels as well depending choices they made with earlier bonus feats (or ACF);

If took stunning fist = You get choose between Freezing the Lifeblood or Fists of Iron
If took draconic fist = You get ability to do breath attacks like dragons do! Once every 1d4 rounds you perform your unarmed strike damage amount damage on foes in 30'ft long cone or line (must choose which shape you took when gained the class feature, element damage is same as with draconic fist).
If took improved grapple = You get choose between Clever Wrestling or Close-Quarters Figthing
If took Soulwarp Strike = Your fists count to have ghost touched property and can use 1/5 monk level times per day Chill Touch as extraordinary ability. Save DC is based on wisdom.

18th; You have choice between Whirlwind Attack or Great Cleave feats.


You must choose either fiendish heritage or fey heritage in 1st level when you pick first warlock level. There are no celestial warlocks. Also Practiced Spellcaster applied to Warlock also increases Eldricth Blast damage (as of now it only affects other invocations than EB while by spirit of the feat it should affect EB also). However any other CL increases do not affect EB damage (like ultimate magus or archmage arcane power feature), it only helps EB overcome SR.

Also Hideous Blow is changed into following way;

    Least; 1st; Blast Shape
    As a standard action, you can make a single melee attack. If you hit, the target is affected as if struck by your eldritch blast (including any
    eldritch essence applied to the blast). This damage is in addition to any weapon damage that you deal with your attack, although you need
    not deal damage with this attack to trigger the eldritch blast effect.
    If your base attack bonus is +6 or higher, you can (as part of a full-round action) make as many attacks as your base attack bonus allows.
    Each successful hit affects the target as if struck by your eldritch blast (including and eldritch essence applied to the blast).
    You must select any eldritch essence applied to the blast when you invoke this power. The selected essence applies to all attacks until the
    beginning of your next turn.
    Furthermore, until the start of your next turn, you can make attacks of opportunity that affect targets struck as if hit by your eldritch blast
    (including any eldritch essence applied to the blast).

Design Notes:
I believe this is still weaker than Eldritch Glaive (see WotC's Dragon Magic), as Hideous Blow targets full AC, instead of Touch AC. Also, the Eldritch Blast damage from a successful Hideous Blow is not multiplied as it would be with Eldritch Glaive critical.

Psychic Warrior
Psychic Warrior

Psychic Warrior gets full BAB instead medium, gain spot and listen as class skills and also Divine Mind and Psychic Warrior will be merged together. Psychic Warrior power point and powers known do not change but when they gain access to mantles they can pick powers from mantle lists besides universal psychic warrior list. Any class features from divine mind which asked for charisma instead use wisdom.

Soulborn (Incarnum)
Soulborns are incarnum fueled warriors and albeit their class itself gives them little incarnum but they get plenty of incarnum feats to take and that provides steady additional incarnum points for them and many class features benefit from investing essentia to soulmelds.

The class BAB, skill points, HD and class skills remain same. But now each alignment offers three additional class skills than just one.

Lawful Good: Diplomacy, Sense Motive, Knowledge [Religion]
Chaotic Good: Gather Information, Spot, Knowledge [Local]
Lawful Evil: Intimidate, Listen, Knowledge [Nobility]
Chaotic Evil: Bluff, Disguise, Disable Device

1: Aura, Smite Opposition 1/day
2: Incarnum Defense
3: Bonus Feat
4: Share Incarnum Defense 1/day
5: Smite Opposition 2/day, Bonus Feat
6: Chakra Binds (crown, feet, hands), Soul Warrior
7: Bonus Feat
8: Smiting Flare, Share Incarnum Defense 2/day
9: Bonus Feat
10: Smite Opposition 3/day
11: Bonus Feat
12: Chakra binds (arms, brow, shoulders), Share Incarnum Defense 3/day
13: Bonus Feat
14: Soulburn
15: Smite Opposition 4/day, Bonus Feat
16: Chakra binds (throat, waist), Share Incarnum Defense 4/day
17: Bonus Feat
18: Fury of the Souls 1/day
19: Bonus Feat
20: Smite Opposition 5/day, Timeless Body, Chakra bind (heart), Share Incarnum Defense 5/day

Soulmelds/Essentia: Every odd level (1, 3, 5, etc) Soulborn gets essentia point. Get access to soulmelds in 4th level and additional one every 3th level to max six in 19th level. Soulshaper level is equal to half from soulborn levels.

Aura: Same as before.

Smite Opposition (Su): Same as before.

Incarnum Defense (Su): Each alignment gets two immunities.
Lawful Good: Fear&Blindness
Chaotic Good: Paralysis&Stun
Lawful Evil: Fatigue&Exhaustion
Chaotic Evil: Sickened&Nausea

Bonus Feat: Get bonus incarnum or fighter feat.

Share Incarnum Defense (Su): Once per day (plus extra day every four levels since gaining the feature) soulborn can share incarnum defense with single ally in 10'ft as standard action. Effect lasts 3 + charisma mod rounds. Every essentia invested to soulmeld in crown chakra increases number of allies affected. Binding the soulmeld to the crown chakra increases radius by +10'ft per essentia invested.

Soul Warrior (Ex): Allows qualify for fighter feats as if being fighter of soulborn level -2 (meaning 6th level soulborn counts as 4th level fighter for fighter feats).

Smiting Flare (Su): When you smite suitable foe with a smite opposition, the smite damage spreads from target in 5'ft burst, hitting adjacent foes who fail will save DC 10 + soulborn 1/2 class level + charisma, on success they get half of smite damage. Save DC increases by +1 by every essentia invested to soulmeld bound to hand chakra and every 2 points essentia invested increases burst size by +5'ft. The damage only affects those who can be affected by Smite of Opposition (so soulborn and most his allies are safe from blast).

Soulburn (Su): Once per day + number of essentia invested to soulmeld which is binded to shoulder chakra you can let essentia burn off from your body freely, harming those who strike soulborn in combat. Activating this takes a swift action. Damage is 1d6+meldshaper level against attackers who strike in melee without reach weapons and it's pure incarnum damage (no resistance applies to it). The burning aura lasts 3 + Cha mod rounds. There is additional effect based on alignment of soulborn;

Lawful Good: Gain sacred bonus to armor class equal to 2 + essentia invested to soulmeld binded to shoulder chakra.
Chaotic Good: During duration of aura gain movement speed bonus equal 5xessentia invested to soulmeld binded to shoulder chakra.
Lawful Evil: Heal equal to essentia invested to soulmeld binded to shoulder chakra whenever aura damages foes.
Chaotic Evil: Whenever aura harms foes, gain temporal essentia equal to essentia invested to soulmeld binded to shoulder chakra. The temporal essentia lasts duration of the aura.

Fury of the Souls (Su): Once per day can unleash wrath of the souls upon foes! The damage is equal to Cha mod x essentia invested to heart soulmeld (reflex save for half, DC is 10 + soulborn 1/2 class level + charisma). If the soulmeld is binded to heart chakra, then attack gains a additional effect which lasts 1 round + essentia invested to heart soulmeld. The form and effect is based on alignment of soulborn;

Lawful Good: 30'ft radius blast centered on self/blindness
Chaotic Good: 60'ft cone/paralysis
Lawful Evil: 90'ft line which is 5'ft wide/exhaustion
Chaotic Evil: essentia (min 1) number of 5'ft radius blasts to 120'ft/nauseating

Timeless Body: Cease aging and remove aging penalties. However will die on old age when time is up.

The basic difficulty of true speech check vs creatures is 10 + creature's CR + 2 every subtype it has. Example succubus would have true speech difficulty 25 (10 + 7 CR + 2 from four subtypes; chaotic, demon, extraplanar and evil).

Creatures use spell-resistance and saves against true speech spells and utterances as normal. However those do not apply (nor any defensive spells or wards) if you use personal true name of a creature. To know creature's true name is doubled (CR + subtypes x 2) of normal true speech difficulty (so above succubus would be difficulty 40 to use true speech utter her true name).

The difficulty figure out anyone's true name (you need always research it) through research is 10 + difficulty to true speech check to utter it (above succubus has DC 50 research it). Not to mention must able use proper sources for said research to be even possible (decided by GM).

Those with Obscure Personal True Name feat are 50% harder to research (but no harder to utter with true speech). Succubus on above would have difficulty 75 on research her true personal name if she would have Obscure Personal True Name feat.

Other things like Law of Resistance and Sequence still applies, but truenamer gets some class features which help him overcome partly some these factors.

1: Known personal true name, Utterance specialization
2: Knowledge Focus
4: Utterance specialization
5: Speaking unto the masses (+5)
6: Bonus Recitation Feat
7: Knowledge Focus
8: See the named, Utterance specialization
9: Truename Research
10: Knowledge Focus, Speaking unto the masses (+4)
11: Trained Chanting
12: Bonus Recitation Feat, Utterance specialization
13: Sending
14: Knowledge Focus
15: Speaking unto the masses (+3)
16: Utterance specialization
17: I tell you where we are
18: Bonus Recitation Feat
19: My words echo across cosmos
20: Say my name and I am there, Speaking unto the masses (+2), Utterance specialization

Known personal true name: Same as before

Utterance specialization: You name single subtype (like evil, good, giant etc), you no longer add that subtype to difficulty to true speech checks whether speaking creature's true name or someone's personal true name.

Example you try true speech check against drow warrior who is CR 4. His base creature true name is difficulty 16 (22 for personal true name). However if you have picked Elf as utterance specialization, the difficulty is 14 (18 for a personal true name).

Truenamer gets total six specializations over course 20 levels. They all can stack against single target if single target has all of them.

Knowledge Focus: Same as before.

Speaking unto the masses: This allows perform true speech check against multiple targets. Every target must be same kind (humanoid, dragon, animal) and you start from the one who has highest true speech difficulty. You add +5 to next target which you try affect with true speech and add another +5 to third. Stacking the difficulty increase (so the third target true speech is +10 more difficult to utter thanks earlier utterings). At higher levels as truenamer the difficulty goes down.

Bonus recitation feat: Same as before.

See the named: Same as before, however there is no limit per day how often it can be used. Only law of resistance applies when applying effect on same target.

Truename Research: Same as before.

Trained chanting: You reduce penalty of Law of Resistance by half, so it increases true speech difficulty by +1 than +2 applying true speech against the target after the first.

Sending: Same as before expect no daily limit. Law of resistance applies if multiple times on same target.

I tell you where we are: Allows perform true speech check to alter where you are located. It mimics use of dimension door, teleport, teleport without error and plane shift. You must utter personal true names of every individual affected by this (using Speaking unto the masses), the added difficulty to speak the names depends what you try accomplish;

Dimension Door; +5
Teleport; +10
Teleport without error; +15
Plane shift; +25

Example; you try transport yourself and two friends with teleport. Your own personal true name is 44 difficulty to utter (and you get +4 to utter it thanks knowing it). One your friends is CR 15 (but has elf subtype and haven't specialized on it) and other is CR 10 (dwarf and have specialized on it).

So you face difficulties 44, 44 and 30, teleport adds +10 to each for 54, 54 and 40. You utter firstly your elf friend (normal difficulty), then yourself (+3 added so 57) and then include the dwarf friend (difficulty 43).

There is no daily limit but law of resistance applies to it.

My words echo across cosmos: This point your words echo louder across cosmos and allows repounce from cosmos back to you more easily reuse. You ignore entirely Law of Sequence, so you can use multiple utterances on multiple people same time, however after first use it applies law of resistance on next target even if target has not been targeted before by the utterance in same day.

Prestige Class Changes:

Glorious Servitor
Every odd level you gain spellcasting progression (if any) or progression to aura abilities provided by paladin class (not both if enter class as paladin). In 7th level your natural physical form changes permanently into hybrid between humanoid form and the animal tied to your deity (which you could polymorph into since 1st level). You gain native outsider subtype as well but in this hybrid form you enjoy all bonuses what you enjoyed in your animal form. You do not loose any racial abilities what you had as humanoid but you gain all natural attacks of the animal form available in hybrid form as well (albeit dmg is based on your size than size of animal form).

Mystic Theurge
No change in requirements but now mystic theurge has following class features;

1: Divine Familiar, Holy Texts
2: Spell Secret
3: Spell Power+1
4: Spell Secret, Dual Spell 1/day
5: Power Conversion
6: Spell Secret, Spell Power+2
7: Dual Spell 2/day
8: Spell Secret
9: Spell Power+3
10: Spell Secret, Dual Spell 3/day, Magic Mastery

Dual Progression: Both arcane and divine classes spellcasting progresses as if taken level in both classes. You do not gain any further class features from neither classes through this progression nor class feature progression unless otherwise noted.

Divine Familiar: Your familiar (if any) gains for free celestial or fiendish template depending alignment of your revered deity. If revering philosophy or being neutral deity, you get to pick which template familiar gets. Also levels in PrC count for familiar progression but this feature does not grant familiar if you do not have it already (and does not apply if gain one later through another class or PrC).

Holy Texts: Your levels in PrC count for rebuke/turn undead as if taken approriate levels as a cleric. However this class feature does not give rebuke/turn undead unless you already have one.

Spell Secret: At 2th level and every even level after that you get to add divine spells to arcane lists or arcane spells to your divine spellcasting list. Limit is however spells which are 1/2 of your level in the PrC, this case first time this feature appears you get to add spell to 1st level list. In case of spontaneous spellcasters you get add extra spell known to said indicated level.

Spell Power: In third level your caster level in both divine and arcane spells increase by +1. It only applies to spell effects, spell penetration or caster level checks. This does not add actual spellcasting level otherwise. In 6th and 9th levels bonus increases by additional +1.

Dual Spell: At 4th level you learn able cast a combined divine and arcane spell which you morph together into single spell. You get Twin Spell metamagic feat applied freely to any spells once per day which levels do not go above your 1/2 mystic theurge levels (at 4th level means you can cast 2th level or lower spells combined this way). Also you must use a arcane and a divine spell in the combination, spells which you added to other spell list either as arcane or divine count as part of the list which they were adopted in (example mystic theurge sorcerer with cleric levels added lesser orb of acid as 1st level cleric spell and then uses ray of enfeeblement and lesser orb of acid together with Dual Spell because lesser orb of acid is divine spell for him). You get additional uses of dual spells at 7th and 10th level.

Power Conversion: You can spontaneously sacrifice arcane or divine spell slots to cast spells from either spell list so long they are prepared or known spells (depending do you prepare or just know your spells). Or use other spontaneous casting features (like sorcerer/cleric/mystic theurge use arcane spell slot from sorcerer side to spontaneously cast cure or inflict spells).

Magic Mastery: Once mystic theurge reaches 10th level he reaches pinnacle in understanding of both arcane and divine magic. He no longer has two sepparated caster levels for the divine and arcane; but single caster level. He uses highest of the two caster level he has either on arcane or divine side as a base and then adds spell power atop that. In future any levels of any PrC which progresses either arcane or divine spellcasting progresses this combined caster level which applies both arcane and divine spells. Also Mystic Theurge can take 10 to any caster level checks (mimic arcane mastery feat).

Arcane Archer
We use pathfinder version of the class, minus the skills which will be converted backwards to 3.5 edition and class provides good Fort and Ref save progression. As usual it's elf or half-elf only PrC.

Mind bender+Insidious Corruptor
Mindbender no longer exists, but instead Insidious Corruptor is free to all races (not just drow) and has some changes; requirements the Insidious Corruptor must either know or eventually able eventually cast both Charm Monster and Dominate Person with his chosen spellcasting class. In 1st level claw of influence is 100'ft long radius. Also Insidious Corruptor gets Telepathy to 100'ft (like Mindbender did) in 1st level. Also in level 4 Insidious Corruptor can make duration of charm person/monster into permanent. Only single such individual can be controlled that way, Insidious Corruptor gets additional perma charmed person in 6th, 8th and 10th level (for max 4 individuals under permanent charm person/monster). Also in 10th level Insidious Corruptor can turn any single target under Dominate Person to have permanent duration. Insidious Corruptor can have only single such entity under his/her control.

Every odd level you get progression in spellcasting progression (if any) and also since 1st level in PrC you stack bard and warchanter levels for inspire courage bonus calculation (but no other bardic music abilities if any).

[spoiler=Mage of the Arcane
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And as this did not fit in above post, here is some other stuff added in;

Custom templates/Races
Divine Genius (+1 template)
Size and Type: Creature's type and size does not change.
HD: Creature keeps his HD and it's amount.
Speed: Creature keeps it's base speed.
Armor Class: Creature keeps his AC as it is.
Attack: Creature attacks nor their values change.
Special Attack(s): Creature does not gain any special attacks.
Special Qualities: Creature does not gain any special qualities.
Abilities: Creature does not gain any stat changes.
Skills: Single skill gains +100 competence bonus, but all rest skills gain -2 penalty.
Saves: Creature's saves do not change.
Feats: Divine genius gains skill focus to single skill (same as chosen in skill section) and bonus from feat stacks with the competence bonus provided (giving total +103 to the skill)
Challenge Rating: +1
Level Adjustment: +1

Some people are born who are called 'geniuses'. Being a genius they get unsurpassed skill and mastery over a single skill which makes them in said generation a forerunner in the given field. Overall only handful of divine geniuses excists in given time per human generation and none possess the same excelence as skill as they do. Some geniuses never get fame in their lives at all, some gain after death and some gain fame during their lives if their lucky (or unlucky depending on circumstances). Exact reason how someone is born as divine genius is unknown but it's commonly agreed it's considered as divine gift from god or other but so far it has remained unproven theory.

High elves (+2 LA Race)
High elves are result of both centuries of careful breeding with feys and magical creatures and also naturally tapping and imbued by local magic in high magic landscape. The high elves are naturally arrogant, prideful and full of themselves but for good reason; they embrace and have perfected their elven traits to extreme potential. While still maintain their more mundane elven roots and not become something of non-elf. They can be extremely dedicated to good or evil, depending how they view their position and role in the world and how they grow and develop treat other races. A high elf may be friendly to even non-high elves but it would be extremely rare for show such kindness to a non-elf or a half-elf.

In mechanics wise they are counterpart to drows and have +2 LA present their various traits which are above normal elf statistics. To most high elf nobles any non-high elf should be considered as commoner, despite what their status normally would be and only sheer politeness they respect other elf nation queens and kings or other high ranked ambassadors (as reputation being rude hosts is more intolerable to high elf noble than company of non-high elves in important noble gatherings).

High elf racials
  • +2 Dexterity, –2 Constitution, +2 Intelligence, +2 Wisdom
  • Medium size
  • High elf base landspeed is 30'ft.
  • Immunity to sleep spells and effects and any dazzling or blindness caused by spells from light school and a +2 racial saving throw bonus against enchantment spells or effects
  • Low-Light Vision.
  • Spell-Like Abilities: High elf can use the following spell-like abilities once per day: Dawnburst, Prestidigitation and Hypnotic Pattern. Caster level equals the High elf’s class levels.
  • Weapon Proficiency: A High elf is automatically proficient with the longsword, the rapier, and the longbow.
  • Spell resistance equal to 11 + class levels.
  • +2 racial bonus on Listen, Search, and Spot checks. A High elf who merely passes within 5 feet of a secret or concealed door is entitled to a Search check to notice it as if she were actively looking for it.
  • Automatic Languages: Common, Elven. Bonus Languages: Auran, Celestial, Sylvan, Draconic, Gnome, Halfling, Goblins, Orc
  • Favored Class: Wizard.
  • Level adjustment +2.

Lustbound (-2 or +2 template)
Size and Type: Creature's type and size does not change.
HD: Creature keeps his HD and it's amount.
Speed: Creature keeps it's base speed.
Armor Class: Creature keeps his AC as it is. Because of intense arousal they are considered always flat-footed (unless have uncanny dodge).
Attack: Creature is is incapable attacking their master but can attack others on command (with varied success). They receive -10 penalty to all attack and damage rolls because of consistent intense arousal in their bodies.
Special Attack(s): Creature keeps their special attacks if any, but cannot use any of them against their master.
Special Qualities: Creature keeps their special qualities if any, but cannot use any of them against their master. They also gain new special qualities; Emphatic Link (master/mistress), Lust Bond (master/mistress).
Abilities: Creature's intelligence and wisdom drops to 3, but all remaining stats are unaffected.
Skills: Intense arousal gives creature -8 to all skill checks.
Saves: Intense arousal gives creature -5 penalty to all saves.
Feats: Creature keeps any feats they got, but any feats which asks high intelligence and wisdom cease to function.
Challenge Rating: -3 (or +1, see below)
Level Adjustment: -2 (or +2, see below)

You see before a beautiful female, she's naked and wearing torn clothing but she seems not mind her modesty at all. She shambles before you with shaky steps and asks; "Are you my new master? You slew my earlier one....I do not mind....can you give me your cock....pretty please....master?"

Lustbound creature is template which can be applied to any intelligent living being (meaning 3 or above intelligence and wisdom) which is not mindless. Such creature is either created (specific breeding experiments) or made. This template can be both granted or be inherited; any children birthed by mother who has this template inherit the template which becomes active when person reaches a sexual maturity of the species where child belongs to. Inheriting mother's emphatic link and lust bond targets if person is present when template becomes active.

Lustbound creature originally resulted in a woman defiled thoroughly and repeated in cursed area where their own lust became a curse which manifested and took life of it's own and twisted woman's emotional bond towards the one who defiled her. It varies in tales what the entity was, in others it was outsider, in some undead, some cases mortal thugs who did woman in cursed temple and in others worser beings.

Either case across aeons various beings who are able to curse others, have discovered means to reproduce the effect of the original legend. Woman needs repeatedly forced into orgasm (and push her limits and comfort zone more and more wider every time) and reach a state where their mind completely and permanently breaks (level/hd x wisdom modifier orgasms non-stop, only 1 hour rest between sessions whenever victim passes out). Restoration can restore a broken victims mental facility and so can heal spell this point.

However when you apply bestow curse (or greater hexblade curse or dire hexblade curse), the victim's condition becomes more permanent and harder to remove and also grant some minor additional abilities....a bond with the one who defiled them and make them devotionally loyal. They are in constant state of arousal and always willing and their intense aroused state makes lustbound weaker than regular members of their species and far less intelligent....single minded even with their behavior. If lustbound creature dies and is later raised from the dead, they retain their template but if absent without master or mistress (said person died and they died because of that), they immediately go bond with someone else.

Only way to remove the curse is to firstly slay the master/mistress of lustbound creature, then if lustbound creature survives then they are targeted by remove curse (which needs beat CL check DC 20 + HD of master/mistress) and then apply restoration or heal spell to restore sanity back to lustbound creature.

Emphatic Link (master/mistress) (Su): Lustbound creature has emphatic link with the individual which towards they have Lust Bond. It allows them know what their master (or mistress) is feeling and gives them Status effect on their master. Know by instinct their desires and needs even before master can utter them or perfectly read his mood (Lustbound creature automatically succeed in any sense motive checks vs their master to read mood and intentions and do always maximum possible EP damage to them with their actions against master). The link functions up to 1 mile, beyond that Lustbound creature can only sense is master same plane or not.

Lust Bond (master/mistress) (Su): As is with nature how Lustbound creatures are born or made, they likely have target for person who gets their bond. But in cases where lustbound creature is born but mother and her master or mistress perishes, then lustbound creature template activates instant they have sex with someone and they bond immediately with the person who slept with them. Also if you slay Lustbound creature's master or mistress, the Lustbound creature rolls a fortitude save (DC 10 + master/mistress cha mod), if they fail they die in sorrow in loss of their master/mistress instantly. But if they succeed, they are driven to seek a new master or mistress and they almost in compulsion manner offer themselves to anyone they meet and can be even dangerously aggressive if they go long without master or mistress. However if completely unable to finding anyone in two weeks who would take them as new slave/fuck toy/concubine, the lustbound creature lays down and falls into deep sleep and dies out of depression.

Lust bond also provides lustbound creature a perfect mental defense against any mind-affecting abilities which origin is not their master/mistress (specific mind blank). Also they cannot refuse any orders given by their master or mistress, even suicidal ones.

(Superior) Lustbound creature; There is rare version of lustbound creature which cannot be made nor cannot be born into. It's entirely varied how these beings come to be. Some were formerly powerful creatures (HD 9 or less cannot become one as a rule) before becoming lustbound creatures. Some later on see their master or mistress in danger and they feel strong need compelling them to leap and protect them all their might! Some say element of 'true love' is key invoking this version also; as lustbound creature who falls truly in love with their defiler (or new master who freed her from crueler master) they evolve into devotee of pure love and affection than just lust. This lustbound creature is +2 LA and +1 CR creature compared to regular lustbound creature being -2 LA and -3 CR. The changes are;

AC: No longer flat-footed by default.
Attack: Creature is is incapable attacking their master but can attack others on command. They have no penalties to these attacks but if their master/mistress is threatened by target they attack, they get +4 moral bonus to attack and damage rolls.
Special Attack(s): Creature keeps their special attacks if any, but cannot use any of them against their master. They also get Smite cha mod/day, smite applies against any foe who had hurt their master/mistress (this smite can apply to any attack; melee, ranged or a damage spell).
Special Qualities: Creature keeps their special qualities if any, but cannot use any of them against their master. They also gain new special qualities; Emphatic Link (master/mistress), Lust Bond (master/mistress), Eternal Affection, Masochism
Abilities: Creature has -4 to intelligence and wisdom, +4 to charisma.
Skills: Intense arousal gives creature -4 to all skill checks. However if master/mistress is threatened, they negate penalty and instead get +5 moral bonus to all skill checks.
Saves: Intense arousal gives creature -2 penalty to all saves. However if master/mistress is threatened, they negate penalty and instead get +4 moral bonus to all saves.
Feats: Creature keeps any feats they got, but any feats which they no longer qualify with lowered intelligence or wisdom they cannot use.

Eternal Affection (Ex); Lustbound creature who looses their master or mistress cannot pick new master or mistress unless it was final wish by master or mistress to be reassigned (told in person by their master/mistress). This renders lustbound creature no longer be curable condition expect my wish or miracle casted first and then follow usual procedures. Which no (superior) lustbound creature is never willing to undergo, even by master or mistress order!

Masochism (Ex); The lustful nature of (superior) lustbound creature deepens; now they taking only half damage from all sources (half dmg is converted directly to 2x EP dmg, even in combat or dangerous hazards and thus superior lustbound creature enter dazed state automatically at 50% HP and at 0 HP). Also every 10pts of dmg (before halving) is converted to +1 untyped bonus to attack rolls, skills, saves and AC which lasts 1 round (bonus can be max half of creature's HD).

Ashnir ("Loved by Arcane" in elven, +3 template)
Size and Type: Creature's type and size does not change.
HD: Creature keeps his HD and it's amount.
Speed: Creature keeps it's base speed.
Armor Class: Creature keeps his AC as it is.
Attack: Creature attacks nor their values change.
Special Attack(s): Ashnir gains a spell-alike ability for every spell level they have acquired as a caster. They sacrifice a spell slot and spell known (in case of wizards they cannot memorize spell transformed this way) from every level and they gain given spell as spell-alike ability which they can use once per day which caster level is equal to their arcane spellcaster level+20. In first time when they cast a spell (or use invocation as warlock) they gain arcane mark as at-will spell-alike ability and manifest their own unique arcane mark brand which cannot be forged by anyone as said brand is literally tied to user's own life force, soul and blood. If ashnir is a warlock instead they turn single invocation per tier into a supernatural ability (it cannot be eldritch blast nor any shape or essence invocations).
Special Qualities: Magic is Life, Arcane Prodigy, Extended Lifespan, Arcane Resistance 5+caster level.
Abilities: Ashnir gains +2 to charisma modifier.
Skills: Ashnir gains +2 insight bonus to knowlegde (arcana) checks, spellcraft and use magic devices.
Saves: Ashnir does not gain additional modifiers to saves.
Feats: Ashnir does not gain extra feats.
Challenge Rating: +1 (1-5 HD), +2 (6-10 HD), +3 (11-20 HD)
Level Adjustment: +3

The man before you has glowing green eyes, runes glowing in his body same color and as your close to him you can feel power pulsing and throbbing around him. He sees your nervous gulp and he smiles and speaks with voice which echoes ephermally around you; "What I know about magic? Magic is just what I am, so thus to know magic I would need speak who and what I am...."

Creatures touched by ashnir template have innate born gift for arcane magic, it's inherited template which is always passed on to children where one parents possess this template and other is a sorcerer, warlock or hexblade. There is 50% chance to pass it if other parent is other sort arcane caster (wizard, wu jen), and finally 25% if other parent has no arcane spellcasting ability whatsoever. Besides inheritance demands, any creature capable using arcane magic innately can possess the template (dragons, sphinx, elves, humans, anything capable of entering sorcerer, warlock, wizard or hexblade classes can qualify). Before creature possess any spellcasting ability, they at appearance wise do not look different. But once they become casters or wielders of arcane power, they start manifest various subtle signs of supernatural origin which go more and more extreme as their arcane power grows in them. They gain following special qualities;

Magic is Life; Ashnir can sacrifice their own life force to use magic than just spell slots. They can sacrifice HP equal to 2xspell level to use a spell. However they can use any metamagic feat they know without increasing spell level by gaining temporal constitution damage equal to spell slot increase of metamagic feat. Example when ashnir casts fireball (which is 5th level thanks arcane prodigy) without using spell slot, it costs 6 HP for ashnir to do so. If said ashnir wants quicken said fireball (+4 spell slot increase), then he also takes 4 temporal constitution damage. Using either option fatiques ashnir and using both same time or either feature twice in row makes ashnir exhausted and if using either option while exhausted ashnir needs to roll (after casting a spell) a fortitude save DC 10 + spell level or else fall into coma for days equal to spell level cast (and if ashnir rolls nat 1 for this save, they die).

Arcane Prodigy; Ashnir gains +2 to caster level atop any other caster level gains and also spells they cast are always treated to be +2 more higher level (so a first level ashnir sorcerer who casts magic missile is treated to be 3th level spell and be CL 3 and thus fire two missiles). For any benefits of items or class features (like class feature which says 'can only used on 5th level spells), allows use those with +2 more higher levels to use them (so example pair of bracers which empower spells which are 3th level or lower, can empower ashnir fireball which is 5th level effectively but still is 3th level spell to qualify to be used for said magic bracers).

Extended Lifespan; Thanks deep connection to arcane, ashnirs can live three times longer than regular members of their species naturally. Because of this whenever they are studied with detect magic or other magic detecting sense, they register as 20th level spellcaster. Any caster levels in actual spellcasting class (or having HD based caster level) adds to this value.

Arcane Resistance; Arcane Resistance functions same as spell-resistance but only to arcane magic. It's based on 5 + caster level of ashnir. If ashnir resists spell with Arcane Resistance, it provides nutrion/sustenance to them equal number of days what was resisted spell level.

Lifecraver (+4 template)
HD: Unchanged
Speed: Unchanged
Armor Class: Unchanged
Attack: Unchanged
Special Attack(s): Seductive Gaze
Special Qualities: Lifethirst, Stolen Life, Visage of Life
Abilities: +4 Charisma
Skills: Unchanged
Saves: Unchanged
Feats: Persuasive
Challenge Rating: +2
Level Adjustment: +4

There is a handsome young man, he is able charm any woman he likes with just words and gestures alone and they eagerly follow him around. Yet to those who are not drawn to him feel a sinister feeling about him and there is those missing women in the town recently. Not to mention there is certain predatory hunger in man's eyes as he looks upon the women.....

Many spellcasters experimented in creation of greater lustbound creatures (see above template), in some cases their test subjects (or victims) died on during sex while cursed to become lustbound creatures once reaching the needed stage. The most casters disposed bodies with magic but some were mourning for going too far and so buried their victims on cementry. In one such case, vampiress lady Valeera Nightscarlet was first lifecraver ever recorded. She arised from her grave and while mourning for his dead lover the archmage Vargas fell as her first victim which she ravaged dry on bed with untold sinful pleasures.

Lustbound creatures are living creatures which crave company of their master, lifecraver craves life but most of all; crave it through taken it with sex as form of addiction. They are unbound to no master besides themselves and their addiction, their curse, gives them additional powers and abilities for this purpose. Lifecraver can be applied to any corporeal or incorporeal undead, however it must be done in specific fashion; a person must die while under a curse which would able turn them lustbound creature (check in above) and death must occur before change has occured (a lustbound creature who dies does not become lifecraver, even if animated). Once dead a somekind animation must occur whitting 24 hours (you cannot create lifecraver from centuries old corpse even if they would otherwise qualify). Lifecraver has following special attack and qualities;

Seductive Gaze (Sp); Undead gains a charm person as at-will spell-alike ability which save DC is 11 + Cha mod.

Lifethirst (Ex); It must be remembered that lifecraver is a undead addict, they crave for carnal pleasure equal measure besides their normal cravings. Often than not satisfy their normal cravings through sex. Vampire example could drink blood from any victim but they have high preferance to do so during act of copulation than any other circumstance. If undead is a type which does not have ability to do level drain, ability drain or other method to kill victims besides violence, they will then use spells or physical means to kill their victims to ravage them.

However lifecraver does not need always ravage their victims; upon waking as lifecraving undead they always ravage their first victim (a form of curse) and usual first victim is someone which they do care about (and can crave sexually or does so already). But after the first thrill they can satisfy their craving in less lethal manner. Overall they need sexual partners equal to 1/3 of their HD per day (which they need apply their normal undead craving once per victim if any) and if they go three days without sex they need ravage someone. If they go past three days, they start suffer -2 to all d20 rolls and it stacks up per day (as form of distracting arousal). After week from reaching first -2 penalty they suffer insanity effect (which bypass any immunity) which is permament until they ravage someone (and they likely will this point and this point they would ravage even people, races or genders which are not their normal preferance list or target their allies).

Stolen Life (Su); When lifecraver ravages someone (killing someone during sex) and do so through either their natural undead special attack which drains levels, ability scores, HP etc (or uses a spell if they lack natural undead special attack), they steal life vigor from their victim which empowers them. It gives them +1 profane bonus to all d20 rolls (and CL if any and to all special attacks save DC's) which last hours x HD of the victim and this bonus can stack up to 1/5 HD of the undead (min 1). Also potential years which victim could had lived is added to undead to measure do they qualify for evolved undead template (they can gain such template for free only through first century, after that need wait a actual century before they can speed gap their third century).

Visage of Life (Su); As lifecraver ravages someone (see Stolen Life special quality), they gain effect similar to disguise self expect it's not illusion but more transmutation effect which restores them look back what they appeared as alive (disguise roll needed to see how well their undead nature is hidden). In addittion they loose temporally their undead subtype during the duration (so they cannot be turned nor rebuked but retain any stat bonuses or special attacks or qualities unrelated to the undead subtype, also spells or class features which target/registers undead do not apply to them and they regain use of Con stat even). This effect lasts 1 hour x HD of ravaged victim. Incorporeal undead remain in incorporeal state.
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Re: Magic Academy of Magnus (3.5 DnD homebrew)
« Reply #2 on: June 11, 2016, 03:27:55 AM »
*pokes for folks interest or comments*

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Re: Magic Academy of Magnus (3.5 DnD homebrew)
« Reply #3 on: June 11, 2016, 06:48:03 AM »
Well, it sounds alright. I've had a few characters over the years lean towards this kind of fetish. My immediate thought is a warlock, some prestige classes//templates thrown in for a Exotic Studies teacher, who is take the idea of growing the magi population as a personal challenge, though wants no part of the actual children herself.

Student wise, not really sure, would have to think on it, but it'll be a pretty boring game if it's just me. Lol

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Re: Magic Academy of Magnus (3.5 DnD homebrew)
« Reply #4 on: June 11, 2016, 06:57:44 AM »
I am interested, but I am not really sure whether I will ever manage to create a level 15 character.

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Re: Magic Academy of Magnus (3.5 DnD homebrew)
« Reply #5 on: June 11, 2016, 12:13:52 PM »
With the settings' bias against monsters, are sorcerors believed to be related to or descended from nonhuman races such as dragons, elementals etc like in the 3.5 edition fluff? Also what are the rules for generating multiclass characters as students? I;m thinking of a monk/sorceror combination like the elemental benders from Avatar the last Airbender.

Also what are the rules for relationships between students and teachers at the academy? And is the existence of the breeding program officially acknowledged within the academy?

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Re: Magic Academy of Magnus (3.5 DnD homebrew)
« Reply #6 on: June 11, 2016, 04:36:57 PM »
Sinestra: You can run just the professor if you want to, as mentioned players have two choices what chars they play and they each have max two chars. One is student and other is staff member. Staff members are not demanded to get pregnant and breed children, it's entirely their choice on the matter (students however are gently manipulated towards said direction by subtle means like mildly drugged food/drinks in cafeteria, mild arousing magic fields in specific areas or haunt students dreams with erotic dreams etc). In basic sense breeding is viewed as neccesity to increase number of magi in the world (as otherwise magi can drop in numbers to point they cease to excist and threat from other dimensions are not sealed off forever) but they do not forcefully make students pair up and fuck (after all academy does seriously teach them how use magic most best and optimized manner and help discover their own unique strenghts and talents). Also any reported rapes are punished harshly (but NC sort scenarios; where female student is at first reluctant but then get into it and does not report are not interfered nor any charm magic shehanigans, ofc student using charm magic on teacher any manner is punished harshly).

Either case exotic studies warlock fits fine as a teacher for said subject (just check couple house ruled things about the warlock class in the class change department).

PhantomPistoleer: Well, running a staff members is not must, as mentioned to Sinestra in above she can just run professor or your case just run a student. But if want play as staff member, then of course char generation takes longer but there is dozens guides, handbooks and build advices for 3.5 edition. Also I myself can help create your char (give ideas and advices and such).

Chaeronea: In the setting some cultures/kingdoms have beliefs that the powers of the magi come from the monsters and were suspected had been responsible for creating the gates first place (as before gates there excisted magi). However nothing of this has not been proven (but sorcerer's case it's fact they have supernatural ancestry albeit distantly usually and sorcerers are the sort to get most negative feedback). However it was only thanks the magi that monsters were pushed back and gates closed, so all kingdoms had agreed on the offer what Magus Reimon Woghaul offered; a single kingdom was converted to become a entire city wide academy of magic to all magi in the world and once graduated magi were obligated to benefit their home countries. As in this world besides the academy the excistence of magic, spells and magic items are exceedingly rare, to most kingdom rulers treat magi like walking nuclear bombs, super computers, entire industry networks (depending point of view or interest and amount of fear they have for them).

So, magi are feared very much and while in distant past magi were hunted down like dogs and executed by some kingdoms, now though thanks treaty magi are simply captured and delivered to the academy one way or other (some do it formally, some gently/encouraging manner and some roughly kicking magi to the academy by force). Of course treatment for second generation magi (who's parents attended academy) have a much more nicer and sort were raised in privilegde and respect in their homelands. Sort like kid of local celebrities. Ofc there has already been magi or two which had rebelled (meaning they went renegade after graduation), some had been caught and eliminated by academy staff and some others are still hiding and causing trouble.

Either case the breeding is known by all staff members. First year students at large are clueless, but some second generation magi know what's going on (they were after all born inside the academy or soon after their parents graduated), then parents may had then told the truth or kept it as secret from their child (as in end students do figure out what's going on and it's also sort of test for their investigative minds to figure out the truth). Staff never openly admit it during the class but if student figures things out, the staff can give just a wink or even tell what's going on and also why in more private setting (decided by individual professor which way they tell, as either case rule is not tell it in public to students about it as it's expected that they figure it out themselves).

What comes to relationships between students and staff members, it's sort taboo and sort subject what most staff frowns on for staff members doing. But so long it does not hinder student's studies, then not that big fuss is done about it. Some staff members may had even wanted get pregnant with some young talented rising star of a student (then birth their own son/daugther at academy nursery and raise child at academy in home schooling until their old to attend official academy lessons) or they had discovered that certain erotic foreplay/teasing works with specific student very well to motivate them to learn neccesary lessons. Overall it's simply that if there is affair between student and teacher, it's going to be private than public one and sort which staff members does not go openly talk about it with students.

General: As partly mentioned in above there will be various rules for students and staff in the academy (some publicly known via student's guide and then unwritten rules when it comes to sex and breeding which students figure out during years in academy). But I write those when I make official OOC and IC threads once I get enough interest (I expect at least +10 or more players which has mix of students and staff before I even start things, idea is that most important staff members are ran by players which some may run also students).
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Re: Magic Academy of Magnus (3.5 DnD homebrew)
« Reply #7 on: June 11, 2016, 11:06:23 PM »
Alright. Though this does seem like a long shot to get started, I'll say I'm on board.

I'm thinking a Fiend Warlock, bit of a wicked streak (the plotty scheming doing-what-needs-be-done-damn-the-law kind), who's taken her Exotic Studies courses to an extreme regarding the study of magi and magic in the world. Always manipulating, scheming, breeding etc etc, engaging in it herself but using magic to speed things along greatly, trying to keep the attendance of the academy always rising. Sort of her personal mission to keep the world safe.

I'm thinking something like, Binder/1, Warlock/5, Chameleon/2, Hellfire Warlock/3, Ur-Priest/2, Eldritch Disciple/5, probably lose a few levels for a template or two. Probably use your High Elf maybe. Have her be a surviving member of the Magi who came back to the world. She's seen the horrors of what can happen without the magi, fought in the war, and is using her new life to forget and disguise her memories of the past.

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Re: Magic Academy of Magnus (3.5 DnD homebrew)
« Reply #8 on: June 12, 2016, 04:56:03 AM »
Wow, that's quite a combination of classes there Sinestra :). With high elf I guess you either loose two levels as Eldricth Disciple or loose Chameleon levels as only humans/changelings (or dopplegangers) can enter said PrC. With loosing chameleon you would be 13th level warlock (in invocations known) and know 7th level divine spells as Ur-Priest. With 18 levels you would be close friend to Magus Reimon Woghaul, and thus be one war veteran category of magi. I share some the secrets of the academy to you in a PM....

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Re: Magic Academy of Magnus (3.5 DnD homebrew)
« Reply #9 on: June 12, 2016, 07:55:06 AM »
Could be a human with some template or another, keep the chameleon bit. Not sure. We'll have to see how many other people join in the fun.

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Re: Magic Academy of Magnus (3.5 DnD homebrew)
« Reply #10 on: June 12, 2016, 08:08:27 AM »
Yeah, we wait and see :)

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Re: Magic Academy of Magnus (3.5 DnD homebrew)
« Reply #11 on: June 13, 2016, 06:27:21 PM »
*pokes people show more interest*

Is 3.5 outdated thing now? Or is the amount homebrew scary or not sandbox scenario inviting?

Offline PhantomPistoleer

Re: Magic Academy of Magnus (3.5 DnD homebrew)
« Reply #12 on: June 13, 2016, 07:26:56 PM »
I personally love 3.5.

I think that there's just too many character-building options.  I don't think it's necessary to have three different starting levels.  You should just have one.  I also think that 3.5 without gestalt isn't really in vogue anymore.

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Re: Magic Academy of Magnus (3.5 DnD homebrew)
« Reply #13 on: June 14, 2016, 03:39:53 AM »
Well, true that the third starting level (closest friends of the headmaster) could be taken off but there are heavy plot stuff in that choice and thus need bit more commitment to the game than one who runs student and 15th level staff member. Also I do want some players wanting to play as staff members (it eases up m burden as a GM), so at least minimum two starting levels would need provided. Also I did not mention it in char gen but I will be picky which people's char concepts get accepted as close friends to headmaster (so top 3 or 5 so not everyone in staff are 18th level).

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Re: Magic Academy of Magnus (3.5 DnD homebrew)
« Reply #14 on: June 15, 2016, 05:55:44 PM »
*pokes again*

I have got PM from one potential player who was in one past games and plans ressurect char from past game in this format.

Offline ExisD

Re: Magic Academy of Magnus (3.5 DnD homebrew)
« Reply #15 on: June 15, 2016, 11:46:39 PM »
Hey all. I was the one he mentioned.

Though now that I'm doing that math I've realized that the old build is completely impossible, due to certain home brew books not working. I'm going to re-do the themes of the character as a student.

I'm trying to decide between Cleric/Sorc, Cleric/Wizard, and FvS/Sorc right now and am mostly stuck on race.

Zaer, would lesser aasimar from the Player's Guide to Faerun be allowed?  You can find a mechanics part here: Link

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Re: Magic Academy of Magnus (3.5 DnD homebrew)
« Reply #16 on: June 16, 2016, 04:48:31 AM »
I would allow the +0 LA Aasimar race.

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Re: Magic Academy of Magnus (3.5 DnD homebrew)
« Reply #17 on: June 19, 2016, 07:31:44 AM »

I have got couple more interest expressed in PM. So we got ExisD, Sinestra, Kongming, Foxy Oni, Charonea and possibly PhantomPistoleer. So six people, I am prepared to start official IC and OOC threads once we hit +7 or more people having chars (students, teachers etc). I do not count myself in this number as I do plan run my academy principle anyways and some NPC's around (fill some roles unless player fills them in). As mentioned those who run staff PC's can also run minor NPC's themselves (or even NPC students).

Offline kongming

Re: Magic Academy of Magnus (3.5 DnD homebrew)
« Reply #18 on: June 21, 2016, 03:17:32 AM »
So I'm thinking of playing the Instructor of Illusion, and could quite possibly double with Potions or one of the Crafting types. I know there are things out there with Gnomes that let you cast Illusions that are more than 100% real if you Disbelieve and all that, but honestly I think going Human Wizard 5/Master Specialist 10 is fine. Nothing fancy there, but plenty of spellcasting with some special abilities and high DCs for effects.

On the sexual side of things: a lesbian who likes to both seduce and punish her female students, but doesn't form ongoing relationships with them that keep them "unavailable" for breeding.

Does this seem okay?

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Re: Magic Academy of Magnus (3.5 DnD homebrew)
« Reply #19 on: June 21, 2016, 03:52:06 AM »
A seductive dirty minded lesbian illusion teacher is fully workable for my game :).

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Re: Magic Academy of Magnus (3.5 DnD homebrew)
« Reply #20 on: June 21, 2016, 07:12:50 AM »
Soooo, does this mean I need to make the character now? Lol

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Re: Magic Academy of Magnus (3.5 DnD homebrew)
« Reply #21 on: June 21, 2016, 08:04:42 AM »
Yup, as we met the minimum quote :=)

Offline ExisD

Re: Magic Academy of Magnus (3.5 DnD homebrew)
« Reply #22 on: June 21, 2016, 10:40:13 PM »
Well I have most of a sheet done, just need approval for a few things. It's a bit easier when you're low level.

Name: Lillian Vanja
Race: Lesser Aasimar
Class: Cleric/Sorcerer/Mystic Theurge
Background: Lilian was born of a weak, divine bloodline which had been in her kingdom for ages. As was appropriate for those who displayed these traits, she became a priestess. Her choice, a minor fertility deity. She learned how to charm those around her as well as bless the fields for a bountiful harvest. Eventually she would have learned how to bless her kingdom's women as well, but instead it turned out that she had the gift. At seventeen she suddenly developed new magical powers and was whisked away to a land of wonder where she would learn how to use her talents in new and different ways.

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Re: Magic Academy of Magnus (3.5 DnD homebrew)
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The char looks coming out fine, I see that you used versatile spellcaster and heigthen spell to enter early for mystic theurge PrC.

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Re: Magic Academy of Magnus (3.5 DnD homebrew)
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I have most of the work done for my character - I decided to do the Potions Master thing as well, because you can have a bit of fun with that. I'm trying to remember what books had alchemy-boosting feats that could be handy. Otherwise I might spend my last few feats on being a super grappler (because Wizards make the best grapplers) or just more Metamagic.

I shouldn't take too much longer, though. At least I have *one* character idea - the main thing that kept me from applying for the Paragon Monster game was I had about fifteen ideas.